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  1. T

    Combing two incoming municipal electricity supplies

    I've an interesting problem. I've got an potential client. It is a commercial property that used to be two separate businesses each with a separate 60 Amp single phase electricity municipal electricity supplies to the same building. The one company has gone bust while the other one has grown...
  2. I

    New SWA to flats from head

    Hi Guys, First time posting but I've been commissioned with essentially running new cables from the head to 5 flats, due to the ground floor flat not allowing us to run the cables through their flat to the next one we will have to come out of the basement and upto the roof and then down the...
  3. The apprentice

    earthing of steel trunking

    hi guys just bare with me please still learning lol! if i have connected my steel trunking to the metal frame work via bush and cuplin and and the steel frame is earthed and i can prove continuity from my trunking to the steel work do i still need to earth my steel trunking and also do i need...
  4. N

    Can you hide a fire alarm panel in a commercial premises?

    Fire alarm panel currently installed in a high street premises signed off by building regs. Looking to install a stud partition in-front of all electrical services (including the fire panel) which are access via an unsecured hinged wall panel. Does this still meet regulations? Can anyone help...
  5. M

    EIC commercial property

    Hi, I’m researching a small building project. The building is an artist studio block, tenant requires cladding one wall and moving two fluorescent fittings to a higher position on the wall. Landlord is requesting EIC for the electrical work. I understand Part P would consider this minor and...
  6. D

    Any ideas how to solve this?

    Water is being sucked up though the armoured cables and is corroding the armourings , after hours of investigating I'm unable to find the cause as other ends not wet so must be a joint under ground,buried not accessable the last sparky gave this a code 2 but not solved the issue, Is there...
  7. J

    electrical back box install in a kitchen cabinet

    Hello Can please someone tell me if that (see pictures) is safe to do? That will be for the electrical hub. Thank you
  8. N

    Earthing Arrangements ?

    I'm wiring up a wooden cabin and a double decker bus (been donated) for a local school. I've ran 2 x 10mm swa cables from the local 3 phase consumer unit to the underground trench to the bus and cabin. The question is would you make the Bus supply TT and the cabin (all wooden) and extension of...
  9. U

    Commercial dishwasher problems

    Hi all, I got a commercial dishwasher that is not working anymore. Normally when there's no water in the tank and boiler, the machine starts first filling it up with water if you close the lid. If I now close the lid, the machine is not taking water and is not filling. But the machine is...
  10. P

    3phase to single new pump set

    Hi all, been a member for a while but this is my first post so hoping you can help. Been asked to install new twin set of pumps. Pictures attached of old pump (3 phase) and new pump (single phase) and the contactors And overload for the pumps . Best and easiest way to change to single phase for...
  11. James


    Good morning, Just trying to get my head round a diversity issue. Will be a new board fed from a panel board adj transformer Have to feed 3 machines Machine 1 140kw Machine 2 80kw Machine 3 80 kw They are production machines (lathes) so will be in use at the same time but the ratings given...
  12. A

    Commercial Electrician and Mate in Dewsbury West Yorks

    Hi, We are looking for an electrician and mate for a commercial project in Dewsbury West Yorkshire. There is about 3-4 weeks work second fixing downlights and sockets etc. There is also the option to do longer hours and weekends to get the job done sooner, if you like. You will be doing some...
  13. C

    American conduit

    Whenever I’m on Instagram, I always see posts from sparks in the good old US of A, and whenever you see a conduit system install, there are always loads of individual conduits running alongside each other....do they not use trunking over the pond? Don’t get me wrong, it looks super impressive...
  14. Z

    Direct online forwarding and reverse.

    Hi I little confused now , I learn electrical installation Level 3 , but I never did before very difficult, some people working on trade is very easy. I little be Sad because I not like leaving on course. Someone have options I be happy working volunteer just keep experiencing. Probably after...
  15. S

    Ceiling grid panels which drop below the ceiling grid

    I am replacing in ceiling grid lights with LED panels, but the metal tiles drop below the grid rather than inside it, so the LED panels will be semi-recessed I don't think the client is going to be happy about this so I was wondering if there is a light which drops below the grid by 10mm to keep...
  16. L

    Recommend tin snips for commercial work

    Hi, any recommendation for tin snips? Regards.
  17. R

    Newbie looking for electrical advice

    Hi everyone. First-time poster trying to get opinions. I'm by no means educated with the lingo and will try to explain everything to the best of my knowledge. I currently do maintenance at a drink restaurant and well been having issues with our ice machine GFI outlet. Before I replace the part...
  18. R

    Problems with Acel AC6152 300mm fan

    I was wondering if anyone else has wired one of these. I just need a big fan for the local football club and asked for one with a pullswitch. Yes nice and easy Switched Fused Spur already there, made hole bigger fitted it, I must say a well thought out bit of kit, until the easy bit LNE, or so I...
  19. S

    whats the requirement on cable tray going in riser cupboards

    Hi Guys I have a block of 9 flats 3 floors ,ground ,1st & 2nd.6" cable tray going from top to bottom x2 .LV and HV.The contracts manager is insisting on the tray stopping between floors and a 4" pipe with a fire collar around it to go through the flooor.Is this correct. Please help!!!!
  20. A

    UPS protection

    Hi everyone, would be great if you can share your experience on type of protection devices recommended on UPS system feeder/upstream? as you know, in some type of critical installations such as hospitals, bank servers,..etc, the client does not want to see UPS loads gets cuts off in no...
  21. Darren Evans

