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  1. peter le grand

    individual RCBOs or a main breaker RCBO? and what trip level 10mA or 30mA

    I have the feeling that I might have small currents running in the house. So first of all, I am considering to get a leakage clamp meter. But besides of this, I am also considering to replace the breakers with RCBO. But then the question, should I go for indivdual rcbo or just replace the main...
  2. M

    Green Laser level

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good Green Cross Laser level, I have been looking a Milwaukee’s offering So, any feedback on that would be great. Thanks in advance Mike
  3. H

    UK Finished level 3 electrical installation at college and unsure on what’s next.

    Hi all, I completed my level 2 2365 installation and my level 3 8202 advanced technical diploma in electrical installation and I’m unsure on what’s next. I couldn’t find an apprenticeship so I just decided to do some sub contracting work for a company, I just need some advice on what I should do...
  4. W

    NVQ Level 3 315.6.1A - 1E

    Hi, Currently working my way through my NVQ portfolio (Nearing Completion) but getting stuck on how to complete the following criteria due to not really doing them at my work. (I work in a reactive role completing works to fix the issues as they arrive, their isn't a great deal of formal...
  5. M

    Extended 6AWG wire for new Level 2 Charger Installation

    I currently have a level 2 Tesla wall connector installed on a 60amp breaker via 6 AWG wiring. I need to switch the wall connector out with a different charger brand. The problem is that the Tesla is hardwired through the top, and the other wall connectors I'm considering are fed through the...
  6. M

    Level 3 adult Trainee rate

    I've a question that I'm looking for peoples thoughts on. I'm currently a level 3 adult Trainee at a JIB company. I'd consider myself for more dedicated, professional and working to a higher standard than that expected of me due to unforseen circumstances within the company. I've requested a...
  7. H

    I Need Work Shropshire, looking for Mate opportunity, doing level 2, have 18th ed.

    Hi I'm Charlie, I have recently done my 18th edition and got enrolled on night classes for Level 2 C&G Electrical intallations. I currently work in manufacturing / automotive having been a mechanic for over 7 years but always been into the electrical side of that and decided to dive into it...
  8. S

    Electrical level 1 or 2?

    Just joined this forum as read a few of the threads and hoping for some help. I've recently enquired about doing an electrical course, however due to work I can only doing evening courses I'm in the Halifax area, Calderdale only start on level 2, however Bradford and Leeds start on level 1...
  9. O

    UK EE Degree Level 6 Options

    I'm nearing the end of the 2nd year of my degree and now have a choice on which modules I would like to do for next year. I'm based in the North of England and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions (and reasonings) as to which ones would be the most beneficial for me to take due to my...
  10. J

    Electrician Jobs Looking for a Level 3 award Small scale PV electrician

    Could anyone that has any of the following qualifications and lives within 40 miles of surrey please get in touch. i can be reached [email protected] or 07958386406 Level 3 Award in the Installation and Maintenance of Small Scale Solar Photovoltaic Systems (IMSSSPV) Solar photovoltaic...
  11. CristiP

    Tutor electrical&i sulayion level 3 8202

    Does anyone know any electrical tutor to do 1to1 online ? I study electrical engeneering 8202 lvl 3
  12. S

    I Need Work level 1 , any tips??

    I want to be a qualified electrician. I am really enjoying my course. What's the fastest way after level 1 to be fully qualified? any tips will be helpful. (based in west Yorks) thanks
  13. HWS6969

    Level 3 unit 305 625 exam

    Hi, Today I failed my first exam on level 3 2365 unit 305 - 625. Gutted Failed by 1 mark, my downfall was the simple questions about distance saddles, types of cable, tray systems etc which I forgot all about. I just want to know if this will affect my overall mark at the end of the year...
  14. Igorgawr

    What should I do next after finishing Level 3 Electrical Installation?

    Hey there, I'm here to ask about receiving some careers advice. Last year I was studying Level 3 Electrical Installation and after completing and passing all my Theory and Practical exams and receiving all the diplomas from City & Guilds I've been stuck on what to do next. As a person who came...
  15. M

    I Need Work Mature level 3 re-trainee seeks improver/mate full-time, part-time or adhoc work

    Recently, I've successfully completed all C&G 2357 level 3 knowledge units, having re-trained from the software industry. I'm now looking for experience with commercial and domestic work to get a foothold in the industry and complete the NVQ portfolio. At present, I currently hold the...
  16. S

    Level 4 electrical design

    Hi does anyone know any center in London dose EAL level 4 electrical installation course ( design and verification)
  17. M

    Practical side of level 2 electrical installation

    Hi can anyone who has done the level 2 in electrical installation advise me on what practical work is undertaken on it? Does it go as far as wiring up fuse boards?
  18. C

    Level 2 work available

    I'm currently doing a electricians course and plan on getting my level 2 this year. I'm just wondering what work would be available for me when I get my level 2. I ideally don't want to be on apprenticeship wage as I can't afford to live on that. I will also be going for my level 3
  19. R

    Rechargeable Green Laser Level recommendations

    I’m looking to buy a green laser level. I’ve seen this one which looks decent: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373779861650?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=x4hfrxdiqna&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=-hh-nLs6TQy&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY


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