• IMPORTANT: The thread you're reading / posting in, could be in a DIY electrical advice area. Please be aware of your local laws. You're not allowed to provide advice to, or seek advice from, DIYers and fellow professionals in some States, Countries, Countys etc with regards to some types of electrical installations or repairs. Keep that in mind. If it's against the law where you are - always get a professional electrician in to carry out the works instead of doing it yourself. The forum will not be held responsible for any outcome of any applications of any advice sought from it.
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Questions and electrical advice in the Electrical Appliances Forum - Electrical appliances and white goods forum. Washing machine repairs, tumble drier repairs, fridges and freezers that have seen better days and need a decent spark to sort them out..

Some popular forums: Electrical Forum - Electrical Wiring, Theories and Regulations - Periodic Inspection Reporting & Certification

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