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  1. L

    UK Induction Hob Query

    Hi I’ve just had a new kitchen and an induction hob installed which is on its own 32amp rcbo but my question is the total load rating is 7.35 for the induction hob which is just below 32amp if I’ve worked that out properly and it’s fitted to a cooker switch with a socket on which will have...
  2. Joe9009

    Where to connect power cord to induction single phase motor 240v

    (I would want it to run clockwise) Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  3. Pretty Mouth

    Diversity and induction hobs

    I recently had a discussion with another spark about induction hobs and diversity. He pointed out that an induction hob may have, for example, 4 X 3.2kW cooking zones (total 12.8kW), but due to internal power management, the appliance could never draw more than say 7.2kW, that being shared...
  4. S

    Could anyone Tell me the legal distance a induction Hob has to be installed from a sink please my housing association says 12 inches , is this wrong ?

    Can anyone tell me the Legal distance a induction Hob has to be installed from a sink please, my housing association say they are going to install one 12 inches from my sink and I said this is wrong, also it is to be installed under my window which I have to lean over the hob to open the window...
  5. Bogart

    UK Induction hob

    Have still not installed my Neff induction hob but is near. Was originally going to use 3phase but got battered on here so no. I have a 3 phase supply at home with 3 seperate Hager CUs. Red phase does the kitchen area, ring, lighting and a circuit marked cooker which fed a dual oven in 10mm2 via...
  6. A

    Code er31 with new indicator board on induction hob

    Falcon (Rangemaster) continental induction range 10 yrs old. Tried swapping out control indicator unit pcb (shows the knob settings) with identical pcb to try to correct a control fault. Get er31 code which I think is a configuration issue. Only got knobs, no buttons. How to configure? No jumper...
  7. R

    Replacing ceramic hob for induction - basic questions

    Hi all, planning to replace my electric ceramic hob for an induction one. Current ceramic hob is: Baumatic B12SS - 230v/400v 3N 50/60Hz 6kW 26.1A, min fuse protection rating 30A. The current setup is as follows: CCU>1xB32 MCB>connected to 2x red cooker switches: Switch 1: connected to hob...
  8. C

    Separate feed for Cooker and Induction hob

    Evening gents After a quick question about a kitchen rewire (Im an industrial electrical engineer, not been a house basher for a good 15 years) Im moving the cooker from one side of the kitchen to the other and running a brand new supply from the consumer unit. Im also moving from Gas hob to a...
  9. M

    Single phase induction motor schematic

    Hello, I've found an old motor originally designed for operating jealousies. Could you help me read and better understand the following schematic? As far as I understand, it is a single phase induction motor, there is 47 uF capacitor connected to it in order to start. There are 3 contacts...
  10. E

    Wiring terminal block for induction hob

    Hello...I need to rewire a terminal block for zanussi induction hob zei6840fbv Can someone help please. ImGe attached
  11. Bogart

    Induction hob.

    Am about to install an induction hob and can either use single phase or three phase. Will use singles in conduit. Maximun load is 11Kw so either single phase in 6mm or 3phase using 2.5mm. If I use 3 phase I will get a normal cooker isolation switch to operate a 4 pole contactor, as am not too...
  12. J

    Induction Hob & RCCB

    Would appreciate your thoughts on this please. Wylex split load consumer unit with one rccb, new circuit installed for induction hob on non rccb side with 32 amp rcbo. When the hob is switched on the rccb trips, not the rcbo. The circuit has been tested out and is fine and the neutral for the...
  13. A

    13amp plug for 3000w induction hob

    Hi all, I had a look around and can't seem to find anything regarding my specific issue. We use 240v We bought a new induction hob, it's a Brandt BPI-6410B and is rated as 3000w / 13amp and has wiring as below. We had a Bosch PIN675N17E/01 rated at 7200w which died. It was wired to a round...
  14. G

    Domestic Yet another induction hob question

    Hello I have a new AEG induction hob rated at 7.4kw max using power sharing but AEG do not specify a cable size or mcb rating nor will they answer the question I submitted to them by email. I think their position is that it is down to the electrician to decide. The configuration is as follows...
  15. D

