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  1. R

    THWN vs UF-B in my unusual conduit installation

    Hello, I have 50 ft of corrugated pipe buried between my house and a pool shed. I placed it where I knew future landscaping would make it very difficult to do any trenching. It's four inches in diameter and about two feet down. So far I have pulled two direct burial cables through it, one for a...
  2. Lou

    Helpful Forum Links For Americans

    We have got some other sections of the forum that I thought might be useful to you guys! They are for all countries but we have new tags that you can select before your title to mark it as USA. So please get involved all over the forum! Electrical Tools Electrical Engineering Lighting Forum...
  3. RGWick

    Guidance / Counsel to Replace Whole-House Dayton Attic Fan Control Switch

    Looking for counsel / guidance to replace an original Dayton On/off with speed control switch. I’ve checked with a couple local electrical supply stores and no one could assist. This fan was installed in our attic 25+ years ago and difficult to access. I would certainly prefer a simple, direct...
  4. P

    adding a dryer plug

    I am moving my dryer to a different room and need to add a 220 plug. Can I tap off the existing plug to add a 2nd plug in a different room? Here is what I have in mind.
  5. subiram

    Self test emergency

    I tested a self test emergency lighting with three gears .While testing 2 of the gear doesn't passed 3 hour test but 1 Did Wit the same battery ?Why?
  6. S

    RV Park branch circuit feeder size

    I am working on a RV Park and I have a question. I plan on installing 4/0 quadraplex AL URD cable to 10 pedestals on a 200 amp circuit and downsizing the wire to 2/0 Quadraplex AL URD cable for the last 4 pedestals. I have calculated voltage drop and everything is below 4%. Table 310.16 says...
  7. D

    Breaker keeps tripping, potential ground fault?

    Hi all. We have a 120v 20 amp circuit to an accessory dwelling with a run of about 75' of direct bury #12. The breaker keeps tripping even when there is nothing connected to the circuit. What I've done so far: Checked all connections in the circuit(outlets, etc) Then, disconnected the...
  8. S

    LV Light in Shower?

    I have some 12VDC LED fixtures that I would like to put in the ceiling of our showers. My thinking is that I would run some 14/2 from the main light fixture to a utility box where I would have a 12VDC power supply for the light. Can anyone think of any potential issues with the local...
  9. H

    Solar PV Installation on Complex Roofs: Need Expert Advice

    Hello fellow professionals, I'm currently facing a challenging scenario that involves the integration of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on roofs with complex geometries, including varying slopes and multiple obstructions like skylights and HVAC units. The project aims not only to maximize...
  10. drumboog

    Extension cords and power strips.

    Hi, I'm a hobbyist without formal training. I'm looking to power audio/video equipment over several hundred feet of extension cords. I have 2 speakers that draw around 1 amp each, and some video equipment that draws 3-4 amps. I'd like to run the equipment in the following configuration: A...
  11. Artimuskillz

    Protecting the feeder

    This is a solar tie in generating 22 amps max current, hence the 25a/2p breaker on the subpanel but is there any reason the breaker feeding the subpanel has to be an 80a/2p? Can it be a 50a/2p?
  12. M

    Advice on existing Sub-Panel feeder wires terminating to breaker vs. hot lugs?

    I recently purchased a rural property in Arizona. The property receives power from APS, the local electric utility. Power arrives from the utility meter, terminating to a 200AMP Main Service Panel in a Quonset Hut (think large garage). Inside the main panel is a 60AMP breaker that feeds a...
  13. F

    iPad and job sheets

    Currently using paper job sheets. Does anyone use an app or alternative. Looking to give my employees an iPad and send jobs that way. Would it be best to type them up on a word template and just email them. Give my employees an email address
  14. P

    Why is my new high temp zone valve addition shutting off the low temp pump?

    For the past few years, I have used a hydronic system (outdoor wood boiler) with both high and low temp working simultaneously. The low temp system is controlled by TEKMAR mixing control #356 variable speed. I recently added 2 thermostats and 2 zone valves (Honeywell 8043F) to the high temp...
  15. 4

    Connect new recessed lighting to outlet or a switch

    Hi, I installed 6 recessed lights in my living room. I’m now up to the wiring part of the project. There is an outlet in the room that is half-hot. The switch just outside the room controls the bottom part of the outlet. The switch has 2 red wires and 1 black. The black is always hot and located...
  16. J

    Metal building with living quarters rough in

    Metal building with living quarters the panel is on the outside and about 20 feet away from new build that will be 2x6 what type of shielded wire do I need to run and will it need a junction box to convert it to romex? Would it be best to add a secondary panel inside of the new build I would...
  17. M

    Replacing run to detached garage sub panel.

    I have a detached garage with a 60 AMP subpanel which has lost power. I traced the failure to the wire running under the walkway via conduit (about 15 ft) and can see it fried on the detached garage side. I suspect age, critters and or water got to it and shorted it out. If I replace the wire...
  18. S

    Which replacement siemens breaker do I need?

    The breaker pictured trips with nothing plugged into the circuit. It is able to be reset and stays reset for several days, but trips again. When resetting, It is slow to do so and does not snap into place like the other 15 amp breakers pictured leading me to believe it has failed. I have...
  19. snowrobber

    Unknown type of switch

    I just plugged out a very old switch and do not know its type. Is there anyone recognize it and know its common wiring? Thanks very much :)
  20. S

    6 20 outlet question

    20 Amp outlet (240v) appears to be connected to 30 amp breaker. Is this safe? Was hoping to use the outlet for an EV Charger. I am new to the house. thanks


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