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  1. A

    Wrong Breaker Tripped

    Oven element broke in half and started sparking even when all controls were turned off. Resident manually switched range breaker off. I replaced the element with oem replacement. I made sure all wiring was secure and the element connections are not making contact with the back cover panel.Now I...
  2. B

    GFCI Breaker headache.

    1980s home. 1 GFCI 20a breaker in panel. Repeatedly opens. Pulled all outlets I could find, replaced 2 outdoor outlets that were damaged. No evidence of water or moisture. Checked all outlets for cross wiring and continuity issues. Nothing apparent. GFCI keeps going into reset mode...
  3. J

    Advice needed re: burnt 60A breaker

    Hi, I'm really sorry if I've joined and asked the wrong forum for this question, but really need advice... I live in a developing country (Myanmar) and have issues understanding the electrics here... might be a situation of knowing a little, but but not understanding... I live in an...
  4. E

    Why would the Main breaker trip?

    I recently installed a photovoltaic solar system for a customer but there seems to be a problem with on of the breakers. Here is a bit of context: The panelboard is a 100A main/125A bus 3ph 480V. The sum of the breakers is 120A (30,30,30,15,15) and each breaker is connected to an inverter. What...
  5. S

    I know your not suppose to but in a split rcd DB can you change one of the rcd breakers for a normal breaker?

    I know your not suppose to but in a split rcd DB can you change one of the rcd breakers for a normal breaker?
  6. R

    Help with adding a circuit breaker

    I finished framing my bathroom and wired an outlet and switch. I want to connect a 20 amp circuit breaker to the panel. I know the black hot wire is connected to the circuit breaker and it snaps into the panel. Does the ground and nuetral wire connect to the bar on the left? I see there is a mix...
  7. A

    Outlets and lights on 15 amp breaker.

    I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I bought a house. I'm mapping the electric circuits. When I got to the living room outlets I had one 20 amp breaker remaining. I turned it off, the living room outlets stayed live. Replaced the breaker, just in case, no change. I turned off each breaker, one by...
  8. M

    Novice needing help with breaker/ furnace

    New home owner here. I know zero about furnaces and breaker boxes. I need to shut off the power to my gas furnace but there is no switch located anywhere near the furnace (above, beside or on) and the breaker is not labeled. Would the furnace be the one with the biggest switch, on the far right...
  9. D

    Set screw for ground wire stuck in breaker box

    I am a DIY'r. The last house I was in I tore down almost the entire house, room by room, to bare studs. Then rewired, reinsulated, drywalled, etc. We had the power lines buried and ran into a different part of the house when we had our basement replaced. I installed the new breaker box and...
  10. C

    16A device on a 15A breaker, do I need to replace the breaker?

    I'm going to have to replace my faulty EVSE car charger with a new one. The Clipper Creek one is pretty pricey, so I'm looking at a much less expensive Zencar. The concern is that it says it requires 16A. My garage has a single 15A breaker for it that's in the house, but I don't know the size...
  11. R

    Ordered new breaker and want to make sure it matches the current breaker in the breaker box that needs replacing.

    I ordered the exact breaker that is in the breaker box and they sent me this one. I want to verify that it is compatible with one in the breaker box. I took a picture of each. Thanks in advanced the company won't answer their phone so I'm kind of stuck until I find out!
  12. S

    something wrong with breaker box

    I've lived in this house for the past 8 years, never had a problem. until a few months ago the lights in the living room, oven, fridge and central air all started to stop working sporadically. checked the breakers and they don't get thrown. noticed that the light is actually getting enough power...
  13. M

    Secondary Transformer Circuit Breaker

    Hi, I'm just curious about what will happen if I use an MCB lower than the calculated current rating. I have a 1kVA 220v stepdown to 110V transformer, calculated downstream MCB current rating would be 11.3625 if i'm right I multiplied the secondary current to 125%? what will happen if I use a...
  14. M

    Do I need over current protection?

