1. O

    Heating a large office

    How would you go about this realistically, the office is open plan and about 15m x 7M, grid ceiling with loft space above, windows and insulation is not the best and there are two offices, all single story with a central communal area with reception, toilet, kitchen etc. The client wants 8 x...
  2. James

    Electrician Jobs Office and factory rewire

    I have a factory and office project going on in Kitt’s green, Birmingham. too much to do alone in the time scale available. would suit someone who can pop in for a day a week or more on a flexible basis to push the project forward. if you are a seasoned spark, I will point at what needs doing...
  3. S

    RCBO in office consumer unit

    Hi all Now being upfront I am not a sparks. I am about to have some work done by a friend (certified) and as he is doing me a favour I want to as much ground work and speccing up as I can. So heres the situation. we have a summer house at the end of the garden which is being fed by swa from a...
  4. P

    office sockets different phases

    Hello All done an EICR on a small office around 5 years old someone has added extra socket circuits from new to suit layout. they have added extra sockets on different phases next to each other less than 100mm between them so 2 phases powering same desks. Im possibly over thinking it but is...
  5. W

    Checking proper bonding and grounding for office trailer w/generator power

    Hey guys and gals. We bought a small office trailer that is wired up. It's never seen mains power and uses a generator disconnect (220). I read up on the myriad of code situations for bonding and then grounding, neutral switching etc. and came to the conclusion this would fall under separately...
  6. E

    What's the best way to soften/darken harsh office LED lights?

    Not an electrical question, but hopefully someone can help... I work full-time in a small office, where the LED lighting is horrible. It's three overhead square fittings (each 21" x 21" or thereabouts). They can't be dimmed and the light is intensely cold/harsh/eye-strain-inducing. I'm looking...
  7. CTJXtan

    ELCD trip at my office. need help

    I live in Malaysia and this happened to the office i'm working at. There's a MCB that controls the light in room A and the stairwell. Either the MCB or the ELCB will trip randomly even though no one is playing with the switches. I tried to troubleshoot it myself. So far the situation is 1. The...
  8. F

    Advice on RCD Protection for commercial office sockets (earth leakage)

    Hi guys, I've got a job where I'm installing dado trunking on the floor of an office for sockets and data. Some info on job - In total I will be installing 36 double sockets to supply 40 workstations. Majority of the workstations will be a laptop with dual monitors and phone setup. Some of the...
  9. timhoward

    Post Office Box experiment

    So, for a bit of completely pointless fun really, does this antique looking item that was acquired entirely for novelty/aesthetics value work, what is it for, and how accurate is it? Until very recently I had no answer to any of those questions. It caught my eye at a car boot sale and I liked...
  10. P

    C02 sensors within multifloor office building

    i am working in an office building that has several C02 sensors. They sense C02 levels only within offices that are enclosed where are C02 sensors normally installed within a ventilation system, what is the normal parameter set points and what is the normal cause and effect
  11. D

    Power to external office

    Hi I've now had a quote and just would like some opinion on this. Its not that I don't trust the proposal. Just after some thoughts. We have an existing 2.5mm swa cable going to our outside office, the proposal is to feed of a 32amp RCBO in the consumer unit in the house (its an RCBO board)...
  12. cliffed

    Lighting system in open plan office

    Open plan office real dated lighting system...refitted led panel lights..each desk operates their lights over their desk, via a pull switch. Some have their lights on some there any system that could work without using pull switches.
  13. E

    Office first fixings

    Hi My work is mainly domestic. I’ve been asked to get space sensors for bms on office walls. So cable fished from roughly 1500mm off floor of office walls to above ceiling. I did one at the end of the day and it had a aluminium frame at the top and fished straight down the wall. I was expecting...
  14. T

    Wiring for garden office - can I spur off an external socket?

    Hi, I’m not an electrician so seeking advice as to whether my requests were actions correctly or if I need to arrange for additional / remedial work to be done. During the first fix of a renovation I told the electricians working on my project that I planned to put an office / studio in the...
  15. T

    Best options for more temporary power sockets for office?

    I'm in need or around 20-30 power sockets for small electrical devices, less than 1amp each. At the moment I have a bunch of extension leads all running to the same 2 or 3 plug sockets, is this safe or should this be avoided? I have seen this cabinet type set up, which has 10 sockets inside...
  16. J

    Best Light for Reading, Computer Office: Flat Panel or Globe Dome Light?

    We are thinking of installing new ceiling lights, in Standard 10 feet ceiling. We originally have 4 inch diameter light in the hallway. My son would keep the door open to prevent getting hot, however this hallway light was hitting the side, peripheral of his eye, very small and lot of light...
  17. O

    Home office light and socket

    I know this has been asked many times but I'm at a loss for explicit guidance. I'm doing my home office and I am considering putting lights and socket off the same rcbo. Tiny room I use for invoicing, bit of gaming and generally avoiding my misses. If I was doing a custom Id seperate but as...
  18. P

    IR low on site office

    Yesterday discovered that the RCD had tripped in the board on our new site. Those sockets feed a hired site office cabin, and that in turn feeds a hired chemical toilet. A quick bit of investigation revealed the main reason for the trip was the commando plug/socket for the toilet had filled with...
  19. D

    RCD/RCBO in an office refurbishment

    Client is having some refurbishment in an office and i am tasked with relocating/removing/adding some sockets due to walls being moved etc. Currently none of the sockets in the building are protected by any RCD/RCBO. The majority of the cables feeding sockets will be t&e ran under floor grates...
  20. C

    Car seat electrics for office chair?

    Hello, I have recently turned an old Jaguar X-Type seat into an office chair, but i'm wondering, how should I connect the electrics up for seat adjustment?


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