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  1. J

    Porsche 11 kw 3ph charging unit

    Hi all, Has anyone here had any experiance of installing a Porsche 11kw 3ph EV wall charge unit ? We've not done many EV installs to date but the ones we have done have all had O-PEN protection built in to the units, (Easee) The Porsche unit is basically a fancy looking empty box that comes...
  2. timhoward

    Does this exist - remote relay unit

    I went to look at mess this morning. S plan heating system, google nest heat link in airing cupboard. Downstairs in utility room the kitchen fitter thought it was a combi and planned to get the nest moved down there. So now there's just power to the boiler, and the cable he cut thinking it was...
  3. A

    Indoor split unit AC got burned

    Dear All, I was called to a villa following a fire incident had happened. the Indoor AC, wall mounted split unit was partially melted and had caused fire in the room over night. the indoor unit was fed through the outdoor unit and not a separate socket. The outdoor unit feeder on the DB has MCB...
  4. T

    Comsumer unit - upstairs/downstairs ring mains

    Hello, I bought a new build and noticed the upstairs MCB is controlling some sockets on the opposite floor, so if I flick the upstairs MCB it's also switching off a socket downstairs (I think it's a spur) in addition to all the ones upstairs Is there anything within 7671 that states this is...
  5. B

    Potential house purchase - current electrics setup and future plans

    Hi, I'm interested in a house built around the 1980's in Northern Ireland. I took a few photos of the consumer unit etc. which is situated in the garage. The house has a a double electric oven, 2 electric showers, an immersion water heater as well as all our usual electrical sockets spread...
  6. littlespark

    thin under unit LED light

    Ive got an old T5 (or4?) fitting to change to LED, but its built into the kitchen cabinet between two shelves of glass. Is there any like this: 13W LED Slimline Under Cabinet Link Light 4000K - https://www.cef.co.uk/catalogue/products/4228924-13-watt-slimline-led-linklight but only 18mm wide...
  7. HappyHippyDad

    Type A RCBO for this consumer unit?

    Hello all.. I'm quoting for some work and would like change the type AC RCBO to a type A. Consumer unit is a castlec which I have not come across before. I can see from their site they make them, but cannot find them for sale? Also, are they rebranded? Is there another identical breaker that...
  8. S

    RCBO in office consumer unit

    Hi all Now being upfront I am not a sparks. I am about to have some work done by a friend (certified) and as he is doing me a favour I want to as much ground work and speccing up as I can. So heres the situation. we have a summer house at the end of the garden which is being fed by swa from a...
  9. B

    Wood Cabin Consumer Unit

    Currently I have a Henley block which has 2 consumer units. 1 of these CU feeds a garden supply and garage. Out in the garden which is fed by a 16mm 3 core swa and is fused at 63amps with rcbo feeding sockets lights etc. I have now built a cabin further down the garden and want to provide...
  10. M

    Making up a consumer unit

    Hi all, First time post to the forums, I hope you all go easy on me! We are undertaking an electrical install as apart of a solar PV installation. We have a very small electric meter cupboard on the front external wall of the clients house and they're not keen on an external enclosure on show...
  11. L

    Design Project unit 104

    Hello, I’m currently at college doing a design project which is based in a hotel/swimming pool area. I have been given an example but it doesn’t make to much. I have a question on how to wire the lighting and how to have it switched. If someone can help that would be great. I can show you...
  12. HappyHippyDad

    How to extend cables neatly when replacing consumer unit.

    I had a consumer unit replacement today. It was a bit of a nightmare as most of the cables were too short for the new unit. I extended the ones that required extending with crimps and a bit of heat shrink, but it took forever. Are there any other options that are easier? I don't really like...
  13. T

    shower priority unit positioning

    hi everyone, I'm in the process of converting an outbuilding into a granny annex which will have an electric shower installed I've been told I'll need a shower priority unit positioned in the main house next to the cu which will then feed the annex shower directly without need to involve the...
  14. S

    Motor/Gearbox/Contol unit advice for a Plastics Shredder

    Hello, I need some help. I'm building a plastic shredding machine for the charity I work for Atlantic Pacific International Rescue Ltd Atlantic Pacific - International Boat Rescue Project - https://www.atlanticpacific.org.uk/ . Its a Shredder Pro designed to Precious plastics specifications...
  15. K

    i have a FANTRONIX Aerium Midi Modern Heat Recovery Unit that i want to wire up.

    hi I have a Fantronix aerium midi modern heat recovery unit that i want to wire up. would you be able to run the cables from a fused switch that is a spur from a ring main. any advice appreciated all work i complete will be checked by a qualified electrician. thanks
  16. HWS6969

    Level 3 unit 305 625 exam

    Hi, Today I failed my first exam on level 3 2365 unit 305 - 625. Gutted Failed by 1 mark, my downfall was the simple questions about distance saddles, types of cable, tray systems etc which I forgot all about. I just want to know if this will affect my overall mark at the end of the year...
  17. Br4v3d4v3

    Installing terminals in consumer unit

    Hello. I bought an empty consumer unit for installation in a shed project and now I have no idea how to install the neutral/earth terminals. The DIN rail won't fit the DIN terminals and there's only a space marked for the terminals. Any help appreciated
  18. Bigkev1975

    Motorbike wiring Suzuki bandit 02 600 m unit blue

    Hi peeps I’m going to try wiring an m unit blue into my motorbike there are a few things I’m not sure about I’ve drawn a wiring diagram does it look ok? which I’ve attached,for the bike which is a 02 600 bandit also I’ve attached the original Wiring diagram because I’m getting rid of the fuse...
  19. 7029 dave

    Proving unit for sale

    Have a new boxed seaward PP1 proving unit for sale, sensible offers. RRP £145
  20. K

    UK Any suggestions for feed to consumer unit?

    Hi guys. Been to look at a job today to replace old wylex board. Feed to unit seen in pictures fed from garage. It 16mm twin and earth. I’m unable to access cables entering board so would struggle to replace with swa.
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