    Hi guys, i'm working on some project, do i still need over current protection if i'm using a soft starter and do I still need circuit breaker for that motor???
  15. B

    Domestic Water on electronics, no breaker drops

    Hi everyone, I rented out an outdoor space for a party and they brought a DJ. Unfortunately there was a water pipe that burst and showered the entire party as well as the DJ stand (just my luck). The DJ is now telling me that all of his equipment is fried, laptops, TV, disk players...
  16. P

    Domestic 3p breaker feeding 3 x 1p circuits

    Hi everyone. I may be blind but I can't find a definitive answer. Can I use a 3 pole breaker (originally feeding a massive 3 phase heater) to feed 3 single phase circuits? I've run seperate neutrals for the 3 new circuits and the breaker is rated for the load required - 30a per phase (I'd...
  17. P

    Domestic 45A breaker max Zs values

    Hi all, Why is there no max Zs value for a 45A type B breaker in table 41.3 of 18th edition? What value should be used as max value on schedule of test results? Cheers.
  18. J

    Circuit Breaker needed for Split Air-con with Inverter

    Hello all. I´m installing a new multi split Air Conditioning (Inverter Type) in my dwelling and I have to purchase all of the electrical parts needed for the installer. I am currently running a 63a Type-A RCCB and I was told by the electrician that I could use the Type-A with a 16a Type-C MCB...
  19. F

    Domestic Fuse box makes humming sound when off-peak water heating

    Video of issue: Hi I’ve noticed a humming from my fuse box when my nightly off-peak water comes on. When I first moved in I had a similar issue, albeit louder / more high pitched. An electrician replaced the contactor at the time. It might be worth noting that that little grey box (I think...
  20. willsie01

    Built in oven (grill) tripping breaker

    Our built in oven works fault free with all functions except for the grill which trips a breaker when switched off. Not while being used but when being switched off. There does not appear to be any visible breakdown of the element. Is it worthwhile pulling the unit out and swapping out the...
  21. T

    Spur off a power breaker

    Hi all. I currently have a double socket with 3x wires in the back. One set is going to a single power breaker ( which then goes through the wall). Not sure what it does or protects as it came with the house. I wanted to spur off to a single socket behind the tv. Would I be better changing...
  22. G

    Breaker trip after screwing light fitting back to freshly painted ceiling

    Hi, This afternoon, finished re-emulsioning a plasterboard ceiling in a 25-y-o house (so the electrics are modern enough). I had removed a circular metal light fitting - the swivel 3-spotlight type of thing - but it uses modern LED bulbs. Never ever had a problem with it. The wiring is solidly...
  23. S

    Washing machine trip the breaker.

    When my washing machine (7 year old ) was running yesterday it trip the breaker ( that one ,first on the left , RCD i guess?!) and no power in home. We reset the trip and the same happened twice more (took me a ittle while to realise it was the washing machine!). The socket is OK, and I presume...
  24. J

    Living Room MCB breaker tripping

    Hi, The breaker for my living room has been tripping since Sunday. I have physically checked all the wiring in the sockets and they all seemed fine. I then checked them all with a socket tester and the read was fine. I have used all of the appliances on a different circuit and they are all...
  25. C

    Industrial Breaker Coordination

    The trip ratings of upstream and downstream circuit breakers should be same as I was told by a senior. Why cant the downstream circuit breaker be rated less than the upstream breakers. I'm not talking about the short circuit ratings, but the Ampere trip rating.
  26. Spark40

    Domestic Schneider Electric Acti 9 iC60L MCB Mini Circuit Breaker 4P, 40 A, 10 kA, Curve C

    i have being using my multometer 4023 model on my mcb and its reading 309.3A but to my calculations it should be below 4 amperos can anyone lend me a 320A fuse would be delightful
  27. Z

    Eaton BR4040L convertible to Main Breaker?

