1. onthetools

    Wiring induction hob (not working)

    Hi all, I've just tried wiring an indesit IB65B60 induction hob. I read the instruction manual and it said for 240v connections to put the brown/black wires together on the live circuit, earth for earth and the blue/grey wires on the neutral. When I turned the power back on the induction hob...
  2. R

    UK Induction Hob swap/install

    Hi all I'm in the process of swapping out my 4 zone CDA induction hob for a 5 zone Bosch. Currently the existing wire starts as a 5 core cable that is crimped at the induction hob end into 3 core cable. The Bosch comes with a shorter cable which has 5 core on both ends. I'd like to try and...
  3. mrmitch85

    Connecting induction hob

    Hi, Just looking for a bit of advice here. I am considering swapping my existing 4 burner gas hob for a Bosch induction one. I am not proposing to carry out any electrical connections myself, but simply finding out what my options are at this stage. The setup I currently have: a dedicated...
  4. I

    1 or 2 junction boxes for induction stove top and wall oven?

    We are renovating our kitchen, and part of the renovation involves replacing our gas oven with an induction stovetop built into the counter and a wall oven built into the cabinet below. I have added two breakers to the panel and run romex from each one to the kitchen area, creating one dedicated...
  5. Pretty Mouth

    Cable for connecting induction hob

    The manufacturers instructions for an induction hob I will be fitting in the new year are telling me to use either H03V2V2-F or H05BB-F (basically 90degree PVC or rubber flex) for the connection. These are difficult to get hold of in the couple of meters of 4mm that I need, and I'm...
  6. OnlQQker

    75kW induction charging electric cars in Oslo

    This car charging lark seems to be moving mighty fast!
  7. T

    Induction er31 fault code

    Help. I have just installed a new 4 burner generator on my induction hob and now I have error code er31 on the display. I have googled it and to find so need a configutator code….. but I can’t find that anywhere on tinternet!? Does anyone have any experience? Many thanks
  8. P

    Checking a second hand induction hob

    Hi all, A quick question, we are looking to purchase an induction hob and have been considering a second hand option, if one could be found that's almost new. We have found someone selling an Electrolux one, that is claimed to be unused and looks like it is still in the packaging (minus any...
  9. G

    Can I run oven and induction hob off 40A circuit?

    Hi, I'm a DIY'er but not a DIY electrician. I have a 3.5kW oven (15A min. 20A max. fuse) and want to connect a separate 7.4kW hob on the same 40A kitchen circuit. Looking at other posts in this forum it looks like it’s ok with a dual outlet, but do you need the cable dia. To check this first, or...
  10. P

    Hi guys,here is the situation,switching all 4 heaters in induction hob rated at 7.4 kW and it stops working.Taking out the oven (2.5 kW)which is under

    Hi guys here is the situation,switching all 4 heaters in induction hob(7.4kW)and it stops working.Taking out the oven (2.5kW)which is just underneath and find out that hob and oven are both plugged in to double socket.There is no cooker connection unit but there is cooker switch above.From the...
  11. A

    Induction hob and oven install

    Hi, replacing gas hob with Zannusi 7.3kw (max)32a induction hob, and oven with aeg 3.2kw(max) 16a. I was going to put hob on existing 32a 6mm separate circuit, simple swap. However, my question is, can I put the oven on the other 32a kitchen ring circuit? Both require hard wire not plug and...
  12. M

    Induction hob that doesn't self-limit on single-phase connection

    Hi, new here. Not a qualified electrican. Not wanting to self-instal. Not clueless though. I have searched on 'induction hobs' here, before posting. Question: what induction hob(s) are there on the market that do NOT self-limit to well below their (typically 7-8kW) rated maximum power, when...
  13. B

    Induction hob correct install

    I’ve been looking for the right answer and just can’t seem to find it. I had an induction hob installed by a certified electrician, and there are no apparent problems so far, however, it is installed on the CU, RCD and upstream with a RCCB with no MCB, I’m just not 100% sure if it’s the safest...
  14. shez444

    Gas hob change to induction hob + new cooker hood - advice appreciated!

    Hello, two parts here....please forgive any incorrect terminology used! I am looking to replace my gas hob with an induction hob (this one: electriQ 52cm Canopy Cooker Hood Kitchen Extractor Fan in Silver - 5 Year Warranty eiQ52CANOPY | Appliances Direct - which...
  15. M

    Can i hardwire a plug and play AEG induction hob?

    We've recently brought a new build house and it's come with an AEG induction hob. We quickly realised there wasn't enough power to heat more than 2 pans at once. Rather pointless given its a 4 ring hob and slightly challenging cooking xmas dinner! We've had Bellway out and they explained its a...
  16. R

    Inductive Charging Circuit Design Help

    In Short: I need help designing a circuit between a receiving induction coil and a battery load. Longer Explanation: I am entering a science fair project this year which requires wireless charging of a drone. So far, a have a transmitting coil that takes 12V at 2 amperes and the receiver coil...
  17. T

    hello, we have recently brought a new build house and we want to upgrade our gas hob for an induction hob, we have already brought the hob which requi

    hello, we have recently brought a new build house and we want to upgrade our gas hob for an induction hob, we have already brought the hob which requires 32AMP and is 7.4KW power our house layout makes it a little tricky and expensive to rewire a new circuit through (which we should have...
  18. the pict

    Induction issue

    Beko BVD1668K, Rear hobs work Front ones not , I get the symbol to put on a pot any ideas, what actually is the sensor , what does it look like and is it worth the repair Dev
  19. J

    Domestic Induction hob for preexisting 4mm T+E

    I have been told by a local spark that one can not run an induction hob on a 4mm T+E. From my understanding, most induction hobs are 7-8kW and "require" 6-10mm T+E but our housebuilder only put 4mm because they are cheap. Or maybe I am cheap for not coughing up £500 for a £150 induction hob...
  20. S

    New Induction Hob

    Hi, I'm replacing an old electric oven with an induction hob. There's an existing cooker 45A cooker switch running on 6mm cable which they've wired up to a standard socket and a plug on the oven. My new hob is rated at 7.3kw and it states to use specific cables for heat safety. I'm looking at...
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