    Domestic Induction hob and oven fitting

    HI I want to fit an induction hob and separate oven. The supplier says the hob (7.35kw) needs a 30A supply and the oven (3kw) needs a SEPARATE 13A supply However a stand alone cooker with induction hob is specified as 11.3kw (which is approx 45A) and it states that it needs a 30A fuse. My...
  16. H

    Domestic Induction Hob - Safe to use existing cooker circuit

    Hello Forum, I need to replace the hob in the kitchen as it is faulty. I would like to be able to use an induction hob, so I need to make sure that the wiring and mcb on the cooker circuit is the right specification. The combination Oven (1 small / 1 Large ) has a Max load of 4.1Kw. The...
  17. D

    Using an Induction Hob and Fan over at Same Time

    Hi, I have a 1800 watt induction hob and 2300 watt fan oven. Both use 13 amp plugs. Are they using too much power to use at same time? Thanks for reading
  18. V

    Domestic Induction cooker hardwiring 32amp

    Hi All, We are in the process of replacing our gas hob to an induction hob (7.35 KW, 32 Amp). Our electrician suggested that we get a radical circuit terminated at a 32 amp RCBO. There are currently double pole switches for exhaust and washing machine hanging from another ring main. Our idea is...
  19. J

    Strange design of Induction Hob power input, advice please

    Hi, hope everyone is enjoying Easter! I have boon looking for an induction hob recently and found one on ebay for £25 and close by so I bought it, yay!. It was purchased as defective, its a 5 sone hob and the two left zones did not power up. A bit of research before purchase shows there were...
  20. S

    Install new oven & induction hob to existing circuit

    Hi All. Just a little help I need connecting a electric oven and induction hob. The existing is a 32 amp MCB in the consumer unit. A 4m run of 6mm sq t&e cable from mcb going to a 45A cooker control switch. From here a 6mm sq t&e going into cooker connection unit. I have removed the old electric...
  21. Cupa

    Domestic Wiring up an induction hob - wanted to sense check if what I'm doing is correct

    Hi guys, I have a new induction hob which I'd like to wire in. I have already wired in the oven and grill into the kitchen using a length of 4mm 3 core heat resistant flex and that is working fine. Back of the hob shows the following diagram: Based on the above schematic, I plan to wire in...
  22. D

    Gaggenau induction hob fault - code Ci9 ADB R

    Gaggenau induction hob fault - code Ci9 ADB R Today, 08:29 PM Dear All, Does anyone have any experience of the induction hob range made by the company Gaggenau? I have a customer who has the above fault being displayed and now the hob after struggling on and off for a few months has finally...
  23. A

    11.1kw induction hob

    Need a second opinion. Wiring 11.1kw hob with a cable run of 50m usually I'd say 10mm t&e but something in my head tells me I should be upping the cable size
  24. Spark40

    Another induction motor question

    which factors might affect the slip and what losses may be incurred by the motor ? Cannot find much about this, i know that the load indirectly affects slip due to the rotor speed changing, more load is more slip Any assistance is appreciated, thank you If any websites is found in referance...
  25. Spark40

    Induction motor question

    what is the affect on starting current and torque of changing the electrical supply frequency? I can find out that the speed changes etc from this website: Changing an Induction Motor's Power Supply Frequency Between 50 and 60Hz -...
  26. G

    Domestic Shaded-Pole Induction Motor

    Hey guys! First post here I just came across a broken fan that uses this can of motor to spin the blade, I already tested everything else for faults and it is the motor that is not running. My question is this, given the simplest type of AC motor, what are the common causes of failure?
  27. R

    Double oven and induction hob

    Hi all hope to get some advice I have a 40amp fuse in fuse box that runs the double oven 5.1 kw max can I run the induction hob off same fuse the hob is 6.6kw and is 6mm cable ok to use as last person left about 4 meters here from last electrician
  28. A

