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  1. B

    Neff hob Error code 5 13

    I'm after some advice. We've just had a new Neff induction hob fitted. Only one side is working. 3 areas have an error code 5 13 on it. I've spoken to Neff and they say the error codes relate to an installation error and won't help but the electrician is adamant it's a faulty hob. They've used...
  2. M

    Honeywell Accenta G4 setting error

    I have just installed a Honeywell Accenta G4 system. All ok apart from 2 queries: The entry/exit zone 1 is a PIR (there are no door contacts on my system, just 2 PIR's) It is set to zone 1. The second PIR is in the lounge. The system will set ok, but only after I am out of the range of the zone...
  3. D

    air conditioner high-low voltage error

    Hello friends. My air conditioner gives E6 error. It gives High / Low voltage error in the user manual. But when I measure the incoming energy, it's 220V. reading. I am uploading a few photos below. There is no energy in cable number 5 in the first picture. Does it have to be? The air...
  4. 0

    UK RED error code on electricity meter

    Hi all , We have moved in to a flat in which we have lived for 6 years now. We have had a representative coming in to read the meter. We have had some issues with the bills where charges were in range of 300 pounds a month. Service provider said that they will monitor situation. Last months...
  5. M

    Electricity meter error code

    Hello, I have a Landys Gyr E110 electricity meter, it is currently displaying a mesage A 04.07 intermitently and also seems to be recording too high a usage, when I turn everything off in the house it is still recording usage. Anyone know what this mesage means or any other thoughts? Thanks for...
  6. P

    The apollo advanced mx pro panel is showing an error that a smoke detector is faulty but it seems to be blinking properly.

    The detector is working properly. We have checked it physically. But the pannel is showing fault in that detector. Please give me a solution
  7. dnjr

    Fluke 1663 multifunction tester error code 4

    Dear all Testing Zs on fluke 1663 returned an error code 4 I thought this was an earth fault but another spark said it’s a voltage on the line. Anyone have the correct answer ? Cheers
  8. J

    Does anyone know how to reset a set of megger mft 1721 at all please? It’s got an error code of 76 :/

    Does anyone know how to reset a set of megger mft 1721 at all please? It’s got an error code of 76 :/
  9. P

    On site Guide error

    Page 186 Figure G4.9 Generic schedule of test results maximum permitted Zs. These values are all the same 40,32 and 6A mcbs have the same value 😊. They obviously don't proof read.
  10. J

    Error E014 (overtemperature) in Aurora PVI 3600 invertor

    Does anyone know if there is a typical fix for this? Someone has given me their old inverter because of of the error code.
  11. gazdkw82

    Megger MFT PFC error message

    I used a friends Megger today and we both came up with an error he hasn't seen before. We was performing a PFC test at the imcoming of a new DB. Leads were in line and neutral ports and tester set to L-N, 2 lead test, Zmax. As soon as you make the connection the tester beeped and flashed <PE>...
  12. S

    communication error on sonnen Macht inverter

    we are going out to see someone who had a sonnen macht 3kw inverter installed a few years ago. It is showing a 'communication error' and has stopped working for 2 days. I can't find any information on this inverter as i understand the company was dissolved in 2017 and we didn't install this so...
  13. Last plumber

    Fluke 1652 Error 1 code, any ideas what to look for?

    As above really. My tester is showing an Error 1 code right from switching it on. New batteries, battery terminals all clean, voltage is good at the two terminals on the battery box/holder. All internal fuses are good too. Is this the end?
  14. C

    Solic 200 red lights error

    Hope this is is correct forum area. i have issue with new set up and solic 200. As I understand it when during day and getting solar power there should normally get 3 green lights and when excess power is generated should get a single red light on display. Is this correct . I seem to get 2 red...
  15. J

    Schoolboy Error 2kw electric fire

    Think I've made a schoolboy error Running a brand new 2kw electric fire from the mains via an extension. Smelt burning tonight and found the plug and socket housing red hot after the fire switched itskit off. Checked the extension plug to find it has only a 5 amp fuse inside....... Is this...
  16. static zap

    An ECHO - Electrician Talk , small error -Title side

    Most recent Poster seems to be auto-credited with being thread -creator- .... Correct ORIGINAL Thread Name + creation date. -- LHS Title side ! Original poster's Name - Disappears, replaced most recent-commenter ! ( Just notice my name on a thread - from a day before ---time travel !)...
  17. T

    Landis and gyr meter display error??

    hi all, I have had an old gent recommended to me with what he thinks is a fault on his PV generation meter (landis and gyr 5235) not sure which model. He has explained that his meter seems to be switching from displaying the current date and what he describes as a portcullis displayed on the...
  18. L

    Invertor Error - FE Not Connected

    Hi guys. So, we've had solar panels installed on the roof for about 3 years now, and just recently, had an issue where the Invertor in the loft was bleeping. Went up to investigate, and it'd stopped... So, a few days later, heard the bleeping again, went up to check, and could see the...
  19. M

    Commercial Megger MFT 1730 - Error code 76

    Just recently bought a Megger MFT1730. It comes up with a "EER 76" message when switched on. It eventually clears after switching on & off several times an allows testing to proceed. The batteries are fully charged. Any ideas?
  20. N

    error4 on fluke 1651b tester

    Having problems with my 1651b fluke mft when measuring my ze when i clip the croc clip on earth and touch probes on phase and neutral it shows error 4 straight away without me pressing test. I've tried this at home too on my board same thing is it time for a new tester or leads. every other test...
  21. S

    Kingspan solar thermal problem

    Hi all, tomorrow morning I'm going with a plumber to check over a solar thermal install, all I know us there's error 1 flashing and a red light. Apparently resetting no longer works. I'm guessing there'll be a dual stat setup so will make sure these are chatting as they should anyone got any...
  22. Clark3169

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Max ZS allowed on NICEIC cert seems wrong?

