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  1. M

    checking dc current in ac installation

    how do you check if you have DC current in CU for the purposes of saturating a type AC RCD causing it to malfunction.Thanks Mack.
  2. M

    Just checking my understanding of spurs off rings

    Have 18th ed and page 505 does say an unfused spur should feed one twin socket outlet. However if a 13amp fused spur is then connected to this and then to another socket is this not permissible? I can't see any potential for cable overloading? Thanks
  3. M

    Just checking my understanding of min c.p.c csa?

    Hello all Just checking my understanding of min cpc sizing. If installing 20Amp 2.5mm TP&N circuit using armouring as c.p.c. Is 2.5mm from bango minimum c.p.c. Table 54.7 seems to suggest so? Cheers
  4. P

    Checking sockets - where to start?

    Hi. My RCD tripped yesterday evening. I identified that the problem is on the Ring Main (Everything unplugged). When ring main set to on the RCD is triggered. Left all other circuits on over night with no problems. I've got up this morning and just switched the ring main on. No trip...
  5. L

    Checking for breaks On A Long Cable

    Hi all, I know how to check for breaks on short cables from end to end but how would i check for breaks on a long cable ( over 20 metres) using a multimeter? Thanks
  6. pe2dave

    Just checking... Qualified or not?

    Having some kitchen work done. Fitter is sub contracting electrical work. Last year, new MCB resulted in whole house check and appropriate paperwork. I want to keep it that way? What might I ask the electrician (that can be verified) in terms of qualifications, and what paperwork /...
  7. H

    Checking installation methods of RFC

    Hi all, Been asked to installed some sockets in our sports hall. These are to power 4x 3kW blow heaters (yes, I know little blow heaters aren't the most efficient method of heating a large room like this, I've made my arguments and may be given the budget to do a proper IR heater install in...
  8. dksanders

    Checking Browser Problem

    Recently, every time I try to access the forum or move from one page of posts to the next, or to another thread, I keep getting the following message about checking my browser. It's a real PITA as it really interferes with my browsing of the forum, taking ages to go through the posts. It also...
  9. F

    Hi folks - another career changer checking in.

    Hi guys, Just thought I would say hello, my name is Freddie, I am 25 and from Nottingham originally, although living in London now. Been down here about 8 months and moved down here to get a job in business to business sales. I hated every second of it as I was sat behind a desk all day cold...
  10. Tiny Spark

    Checking PFC capacitors.

    Hey guys, Hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. So I have aquired the responsibility of looking after the PFC units on site, Problem being nobody knows anything about testing the caps including me! So basicly they are 3 phase units with anywhere between 5 and 12 stages...
  11. Frimley111R

    Checking other circuits after fitting outdoor socket?

    Hi All, Firstly, I am not an electrician but, two of us are starting a electrical contracting business in a niche product area. Our newly qualified electrician is saying that if he fits, for example, outdoor sockets, that he has to do a ton of testing of other circuits in the house to verify...
  12. chudson

    B2C selling - checks on consumers

    Does anyone credit check or ID check consumers they work for? I've been running my electrician contractors for over 10 years now, so you would think I would know the answer to this but I've never really bothered to do it. I do credit check commercial clients, but a while ago Credit safe...
  13. E

    Other than recharging, is it possible to check a rechargeable battery?

    I had not used my B&D mini vacuum for a while, went to recharge it but the charger gave no output. Stupidly without checking the price of a new mini vac like the Vax Gator, I bought a new B&D charger but the battery would not recharge. Consequently, for future information I wondered if there...
  14. Resu

    Small Issue - Fluke T5-1000

    Hi all, having a bit of an issue with the above meter. I have owned it for about a year now and have recently noticed I am getting a reading a reading of around 9 ohms between the leads. As far as I'm aware there is no way of nulling the leads but I might be missing something? I don't use it for...
  15. C

    emergency light testing

    Hi everyone. I have an emergency light test coming up. I have never carried one out before. Is it as simple as: 1. Checking there is a key switch/isolator 2. Making sure all emergencies are working correctly 3. Making sure the batteries are up to scratch by them staying illuminated for the 3...
  16. C

    Lighting Circuit Problem

    Hi All, Just returned from trying to locate an issue with an upstairs lighting circuit - with the circuit L/N/E disconnected from the board and breaker I get he following readings:- (a) Type 2 Insulation Resistance Test = 49.7 taken at 250V (b) Voltage reading on the (dead) circuit of 3.5V...
  17. Dan

    Winter tyres may increase your insurance premium!

    Anybody rang their insurance to check and ask? Speedmonkey: Will Using Winter Tyres Increase Your Insurance?
  18. C

    Fusebox being fed by a ring main

    Hi guys turned up to a residential property today to add a few double socket outlets only to find the fuse box in the area was being fed by a ring main on the main switch. Is this allowed ?
  19. G

    shoddy work

    I went to a new kitchen extension today, to do some work....don't shout at me it was plumbing, The electrical work is a disgrace, hes changed the board, cables hanging out of it all over, nothing clipped or in trunking coming into the board, As I looked around nothing was clipped, I opened the...
  20. N

    how a small fault can lead to a can of worms

    Simple little fault N to E fault , checking the wiring a junction box had 11 twin and earths entering so off with the lid checking all the wirng all seamed ok continuity reading of 0.19 accross the N an E with the circuit disconnected at the board ,so disconnect each neutral and check till i...
  21. VoltzElectrical

    testing R1 + R2

    When testing R1 + R2 on a three phase circuit, do you connect each phase in turn to earth and test at other end? Record the highest value? Similar to what you test Zs on 3 phase but without the connecting? Cheers all.
  22. W

    NIC Approved

    Hi all As above i am awaiting my assessment for A/C and i have six largish jobs ready to show, but in the application i noticed it says must be completed within the last six months, well my problem is i am only a sole trader and would find it near impossible to have enough jobs from enough...
  23. P

    Recognising a duff panel

    Theory's great but it's only when a problem comes up you really start to learn things..... My relatively low number of installs to date have gone to plan so I'm hoping a few of you out there have hit more problems than me. Just put up a 14-module rooftop, two strings of 7x245W panels. Al lthe...
  24. S

    Site survey for MCS

    I'm about to do my first sight survey. This will be for my MCS job with the NICEIC. To be honest i'm not 100% sure of what i'm doing but i think the only way to get to grips with it is to work one out. I'll be measuring the roof, checking the exact direction it faces, working out the roof...
  25. G

    ring mains joined

    continutity tested both rings no earth on 1 and no live on the other every thing works on sockets when swiched on but get high readings on 1 ring when other reads ok help please every thing diconnected from sockets when tested
  26. O

    main fuse

    Hi Everyone We All Know You Should Not Pull The Main Fuse, Its Down To The Big Boys From The Board.(in A Perfect World) But If You Didnt Have A Double Pole Switch Fitted, And You You Needed To Pull The Main Fuse To Disconnect Main Tails In Front Of The Inspector From Niceic, Do You Think...
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