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  1. V

    Domestic OTransfer switch for 30A dryer receptacle

    I have a question about adding a second receptacle on a 30A 240 circuit. I have a 10-30 receptacle in my laundry room. Unused since I have a gas dryer. That wall is shared with my garage. I want to put a second 10-30 receptacle in my garage for use with my electric vehicle. I have seen transfer...
  2. C

    Domestic Tumble Dryer --------------

    Hi Guys Can someone out there put me straight, I’ve got an old Condenser Hotpoint TDC 60N Tumble Dryer and it keeps blowing the thermostats at the back of the machine where the heating elements are and I'm trying to find out what’s causing them to blow, they are the one shot type. I'm only...
  3. D

    Tumble dryer suppressor wire burnt out

    Hi we have had this tumble dryer for around 5 years. Around a year ago the brown wire in the plug going into the wall socket burnt out so i replaced the whole power cable going to the supressor, 6 months later it packed in, I opended it up to find the supressor leaking so replaced it, today I...
  4. R

    Domestic Tumble dryer extension plug melted.

    Six years ago, I had a double socket installed in my store room. This was placed next to the fuse box and its purpose was so I could connect my tumble dryer. The socket was too far away from the dryer, so I bought some 1.5mm flex and wired in an extension from the newly installed double...
  5. SteUK

    Washing machine and dishwasher on same double socket - solution?

    Hi, Currently having to plug swap when wanting to use the either appliance (for safety as they both draw appox 10amp each). Looking for advice on what to ask a sparky to fit. Can I ask for a single socket to be spurred off the current double socket, and plug one of the appliances into that...
  6. C

    230v hair dryer swimming pool.

    Standard 230 v hairdryers wired into rcbo protected spurs poolside, id say zone 2 but didnt measure. Hair dryer cable is 2 core, the cable had been damaged leaving the neutral snapped and exposed at the hairdryer end, floating neutral... Someone apparently grabbed the cable and received a shock...
  7. G

    Food dryer project

    Hi All, With some trepidation I am throwing this one out for comments / advice from members. I have been asked by a customer to provide 3 phase supplies for some 'machines' that are under development by my customer. The machines are basically cabinets for dehydrating food items , that have been...
  8. S

    Intermittently-working Hair Dryer

    I'm really scratching my head. My wife's hair dryer has been working intermittently. Very frustrating. At first I thought maybe the main cord was loose somewhere, but it shows continuity in both wires with all sorts of contortions. I then expected maybe the bimetallic strip was open, but not so...
  9. J

    Tumble Dryer Drum Earth Strip -- DIY strip OK to use

    The earth strip on our tumble dryer needs replacing as the drum spindle has worn through it. A replacement strip is around £10. As the strip is a thin piece of copper, about 2in long and 1/4in wide, £10 seems way too much to shell out. I've made one from a copper pipe clip (cost 14p). Would it...
  10. J

    Hand dryer off ring final

    HI everyone, Is it acceptable to wire a hand dryer from a ring final in to a 13 amp FCU. The ring main in question has 30MA RCD protection. Or, is it best to wire a new radial circuit for it?? There is a socket I can spur off that is easy to get to. Thanks
  11. K

    Condenser Dryer Exhaust pump issue

    Currently experiencing a problem with a Bosch WTL 5400 condenser dryer : the drainage pump is not powerful enough to pump any water up to the internal water tank but is just about enough to get water out the exhaust pipe (you can manually switch which one to use) if the pipe goes vertically...
  12. Electron

    Washing machine and dryer supply

    A washing machine (Hotpoint Aquarius WMAQF 641 P) and a tumble dryer (Candy GCC 590NB-80), which are well used in a hair salon, have a problem that the RCD regularly trips. The machines are plugged into a double socket which is supplied as a spur through 1.5mm flex cable in mini trunking...
  13. A

    Tumble dryer problems advise

    Hi hope someone can advise. My tumble dryer keeps tripping the elecrics 15 min into it's cycle. Just need to test the heater components. To check therostats should my multi meter be on high setting or low.
  14. C

    Hand dryer recommendations?

    I need to fit some hand dryers at a pre-school. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good reasonably priced dryer to suit? Thanks~~
  15. S

    melted plug issue condenser dryer

    Hi guy been using an (Status) extention lead to run are tumble dryer due to the mains socket just being out of reach every time we use the tumble dryer it is plugged into a double socket fully unwound and only has the tumble dryer pluged into it the other spare has a serged protected 4 way...
  16. GMES

    Just For You Marvo

    Just popped in to prove to @Marvo that there is nothing to fear in here so you can now come and explore to your hearts content. Ps If I get hit and killed by a flying fridge freezer today I will come back and haunt you.
  17. P

    Domestic Outbuilding appliances

    Hi all, Currently replacing all wiring and the CU in an outbuilding with a new Metal Clad fully wired with SWA. There is currently a tumble dryer and fridge freezer plugged into the same double socket which forms part of a 3 socket ring circuit. My plan was to use a spare way on the CU to have...
  18. B

    If You Have A Tumble Dryer Read This

  19. B

    If You Have A Tumble Dryer Read This

    TUMBLE DRYER sorry about the title seems they are causing fires with a fluff build up on the heating element and a lot have been affected Creda, Indesit and Hotpoint see link below 'Significant number' of Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda tumble dryers 'pose a fire risk' - ITV News
  20. Q

    hand dryers

    Hi I am wiring 3 x 1650 w hand dryers would a 4mm radial circuit on a 32 amp mcb be suitable ? Thanks
  21. A

    Domestic Outside Sockets Tripping But Inside Sockets Fine?

