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  1. Simplyclean

    Rangemaster cooking tripping breaker

    I'm not an electrician. I clean cookers and today arrived to a rangemaster range cooker. Got started, and as part of my routine, I turn on ovens to get heat to each compartment. I was cleaning ceramic hob when power tripped. No big deal I thought, usually a bulb or faulty element. I turned off...
  2. T

    OK to add a 50 AMP breaker in this panel?

    OK to add a 50 Amp breaker in this panel for a 220V EV Charger? Maybe swap some single 20 Amp breakers for dual 20 amp breakers? Can I add a 50 AMP Breaker to this panel for a 220V EV charger? Maybe double up some of the 20 AMP ones to make space? I have 200 AMP Main Breaker. (see attached pic)...
  3. R

    DPDT switching branch circuit from one breaker to another?

    I’m planning a 240V welder circuit in a detached garage with a 100A sub panel. For the 160A or 180A output welders I’m looking at, the conductor can be #10, and a 30A breaker is probably OK, but a 40 would help the duty cycle. Conductor must handle welder's 1eff rating, breaker can be up to...
  4. AngelLaHash

    Toaster Tripping Circuit breaker

    For some Strange reason we have three Circuits running in the Kitchen i think for two OLD Cookers and a Ring Circuit for the house. Well the Toaster has Tripped the Two Radial Circuits and tried it in the House Ring and it tripped that. I did wire up the sheds on its own Consumer unit and it...
  5. D

    RCCB Breaker Tripping?

    Woke up this morning and tried to turn on the computer (work from home) wouldn't power on, checked lights they worked fine. Went downstairs to check the switchboard and only the RCCB breaker was tripped, all other MCBs on. I can narrow this down to it occurring between 06:30 - 07:30 this morning...
  6. K

    Can you explain to breaker info to me?

    I am buying a house and it was built in 1949. Is there anyway I can tell if it has tube wiring without opening up the walls? Is there anything else I need to watch out for with a home built in 1949? Also can anyone explain these 2 photos to me? Does any of it explain if there is tube wiring?
  7. U

    Breaker for 12v and 240v

    Is there such a thing as a double breaker that has a separate DC and AC line passing through it? I need a 12v (25 amp) line and a 240v (15 amp) line that if one is tripped the flow on both lines will stop. I’m using it for a 240v (15 amp) marine air conditioner that requires a 12v (25 amp) water...
  8. S

    No power at receptacle, breaker on.

    Hi all. I have a power outlet that has no power coming to it. The breakers all appear to be untripped (I turned them off & on again to make sure). The outlet in question is in the bathroom and it is not a resettable GFI plug, but I notice it is in a circuit (2 whites and 2 blacks) There is a...
  9. D

    How can I restore power?

    I was trying to replace an outlet, but when I went to restore power it tripped the breaker and cut power to my entire unit. Any idea what's going on here?
  10. G

    This doesn't seem up to code / safe (small gauge wire to 100 amp breaker in an outbuilding)

    Last year we purchased a home that was built in the late 1990s It has one outbuilding, sort of a barn/shed about 160 feet from the house (and probably closer to 280' from the utility connection on the far side of the home), which has a breaker box in it supplying three 20A circuits (lights on...
  11. E

    Gfci breaker replaced but still fails tests

    So I have a outlet protected by a gfci breaker, and if you use the plug test the gfci doesn't trigger . I replaced the gfci breaker and the outlet still fails the test. The outlet seems to work otherwise. When i plug in the tester it shows all green, though during the gfci test it shows hot...
  12. O

    4 pole 3 phase breaker

    I have above mentioned breaker which does not have any markings to show which is the neutral pathway, I wish to fit it directly above a 3 phase 4 way surge protector which has its neutral on the right hand side and so would ideally want to connect the neutral above it on the right hand side of...
  13. S

    Strange pool pump breaker tripping

    I have a 20 amp gfci pool pump breaker that trips only when the pump is off during the night. Pool pump runs fine all day. I turn pump off manually at night by using the manual switch on a Intermatic pool timer. Watch it for 5 minutes and note that breaker remains in on position. Go out in...
  14. sshdsilverado

    Testing sqD GFCI breaker

    Weekend sparker here, I have a sqd 2 pole 50amp GFCI breaker it was mounted out side in a service box, have not had a problem till now 3yrs old, it trips instantly when rest, with the breaker out of the box, I check resistance across the load side of the breaker from either load 1 to neutral or...
  15. S

    Choosing the correct circuit breaker value

    Hello. So, I would like to know how I can choose the correct circuit breaker value when doing a new installation. My example is: I have 16 rooms. Each room has its own electrical board (main breaker is a 220v, 32A, a lighting cb and one for socket outlets) I want to add a LV switchboard or a...
  16. D

    Breaker Identification

    I have a AFCI Siemens Breaker 15, the window is currently clear but when i hit the test button the window turns yellow, is this normal ? The AFCI Siemen breakers above it are on but the window is yellow, and when i hit the switch they stay yellow. Could one be a GFI and AFCI breaker and the...
  17. P

    breaker size for electrical panel in a detached garage

    I want to verify if the breaker size is correct for the service going into my detached garage. I have 6 AWG cable going from my main panel in my house to a detached garage. The cable length is close to 100 feet from the main panel to the sub panel in the garage and a 60 amp 240V breaker from the...
  18. G

    Unused double 20 amps breaker in my old 1 bedroom appartment?

    Hi I have a 1 bedroom appartment from 1954. I opened my breaker box to find out what the extra double 20 amp was used for and I realized that it's disconnected. 15 amp goes for the lighting and the plug 120V outlets of the appartment. 20 amp the whole kitchen double 20 amp is the hot water 40...
  19. S

    monitor AORUS FI27Q - tripped breaker.

    Hello. I had a good monitor AORUS FI27Q. Two weeks ago when i was sleeping monitor was on. When i woke up all electricity went down. After switching 2 small breakers power back . Pc works fine. But monitor was not turned back. I sended to rma. Here is shop RMA message: Shop:"They changed some...
  20. spark22

    40 amp breaker for 32amp hob?

    Installing an electric hob that needs a 32 amp supply. Would it possible to use a 40amp breaker with a 32amp fuse switch?
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