    Hi guys. I've recently moved from NAPIT to NICEIC I've just issued a cert. Now the circuit details are as follows. Lighting, 6amp RCBO Ze - 0.18 R1&R2 - 0.64 ZS - 0.82 Now by my understanding the max allowed ZS is 6.14 for the type of RCBO so I'm well within the allowed but on the generated...
  23. H

    Fluke 1651B low current loop test problems

    Hi all, Recently, when needing to test earth fault loop impedance on a circuit with a RCBO/RCD my tester just reads >2000 for evert test, even when I know the R1+R2 and Ze are fine and when added together would be well within limits. Is there something I can do to fix this or is it time for a...
  24. C

    Any boiler service engineers on?

    Went to look at a vokera (linea I think), there was a leak from the brass body of the flow or return where it connects to the boiler base plate. The boiler is also showing fault code 28, which says is "flow and return T error". The book also says that any codes beginning with 2 is a wiring...
  25. N

    megger 1730 mft

    Hi all anyone know what error code 29 is on a megger 1730 mft ? thanks
  26. S

    Fluke 1651 Error 1

    Hi coming to the end of my self employed electrical business and my damn testers has got another error code.. A while ago it got error 5 - High noise.. so off it went for repair where the cost prob could of got me another set of intsruments.. So anyway, i went to finish a job off the other day...
  27. C

    err 79 on megger 1552

    any know what error 79 is on a megger 1552, set up i was testing is proteus 8way main cu with just mcb's no rcd, just fitted a bg 40A 30mA 2 way rcd unit with 32A and 6A mcb's as a submain which is fed from the proteus board off a spare 40A mcb fed in 6mm clipped direct which is about 10inch in...
  28. M

    Fluke error 4?

    Always used Megger mft, but the company I'm working for at the mo' use Fluke, hence the title. I was testing for Ze, well Zdb really and got Error 4. I can test again in the morning on another meter, just curious. thanks in advance
  29. R

    Megger mft 1553 error e70

    HI ALL HOPE YOUR HUGE KNOWLEDGE CAN HELP, hi i have an mft 1553 which when switched on displays only E70. would anyone be able to advise me on what this indicates any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance rusty
  30. M

    1653 fluke error

    Hi guys I use a fluke 1653 mft for testing at work. We work on mainly TT systems so when zs testing it is on no-trip. I don't have no instructions for this tester and more and more increasing I am getting a error 5 when zs testing. Can anyone tell me what a error 5 is and what a error 4 is as...
  31. S

    Megger LCB2500/2

    I recall biff55 really rating his that he got off ebay, fair play. I got one years ago, seemed fine for a while, but then it wouldn't make loop measurements, kept coming up with the 'Noise' symbol and take an eternity to give a reading, if at all, which was basically a random number. I've got a...
  32. S

    Customer demanding a refund

    Hi all I have a very abusive customer demanding a refund (because they claim they paid me twice) but not willing to provide any everdance. I am getting several texts, emails, calls and letters daily. I have passed it onto my bank and they cant find any duplicated payments from her either. Any...
  33. J

    AM2 - Opinions needed

    Problem solved :D
  34. L

    Fluke query

    got a fluke 1653 with "err 1" when turned on does anyone know whether this can be rectified at a reasonable cost or is that good night vienna ???
  35. N

    Testing Problems

    Hi Guys, Had a strange issue i have never come across on a domestic job before and made testing a nightmare. Was a couple of new circuits in a bathroom, new CU and earthing upgrade gas/water, new blah, blah, blah. Did some quick continuity and IR checks prior to the CU change all came out ok so...
  36. V

    Megger mft error codes

    Hi all Does anyone have a list of error codes for the MFT1552? Come across the code "E79" today and wondering what it could be Thanks Dan
  37. F

    MCS broke

    Anyone else getting the following? A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections...
  38. Deleted member 19807

    Fluke Error 1

    I have been having a bit of a problem with my fluke 1652 recently it would come up with an "error1" and just not work, removed batteries & fuse and then refitted, that worked some times but not others, also got some odd high readings when nulling the test leads. Asked around about repairs...
  39. L

    Fluke err 1 message

    err 1 anyone know what this means before i take it to my extremley expensive calibration expert no manual and fluke website just gives me the manual for the fused test probe !!
  40. K

    fluke 1653

    can anybody tell me the error codes for a fluke 1653, thanks
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