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  1. R

    External Consumer Unit

    Good morning guys Was looking for advice with regards to installing an outdoor consumer unit. Customer is looking for power to be installed from there property to an area in there garden. There installing a future hot tub and summer house and any future lighting and power. They currently have a...
  2. HappyHippyDad

    Fitting your own air con unit?

    I have a large gym in the garden and it gets ridiculously hot in the summer. I have utilised pretty much every inch of space and do not want to put a plug in air con unit that sits on the floor as it would just be in the way. What puts me off a wall unit is the fact you have to get an F-gas...
  3. G

    which voltage proving unit?

    i need to purchase a voltage proving unit - i have seen Megger MPU690, Martindale PD690, and Socket and See SP400, and Fluke but difficult to compare, will need sometimes to work on 3-phase so 440+volts needed. and with the automatic ramping, is there any way to stop the 400-690v for lower...
  4. N

    Consumer unit question

    I want to know if my consumer unit (together with the digital meter) which is in a special metal container let into an outside wall near the entrance door is acceptable for the 5 year house test? It has been like that from when the house was built. Thanks, Nick
  5. J

    Broken Pin on Motorcycle CDI unit

    Hi there, I'm looking for a bit of friendly advice whilst trying to fix my motorbikes cdi unit. One of the pins corroded and came off and i was hoping to find the location of this pin on the pcb, solder a wire onto it and bypass it. I've cut through the protective outer layer and located 36...
  6. V

    New EICR for electric radiators and consumer unit

    Hi, Hoping someone can clarify for me. I've recently moved into a rental property, the landlord had new electric radiators installed and a new consumer unit. Would this require a new EICR? I've been having issues with burning smells from the plug sockets so now I'm concerned about the safety...
  7. J

    Porsche 11 kw 3ph charging unit

    Hi all, Has anyone here had any experiance of installing a Porsche 11kw 3ph EV wall charge unit ? We've not done many EV installs to date but the ones we have done have all had O-PEN protection built in to the units, (Easee) The Porsche unit is basically a fancy looking empty box that comes...
  8. timhoward

    Does this exist - remote relay unit

    I went to look at mess this morning. S plan heating system, google nest heat link in airing cupboard. Downstairs in utility room the kitchen fitter thought it was a combi and planned to get the nest moved down there. So now there's just power to the boiler, and the cable he cut thinking it was...
  9. Michelle22

    Consumer unit / Flood

    Hi, NAPIT report was carried out due to flood, all kitchen appliances, wall/light switches, fire/heaters etc need replacing. The electrician added on the quote that the consumer unit needed replacing as not compliant (from 2007 with plastic case). Plus the casing is damaged as a temporary...
  10. A

    Indoor split unit AC got burned

    Dear All, I was called to a villa following a fire incident had happened. the Indoor AC, wall mounted split unit was partially melted and had caused fire in the room over night. the indoor unit was fed through the outdoor unit and not a separate socket. The outdoor unit feeder on the DB has MCB...
  11. T

    Comsumer unit - upstairs/downstairs ring mains

    Hello, I bought a new build and noticed the upstairs MCB is controlling some sockets on the opposite floor, so if I flick the upstairs MCB it's also switching off a socket downstairs (I think it's a spur) in addition to all the ones upstairs Is there anything within 7671 that states this is...
  12. B

    Potential house purchase - current electrics setup and future plans

    Hi, I'm interested in a house built around the 1980's in Northern Ireland. I took a few photos of the consumer unit etc. which is situated in the garage. The house has a a double electric oven, 2 electric showers, an immersion water heater as well as all our usual electrical sockets spread...
  13. T

    EICR consumer unit advise

    Hi, I am due EICR test on my property which has 20 year old wiring. Last test on 2018 was fine with no issues. Just need to check if my consumer unit will need replacement for EICR pass or it will be ok. Attaching pictures.
  14. G

    No power to part of the consumer unit

    Hi, The `power went out throughout the house this afternoon but only to the sockets, the lighting circuits are all fine. I went to the consumer unit expecting to reset a circuit breaker but nothing had tripped. I have attached a pic of the consumer unit. Using a current detector pen I can...
  15. littlespark

    thin under unit LED light

    Ive got an old T5 (or4?) fitting to change to LED, but its built into the kitchen cabinet between two shelves of glass. Is there any like this: 13W LED Slimline Under Cabinet Link Light 4000K - https://www.cef.co.uk/catalogue/products/4228924-13-watt-slimline-led-linklight but only 18mm wide...
  16. homebuyer2023

    Buying flat, Consumer Unit replaced but no notification

    Hi All, I am in the middle of purchasing a small 1 bed flat in England, and have been sent a Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate by the seller (horizontal red form with 6 pages). The certificate states work was done 4 years ago including new sockets, downlights and a 'new consumer...
  17. V

    Advice on New Consumer Unit Change Please?

    Hi Everyone, Last year arranged for my mother's and my consumer units to be changed by the same electrician who is NICEIC registered. Both jobs were not completed for various reasons, I have been trying to arrange for them to be completed over the last two months. At my home the oven began...
  18. HappyHippyDad

    Type A RCBO for this consumer unit?

    Hello all.. I'm quoting for some work and would like change the type AC RCBO to a type A. Consumer unit is a castlec which I have not come across before. I can see from their site they make them, but cannot find them for sale? Also, are they rebranded? Is there another identical breaker that...
  19. T

    Replacing MK Consumer Unit. Main switch position

    Hello mates. i have an MK CU to replace. As you may know, the main switch in MKs is on the left hand side. There's no way to replace the meter tails. Is there another manufacturer that has a left-hand main switch CU, or a flexible position option? Thanks muchly!
  20. S

    RCBO in office consumer unit

    Hi all Now being upfront I am not a sparks. I am about to have some work done by a friend (certified) and as he is doing me a favour I want to as much ground work and speccing up as I can. So heres the situation. we have a summer house at the end of the garden which is being fed by swa from a...
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