1. R

    So what’s the best insulated screwdrivers?

    What are people’s preferred insulated screwdrivers?? I currently use Bahco but thinking of switching it up
  2. steamboatwilly

    Two new Wylex RCDs both failed tests

    Folks, A bit baffled (not difficult) ... added a light switch in a rental this week (empty property so no social distancing issues) and checked the RCD before I signed off. It was a Wylex 80a 30mA and it failed all tests (inc. ramp) so I like-for-like replaced it. The new one also failed all...
  3. Vortigern

    Oh noes! Garage broken into decided to have a moan. Could not post in off topic, second post that will not get published.

    Had my garage broken into a couple of nights ago. Took a lot of cable maybe £500 worth. Drum of SWA and offcuts, T&E reels and singles in all sizes and colours. Strange thing is nothing else taken! Tools were left and mower, jet wash and so on so I suppose that is good. Door wrecked with jemmy...
  4. Dan

    Awesome Neosmart (Ring Killer) 12 Second Clips for Free - Night Vision, Phone Alerts, Free Recordings, Motion Sensor Camera for £20!!!

    I have had a bunch of camera, I'm trying to find a camera I can leave and it alerts me when it's found somebody. I don't want DVRs and cables running everywhere, so Wifi (and strong connection) was a must. Three years into my researching and testing and moving cameras around on the outside of...
  5. A

    Delay of around 30 second lightswitch?

    I'm trying to find a way to delay the lights coming on after the switch is turned on - this is so I don't disturb my wife when I go to our ensuite bathroom which has the light outside the room. I've thought of 4 ways: 1) Put a pull switch inside the bathroom - it's not our flat, so that would...
  6. S

    Is this possible than turning on oven make a 1 second power outage in home? ( playing diablo 1 )

    Hi.Have an question. It is possible that when turning on oven make a 0,5-1second power spike,without tripping fuse or breaker? I ask because when my mother in kitchen turned on oven,diablo 1 crashed to desktop on my old laptop. Nothing get tripped etc,lights not. So it was coincedence that game...
  7. GBDamo

    Asked to give second opinion.....

    Customer thinks first spark is over egging the pudding and it's not really that bad. Opened door took pictures and closed door, yes it is that bad. Not a bad days work, 5 hours travel, 15 minutes taking pictures, 15 minute write up.
  8. T

    Potential earth loop impedance issues for second floor flat

    Hello! After years of renting I'm currently in the process of purchasing our first property. We've had an offer accepted on a 1 bedroom flat in Surrey. However there are questions over the electrics, and knowing little about electrical wiring I'm a bit stumped on how bad the electrics are and...
  9. A

    need to purchase a tester, opinions on buying second hand.

    what tester do people generally use/recommend? should i avoid second hand generally? seen some decent ones but wondering is it worth risk? the tester would be for domestic use.
  10. Sam662

    Second year apprentice

    Hey guys, just finished the first year of my apprenticeship and am now looking for a new employer to carry on my second year with. If anybody knows of anyone taking on in the North West (Bolton, Bury, Wigan, Manchester, ect) I'd be eternally greatful for the heads up. Bit of back story...
  11. D

    Outside light second fix missing 240v

    Returned to install/second fix led pir flood, switched live hidden in kitchen cupboard to over ride, did all connections, worked perfectly, went to check night time performance and nothing, for some reason no voltage going to the switch live in the kitchen cupboard, nothing tripped, everything...
  12. M

    Second opinion please

    Hello everyone, I was wake by a friend to have a look at an Eicr that was done on his rental property . The Eicr says I quote : "Due to the c2 codes listed in section k , this report is unsatisfactory. The old consumer unit has type 4 (D) breakers where make it impossible to achieve test...
  13. Edtwozeronine

    Homework help

    I'm looking for the section in my on-site guide that covers disconnect times for circuits over 32a. In my regs class my homework features a circuit with a type B 45a RCD. EDIT: oops never mind I now see it says anything exceeding 32a must not be more than 1 second. I thought there was a more...
  14. Dan Brown

    Fluke 1652b Multifunction Tester

    Going to buy this Fluke MFT 1652b from someone on eBay, can anyone tell me if this is a good tester can't find it can only find the C version or 1653 I know flukes a good brand and the person has looked after it very well I am going to pay around £310 all in all is this a decent price?
  15. polo1

    PIR controlled led floodlights

    Does anyone know why manufacturer's instructions would state not to have more than one fitting on the circuit? These are customer supplied "frog eye" external floodlights, each fitting has 2, 20W eyes. We weren't aware of this instruction and fitted the two fittings on one radial, the second...
  16. truckster

    Time to upgrade supply?

    Hi I have an old peoples home that I do work for, called out to black out. The main fuse blown, holder pretty well cooked. DNO have replaced cut out and installed a voltage recorder which is showing several spikes around meal times which are approaching or exceeding the 80A main fuse. Opinions...
  17. polo1

    MEM 63A, 30mA revs, A63HE

    Hi all, I'm looking for the above. Not keen on fleabay, can anyone assist? RCD obviously & sorry for the two pics!
  18. Pat H

    Best tester for new electrician

    Just finishing training and about to take exams. Have years of experience but formalising for part P. So whats the best low cost starting out it. I'd love a megger 1720 but can't stretch to that. So what do people suggest?
  19. Soulsurfer

    Horizontal water cylinder

    Hey all, so I'm rewiring a nightmare house while girl still living in it ! Plumber gets a cylinder and says direct 1 X 3kW standard immersion. So I run a 2.5 through most of house to loft.. Comes today saying just worked out he got wrong cylinder and where he wants it there is no space for vert...
  20. T

