1. R

    Is a 2 pole breaker the same as a breaker that has twin single poles?

    I am searching for an RV 30/20 amp 2 pole breaker. (Cutler-Hammer BD3020 A3020 Types BRD, & A 120/240V Cu/Ai HACR Type 2 pole unit J-969 E7819 - T LR43556 Disj) I see quite a few breakers with these specs.....except they are 1 pole. I have seen breakers that are twin single pole breakers and...
  2. N

    Upgrade breaker for induction hob?

    Hello. Please could I double check something as I have zero clue about electrics. I have a 32a breaker on its own circuit currently feeding my 5.9kw hob. I'm upgrading to a 7.35 induction hob. My electrician said I NEEDED to upgrade my breaker as it definitely wasn't ok to use on the 7.35kw...
  3. N

    Can we connect the 2 phases lines ( 110 V each ) to RCD breaker?

    Can we connect the 2 phases lines (110 V each) to RCD breaker? please advise ?
  4. D

    HV Schneider Breaker

    Hi all, We have a HV Schneider GenieEvo breaker, on the name plate, this device is rated for 50Hz. What would happen if we used a 60Hz supply? Can the 50Hz breaker be able to take 60Hz. thanks
  5. D

    Breaker keeps tripping, potential ground fault?

    Hi all. We have a 120v 20 amp circuit to an accessory dwelling with a run of about 75' of direct bury #12. The breaker keeps tripping even when there is nothing connected to the circuit. What I've done so far: Checked all connections in the circuit(outlets, etc) Then, disconnected the...
  6. L

    UK 32A or 40A breaker for 7kW EV Charger

    I note that in answer to another EV Charger question a member suggested a 40A breaker would be preferred to a 32A because of many hours at continuous full 7kW load. I am not an electrician but understand the reasoning. I have a 7kW charger (which generally runs full load for a continuous 5 hours...
  7. gergex

    Losing power to whole house, not tripping circuit breaker?

    Hi, recently moved into 30 year old home. We were renovating it for a few months and didn't notice this issue. 3-4 times over last month the power has gone out to the entire home, without flipping any circuits. When we've been home for it (twice) it has only lasted a few seconds. I'm yet to ask...
  8. Artimuskillz

    Subpanel feeder breaker size?

    This is a solar tie in generating 22 amps max current, hence the 25a/2p breaker on the subpanel but is there any reason the breaker feeding the subpanel has to be an 80a/2p? Can it be a 50a/2p? Attachments IMG_0010.jpeg 514.6 KB · Views: 2
  9. D

    Problems with a breaker

    Having trouble figuring this one out. House was built 5 years ago. Eaton box and breakers. Over the past 3 weeks, the bedroom breaker keeps tripping at night. This is happening at night because that's when we have the fan on. Breaker is tripping every 90 minutes. There are 5 outlets and the...
  10. D

    Replace wire or breaker on septic pump?

    After 24 years my septic lift station pump and high water alarm needs to be replaced. It was tripping the breaker and the alarm was no longer working. When I pulled the wires out of the alarm, which serves as a junction box for the pump, pump float switch, and alarm float switch everything was...
  11. M

    Advice on existing Sub-Panel feeder wires terminating to breaker vs. hot lugs?

    I recently purchased a rural property in Arizona. The property receives power from APS, the local electric utility. Power arrives from the utility meter, terminating to a 200AMP Main Service Panel in a Quonset Hut (think large garage). Inside the main panel is a 60AMP breaker that feeds a...
  12. S

    Which replacement siemens breaker do I need?

    The breaker pictured trips with nothing plugged into the circuit. It is able to be reset and stays reset for several days, but trips again. When resetting, It is slow to do so and does not snap into place like the other 15 amp breakers pictured leading me to believe it has failed. I have...
  13. S

    Crabtree loadstar breaker compatibility

    Hi all, I needed to replace an MCB for an electric shower with a different rating, it's an older Loadstar consumer unit, and crabtree told me word for word that the new loadstar MCBs are compatible with all the older loadstar boards, I am not sure I agree. Pictures below for your thoughts...
  14. S

    Room lost power without tripping circuit breaker.

    We have one room that seems to have lost most of its power last night. One of the outlets in the rooms has a power strip plugged in that powers the tv and video games, but we flip it off when not in use to save power. Last night, when I flipped the power strip on, the entire room lost power, but...
  15. Simplyclean

    Rangemaster cooking tripping breaker

    I'm not an electrician. I clean cookers and today arrived to a rangemaster range cooker. Got started, and as part of my routine, I turn on ovens to get heat to each compartment. I was cleaning ceramic hob when power tripped. No big deal I thought, usually a bulb or faulty element. I turned off...
  16. J

    Blender/mixer circuit breaker Advice please

    Hi everyone, 1st post here. I'm a DIYer looking for some advise please. I've got a blender/mixer from India which has decided to pack up. I've narrowed the problem down to a circuit breaker (thermal overload protection switch) I'm not able to find a match on Google or on screwfix, does anybody...
  17. T

    OK to add a 50 AMP breaker in this panel?

    OK to add a 50 Amp breaker in this panel for a 220V EV Charger? Maybe swap some single 20 Amp breakers for dual 20 amp breakers? Can I add a 50 AMP Breaker to this panel for a 220V EV charger? Maybe double up some of the 20 AMP ones to make space? I have 200 AMP Main Breaker. (see attached pic)...
  18. R

    DPDT switching branch circuit from one breaker to another?

    I’m planning a 240V welder circuit in a detached garage with a 100A sub panel. For the 160A or 180A output welders I’m looking at, the conductor can be #10, and a 30A breaker is probably OK, but a 40 would help the duty cycle. Conductor must handle welder's 1eff rating, breaker can be up to...
  19. AngelLaHash

    Toaster Tripping Circuit breaker

    For some Strange reason we have three Circuits running in the Kitchen i think for two OLD Cookers and a Ring Circuit for the house. Well the Toaster has Tripped the Two Radial Circuits and tried it in the House Ring and it tripped that. I did wire up the sheds on its own Consumer unit and it...
  20. D

    RCCB Breaker Tripping?

    Woke up this morning and tried to turn on the computer (work from home) wouldn't power on, checked lights they worked fine. Went downstairs to check the switchboard and only the RCCB breaker was tripped, all other MCBs on. I can narrow this down to it occurring between 06:30 - 07:30 this morning...


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