1. AngelLaHash

    18th Edition Exam ONLY

    Im looking how to do the Exam only as YOUTUBE is dam good course i paid for ONLINE course and EXAM but the ONLINE Course was Rubbish and got Snotty email form them after complaining I had to Complain that when i went to do the Exam i couldnt get Reg because C&G updated their system so i...
  2. P

    18th edition dilema

    So i am a 66 year old still working in the electrical game,done 50 years work and despite a recent 4 months off due to illness,without work i was lost, to all you younger guys keep motivated in your career and a positive outlook. So i would encourage you all to keep up to date with courses...
  3. AngelLaHash

    Wiring Regs 18th

    Currently doing my 18th edition as its been so long since i did my 17th just clicked on a Video saying DONT WRITE in the BOOK šŸ˜² only in pencil, can i just rub it out! Got Tabs and .. ive cut the book to make it easier to find the Sections
  4. W

    18th edition revision

    having failed my first attempt at 18th edition exam, does anyone have any tips and tricks on how to study for the exam? being that there is a random 60 questions, from a reported bank of 400 possible, whilst it's an open book exam, we were given a tip from teachers that the 60 question were...
  5. S

    Time to do the 18th...... online

    Hello all Well, been putting it off, but I need to upgrade my 17th edition to the 18th. Not been a practising sparky for over 5 years, but I have been unemployed for 6+ months and hatefully... I'll have to go back to what I know (well, used to). Not ideal but hey ho. Found a couple of online...
  6. D

    Decent source of online 18th edition training?

    Hello all Planning to do the 18th edition online. I could just batter loads of old papers on the head and then have an attempt ( I will do loads of old papers anyway as practice). But, it''s been an age since I did my 17th and I think I would be better off learning how I actually...
  7. tony9i9i9i

    I Need Work Bridgwater, Somerset - Experienced Electrician, C&G 236 Parts 1 & 2, AM 1 & 2 18th Edition Am 2

    Experienced Electrician, C&G 236 Parts 1 & 2, AM 1 & 2 18th Edition Am 2. (JIB Gold Card) I've been out of the trade for some time, but did a full four-year apprenticeship with W G Heath and Co in Plymouth and I have experience in Industrial, Comercial and Domestic installations and maintenance...
  8. C

    BS 7671 18th edition amd 2 question?

    Hi Guy's, I'm revising for my 18th amd 2 and came across a question that has me a little confused. I think its probably the question is badly written and I think the answer is also in correct. Can someone clear it up.. Q as written A circuit connected to a TN system, max permissible earth fault...
  9. H

    I Need Work Shropshire, looking for Mate opportunity, doing level 2, have 18th ed.

    Hi I'm Charlie, I have recently done my 18th edition and got enrolled on night classes for Level 2 C&G Electrical intallations. I currently work in manufacturing / automotive having been a mechanic for over 7 years but always been into the electrical side of that and decided to dive into it...
  10. E

    BS7671 (18th) "Exam only" providers

    Can anybody recommend any reliable training providers which offer the option of just sitting the exam? The usual local providers will only offer it as part of a 3 day course. The nearest college I've found which does offer "exam only" is a 4 hours away. Ironically, I've noticed the IET offer...
  11. H

    UK 18th Edition / BS7671 Amendment 2 Exam tips

    Hi Could someone please help me with how to navigate the 18th edition amendment 2 (Brown) book in the most time efficient way for the exam. I have an exam in 6 days and currently I'm taking way too long to find the answers and I fear I will go over the 2 hour time limit and probably still fail...
  12. madeinengland

    18th edition ammendment 2

    hi guys i'm sure this has been asked before. however, do i need to buy the big brown book or is there a cheaper book with just the ammendments in? i have been out of the trade for some time now but was looking to get back into it last year where i was due to do the 18th edition test, so brought...
  13. M

    UK What rate am I qualified for/should be seeking having done 2365 lvl 2/3 and 18th Edition?

    I'm facing a dilemma and any advice would be hugly appreciated. I'm transitioning from the military into becoming an electrician. I've completed 2365 level 2, awaiting the results of level 3, have 18th Edition and am enrolled on the Level 3 NVQ already. The dilemma I'm facing is: I've been...
  14. E

    Electrician Jobs Looking for someone familiar with the 18th Edition

    Hi, we're a training company looking for someone who is familiar with the 18th Edition and Amendment 2 (brown book). The job will involve updating training material to bring it in line with Amendment 2. This will include updating references to pages in the regs etc. We're expecting the job to...
  15. K

    18th amd 2 question?

    Hi I am 18th edition qualified but can I issue a 18th AMD 2 certificate without taking another exam? Thanks šŸ‘šŸ¼
  16. Ventricular Fibrillation

    UK Do I need to update my 18th edition for Amendment 2 ?

    Got my 18th Ed certificate late last year, now doing 2391. Obviously Amendment 2 has come out since then, and I see these courses available to update your 18th accordingly. But at what point would this be needed? I assume it's not a legal requirement. If I got my 2391 and NVQ in the next year...
  17. F

    Is Brown BS7671:2018 necessary to pass the 18th Exam?

    Hi all, I am 17th Edition trained (although I've been out of the industry for a few years.) Looking to sit 18th Edition course and exam to get back into it. I'm wondering though do I really need the new BS7671? I know the test is open book, but I'm trying to see if the Ā£80 something is worth...
  18. S

    NAPIT Certification Scheme 18th edition training

    18th edition qualification. Hi NAPIT have suspended my registration until I get the 18th edition exam. Whats the easiest/cheapest way to do this? I thought I just needed the ammendment 2 but alas I need the full monty qualification. I don't want to sit in a classroom for 3 days. Anyone know...
  19. S

    18th Edition practice exams - great site

    Note i am not affiliated with this site at all, get no kickbacks for recommending it etc. This site has loads of practice exams for the 18th edition for just 20 quid. I used its sister site for my CSCS card when i did that way back when. For my CSCS i did nothing but practice exams and passed...
  20. E

    Current 18th Edition Compliance

    Hi guys, I expect this topic has been covered before, In rented accommodation including business premises, should the electrical installation be up to current BS 7671 Regulations.


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