1. G

    Neff hob supplied cable

    Hi, I have purchased a new Neff hob. In the box there is a length of 5 core cable. The instructions show 3 wiring methods one of which shows the black and brown joined acting as the live and blue and grey joined as neutral. The hob uses 7.7kw. In my opinion the cable looks a bit thin to be for a...
  2. J

    Why does my neff oven trip every few weeks?

    Neff oven trips rcd every few weeks at about 5pm…tea time,when oven set to high temp.and temp. rising,..not sure if set temp. has been reached. The rcd can be immediately reset and oven will stay on,..for another few weeks? help required
  3. M

    Neff oven element stays on

    Hi. Just moved into a house and it has a Neff C28MT27N0B combination microwave oven. Apparently it's out of warrentee. The microwave works fine but the oven is oven heating. I have replaced the thermostat and tested the elements. However, the top element comes on and stays on even when I'm...
  4. J

    Neff Oven Element (screwed from behind?)

    Hi, i am attempting to change the element on my Neff B14M42N3GB oven. However, when I got to the element it appears the screws holding it have been put in from behind. On the instruction videos I watched the head of screw was here . Any advice? Thanks
  5. B

    Neff dishwasher Child lock?

    Hi, I have an integrated Neff dishwasher - came with house so not sure of age. Probably 15 yrs. All A1 OK but last night I somehow rammed something against the top door catch, there was an ominous click either something clicking aside, or snapping. Now door won’t click / close, so ofcourse...
  6. N

    Ice gets build up in vegetable container and on wall back in the neff fridge .defrosted 2 months back

    Hi there, My neff fridge is out of warranty. I Defrosted it 2 months slowly ice has started building up inside the vegetable container and on wall behind it.all of other areas are perfectly fine in terms of freezing. Pleasesuggest..atttaching photos of same.. Also is there anything in...
  7. B

    Neff hob Error code 5 13

    I'm after some advice. We've just had a new Neff induction hob fitted. Only one side is working. 3 areas have an error code 5 13 on it. I've spoken to Neff and they say the error codes relate to an installation error and won't help but the electrician is adamant it's a faulty hob. They've used...
  8. S

    Neff Cooker Hood Halogen Bulb?

    One of the bulbs in my Neff Cooker Hood has blown. As far as I know it is 20w. What I need to know is whether it would be 12v or 240v. The only ones I can find are 12v. I tried one but it only lasted a few weeks. Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. U

    Neff Oven tripping MCB

    My Neff double oven is tripping the MCB on the mains. This occurs when I switch on any function of the top oven. The model is U1744N (around 15 years old). The top oven has a double element at the top (grill and oven) with a second element under the casing at the bottom of the top oven. The...
  10. R

    Neff oven thermostat - 4 spade/ 2 spade

    hi all. the thermostat in my neff fan oven (u17m42n0) seems to have gone. the part in the oven is neff 55.17069.080 but seems to have been phased out for 55.17069.210. problem is; the new model is only 2 spade connectors whilst the old one is 4 spades on 2 double connectors - with grey +...
  11. jj2005

    Neff Oven Overheating after replacing fan element which initially tripped

    I have a 12 year old Neff Oven b1442n0gb who's fan element stopped working. I bought a generic element from amazon (NEFF Fan Oven COOKER ELEMENT 2400w eq2 499003 spares: Large Appliances -...
  12. H

    Neff oven 2 year and two months old,and out of John Lewis warranty,no help either.

    Today the mains tripped, after doing so twice, and checked voltage supply, ie the clock was flashing, but no oven heat. I had previously removed the bulb and changed it first, however, the fault remained. Finally, I removed the bulb and glass cover. The oven has been working ever since and...
  13. S

    Neff hob with a plug - can it be hard wired?

    Hello, I had a rewire in my kitchen extension weeks ago and the electrician left a spurred hard wire for the hob in the right place before my kitchen was fitted. The kitchen is now fitted, apart from a some appliances, and it seems my Neff induction hob has a plug socket... I just assumed it...
  14. R

    Domestic Neff induction hob repair to glass

    Hi all, I recently cracked the glass on my Neff induction hob, whilst replacing the glass is quite straight forward, i have noticed a there is a white paste in the centre of each ring, for sure i know it needs replacing but can someone tell me what it is, I'm assuming a thermal compound...
  15. A

    Neff Induction Hob Installation Advice

    Hi New to the forum and wondered if anyone would be able to help re installing a Neff induction hob to replace an old Electrolux ceramic hob. The existing hob is wired in through an isolator socket behind the worktops and is on its own ring with a 32A ECB in the fuse board. The current cable...
  16. D

    neff oven tripping rcd changing temp

    hi all need a bit of help! i have a neff oven that has been working fine for 3 years. top oven all works fine. bottom oven I can choose from fan grill etc with the dial but as soon as I change temp from 0 within a few seconds it trips the rcd. I bought a new bottom element and still same...
  17. B

    Domestic Neff Oven Bulb Change Causes Fan to Stop Working

    Hi, Please can someone advise me about the following issue I have had. I have a Neff U1644 double oven of which the light had stopped working in the top, small oven. I had a spare bulb to replace the one that I believe to have failed but unfortunately the filament in the new bulb was broken too...
  18. S

    Wiring & fuses required for new Neff hob & double oven ?

    Hi guys, A little bit of advice would be most appreciated: I have just purchased a Neff 4 ring ceramic electric hob with a total load rating of 6.6 KW & Neff double built in electric stainless steel oven (going into tall cabinet) both oven consumption of 0.79 KW each with a total load rating...
  19. 1

    neff kichen extra hood

    Hi any one know what could cause a kitchen extractor fans lights and fan to stop working fuse not a problem voltage is present no lights poped it's a friend of mine he told me was working ok un till he tried to turn it off it wouldn't turn of so he just switched off the fused spur for it now it...
  20. N

    Domestic Neff oven and microwave combi

    Hi all, I am new to this forum. I was wondering if someone can help me with this issue I have. i have just installed a new kitchen and have a Neff oven 17 amps and a neff microwave combi 14 amps, they are side by side. Now I installed a 10 mm cable because I didn't know what the other half would...
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