    Buzzing dimmer and LED lamps

    Morning chaps! Advice needed please. Is there a tried and tested combination of manufacturer(s) for reducing the annoying buzz from dimmer connected (dimmable!) LED lamps? In the particular example I am having right now, I have 5 lamps on one dimmer switch, 3x ES and 2x SES. One or more of...
  22. S

    Winning commercial work

    Guidance on how to win more commercial work. We are a small electrical contracting firm Who have a lot of domestic contracts that serve us well. We are looking to gain more commercial work in the following areas:- hotels, gyms, public sector organisations. We are aiming at local medium sized...
  23. T

    Installation method

    So, we’re creating office space out of 2 classrooms. Metal stud wall will be put up, grid ceiling everywhere. We’ve had a price by one firm. I think it’ll be twin and earth lashed in in the ceiling void based on the price (although i haven’t seen spec yet). Given a job like this, would you find...
  24. M

    Shower Wiring in Granny Annexe

    Hi All, I am Faraz, I'm a Mechanical Project Engineer by trade. This is my first post on these forums. I am looking for some insight into a problem I'm having. I currently have a 6mm Cable running from the main RCD to a 9.8kW shower in a Granny Annexe. the wire currently runs about 25m long...
  25. S

    Tips on getting cable through kopex

    Hi guys does anyone have any tips for getting a 40-50m length of 10mm earthing conductor through a run of 20mm Kopex? Many Thanks
  26. T

    UK Anyone from the north east interested in giving a price?

    We’re looking to be creating office space soon which will require a rewire, but I’m just absolutely swamped. Anyone from the north east interested in giving us a price for the works?
  27. S

    Technical advice required - metal socket or plastic? / Trunking?

    Hi all Recently my company (I'm just an employee) moved into a new unit and have installed some shelving, the BigDug kind. We've had plug sockets located above (2) each unit to provide power. This was done by the electrician so that's all good. I need a plug socket on each shelf (5 in total)...
  28. P

    Supply to apartments

    Hi all, Seeking some general advice. I’m planning to split a property in 5 apartments with their own fuseboxes and supply meters. However if i chose to revert the property back to run off one meter what would be the best way of doing this? I was thinking a main distribution box that supplies...
  29. G

    3 phase shared supply

    Hi all, Im looking for advice about a 3 phase supply. I have such a supply on my property but 2 of those phases are used by adjoining properties that are not mine. Firstly is this "normal"? Secondly is it possible for an increased power load supply in this case? I have contacted northern power...
  30. D

    UK hmo wiring advice

    Hi My mate has purchased a house which is being converted into multiple occupancy (8 rooms). Unfortunately the spark passed away halfway through the job. each room has been fitted with a 2 way CU with 16a+6 breaker fed via a 4mm cable. He installed double stacked hager board with 2 main 100a...
  31. B

    5 core SWA 120mm pvc cable

    Hello all So Im doing the groundwork to install a electrical kiosk and lay 250m approx. of cable to live up an off grid property. I am not an electrician i am only doing the hole digging and slab making for the kiosk - I will not be wiring anything in - not my thing :) a qualified company...
  32. T

    UK New Lathe in the Workshop

    Over the summer we had some single phase workshop gear removed, and in it's place was delivered a second-hand 3-phase lathe. At first I was going to drop in a new circuit, as naturally, the single-phase circuit that exists is useless. However, this new lathe is going right next to another lathe...
  33. U

    USA Buck or boost for car lift

    I'm looking for help on fixing a car lift for a customer. He bought a used lift that calls for 30 amps at 230 volts but his building only has 120/208 voltage. Should he have the motor changed out or should I boost the voltage somehow? And what would I need.
  34. ccudal

    Access Path of more than 100 feet high building

    Hi, this is from NYC fire code. does anyone knows if there's a code for building more than 100 feet. Thanks " 504.4 Rooftop Access and Obstructions The rooftops of buildings 100 feet (30 480 mm) or less in height, except rooftops with a slope exceeding 20 degrees (0.35 rad) from the...
  35. kenny maccuish

    Found during fault finding

    Hi guys just wanted to ask if there are any Irish electricians here that can tell me whether these examples of making off SWA are accepted in Ireland. Just had to fault find a light not working in a garden and opened up a couple of manholes to find PVC 4x4 waterproof boxes with SWA going into...
  36. J

    3 phase supply

    Next month i will be working on a farm putting a new 3phase board in to supply welders, plasma cutters etc. 3 phase comes into electric shed (Tnc-s) and then supply into barn comes from 80A 3ph MCB with a 300 ma trip upfront. Supply enters barn and goes into an existing board with the earth path...
  37. B

    Electric Gate - have it open ready as you arrive

    Hello all - I would really appreciate some advice please. I am conducting the groundworks to install a 6m opening "Hi Motion" sliding cantilever electric gate (9m length in total). I have to commission an electrician to make it all happen but the client has asked for a cabled means to have the...
  38. 2

    Welder - what sort of amp input it will need at 240v

    I recently bought a welder (picture attached) I was wondering what sort of amp input it will need at 240v
  39. 2

    Wiring up my shed 240v

    I am going to get an electrician to hook the wire up to my fuse box but I was wondering what cable I will need. I am planning on running the cable myself to be hooked up later I am after a cable to withstand 60 amps. What cable will I need
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