1. A

    En suite lighting not going on .

    Guys looking for a bit of advice. Our Mcb on the consumer unit was tripping constant even though nothing was plugged in. Both bedroom lighting and en suite lighting come under this MCB. However until recent both bedroom lighting remain on and the mcb doesn’t trip but the en suite lighting won’t...
  2. CTJXtan

    Industrial ELCD trip at my office. need help

    I live in Malaysia and this happened to the office i'm working at. There's a MCB that controls the light in room A and the stairwell. Either the MCB or the ELCB will trip randomly even though no one is playing with the switches. I tried to troubleshoot it myself. So far the situation is 1. The...
  3. S

    Eco Wurx VO Shunt Trip Wiring

    Hi all, I have installed in my home a Voltage Optimiser. It has Chint breakers and a S9 Shunt Trip installed. I cannot find out any info on this thing. I'm looking for a diagram as I noticed it isn't working. I looked around it and found a loose neutral from the coil. I don't know where is goes...
  4. Qwe7410

    How to keep power trips isolated and not trip the whole place when testing faulty appliances?

    Having some 1400W 230V heaters to test and repair that have a power trip problem. I've unplugged all the connections and open them up one by one to identify the part that is causing the trips. Everytime it trips, it trips the whole place through the main circuit breaker. How can I do it safely...
  5. T

    Do Breakers trip on irms(total)

    Hi, Say i have a 16A load on a Mains 16A circuit at 230VAC. If its not power factor corrected, then is there a danger the breaker could trip? (due to the reactive current being high aswell).
  6. P

    Thought I found a nuisance trip but I didn’t. Any advice to my questions...?

    So a customer had a nuisance trip and I spent 4 hours trying to find the fault (first hour identifying circuits as none labelled at board). There was a ring circuit with each leg being fed by 32a breaker, I put them into the the same breaker. Another ring had its leg connector blocked...
  7. R

    Earth leakage high on oven but no trip?

    Morning, Customer has a intermittent trip which I am trying to locate. 4 circuits on rcd. Two rings , cooker and hob and one I cannot find actually powers anything as yet. Rings test fine and cooker circuit is okay continuity and I/r. I have put my earth leakage clamp on tails and when I go...
  8. M

    Difference between ON and OFF intervention in the tsd of an ACB trip module

    Hi All, I'm trying to learn about discrimination and I came accross the LSIG characteristics of an Air Circuit Breaker. Howecerm there is something I really cannot understand about the Tsd. What's the difference between ON and OFF in the intervention? Thank you in advance
  9. B

    Shunt Trip Breakers

    Hello, Ill start by saying i am NOT an electrician. I do own a small business installing commercial kitchen exhaust systems and fire suppression systems. I assist the electrician on site normally in wiring the Fire system and alarms. I recently heard of a shunt trip breaker. In the past, and on...
  10. M

    Why does RCD trip when fused spur switched on

    I was called out last night to an RCD trip issue. I found that switching on the fused spur to the washing machine would cause the trip & I could only reset the RCD after switching it off. Straightforward up to that point, but after unplugging the washing machine, then disconnecting the spur...
  11. S

    Could this socket be causing circuit to trip every 3-5 days?

    Hi, I've been getting my house socket circuit tripping about twice a week. We only moved in about 3 months ago. I've been going around checking all the socket connections and today came across this one in one of the bedrooms. It didn't have the neutral fixing screw tightened so I've secured that...
  12. B

    UK New smart meter, storage heaters now trip RCD

    I have just had a "smart" meter installed , and at night the electrics trips the RCD when the night storage radiator section comes on. I have had them out and they said installation was correct. I know a little about electrics (more over cautious and basic) but was suppressed when I looked at...
  13. mc1903

    Intermittent RCD tripping. Benefit of changing over to RCBO's?

    Hi, We have recently had some electrical work completed in the house to add a new circuit for air conditioning. We are now experiencing intermittent RCD trips, at all hours of the day and night, in the section of the consumer unit that the new A/C MCB was installed into. No MCB's trip - just...
  14. B

    TN-S High Ze measured 3 wire no trip.

    Hi knowledgeable collective. To the chase. TN-S Megger 1553 2 wire Ze 0.09 but was getting Zs on cooker cable 1.5 metre long using No trip 3 wire got 33.4ohms So went back through system right to isolator post meter and was still getting 33 ohm reading. So 2 wire uses higher current so might...
  15. S

    Main Ring / Cooker Ring Trip RCD

    Hey everyone help needed please. Moved into a new home, and have just had all the first fit installed for a new kitchen. During first fit, the electrician changed a socket on the kitchen ring and then moved onto another part. Within a few minutes the whole house tripped on the RCD. He retraced...
  16. S

    Strange MCB trip

    Hi all, Had my downstairs ring final circuit trip the B32 MCB today. The missus was in the kitchen cooking and had apparently put the kettle on and as it was close to boiling the MCB tripped. I therefore assumed it would be due to the kettle so I checked the 13A fuse in the kettle plug but it...
  17. S

    My MCB is ON but no current.

    Hello, In my kitchen, I make multiple sockets that are controlled by one MCB. For some weeks, I don't know why the MCB used to trip and I used to turn it back ON. One day the MCB didn't go to the off position but all those sockets stopped working. I pressed the test button on the particular MCB...
  18. M

    How come some rcds dont trip when testing voltage to earth

    So I recently installed a new circuit to my loft as a dedicated burglar alarm and cctv circuit. When checking polarity and voltage with my test lamps/voltage indicators it didnt trip the rcd when testing live to earth and neutral to earth. It's an rcbo which works when using the functional test...
  19. J


    My RCD switch trips at the most unsual times, it will trip at 3am (no electric items are plugged in bar the kitchen appliances) then i will reset it and it will trip again at 10pm the next evening. It also tripped at 7:15am this morning. Electricians have been out and tested all my sockets and...
  20. N

    UK RCD Trip - insulation problem from too much load?

    Hi guys, first time poster, be easy! I'm caring for a friend and last night while sleeping on the sofa-bed an emergency system that had lost power was sending out a warning signal. Startling to say the least. The RCD had tripped and after some internet sleuthing I managed to isolate the...