    Help With Ebay Police Siren Wiring

    Picked up an eBay police siren to replace my stock horn. It has 5 different tones but I only wanted the air horn sound so I glued that button down and hid the controller. I cut the stock horn wires and plugged them straight into the siren so when I hit the horn it powers the siren and since the...
  21. a-z electrics

    Curve (Denmans) RCDs

    Anyone had problems with these rcds? Control Gear Direct, 30mA, 63A 2 pole.. I recently bought two 10-way dual rcd boards from denmans.. first one had an rcd which didnt trip on test button, even with load removed. Second rcd didnt trip under 300mS, but button worked. Swapped them for the...
  22. S

    gaps in your knowledge

    So further to my previous thread Been an electrician now for fifteen years So I have started with a new firm and I'm realizing I have some major gaps in my knowledge base I've always worked big jobs Empty shell Containment First fix Second fix Handover Move onto the next one Separate data and...
  23. N

    Voltage Drop Equation

    Hi, I've been doing some revison and came across 2 different equations for voltage drop. The first one is; Vd = mV/A x Ib x L divided by 1000 The second one is; Vd = (R1 + R2) x Ib x Multiplier The multiplier is to compensate the difference in conductor temperature at the time of the test...
  24. L

    Domestic Envirovent fan fault - Help!

    Hello, 3 months ago I installed the Envirovent eco dmev 100HT (humidity & Timer) Bathroom fan for a customer, and have been called back twice since to replace it! has anyone had any similar experiences? any helpful input would be much appreciated
  25. infinity

    Megger broken help!!

    I pulled the black lead out my 1553 today and the whole connection came with it! So basically I don't have a tester, any ideas on who I can send it too to have it repaired at a fair price? Ideally with a quick turnaround!
  26. C

    Adding second light to existing switch

    Hi everyone, In my garage there has always been one only ceiling light which isn't really adequate when working on projects in the garage. Therefore I'm looking to add an additional light (well 2 really but we'll call it 1 to simplify things). This first diagram shows the existing wiring...
  27. B

    light switch / light istallation

    Hi been a while since I posted. I sorted my previous lighting issue out in the pantry I have a query on another task. I currently have a one gang light switch in one room and in another area I have run a new cable for yet another light I was wanting to wire this to the existing switch with a...
  28. F

    Main fuse hot

    Just sitting down for tea and door bell goes neighbour tells me his main fuse is hot to touch and a smell of burning is present goes across and he's right burning smell and very warm main fuse so isolates consumer looking for any burning or loose cables in consumer all ok fuse is sealed but...
  29. M

    Scam provider

    We'll I had my first assessment to become a qs for the i I work for. Very disappointed no technical questions asked seems like anybody can pass.
  30. P

    Testing equipment??

    Hello all, I've recently went self-employed and I'm on the hunt for cheapish test equipment (for domestic use)? I don't want to be spending a fortune, as I will only be using it occasionally. I would even consider buying second hand, but I thought I would ask for a bit of advice, thank you! Phil
  31. B

    Intruder Alarm time delay on armed zones

    Hell all, I have bought and installed a LS400 Intruder Alarm. On testing I have found that when set in the Away Mode, and excluding entry/exit zone/route the following: If the alarm is activated there is a 15 second delay before the internal sounder operates and a further 30 second delay...
  32. B

    New DB instal in my house and rcd tripping please help

    Hi all I'mhaving trouble with a new instal its a spilt board 10 way DB first half of the board has down stairs lights upstairs sockets boiler second half kitchen upstairs lights and down stairs socket The problem im having is the downstairs light in the hall is tripping the both rcd when...
  33. C

    help 3 phase

    hi, i have a garage iam renting but i only have 1 double socket and need more, i also have 2 car lifts that need a 3 phase supply,ihave a grinder with a 4pole red plugwith nowhere to plug it in, now the big problemis that thelandlord has said i can get the socket circut re done to incorpuate...
  34. S

    Humidifan Installation

    Good Evening, I have the opportunity to secure a new client and want to be on the ball with them as it could lead to alot of repeat here goes. Do you guys have an opinion on products for what I have been asked to quote for on a job? The quote is to supply and fit a 4" humidifan...
  35. sparkdog

    Second kit for long on site jobs?

    I have one on site job which is permanently on going but I also have to go and do other smaller jobs and take most of my kit out on them and then back again.It seems like the only way is to make up a second kit of the usual tools and drills to keep in the van.I just wondered what others do?
  36. trev

    Job Ad

    An ad in the good old Jobcentre today- Vacancy due to start 20/2/12. Applicant must be able to work as part of a team and have the ability to rewire a domestic property in one day, first and second fix and testing. Must hold CSCS card and asbestos awareness. All this for £11.50 ph So no...
  37. JD6400

    How to flag / protect on a moled cable ?

    I have been told in the past ( All be a builder that wanted the job instead ! ) that it is illegal to mole cables underground as you can not install a marker tape with it ! What thoughts do others have on this one ? Thanks in advance if you reply . Dave
  38. S

    Cordless SDS Drill

    Hi All This is my first post on here so thought I'd introuce myself, Im 27, a first year Adult Trainee in Scotland and really loving my new career as an Electrician. I came accross this forum via one of the guys from college. As i've just started out im in the process of building up my kit...
  39. S

    Adding in sockets

    Hi, behind my TV I have just 1 single socket on the wall. I was thinking of adding a double or 2 there and I don't think the end of the ring would stretch into a second box next to it. Would I have to add in a fused connection unit in there for the 2 ends of the ring to go into, then link the...
  40. J

    Domestic pir floodlight

    Hi , i have just bought a second hand pir sensor floodlight , tho brand new still boxed - no wiring instruction's , sods law lol . Although power source and switch not a problem , with the feed being earth nuetral and live , i have 4 conections in the light itself being L , L1 , E and N . The L1...
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