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  1. W

    NVQ Level 3 315.6.1A - 1E

    Hi, Currently working my way through my NVQ portfolio (Nearing Completion) but getting stuck on how to complete the following criteria due to not really doing them at my work. (I work in a reactive role completing works to fix the issues as they arrive, their isn't a great deal of formal...
  2. P

    Are these tiles LEVEL.???

  3. M

    Level 3 adult Trainee rate

    I've a question that I'm looking for peoples thoughts on. I'm currently a level 3 adult Trainee at a JIB company. I'd consider myself for more dedicated, professional and working to a higher standard than that expected of me due to unforseen circumstances within the company. I've requested a...
  4. S

    Electrical level 1 or 2?

    Just joined this forum as read a few of the threads and hoping for some help. I've recently enquired about doing an electrical course, however due to work I can only doing evening courses I'm in the Halifax area, Calderdale only start on level 2, however Bradford and Leeds start on level 1...
  5. O

    UK EE Degree Level 6 Options

    I'm nearing the end of the 2nd year of my degree and now have a choice on which modules I would like to do for next year. I'm based in the North of England and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions (and reasonings) as to which ones would be the most beneficial for me to take due to my...
  6. CristiP

    Tutor electrical&i sulayion level 3 8202

    Does anyone know any electrical tutor to do 1to1 online ? I study electrical engeneering 8202 lvl 3
  7. S

    Electrician level 1 , any tips??

    I want to be a qualified electrician. I am really enjoying my course. What's the fastest way after level 1 to be fully qualified? any tips will be helpful. (based in west Yorks) thanks
  8. S

    Level 4 electrical design

    Hi does anyone know any center in London dose EAL level 4 electrical installation course ( design and verification)
  9. M

    Practical side of level 2 electrical installation

    Hi can anyone who has done the level 2 in electrical installation advise me on what practical work is undertaken on it? Does it go as far as wiring up fuse boards?
  10. C

    Level 2 work available

    I'm currently doing a electricians course and plan on getting my level 2 this year. I'm just wondering what work would be available for me when I get my level 2. I ideally don't want to be on apprenticeship wage as I can't afford to live on that. I will also be going for my level 3
  11. R

    Rechargeable Green Laser Level recommendations

    I’m looking to buy a green laser level. I’ve seen this one which looks decent: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373779861650?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=x4hfrxdiqna&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=-hh-nLs6TQy&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  12. R

    Spirit Level Set Recommendations

    I’m looking to buy a set of Spirit Levels. I can’t justify at the moment the likes of Stabilia, or Milwaukee and others that cost a few hundred pounds. I’ve come across a nice set from Bahco...
  13. J

    Any funding for nvq level 3 ?

    Hi guys I’m enquiring to see if there is any funding towards the nvq level 3 and AM2 I currently have level 2 and 3 plus the 18th , iam wanting to go on my own next year and believe you need the nvq and AM2 to get certified with a scheme ? Any help or advice much appreciated cheers James
  14. Edtwozeronine

    What level and what game is this?

    Somehow from the recesses of my mind I remembered a level from a FPS perspective that was an almost entirely dark cave with a light source at the middle. To get through this level you had to avoid being struck by the light source as it would slowly burn your character to death. It was a tense...
  15. T

    level 4 hnc in electrical and electronic engineering.

    Hi I’ve just started a level 4 hnc in electrical and electronic engineering. I’m wondering if anyone can help me with the maths assignment
  16. K

    3 Level Led Strip Problem

    I bought a led light about a week ago. Everything works but there is a problem. The light is sequentially illuminated. I mean (Off - Warm - Cold - Natural - Off ). But I just want to use warm light. I have to wave my hand at the sensor three times to turn off the light. My question is how can I...
  17. J

    2365 level 3 complete but never did level 2

    Hi. I recently completed my 2365 level 3 but I never did my level 2 first. I was informed by the course provider that I wouldn't need level 2 if I did level 3. Now I'm looking to enrol for the 2357 NVQ level 3, bridging unit and AM2. All the courses criteria are asking for level 2+3. Will it be...
  18. L

    Does anyone know a good college to do level 2 in South London?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to to this. I'm currently working as a mate, and looking to get qualified. I've had a look online, and have come across lots of different colleges, with wildy varying prices. Also, some of the courses offered at some places seem very short. Can anyone give me any...
  19. J

    What level apprenticeship do I start at?

    Hi, I am in my final year of school (UK) and I am expected to pass all my gcses, could anyone tell me which apprenticeship level I can start on if I want to do the installation electrician and maintenance electrician level 3 apprenticeship. I have little knowledge in electrics however I know the...
  20. E

    Level 3 Design Project - Couple of design queries

    Hi Guys, I'm doing my Level 3 C&G design project and just have a few design related queries which i am so far struggling to find clarity on either in the text books/guides or online. - Main issue is circuit lengths for lighting for calculation volt drop and ZS: With power its seemingly quite...
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