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  1. Gary Moore

    Company Van provided??

    Hi I have a quick question to ask on behalf of some lads at work. I have a Company Van for use to and from work because I go out on my own jobs. A few other lads are using their own car and booking mileage for it. Sometimes helping on jobs and other times doing their own stuff on jobs. All of us...
  2. T

    Can anyone recommend a tender company ?

    Hi can anyone recommend a Glasgow or Scotland company that will price commercial tenders for me. I don't have the time to spend pricing larger jobs. Thanks
  3. T

    Transitioning to working for yourself

    I’m 23 and for the past year or so I’ve had a steady flow of my own work come in, 2/3 days a week (some stuff I’ve had to get someone else to do as I don’t have time) I want to solely do my own stuff but the transition seems awkward. I sub full time to other companies at whatever long term...
  4. S

    Limited company directors NI

    Hi All, Just set up as a limited company and have a meeting with my accountant on Tuesday but just trying to work out the NI payed by the employer (me) In a nut shell I have full time job with amazing hours paying me £36k a year. These hours have enabled me to set up my own limited electrical...
  5. j1mbodrea

    In the west London area, looking for work as my last company is too far away

    Based in Hammersmith and looking for work ????
  6. sham

    Hello, I'm after advice regarding accounting for my LTD company.

    I am considering doing my accounts using an online service as in Sage, Quickbook or other. Reason being that I feel I can be on top of my spending and earnings whist I'm updating information online on their software instead of just saving receipts and relevant information and handing it to an...
  7. rolyberkin

    Local wet pants company offering electrical services!

    :rage::rage::rage: So here I am perusing my favourite electrical forum and a local plumbing and heating company to me in Chelmsford comes up on a pop up advert offering their services for small electrical electrical jobs at a staggering £87.12 (inc vat per hour) for jobs from 1-4...
  8. T

    Considering starting LTD company? Advice?

    Hi guys/gals, I’m 22 and I’m starting to rack up a hell of a lot of “private” work, to the point where I’m working all weekends, evenings and booking off holiday from my employed job to get it all done. I’ve sign written my van, and much to my friends disgust it has actually gained me multiple...
  9. Dannyg8810

    Icertifi app for company use

    Good Evening For those who have used the icertfi cert app, How suitable would this be for multiple users? Looking at the best option to do away with duplicate pads! All commercial work.
  10. bahum

    Any guesses which (Northern Ireland?) electrician company this might be???

    I'll try to keep it short: Back in 2014 we had an electrical company from Northern Ireland do some work for us in the Luton and Bedford areas of England. I don't remember their name (hence the question), all I know is they used to come to the area SEVERAL weeks in a row in the summer and they...
  11. MJTraining

    New member electrician with a training company

    Hi All, Just joined the forum. As a practising electrician looks like their is plenty of useful info so looking forward to getting into some of the threads. Also we have a small training company which focuses on the 18th 2382 and the Part P 2393 qualifications. We have just started a blog with...
  12. Doomed

    odd demand from building company

    New build houses, full system boilers with the big cylinders with seperate thermal cut out and temperature probe which come with a pre fitted link connecting them. Have been told to remove this link and feed the main live feed for the whole system through it (after the fused switch spur) so if...
  13. rolyberkin

    Can you spot the issue with this consumer unit!?

    Fastest correct answer wins jack!:-)
  14. Michael James thomas

    Shopfitting company looking for Electricians /improvers

    Any Electricians ,Experienced Mates ,Improvers looking for permanent ongoing work .Several different contracts must be prepared to work away hotels paid for good rates of pay
  15. Lenny

    Limited Company Setup Advice.

    Hi all. I'm about to start proceedings for creating a limited company. I've not had any real experience nor have any real knowledge of this area and have a couple of questions. 1. When invoicing another company for work carried out, would you deduct say 20% of the total amount and place it in...
  16. T

    Company seeking electrician in Dorset

    DC Electrical are looking to employ a full time Electrican. Work based in and around Dorset. Mostly domestic with some small amount of industrial and commercial also. Please send CV and for More info please email [email protected]
  17. sham

    Email received from a company called Bizzby ltd.

    Hello, I received an email this week from Bizzby ltd, asking if I want to join them as an electrician on some App. I will get jobs via their App and I can decide if I want to take on the job or not. The customer will already be billed by them and I will not pay for leads. This is what will...
  18. G

    Can I start an electrical company with only Level 2?

    Hi, I have experience as a sparks, and wanted to head it out on my own as self-employed whilst I undertake my level 3 on home study. What would be the deal on signing off work etc & could I undertake work? Many thanks, Gareth
  19. K

    Informal chat with an electrical company

    ive been invited to an informal chat with a company regarding getting an apprenticeship. How should I prepare myself? What questions might they ask
  20. W

    North west Electrical company seeking subcontracting work

    We are a small company based in the north west, looking for work. we can work nationwide and have experience of all aspects of electrical work ranging from domestic, commercial though to industrial and data centres we have full range of tools, 110v gear, testers and a plain van...
  21. D

    Worked for an Umbrella Company, you could be owed some wedge!

