1. Br4v3d4v3

    Installing terminals in consumer unit

    Hello. I bought an empty consumer unit for installation in a shed project and now I have no idea how to install the neutral/earth terminals. The DIN rail won't fit the DIN terminals and there's only a space marked for the terminals. Any help appreciated
  2. Bigkev1975

    Motorbike wiring Suzuki bandit 02 600 m unit blue

    Hi peeps I’m going to try wiring an m unit blue into my motorbike there are a few things I’m not sure about I’ve drawn a wiring diagram does it look ok? which I’ve attached,for the bike which is a 02 600 bandit also I’ve attached the original Wiring diagram because I’m getting rid of the fuse...
  3. 7029 dave

    Proving unit for sale

    Have a new boxed seaward PP1 proving unit for sale, sensible offers. RRP £145
  4. K

    UK Any suggestions for feed to consumer unit?

    Hi guys. Been to look at a job today to replace old wylex board. Feed to unit seen in pictures fed from garage. It 16mm twin and earth. I’m unable to access cables entering board so would struggle to replace with swa.
  5. V

    Protecting a 2nd consumer unit

    Done this loads of times before, but this situation is quite unique so bare with me. I've been asked to cable up an out building at a country park which is about 30m from another out building which has mains supply already installed from a main building some distance away via a 10mm SWA buried...
  6. Rockingit

    Small size flush fit consuner unit

    Anyone have a recommendation for a smaller size (4ccts sort of thing) flush fit CU? SWA in, domestic stuff out.
  7. E

    Dated Consumer unit whats the fuse for

    I saw this dated Wylex CU the other day and not sure what this separate fuseway was for; does anyone know I've never see one like this before !
  8. G

    Portfolio Fault finding unit

    Hi was just wondering if anyone has been doing/has done the city & guilds fault finding unit in the portfolio they could send me please?
  9. A

    Help please on a sub consumer unit fed from RCBO

    Long time lurker so this may be my first question. I am a qualified electrical engineer, but in aeronautics not domestic installations, and I may therefore ask silly questions. We have purchased a property that is unfinished, and where the electrician went bust before the installation was...
  10. Dave OCD JNR

    Small consumer unit in outbuilding.

    Here’s a little board I installed the other day in an outbuilding. Trying to follow fathers footsteps. 😁þ
  11. N

    Danson Consumer Unit

    When carrying out an EICR I found this board. The live bus bar cuts across the neutral where the tails have exposed copper. Is this the way these boards come? I have never came across this before Cheers
  12. S

    Consumer unit for shipping container

    Hi Folks I've been asked to quote for a consumer unit, supply cable and some internal wiring in a shipping container on a private caravan plot (single family residential). The container will be used as a shower block. The mains supply will come from a meterbox installed on a post on the plot...
  13. timhoward

    Can't find a consumer unit....!

    This is getting embarrassing - I've been looking for a sub-main consumer unit in a church for an hour now. I've found the incomer. There's a nice old Crabtree board with black breakers, one of which is a 50A for "Hall DB". It's a split level site and the hall is downstairs, and the fat 10mm T+E...
  14. N

    Failed Neff/Bosch cooker hob ignition switch unit

    The photo shows a cooker hob ignition switch unit from a Neff/Bosch hob. One of the switches has failed. The issue was caused I think by ingress of liquid. I have dried the unit as well as I can. A replacement unit costs over £40. Has anyone ever opened one of these to repair it? I am reluctant...
  15. H

    Consumer unit too close to gas meter

    Good evening Have to quote on a consumer unit replacement, problem is gas meter is next to existing consumer unit 25 mm between them, they are both in a wooden cupboard, What would you do
  16. Michael J

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Consumer unit replacement issues

    When carrying out EIC on a new consumer unit installation and found a existing ring circuit with a Neutral to Earth fault causing the rcd to trip. The old fuse box didn’t have rcd protection as it wasn’t required. The problem is after removing all connected and appliances loads the fault is...
  17. B

    weather proof consumer unit

    hi all, Hope everyone are well and keeping busy. I am quoting for an ev charging point installation, the only way I can supply it, is to split the tails in the meter cupboard, and install a weatherproof consumer unit External to the meter cupboard, as I know the dno do not permit you too...
  18. S

    UK Consumer unit TT system far from DNO fuse

    Evening all, I’d appreciate your opinions here: I’m looking at an old (150 years+) stone house. Complete rewire and renovation. DNO fuse is currently where the master bedroom will be (upstairs). Client wants it to be moved to a more accessible location downstairs about 15m away depending on the...
  19. S

    Consumer unit under stairs

    Hi, Just after your thoughts on the following- I am running a 25mm armoured from a KLM switch fuse to a consumer unit under the stairs in a domestic property. I intend to gland into a joint box and take 6181Y meter tails to the consumer unit. Under the 18th a edition the consumer unit needs to...
  20. S

    What type of consumer unit is this?

    Hi I have seen a few of these they fit flush inside a electrical cupboard I’ve seen Wylex and Crabtree . I’m changing this db but can’t find the name for these style of boards
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