    Hello, Just had new consumer fitted during recent kitchen revamp. Had a couple of external sockets fitted as well. One fixed to the rear exterior wall, while the other one is fitted inside the garage. The Consumer Unit is Wylex (NHISS10SL) 10 Way Dual RCD The Sockets are storm weatherproof...
  22. C

    Body Dryer !! for inside a shower cubicle

    Morning, has anybody ever come across 1 of these things ??? Local plumber has asked if I can wire 1 up not seen it, yet, but don't like sound of it. an advice Cheers
  23. JD6400

    Electromagnetic effects , star / delta motor wiring ?

    I occasionally come across reasonably sized ( not for some of you , I know ! ) star delta motors that have been run in 2 x 3core swa . Now after looking in to this in the past , it has been suggested that as they tend to be only on motors up to 30kw or so , and as the loading per phase will be...
  24. P

    electrical hand dryer for sale

    here for sale are 2 electric hand dryers eflows they come with installation instructions and fixings etc can deliver for a fee of £10 open to offers these are valued at about 300 pound but im open to offers heres a link which are identical to these eFlow Hand Dryer - from PARRS UK please feel...
  25. A

    Tumble Dryer+oven+extension Lead=pop

    Not easy to see in the image but the Live and Neutral are fused together. I ripped the top off to see what happened. It was in a B and B house kitchen.
  26. B

    Bathroom Hairdryer

    Hello All Wise and Wonderful Persons!!!! :rofl: (only joking!) I am currently working in a house which is being complete refurbished. Whilst walking through the job with the client, he asked if it was possible to have a power supply for a hairdryer within the basin unit in the bathroom, so...
  27. C

    dryer wont work

    Hello. I got a new clothers dryer and before I attached the wire to the dryer I stupidly attached the wire to the wall!:banghead: then touched the other end of the wire to my fingers, and pow! I didn't feel any pain luckily. The end of the wire that attaches to the dryer was burnt and I had to...
  28. F

    Wet room shower area

    Done a periodic test and failed a spur unit which was supplying a hair dryer hanging up in wet room in a commercial building the spur was less than 3 metres from the edge of zone 1 so this is why I failed it gave it a code 2 now the client has questioned it as they don't want to move the hair...
  29. C

    Do hand dryers require RCD protection

    Guys i'm doing an EICR at the minute. Do hand dryers for public use require RCD protection? Wired in singles in earthed steel pipe, no bath or shower in the room........
  30. K

    RCD for hand dryers

    I've had a few recommendations from other contractors from recent EICR's stating that there should be RCD protection to hand dryers and water heaters in toilet areas of commercial buildings. There are no showers in these areas, the wiring is mostly surface (plastic conduit) and its not domestic...
  31. J

    Hardwired hairdryer in a bathroom

    I have been given a spec for a pretty high end bathroom and the thing that jumped out at me was a hairdryer is to be hard wired into a drawer underneath the sink. Id always though that it was only fixed equipment such as heaters that could be hardwired but having had a scrawl through the regs to...
  32. S

    Hand Dryer

    Hi there Been asked to look at replacing hand dryer is campsite toilets. Looking online for suitable ones, and found one that says suitable for ZONE U Where is Zone U Thanks
  33. S

    Electric Hand Dryers

    Got to connect 4 x electric hand dryers tomorrow in 4 x different toilets. Was going to spur off the nearest socket point for each one, with an rcd spur by each dryer, via trunking/conduit. Silly question, but do they need to be rcd spurred, if there is no shower??? Believe it or not they come...
  34. D

    hand dryer distance from sink

    good afternoon, does anyone know if there is a minimum distance required between a hand dryer and the sink ? thanks in advance
  35. M

    Tumble Dryer Tripping Rcd

  36. M

    Tumble Dryer Tripping Rcd

    I have a 3 month old condensing tumble dryer, which has recently started tripping out the RCD (63A, 30mA) within 30 secs of being on. I've tested the RCD, which was going out at 18mA, and the tumble has an earth leakage of 1.17mA. I have now changed the RCD, but still continues to trip, within...
  37. O

    Hair dryers

    Don't laugh!!! Client wants a socket in a small bathroom so they can use a hairdryer. Bathroom is too small so its a no, no. So the alternative is a class 2 unit using the shaver point for the supply - so as I know absolutely nothing about hair dryers are there products on the market for this...
  38. C

    Hand dryer

    Hi guys, wondered if anyone could be so kind as to recommend a decent hand dryer suitable for domestic use? Customer currently has 3 small ones fitted in his property but they are pretty useless, ie insufficient drying time making them pointless. Looking for something reasonably fast without...
  39. Y

    Hand Dryer Heights

    Hi guys, Does anyone know of the legal minimum/maximum heights for hand dryers in; 1)Normal WC's 2)Disabled WC's 3)Childrens WC's We fit alot at work and it's one of those things that nobody seems certain on the heights. Had a quick flick through the regs and OSG and can't find them. Thanks James
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