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  1. G

    DIY upgrade lights to LED in room converted to office

    I rent an old property so need to minimise any changes to it. My office is a large room (6m x 7m) with a single bayonet pendant light socket which eats thru 100W bulbs and as I get older I'm finding that there is insufficient light. So I purchased some LED light panels to install over my desk...
  2. M

    Lux level in office

    Hi guys Not sure if its going to be known or not but partner works in a small office and recently they changed the lights to led panels. The bloke designing it decided 6 of these would be ok as there were 6 lights before. Well the mrs and all her colleagues are now complaining the lights are...
  3. T

    Wiring an office 35 meters uo the garden

    Hi all I was just inquiring about the correct swa cable size for a office around 40 meter run, 15meters of which will be buried, this is to power 9 double sockets, 24 led spot lights and 3 dimplex heaters. Would it be possible to install a 16mm swa from a new sub board in the house ran from a...
  4. Doomed

    Regs book at office

    Looking at some work for a lady who has recently had a new fitted kitchen. She was concerned about some bits so I had a quick look and found a 3.5KW oven on 1.5mm T&E to a 13A plug top. Can anyone tell me the reg numbers for loads over 3KW needing thier own circuit, not using T&E into a plug top...
  5. R

    Electrical Install in a Small Office Building

    Morning all, I'm new to the forum but just after some advice. I've been asked to price for an install on a small Office (12 desks over 3 floors of a 150 old building). Its for a firm i've done electrical work for for years so i'm happy to take it on. Its been a while since I did an office...
  6. happyhippydad

    Office 365 about to run out.

    My free years subscription to Microsoft Office 365 is about to run out. I was happily set to take the laptop to the coffee shop this weekend to get some paperwork done and now I may not be able to do it! :( I only use Word, nothing else. It runs out on the 8th and says 'Most features of word...
  7. N

    New single floor office advice please

    Customer will be hiring a qualified sparks, but can anyone give me guidance as to how a single floor open plan office should be wired in terms of circuits? There will be 3 islands of 8 desks and 3 of 3 desks, each desk served by an under-desk 4/5-way with a Weiland-to-13a lead. 13a sockets will...
  8. sythai

    Thinking about a Virtual Office....?

    Hi All Just seeing if anyone has a 'Virtual Office' ? Currently run everything from a home address, but were on the move very soon (fingers crossed before Xmas.) Would prefer to keep Business/ Home presence separate for obvious reasons and so now a good time to do so. Also resent having to...
  9. C

    Power supply to garden office question

    Evening all. I'm having a garden office installed next week. I work from home so will run a laptop and chargers, lighting, internet router, TV for playtime possibly with an xbox, a music player of some sort. All nothing major. Now. Last year when I had my house rewired my sparky left a power...
  10. O

    Thank god the UK has the Met Office and the media ...............

    Yes, the warned us all days ago ................. So we stocked up with provisions ................ And cut plenty of wood in case of power cuts ................. So its been snowing ALL DAY ...................... Do you think its safe to go out?
  11. Marcus Vaughan

    Power to an Outside Office - Spur from Ring Final?

    Hi All, Just looking for some reassurance on a job I've looked at today. My status is that I am trying to stay within the realms of 'Minor Works' until I get a bit of experience under my belt. Conscientious decision - but everywhere I go it seems that notifiable work is needed as well...
  12. J

    Domestic load and running home office question

    Hi hope you can advise. I've just purchased a 2500w, 230-240v, fitted with 12.4 amp fuse heat press for my small business which came with a 13amp plug. I've been advised it's safe to plug into its own domestic wall socket. However it's a double wall socket and normally in the other socket i have...
  13. P

    Alterations to large office with full test records,RCBO's only on cleaners sockets

    Hi, I am doing alterations to a fifth floor office in a special effects company. I have a few questions. On looking at the installation it is only 5 years old and in good condition, all records of testing and good electric layout drawings. With the new update on the regs in mind i see that there...
  14. R

    Electrical Design Office in UK

    Hello Everyone, I am working in an electro-mechanical company, which has carried out several underground, mall, air port and hotel projects in the middle east region. My company wants to open an electrical design office in UK, in order to participate future civil engineering projects. However...
  15. D

    Electricians Mate Electricians & mates required for office fit out London

    Hi All, We are looking for electricians and mates to join our small team specialising in office fit outs. The project is an office fit out in Aldwych. We are paying up to £200 per day for experienced electricians mates rate is £120. Weekends and price work are available. Please PM me for...
  16. R

    Electrician Garden Office - First Fit Advice and Electrician to connect up

    I am looking for an Electrician to advise on my first fit of lights and ring main for a garden office I am building. Once I have all the wires run in and the ceilings and walls on I require them to connect up to Consumer Unit and then connect an armoured cable to the house. Job is in SO45...
  17. A

    Broadband to garden office: a tale of moving master BT sockets, WiFi woes and long ethernet cables

    Hi Everyone, First post for me, I've not been able to find out a solution to my problems so hoping someone can help me here. I've added a few photos and drawings to help with my explanation below: The phone line coming into the house in a rather bizarre location - an upstairs bedroom (see...
  18. F

    lack of 30ma rcd protection

    hi under the 17th ammnendment 3 what code would be given to lack of 30ma rcd protection in a comercial installation 100ma rcd is present
  19. T

    Lollipop or not?