    Hi All, I have a BR404L box and it looks like I can convert it to a Main breaker by changing the cover and adding a 200AMP main breaker where the Lugs are. Is this possible and or recommended? From what I can see you would need to swap the two main leads, is that correct? Thanks in advance
  28. Empire

    Crabtree f-60 tp&n circuit breaker bs# and short circuit capacity

    Morning All, Having spent many years gleaning information from you all as a non member I've finally needed to join because, try as I might, I just can't find the answer to this puzzle, so here goes. I've just installed, replaced really, a TP sub board that's being fed from a Crabtree 60A STD...
  29. M

    Is this the real bible eicr code breaker

    I have been told this is the bible for inspection and testing , would this be the opinion of guys in the field , it defo seems clear and easy to use and it does allow for standardised coding by all ( if everyone sings from the same page ) Any opinions on this book ? Has any 1 found any...
  30. G

    Circuit Breaker drops before Fuse

    I have underfloor heating rated at 3kW. The circuit goes through a fused switch with a 13A fuse in it. That is supplied directly from the main fuse box with a B16 circuit breaker dedicated to that circuit alone. Every time we use the system, it warms up for a bit, then the circuit breaker goes...
  31. J

    Circuit breaker for new belling oven incorrect. Should it be changed to 20Amps or 32Amps?

    Dear all, I recently bought a new under counter belling bi70fp oven. 4.5kw at 240v. I have a circuit breaker on the main switchboard for the oven at 40Amps. I was told this needs changing to a 20Amps. The specification on the oven stated 32Amps. I am confused to the advice. What is the...
  32. jimmy gunstone

    please help! wired a 2.5kw ac into a oven circuit and breaker. is this ok?

    I just installed a new hitachi 2.5 kw ac and wired it into an old cooker switch which goes to a breaker of 32amps. the unit Hitachi Summit RAK-25PEB 2.5kW Inverter Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioning System | discount portable air conditioning, fixed air conditioning, easy install...
  33. B

    Eaton Breaker Date Code

    I am trying to determine the date of manufacture of the subject breaker. Can anyone help me with that. I am not sure if the date code is shown. The face of the Eaton breaker has the following: Eaton Type BR260 Type C260 120/240 V - Cu/Al HACR Type 2 Pole J969 E7819 - T LR43556 Disj A guess...
  34. B

    Eaton Breaker Date Code

    I am trying to determine the date of manufacture of the subject breaker. Can anyone help me with that. I am not sure if the date code is shown. The face of the Eaton breaker has the following: Eaton Type BR260 Type C260 120/240 V - Cu/Al HACR Type 2 Pole J969 E7819 - T LR43556 Disj A guess...
  35. Y

    Need Help with Breaker Sizing 3 phase

    Good day to all. Please correct me if im wrong and also want your professional inputs. I am servicing a pump motor rated at 415vac 3 phase 11kw power. The breaker is at 20amperes. The complain is everytime the motor automatically stop when the tank is full the breaker always trip during the...
  36. John Lundrigan

    I'm confused about Type C Breaker Disconnection Times

    Hi All, When I consult Table 41.3 for a Type C Breaker rated 16A I see s max Zs of 1.37 Ohms. However this value is defined for both a 0.4s AND 5s disconnection time. This is obviously correct so I am missing something. Fig 3A5 also shows the table 0.1s to 5s. Can anyone explain please...
  37. Malcolm

    Trying to locate a RTC Dual Breaker

    Hi all. Would anyone be able to tell me where I would be able to locate one of these. It is for a transformer and each mcb is for one double socket. As you can see the one on the left hand side is damaged. Thanks for any help. Malc
  38. martinwood333

    Domestic Breaker Tripping under unusual circumstance...

    Hi there all. First off would just like to introduce myself real quick. My name is Martin and I live in Airdrie, Scotland! My Wife and I have lived in our house for a little over 3 years. For the past year or so, I've been experiencing a rather odd issue (which has gotten progressively worse)...
  39. Nick Grant

    Grill Door Trips Breaker

    Hi, Bit of a strange one this, our oven of 8 years is causing the power to shut off when ever you open the grill door. Everything is fine with the Oven and the hobs. If the oven is still switched on at the wall (Red Switch) and the grill is turned off on the oven, it still trips the electric...
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