1. pirate

    And following on from previous threads re Screwfix...

    There was a recent thread here alternately slagging/praising Screwfix. I would like to report that Screwfix recently donated a four figure sum to the Men's Shed charity branch where I am involved, and the first digit wasn't a 1. Maybe rounding up your online orders to the nearest pound isn't a...
  2. R

    Tool Box Set from Screwfix

    Im looking at buying a tool box/set to store my tools. I really like the Veto ones but they are out of my price range at the moment. They look lovely. I came across this at Screwfix: What do we think?
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    Screwfix live is it worth going?

    Had an email about this screwfix live show this weekend in Farnborough. Has anybody been and is it worth going? These things used to be great as you'd get loads of freebies all they seem to offer now is 10% in screwfix which you get if you ask anyway on a big order and a bag of random free bits...
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    The joys of screwfix counters

    Just gone along the road to screwfix to pick up a click and collect order for tomorrow before they close. Place usually like a ghost town this time of night. However, There is a lady at the counter with a pile of stuff including a small consumer unit, a box of sockets, switches etc and some...
  5. gazdkw82

    quoting for work

    i'm intrigued, what's your chosen way to quote for a job? Im looking at setting up on my own in the distant future and this is one of the things that im not really sure about. Do you have a add on a certain % for parts and then an hourly rate? Set price for specific jobs (sockets - £30 each...
  6. DAvid Prosser

    Coaxial Cable Recomendation

    Will be putting in a new aerial and outlet point in the lounge and didn't like the look of the cables in screwfix. Was just wondering if any one had cable they would recommend ?
  7. Leader

    Where can I get these?

    I need to purchase the below but I'm having trouble finding the right cable in the right size. Any ideas? 1.5mm 3 core H05VV-FG 2.5mm 3 core H05V2V2-F I only need a couple of meters of each. Cheers
  8. H

    Mounting bracket on brick wall

    Hi, I've been having difficulty mounting a bracket on a brick wall, the bracket needs to be able to hold 15kg and comes with sleeve anchors but for some reason they don't seem to hold. I've bought replacement sleeve anchors and these also do not hold (not sure why as I'm drilling the right size...
  9. H


    hi just wondering which brand of trunking do you guys generally use. would you say all trunking is the same? i usually get the stuff they have a tlc or screwfix and to be honest don't notice much difference (except tlc trunking is in 3m length whereas screwfix can be 2m) is there any trunking...
  10. Rocboni

    ERBAUER ERT576SDS 36V sds drill

    ERBAUER ERT576SDS 2.8KG 36V 2.0AH LI-ION SDS PLUS CORDLESS DRILL Excellent drill with great reviews on screwfix, never been used or out of box, with all original packaging. Fast charger, 2 x 36v 2.0Ah batteries, depth stop looking for £235 Postage £10
  11. Adie moore

    being mugged off by CEF

    £35.00 for 100M of 1mm t&e. and to make matters worse it's a real shite to strip. think it's time to find new wholesalers.
  12. H

    SDS thoughts?

    looking for an sds to core drill since mine hasn't got a clutch and I've read that can lead to broken wrists etc. Can anyone spot the difference between these two?
  13. haptism

    Power tools from sheds

    Hi, would like to know your opinions of the quality of branded power tool (Dewalt, Makita, ect) from the big sheds. The reason I ask is because years ago it was often mentioned that the various tools sold from sheds are fitted with cheaper parts that have a limited life span. I bought a...
  14. V

    Wiha Softfinish Screwdriver Set at Screwfix

    Bit of a bargain at Screwfix at the moment. I lost one of my Wiha screwdrivers this week and also managed to chip a lump out of the blade on the really skinny flat blade. Anyway I went into Screwfix to get a couple of replacements and I wasnt sure if the one I lost was 3.5mm or 4mm, so the girl...
  15. Soulsurfer

    Awkward Customer.

    So I have a full rewire to do asap but customer is trying to live in upstairs of house while myself and builders are going to try ripping out and rewiring entire place, chasing in extras at same time but she doesn't want ceilings down to gain access to joists ! or many floorboards upstairs...
  16. R

    2G Socket with USB

    Hi, Ive fitted a couple of makes but i was wondering which of you guys prefer. Looking for good price for quality. I know they have different types ideally i would like a make that has a good spacer to fit just in case i need to extend it out because of back box being to small Neweys sell...
  17. D

    Dimmer help please

    Hello! I have just had some new lighting installed and when lowly dimmed some of the bulbs seem to flicker. The bulbs used are: 10x LAP GU10 LED Lamp 330Lm 956Cd 5W | Light Bulbs | (6 on one gang, 4 on the other) The dimmer switch the electrician used is: LAP 2-Gang 2-Way Push...
  18. G

    Screwfix vouchers.

    After losing, and requesting a new electricfix card, I also received 60 pounds worth of vouchers to be used over the month. No minimum spend resulting in me getting a box of 100 wagos for £1.85. Might be worth requesting a new card...
  19. Millwalljoe

    Screwfix live

    Just heard about screwfix live from ck tools and said it was in farmbourugh and thought oh I'll go down their see if I can win some gear I'm feeling lucky as if already won some gear from ck tools. So farnbourgh is about 30 minutes from me next to Orpington look up the address and it turns out...
  20. Leesparkykent

    Screwfix deal of the day

    Received an email this morning from screwfix. 10way fully populated BG board for £35 including vat today only.

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