    I started installing a radial circuit in 4mm² singles in white 20mm conduit for an office. MCB=32a. T-N-CS The client has decided to cut costs and while the builder is erecting a stud wall partition office he (the builder) will continue with the wiring. The builder wants to form a junction with...
  20. R

    Basic advice please

    Hi, Last year i had an office built in my garden and a 10mm SWA was laid between the main consumer unit in the house and that in the office. I have 2 sheds about 40m from the office & 15m apart and i'll like 3 double sockets in 1 and 1 light fitting and a double in the other and 1 light...
  21. GMES

    Finally Done

    Well that's it locked the office up lads paid up just landed home and don't plan on moving till Jan 3rd lol. Typically though I made the decision to get yesterday and today in the office with the lads to tidy up and get all invoices sorted and the Bloody laptops and printers decide to go on a...
  22. H

    Cabling Ideas

    Hi, I've got a job coming up that involves networking an underground office. The walls cannot be chased and the Ethernet sockets need to mounted on the wall. I was thinking of running the cable in trunking but I don't think it'll look professional, then thought of using conduit but not too sure...
  23. I

    Engineering Project

    Hello All I'm an electrical engineering HNC student and I'm currently doing a research project about an office rewire. I have to price it up basically. I am not a DIYer looking for a quick way to burn my house down and I won't be doing any real electrical work off the back of anything that is...
  24. S

    Alternative zs testing

    Hi, Can someone point me to Sinatra's explanation of fast loop testing with rcd's. Measuring zs at the board & linking out at the extremity of the circuit Cheers
  25. L

    Commercial Circuit Metering

    Hi All I have been asked to install a New DB to serve 40 offices, with the facility to meter each office individually. I was thinking of installing a 18way TP&N DB, running 10mm to each office where a smaller SP CU is installed branching off to 3 circuits. Lights, Sockets and electric heater...
  26. B

    Continuous problems with Amtech Fast Test on a server based network

    Dear fellow certification software users, We have two laptops that we use on site for Amtech Fast Test. We also have a server in the office that holds the database of certificates, so when the laptops are connected to the office network they are meant to automatically sync with the server etc...
  27. B

    Advice on Telephone and Ethernet points please!

    Hi all Personally not had much experience in telephone and ethernet points so was hoping for some advice please. Running a supply for a garage which is being converted into an office. The fella would like a BT and Internet point in there as it is too far from his house for wireless (approx 20...
  28. L

    Cerificate Software

    My company currently uses the NIC software to produce our electrical certificates. We have the Ipads and buy the e certificates and pay for the software etc which is all costly. The software is constantly running slow on the ipads, i dont like the way it verifies the information in the office...
  29. P

    Advice on check meter for shared commercial unit

    I have a customer who will be sharing the unit next door with its current tenant. He wishes to have a meter installed to keep the bills fair between him and the other tenant. It has a stud walled office with its own ring and lighting circuits. Having never been asked to this before my thoughts...
  30. J

    Small commercial office/kitchen lighting advice

    Hi, I'm currently changing over some lights in a kitchen and office for a small restaurant. The kitchen is fitted with IP65 Non-corosive 2x70w T8 florecents. I'm required to change 2 of the 7 fittings but with 2x58w instead. Can someone please help me clarify the amount of light needed...
  31. F

    Led lighting

    Beginning to see and here lots of issues regarding led lighting in the commercial world . Now I no most people see the pay back on these LEDs and are not considering all the problems that they are causing struggling to maintain similar lumen output etc people sitting at there pcs now complaining...
  32. D

    Rcd protecting new ring main

    Hi all, I have been to look at a job, in a unit who require extra socket in a office. It is one of those building that has been split into small units, The supply is 3ph. Each unit is supplied from mains with separate meters and a 3pole isolation switch with bs88 fuse 63a. the board is a merlin...
  33. B

    Telephone Directing System

    Looking for the easiest way round this scenario Customer runs a small business, at present 1 x telephone line in office. They have built an additional office upstairs and would like 2 x phones, 1 in each office. They would like that when someone phones then the phone in the downstairs office...
  34. O

    Megger Powersuite

    At work we use powersuite. I have taken the disc home as I have a large number of tests to conduct and download (not going back to the office just for this) and it suits to download at home. The software installed but when I try to run its requesting a username and password -nothing in the...
  35. G

    Adding Fused Spur

    Situation. Garage being converted into office. No spare ways in CU. RCD protected circuits, 2 x Radial 32A in 4mm T+E, 2 x Ring 32A in 2.5mm. The garage currently has 1 x 2 gang socket spured from one of the Rings. The customer requires 3 x 2 Gang sockets in the new office. My question is...
  36. F

    working out lighting levels

    am i right we have an office area of 20m2 so we calculate the number of fittings times there lumen output which in our case is 2700 lumens times 6 = 16200 divided by 20 = 810 lux have i done this properly
  37. D

    maximum demand kva 3 phase

    looking to get a bit of help got a job that currently has 8 flats and a landlord supply and a big office on the ground and basement After using the OSG for diversity have come up with the following 118A per flat (no gas) 127A for landlord (lift etc) 180A for office (air con)...
  38. D

    Rcd protection

    Hi wondering if some1 can advise me on a job I have been doin I've run a 10mm swa 3core to a outer building office mostly buried into a consumer unit protected by a rcd . At the house end consumer is it best to terminate in rcd side of board? or general supply side ?... Because if I terminate in...
  39. R

    Dado Trunking

    Got an office to fit dado trunking around, Just wondering if someone has a magic number hight wise for the trunking as no office furniture is there yet. I could take an educated guess I know but just checking in case someone knows better. Thanking you.
  40. S

    Self employed alongside full time job

    Hi guys, I've always wanted to become a self employed sparky and now I've starter a new job doing shifts so ill have much more spare time to start building up my customer base. I'm wondering what steps I need to take in order to do this legally alongside my full time job? Cheers Matt
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