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  1. timhoward

    Occasional mystery trip

    I'm writing this mainly hoping something occurs to me while writing it! I got called to an occasionally tripping RCD. It's a Hager double height board, house is about 4 years old, 7 circuits on a type A RCD at top. Global IR on top row of 0.07M. So fault not present, therefore I could only hope...
  2. P

    Short circuiting dough mixer

    Hi, I’ve got a brand new dough mixer which won’t work. Out of the box it just popped when switched on and tripped the power in my shop. Using a voltage pen I’ve detected that there’s power getting into the circuit board but not out. Noticed the fuse in the board was gone so replaced it and when...
  3. timhoward

    MCB trip (not RCD) during loop test

    I just finished a garden room supply. The customer already had a CPN garage consumer unit that the last sparks left there, brand new in box, and with some misgivings I agreed to use it. It came to testing. Zs@DB of 0.3 ohms in garden room. CPN RCD main switch tripped x1 at 21ms The lighting...
  4. M

    The EC Fan keeps tripping the RCD

    Hi All, Weird matter happening here and I hope you can help! My 3 Pahse EC Fan is connected to a sensor and a controller for the temperature setpoint. A control panel to manage the EC Fan is in the room. EC Fan above faux ceiling. The panel has it's own MCB. The RCD is upstream, before the...
  5. G

    A retired Yank from Nebraska is coming to Edinburgh on a mission trip

    To the right person, I would make it worth someone's time for a couple of hours of face to face instruction when I got there. I have over 34 years of electrical experience over a wide range of avenues. I will be coming to Scotland the 2d week of September. Would enjoy exchanging a few back and...
  6. R

    I am looking for some advice. My boiler and tv seem to trip for a few seconds almost every day.

    They are going off and back on but not tripping at the fuse box. Could anybody tell me what could be the cause and if this is dangerous? Thanks
  7. S

    How to co-ordinate circuit breakers trip for overload and short circuit?

    Can 50A B type circuit breaker be coordinated with upstream 50A C type circuit breaker to trip earlier on shorts and current overloads?
  8. E

    Need a portable RCBO to trip faster than general

    I have a general RCBO (in attached image) Merlin Gerin multi 9 ID' clic 40A 30mA that protects a house and a second portable RCBO Siemens 10mA that protects a power strip. I tested different RCBO 10mA marked as sensible (some designed for bathroom, high humidity) in this portable power strip -...
  9. S

    RCD trip when power cut occurs

    Hello. we have had a few powercuts over past few months and am in middle of one at the moment where power has gone off a few times while DNO are trying to resolve issue. House is a mid 1980'S PME and on housing estate. Current setup is single RCD with mcbs. Am currently waiting for spark to...
  10. R

    MCCB Adjustable trip setting - cable rating

    Hi all, In general do you size the cable to the MCCB full trip setting rather than the adjustable setting for the load being supplied. In some cases upsizing the cable can be costly even from 320/400. One of the site engineers is adamant that it should be sized for full trip setting. I'm not...
  11. T

    Why does my main house consumer unit trip when the inverter switched to AC backup?

    Hello All Can I say to start with I am not an electrician but used to be a heating engineer (yes I can hear the groans). I have wired the installation myself using the correct wiring and isolators, racking and trunking and it is not grid tied it is purely off grid with a separate input for a...
  12. golfguy

    GFCI won't trip with outlet tester

    Any help or advice. I'm not able to trip my gfci with my plug in tester. IfI push the test button the gcfi will trip but the red light won't turn on. I'm able to reset the gfci with the reset button. The other outlets on this series can be tripped with my plug in tester except for one outlet...
  13. A

    Complex Boiler/Light RCD trip issue

    Hi, I’d really appreciate some advice or suggestions as to what could be causing an ongoing issue I have with my RCD tripping. My RCD trips when I turn my bathroom light off when the boiler is on. It’s worth noting it’s not exactly every time and sometimes when the light has been left on for a...
  14. A

    Battery trip problem developed

    Hi, My camper has a new 12v battery and I have wired up a split charge relay with a 100 amp blade fuse near van battery and a 100 amp blade fuse after the split charge relay that joins to a pair of 110 amp hour 12 volt leisure batteries wired in parallel. However, between the blade fuse...
  15. J

    Why does my neff oven trip every few weeks?

    Neff oven trips rcd every few weeks at about 5pm…tea time,when oven set to high temp.and temp. rising,..not sure if set temp. has been reached. The rcd can be immediately reset and oven will stay on,..for another few weeks? help required
  16. N

    Why does RCD trip when measuring voltage with LoZ function?

    Why does RCD trip when measuring voltage with LoZ function?
  17. A

    power fed light switch Hager rcbo won’t trip

    Power fed light switch and all lights test great, as soon as we put the dimmer switches in the Hager rcbo won’t trip, any ideas please
  18. C

    Why breaker didn't trip:

    I work in maintenance for a major chemical company. We had a water softener line break above a compressor. The disconnect for the compressor was filled up with water. (There is a window in the front of disconnect) We could see the water boiling inside the disconnect until we shut off the...
  19. S

    How to properly do an RCD time trip test

    I've seen several videos on these, half of them show an MCB in the 'on' position protected by an RCD also in the 'on' position, earth lead on the earth bar, neutral on the neutral bar, and live on the MCB's line screw terminal. But then i've seen other videos where the earth bar and the...
  20. A

    En suite lighting not going on .

    Guys looking for a bit of advice. Our Mcb on the consumer unit was tripping constant even though nothing was plugged in. Both bedroom lighting and en suite lighting come under this MCB. However until recent both bedroom lighting remain on and the mcb doesn’t trip but the en suite lighting won’t...
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