    There has been a recent development in a case that a pipe fitter claimed against an agency for the return of the margin fee, Employers NI deductions and holiday pay. His initial claim was rejected at an employment tribunal as they believed "he wasn't a worker" this was taken to appeal by Unite...
  22. banny07

    How to set up limited company

    Hi Guys, I want to set up a ltd company.Could someone guide to right direction where to start procedure and how much it will cost. Cheers
  23. A

    Sole trader to Ltd company

    Hello fellow Sparks, Looking for advice from the more experienced members here as to when it is appropriate to move from sole trader status to ltd company. Is this something my accountant will advise me or dependant how number of staff, etc. Currently I am a one man band but looking to take...
  24. ED17

    Your New Latin Company Motto

    If you had a Latin company motto, what would it be? Mine would be: Ut nihil fateri (Admit to nothing) :p
  25. G

    New Electrican don't like working away, good company, is the agency any better.

    My dad keeps saying that the grass is not always greener on the other side, was considering quitting the good company & moving back home & go on the agency, & have a life where I can attend night school and be around family. What is the agency like? is it worth it. & how would I get the best...
  26. Dozer 73

    Cards in or limited company £££

    As a rough guide cards in job 42k a year , van for works use only , hold pay etc Or same labour only as limited company 42k , 100 mile a week travel At the end of business year , with good accountant , in which situation would you be better off money wise
  27. N

    LTD Company Directors Salary and CIS

    Hi Everyone, Hoping you can help me as I am a bit confused with CIS payments and Directors salaries etc. I recently set up my LTD company and just starting to trade. I am meeting my accountant next week and hopefully they will be able to shed a more comprehensive view on the matter. Basically...
  28. B

    Company Electrical Software

    Hi Guys Wondering if I could pick your brains regarding software out there. I run a business and pretty much unintentionally got bigger than I really wanted to. Have 5 guys on the books at the moment but can have up to an additional 4-5 subbies at a time. But it is what it is and I may as well...
  29. T

    LTD Company looking for work

    Good morning all. My name is Tom and along with me farther, We run a LTD electrical company operating in Dorset. We are a small firm of 3 people, NIEEIC registered, with experiences is all fields of electrical work. We are currently looking for work in or around Dorset, happy to travel for...
  30. rolyberkin

    Ltd Company - Van Maintenance

    I am just about to switch from sole trader to Ltd Company (the company is all set up but not yet trading) I have got to go and see an accountant in the next couple of weeks but in the meantime as in the next few days my van needs a service/MOT and probably a load of work.........!:-( If i...
  31. Andy-1960

    Electricians with 11kV Experience

    Hi Looking for electricians with experience of installing 11kV Switchgear and transformers. We are based in West Midlands.
  32. C

    Fire Alarm

    Evening, my company have become BAFE accredited and taken on some Fire Alarm testing and remedial work. I have been sent to install new sounders and detectors here and there. Whilst I'm ok with the wiring and installation and testing of these (all conventional and bi-wire) I don't have a good...
  33. M

    Be Gentle

    Hiya lads i am new to this forum so be gentle i am a 45y/o timserved spark i had my own buisness for 15 years and was also a registered gas engineer and plumber so busy. when the trade took a downturn i decided to work for a company and now i am an electrical technician at a local hospital with...
  34. N

    Unpaid Invoices & Paying Suppliers

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a bit of advice from anyone who may have been in similar situation, at one time or another. I'm a one man band, I've been set up as a limited company since I started in 2015. I had been doing a lot of work for a big contractor at the tail end of last year, I have...
  35. C

    Advice required if you have had similar predicament

    Hi all I have completed level 2/3 2330 and 2 years ago started a job as an improver electrician at a maintenance firm. 12 months in i began working to Level 3 NVQ. However, the qualified electrician i was working with resigned shortly after. Good news is i got more responsibility and...
  36. jengo22

    Fire Alarm systems

    If a fire alarm has been designed by fire risk management company. Can the system be installed by the electrician or do you need to be BAFE approved? We are in the process of carrying out the electrical installation within the premises. The system designed has Category M system for the...
  37. S

    Electrical contractor stuck between right and Fire alarm contractor perspective

    Hello all I'm new to this forum and have recently joined due to a lot of threads here have been quite interesting and many have very good answers from knowledgeable people. I've been sparking for 12 years and spent my apprenticeship with my fathers electrical company. My appretership was quite...
  38. MerlinGremlin


    Been looking around at current jobs being advertised and have noticed that the majority of places are asking for Electricians to have there JIB/ECS card but the companies are not JIB and nowhere near paying the JIB rate or offering the associated so called perks, so why are they asking for the...
  39. A

    Newbie Hopefull Seeking Advice

    Hello I was recentely made redundant after 9 years working in IT. At the age of 42, its daunting. Due to redundancy pay, i can survive and support my family for around 10 months, if i spend little. I am thinking of trying to qualify as an electrician with hopefully my main work being domestic...
  40. bcm_spark


    Evening all, just wondered if there are any contractors here who have recently got a mortgage and who they are with and any issues etc. Just been turned down by Post Office as I've only been using my ltd company on and off for past few years rather than 3 straight years. Nevermind that I can...

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