1. M

    Second Wifi receiver.

    Can I use a second receiver to start my underfloor heating zone valve?
  2. JayO84

    Help with Installing Second Switch

    Hi, I have a question about how to install a new switch to toggle a light I installed into a 2-gang box where an existing switch with power source exists. What I would like to do is utilize the existing power source without effecting the operation of the existing switch, meaning I don't want the...
  3. Jtpeek

    Will this work to add a second switch to a fixture?

    I have a light that runs off a single switch. In the same box as the single switch there is a now abandoned three wire cable running to another box on other side of room (don’t ask me why they had two switches connect to each other but not to any fixtures..). In the other box there is now only...
  4. E

    Add Second EmerGen Switch to Subpanel

    I have an existing EmerGen Switch installed in my main panel that links to 10 breakers. The main panel is located in the basement. I recently upgraded my generator and now want to power additional breakers that exist in a sub panel which is located in the garage. I purchased a second...
  5. H

    First and second fix electrics

    Hi. I've had a kitchen extension done and the builder has charged for first and second fix electrics. He has since said that my consumer unit needs upgrading to add more RCBOs but this will cost me extra. I would've thought this should be included, am I wrong? He has also said that I will need...
  6. nomadicsoul

    Insulation added after second fixing!

    Hi everyone. I need a little advice please. Several months ago I first fixed and second fixed a timber frame loft conversion ( open plan living area and kitchen) for a friend /client. I haven't signed it off yet as I was waiting to install I new CU for him and for him to fit the kitchen. I...
  7. N

    UK Adding a second crimp lug

    Evening everyone Can anybody help with a situation I have currently underway As you can see from the pics I need to double up the crimps on each phase but the incomer isn’t large enough to do so and the bolts are too short Is there anything I can do to allow me to connect the new phases to the...
  8. J

    I don’t understand when all lights flicker after adding second light switch

    Adding an image of my set up Basically this is the run across like 60-75 ft. The main line comes into a switch to control the entire line. That continues through 8 lights and then into an outlet. Originally After that outlet I had a light but I wanted to be able to control it independently...
  9. P

    Checking a second hand induction hob

    Hi all, A quick question, we are looking to purchase an induction hob and have been considering a second hand option, if one could be found that's almost new. We have found someone selling an Electrolux one, that is claimed to be unused and looks like it is still in the packaging (minus any...
  10. D

    Can One Electrical Meter Box Feed a Second Board?

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well in these trying times. I'm planning an extension to my house, and I'm looking to have a second consumer board fitted inside the extension. I'm hoping I can feed this new board from the meter box and not as a sub-board from the original consumer unit...
  11. Edward Morris

    Adding second light switch to garage circuit

    Hi. First up, I am not a qualified electrician so this is a DIY project However, I am physicist by training with a specialism in electromagnetism, so I know the principals of circuits. I want to add a second switch to my garage lighting, so that we don't have to fight our way to one corner of...
  12. S

    UK Second empty meter cabinet for a consumer unit to feed several garden circuits. Can a standard metal csu be fitt

    I have a customer who has installed a second empty meter cabinet for a consumer unit to feed several garden circuits. Can a standard metal csu be fitted in here, does it have to be in an ip65 enclosure also or can a ip65 plastic csu be used. I get csu has to be non combustible within a dwelling...
  13. O

    Issues using a time delay relay for my second fuel pump (diagram included)

    I'm using the stock fuel pump wiring to trigger two different relays for my two fuel pumps on my car built for drag racing. The first relay is a normal relay and the second relay is a Beuler time delay relay (it's a BU-508TD model which has since been replaced by the BU-509TD, but they function...
  14. I

    Second radial line to 16a MCB

    Hello I am new on this website and first want to say hello to everyone. We moved to a house with old night storage heaters. We had to replace one in our bedroom this winter. The new electric radiator is 1,1kw with a plug. Night storage were hard wired 2,5mm cable with 16a mcb on night economy 7...
  15. H

    Single switch to double switch (adding second light in same room)

    Hi all, As per the subject, I am looking to change an existing single switch for a bathroom to a double switch to control an additional light in the bathroom. I have looked at the wiring and there seems to be: 1. one feed (T&E) to the switch (i.e. no return for the loop so I imagine there is a...
  16. C

    Confused about Zs 5 second disconnection time

    Running some calcs I'm confused about what Zs to use when calculating 5 second disconnection times. In circuits with 1.5mm2-4mm2 cable a fault doesn't seem to pull the voltage down much at the trafo terminals so from an ohms law perspective the current magnitude reflects simple V/(R1 + R2)=I...
  17. S

    Second red 'live' wire in light fitting - what to do?

    I am connecting a new IKEA pendant light in place of an existing light fitting. I have connected the red wire in the ceiling to the brown 'live' terminal in the IKEA fitting, and the black wire in the ceiling to the blue 'neutral' terminal in the IKEA fitting. However, there is an extra exposed...
  18. R

    Baseboard Thermostats: How do I determine the power out wires to a second thermostat?

    I need some help with a 240V baseboard heater problem... I bought two smart thermostats for my home. I installed the first one and it powered on as soon as I flipped the breaker back on. Turned the breaker back off, and installed the second one. Flipped the breaker on and it worked too - yay...


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