    Domestic Induction hob butyl cable size

    I am installing an induction hob to a dedicated 32a supply. The hob is rated at 20a. From the hob I am going to use a heat resistant butyl 3 core cable. The 2.5mm cable is rated at 24a, this seems a bit light to me, do you think I should use 4mm which is rated at 35a or will the 2.5mm be ok...
  29. nyb

    Induction hob wiring

    Hi all I just had an electrician around to install a 6400W induction hob. Honestly I'm a little worried as to the job done. Also I noticed some weird wiring done (for the previous owners of the house I guess) that looked very suspect to me. Basically this is the issue. The kitchen has one ring...
  30. R

    Domestic Neff induction hob repair to glass

    Hi all, I recently cracked the glass on my Neff induction hob, whilst replacing the glass is quite straight forward, i have noticed a there is a white paste in the centre of each ring, for sure i know it needs replacing but can someone tell me what it is, I'm assuming a thermal compound...
  31. A

    Neff Induction Hob Installation Advice

    Hi New to the forum and wondered if anyone would be able to help re installing a Neff induction hob to replace an old Electrolux ceramic hob. The existing hob is wired in through an isolator socket behind the worktops and is on its own ring with a 32A ECB in the fuse board. The current cable...
  32. B

    Replacing a 6kw solid hob with a 7.2kw induction hob

    Hi, I am a keen DIYer and eager to learn. I have just moved into a house that has a solid ring 6 kw electric hob and built in single oven. I want to replace both and I have bought a Beko Single Oven and a Induction hob. Currently the old hob is connected to a 13A plug plugged into a socket...
  33. simpson93

    Freestanding electric cooker, induction hob problems.

    Evening all, I’ve had a fault recently with a hotpoint free standing electric cooker and wondering if anyone has had a similar problem. The problem itself is with the induction hob part of the cooker, the hob had blown when a pot was placed on top and the mcb tripped Within a few minutes. The...
  34. V

    Domestic Induction hob connection and switch

    My kitchen was rewired last year and I had the electrician run a cooker circuit "just in case" as I was using a gas cooker. He terminated it in a double socket. Now I'm redoing my kitchen and would like to fit an induction hob (7.4 kW) and a single electric oven below (2-3 kW). The double...
  35. Howard Thomason

    Induction hob and electric oven running from same 32 questions... Again

    HI Guys, so looking for some advice I've had a re-wire for our new kitchen all was going to plan until yesterday when I realised that my changing of appliance could be a issue.. I told the electrician I was getting a range style cooker so he wired up for this, I changed my mind after seeing the...
  36. L

    Induction hob plus oven wiring - rating?

    Hi guys, I need to have an induction hob and oven connected up. Units are: Hob: AEG HK654400XB Induction hob - HK654400XB | AEG - Oven: Miele H2561BP Miele Ovens | H 2561 BP Oven -...
  37. G

    Single Oven / Induction hob diversity

    Hi all, I have been asked to install an induction hob to an existing circuit on a 32amp mcb. The oven is a Siemens HB13NB521B rated at 20amp, the hob is a samsung NZ64H37070K rated at 32amp. My friend is telling me that he has been told by "the man in the shop" he can run both on the one...
  38. H

    induction hob leaking to earth

    hi guys, fun story, i managed to give myself a wee shock from a new induction hob. (its in my house, not a customers) its temp fitted while a granite work top is being cut, i went to shift it back wards putting my hand on the metal case and got a shock, weirdly, the rcd hadnt tripped, even...
  39. D

    Connecting an induction hob

    Just wanted to check something with the great and the good on here, I'm just about to put in a aeg induction hob in my kitchen, the two diagrams show one 400v diagram with the two lives going to connection points 1 and 2, the 230v diagram (relevant to me) shows the live going to connection point...
  40. J

    28A in 4mm cable 6.5kw hob

    i need to wire in an induction hob which is 6.5kw and the cable already chased in is 4mm and would be a real pain to replace for a bigger. I just wanted to know if it would be alright or play it safe with a 6mm?
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