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  1. T

    Electricians Mate Looking for work as Mate in/around Coventry/West Mids. Trying to get started in commercial.

    Hi, Currently studying C&G 2365 Diploma Level 3 & 18th Ed (on hold due to Covid19 situation, one week left), looking to get into commercial jobs as a mate. Ideal location in and around Coventry and Warwickshire/West Midlands. Have been working with a local domestic electrician since Sept 2019...
  2. James

    Lenze lecom a/b

    Lenze lecom a/b For programming 8200 series drives Anyone got one of these adapters? I need one ASAP and they are on 10day lead time from Germany. I am happy to purchase if it is surplus to your requirements or If you are kind enough to lend me one for a few days, I would return it with a £50...
  3. robertl

    3 phase 2 speed motor from single phase

    Hello everyone I have just bought a new lathe, (used) its on its way to me from other end of the country now. I have only just realised i may have an issue. The machine is 3 phase and i was intending to go down the VFD route but because its a dual speed motor im not sure i can. See attached...
  4. V

    three phase board separation

    hello everyone, I have a little problem. I've got a three phase board, it has the three phase sauna, one phase lighting and sockets connected to it. The problem i am facing right now. This is a comercial unit. So the problem is that the sauna makes the RCD trip every so often. And the board...
  5. DannyJS

    Job interview for prison spark. Advice please?

    Morning, I have an interview for a local prison, position is maintenance spark (mate/supporting the electrician). Anyone on here worked on electrics in a prison before? I am after any last minute advice on what types of electrics are involved? Any nuggets of knowledge that would help me...
  6. G

    Phase converter

    Hi needing to purchase a single phase to three phase converter to run this motor what would you recommend? Thankyou
  7. Zdb

    Computer earth leakage value (mA)

    I know every computer/equipment type will have a slighty different earth leakage stated by the manufacturer, however I was wondering what people use as a "rule of thumb" value when designing ring final circuits in offices intended to be used for computers. I was thinking 1.5mA per computer inc...
  8. Johnsty32

    Electrician Electrician

    Hi everyone I’m looking for work opportunities I’m from Newcastle upon Tyne but don’t mind working away from home . I also have Dsb clearance to work in Norway thanks 👍🏻
  9. A

    3 phase gen set neutral/earth

    Hi guys/gals I have been asked to install some 230v sockets and lights in an old refrigerated trailer, that would be used as a store on a quarry site. The trailer has a 3 phase generator built on to the side to originaly work the refrigeration unit, but as everything involved with the...
  10. H

    208V Single phase wiring from 3 phase 4 wire disconnect

    I work in a location that was once a Machine shop showroom. We have 208/230/480 etc in the building. I need to install a temperature chamber that requires single phase only 208V or 230V supply. I have a 100 amp rated disconnect literally in the exact location this needs to go. I've read for...
  11. Davisonp

    I would like an opinion on two things I am concerned about.

    Hi, I would like an opinion on two things I am concerned about. Background. ----------- I have done some work for a church that has bought a derelict farm. They demolished some of the derelict buildings and put up wood structures on the same footprint in 2012. The builders produced no...
  12. L

    Suitability of circuit accessories.

    Hi all, Hopefully this is being posted in the right place, apologies if not or if my question has been previously answered. I'm currently having a bit of a disagreement with my supervisor having carried out an inspection which is for all intents & purposes, a condition report on a living...
  13. The apprentice

    commercial kitchen (pub)

    Hi there just a quick question we have wired a commercial kitchen and work tops, extract canopy, are all metal etc the whole installation will be RCD protected but will we install supplementary bonding shall it be required ? or is it OK with the use of RCD protection thanks in advance really...
  14. N

    Standy generator control panel issues

    Control panel attached to the standby diesel generator gets frequently damage despite of earthing of the body and separate grounding of the generator.What might be the causes to damage the control panel of the generator frequently during lightning sound and light rain condition? only backup...
  15. N

    types of earthing to be carried out for 3 phase standby generator which is separately driven system

    3 phase standby generator of rating 30KVA is to be install in the lightning prone area. The utility main line is TT arrangement where neutral point is grounded with 3 phase and neutral wire provided to load system. A separately driven generator ( standby generator) is also needd with TT...
  16. James

    3 phase alternate supply

    I don't normally get involved with domestic work but this job is for a family member so I cant Simpley say no. the house is a large property with a 3 phase 100A supply. I think the earthing is TT but not 100% sure of that yet. customer has bought a 12.5Kva generator to use as a backup supply...
  17. K

    Japanese 3 Phase Wiring

    Hi, I hoping someone can assist me. I’ve taken delivery of a control box from Japan, which is powered by 3 phase at 200v. The wires are red, black, white and green. Any ideas how or if I can wire this to make work in the UK via standard 240v or 110v please?
  18. E

    380v Machine in the UK

    Hi there, I have purchased a machine from Europe. It is 380v. Our usual electrician is unsure how to install and whether we need a transformer. Can anyone help? If we do need a transformer can someone please point me in the right direction as, so far, layman's googling has failed me. Thank you...
  19. T

    UK Maintenance in a commercial building/quals?

    Hi all, I’ve just joined the forum in the hope that I can clarify the route I should take. I was self employed for many years doing domestic work. In this time I worked with electricians and gained a fair bit of knowledge and experience, I’ve also worked with gas engineers and helped with fault...
  20. T

    Air con units and it equipment on RCD?

    Hi , I usually do domestic work but i have an office job to price and i was wondering if the following items should be RCD protected, the reason i ask is for nuisance tripping. Air con units 3ph and single Sockets for the office computers Comms/Patch panel Thanks
  21. M

    Types of fuses for apartment

    Hello, I bought an apartment and i want to add new dedicated circuits and also to change the fuses panel ( very very very old one). So i was thinking to buy for main fuse a 25 - 32 A RCCB (2P), for power sockets (4 circuits) 1 x 16 A RCBO for 4 x MCB ( 1P + N ), 1 x 10 A RCBO for 2 x MCB (10 A...
  22. davesparks

    Economical DBs

    I normally only spec and fit Schneider Acti9 (aka Merlin Gerin) DBs and switchgear, but have a job coming up where the budget just isn't there for it. So what can anyone recommend as a good quality but more cost effective DB? It's a pretty simple job and only needs a single phase DB with...
  23. dokkan1080

    32amp radial

    In a school today helping an approved contractor. There is a over door fan heater on a 32amp radial fed off a rotary isolator. It then goes into a bank of 3 switches that are used to control it. The swtchs are double pole rated at 20 amps. Isn't that a danger being on a 32 amp 4mm mcb
  24. dokkan1080

    Lighting advice

    Hello, first post of many I hope Does any one have any good LED compliant panels 600x600 for use in offices and schools, they wish to share with me? TP(a) fire rated but its not a major one because of fire hoods and all that. L2A and L2B compliant, >ugr 19 and any other compliance I have...
  25. eleclio

    Would this be acceptible for emergency lighting test switches

    Hi Just made up this drawing of a way to wire and test emergency lighting and keep the non-emergency lighting lit. Has others wired it this way and would it be 18th edition compatible? I've attached the drawing
  26. stidge

    Commercial kitchen sockets

    Hi all, I undertake maintenance at 3 x pub kitchens ( that’s what I tell the wife anyway) . Every 6-8 months I get called back to change sockets as scorched, cracked, brittle . Obviously these are already fitted too close to fryers etc , and all in white plastic dado trunking . The design is...
  27. The apprentice


    hi guys panel lighting which has a driver in them above a foam tiled office my question is that the twin and earth feeding the driver is not earthed my some people are saying well a pendant dosent have an earth what do you guys think
  28. J

    school caretaker worries

    I have a question on electrical work in schools. I'm a caretaker in a school with over 1500 kids in West Sussex and recently the school has employed a maintenance man that says he is a qualified electrician... I'm not sure he is as I know using insulation tape on live wires and poking them...
  29. T

    Advice for a possible job change?

    Hi all, Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me in regards to where to begin my search for a new job. I’m currently a commercial/industrial electrician and have been with my current place for just over a year. I moved there from a domestic...
  30. J

    BX in commercial buildings

    Hey so I am renting a large office space in NJ that used to be a school. The space is about 13k sq ft, with drop ceilings and there are fluorescent units throughout. I am slowly replacing all of the units with either pendant or led panels. What I’ve realized is that 98% of the wiring for these...
  31. P

    Siemens Stratum DB spares

    Can anyone please tell me where I can obtain spares for Siemens Stratum 400 DB’s or is there anything currently available that is genuinely compatible? I did manage to obtain some spares which were used but found some in a questionable condition. I saw in another thread someone said some Wylex...
  32. V

    Series parallel motor starter with auto off proximity sensor

    Hi All A while ago a customer asked us to move a 1970s single phase corn mill and return it to use. It had an old series parallel starter with a lever on it ..which we replaced with a crompton controls series 3000 starter...all good and running. Now they had another ip rated box attached to...
  33. T

    Commercial fridge Titan XTO-40-G power supply

    I'm having a hard time reaching this manufacturer for answers. Can someone help me try to use the following product? Titan open air refrigerator voltage 220 amps 8.5 hz 60 phase 1 plug type NEMA L14-20 I'm facing 2 issues, the plug type is not common, I believe it is a twist and lock type and...
  34. J

    Sump Controller

    Can't seem to figure out the issue on a sump controller I am working on. It is a pre-built controller box, set up for two pumps (lead/lag pump system) and a 4 float system (stop,lead,lag,alarm). Both pumps are 120v, as is the control circuit. The contactor is a 3 pole contactor but shipped out...
  35. J

    Specialist Electrical Services

    Wire & Fiber UK brings a wealth of experience of specialist services, giving our new and existing clients the peace of mind when it comes to protecting their people, property and assets. We can deliver an array of technical installations including: Fire & Security - integrated or...
  36. EddieSparks

    400 amp 3ph, Harvey Hubbell isolators, (seized up)

    Tomorrow night, 5/12/19; I have got a job at a southern water pumping station to investigate a seized isolator. The isolator is a 400amp 3 phase Harvey Hubbell from about 1960’s. it is stuck in the closed position. We are able to remove the Handle and take the door off to game access. Has anyone...
  37. dlt27

    Motor starter help.

    Hi all, thanks again for any input. I have been asked to look at this starter as motor starts ok, but when switches over to run motor stops and starter just hums. First of all like I’ve said in previous posts I haven’t had a lot of experience with motors/ starters etc Am I right in thinking this...
  38. R

    Is someone trying to rip a customer off? Advice on a Fire Risk Assessment

    Hi So a customer of mine has just had his fire extinguishers tested and for some reason the guy doing the fire extinguisher check removed this 600x600 flat LED panel and looked above it and said that what he sees is not safe and it's a fire risk. He proceeded to quote £600 to have 7 of these...
  39. J

    Looking for books that’s go into detail on heating systems especially S Plan and also wiring on commercial plots such as communial flats etc

    Looking for books that go into detail on heating systems especially S Plan and also wiring on commercial plots such as communial flats etc thanks in advance !
  40. R

    Flex to LCMs

    Hi guys, I'm currently on a job where we are changing a ---- load of old t5 panel lights over to LED, in ceiling grids. Now all these are wired to central LCMs or the occasional Klik and the flexs are no more than 5m. I feel like I should be throwing a few metal cable ties here there and...
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