1. pythonrsas

    220 Breaker / 110 Circuit

    Hello Experts, I had an electrician visit my place for some repairs and when looked at my recently installed main panel (photo attached) he said that the panel is not setup correctly. He said that 220V breakers are connected to 110V circuits within the house. Could someone explain what the...
  2. U

    USA Unexplained breaker tripping

    👋 First time poster here. My name is Melissa and I’m asking for advice regarding my mom and stepdad’s home. He tried for 4 days to work the problem before I convinced my mom to call an electrician due to fire concerns, who also found nothing wrong. He told us to check appliances one by one to...
  3. OhhhMy

    Residual Circuit Current Breaker triggering. Why?

    Hi! I'm new here, so, please, be gentle... Decided to add some extra features to my old and simple barn's electric system to make it safer and measure the consumption. It's a three phase 230/400 volt line. The neutral, as far as I know, is grounded at the step-down transformer. I don't have a...
  4. L

    USA For a 13K peak (10K running) generator, what gauge wire and breaker amperage is required?

    Installing a 13K peak (10K running) generator 190 feet from the panel. The portable generator is housed in a shed at the end of the property. What gauge wire and breaker amperage is required? Getting mixed information. Differing voltage drop calculators and breaker suggestions have me confused...
  5. T

    Is there such thing as 4kW, 115VAC , single phase equipment?

    Hi, We are being asked to make a power supply for a Bass amplifier......its 4kW, from 100-265VAC. Does that sound right? Woudlnt 4kW from 115VAC always be done with three phase? (this kit is for mulitple different countries)
  6. S

    20 amp breaker trips

    The 20 amp breaker that protects ceiling can lights trips with increasing regularity. It takes a few tries to get it to reset. The can lights (led bulbs installed 2 years ago) are on older dimmers. They worked fine until recently. Should I start by replacing the breakers, the dimmers, or...
  7. K

    Replacing a standard slimline GE breaker with AFCI on a mulit-wire circuit

    Hi all! I am new to this forum. I will be updating an electrical 20 amp circuit from a home built in the early 80s. Since I am modifying a circuit, the NEC requires that I update the existing circuit breaker with an AFCI. As you know, the AFCI is twice as wide as the existing slim line GE...
  8. C

    Heavy duty DIY next door possible cause of oven tripping circuit?

    Hello, new here! Would greatly appreciate some input. I'll first say I intend to get an Indesit technician to take a proper look tomorrow, but I'm curious. A couple of hours ago I tried to switch the main oven on as usual - the oven is only 2-3 yrs old - and a spark came from behind the...
  9. T

    10/3 120ft. Black and red On 1 breaker to keep amps up. What is the max breaker for that?

    10/3 120ft. Going to an out building. Black and red On 1 breaker to keep amps up. What is the max breaker for that setup?
  10. M

    Breaker Box and the Electric Company

    Two electricians looked at the breaker box in an older mobile home in the US. They said things are fine and the electric company just wants money. The electric company says in order for them to turn on power for the mobile, the breaker box has to be moved. They cut the lines at the top of the...
  11. P

    USA Gfci breaker tripping

    Just installed a “used” Gfci circuit breaker on my panel. New CB’s not made for this older panel. Without a load wire even attached, CB will not hold and instantly trips when power is applied. Pig tail neutral attached to neutral bar. When I disconnect pigtail from neutral bus, CB will hold when...
  12. J

    60 amp 240 v breaker in 100 amp sub panel

    Hello, My sub panel is 100 amp (from a main of 200 amp) and it currently has a 20 amp 240 v breaker for A/C and then only lights and outlets. This is not a house, just a remote building with toilets, shower and outside kitchen. I want to add an instant on tankless water heater that requires a...
  13. M

    OK to swap B MCB for Type C or does my C load have to go on it's own breaker?

    I have a customer who want's me to fit a 3Kw Patio heaterto a garage. - I believe this requires a Type C breaker. There is limited space in the board, so wanted to get peoples views on whether it's OK to swap an existing B type (used for sockets) for the C type, or whether the C type load needs...
  14. L

    3Phase Motor breaker - overload schematic

    Hi all, I recently bought a CNC router and dust collector and need to connect it to my 3x380v+N power source. I want the CNC router connected to the under/over voltage protection and the motor also connected to the overload protection. Can someone please check if I connect the machines as in my...
  15. H

    Am I stupid to replace a AFCI breaker with a regular breaker

    Long story short: I had a electrical problem on a circuit that powers our backyard lights and outlets a few months ago that fried the circuit breaker too. Electrical problem was fixed and I had an electrician swap out the breaker for a new one. At the time, he offered to replace it with an...
  16. G

    How does a D curve breaker work

    Hi all I have a bench saw which is tripping a 100amp breaker on a workshop spread. The question i have is how does a D curve breaker work? I know it has a longer trip time to deal with the start up of a motor. On this occasion a single phase saw with 14amp running load. Does the breaker stop...
  17. drounds67

    multiple 2 gang 20 amp outlet box wiring on new gfci breaker

    I have a question on wiring to make sure I am doing it correctly. I plan on adding a new GFCI/AFCI 20 amp circuit breaker to my box and run the wires to the first 2 outlets in a 2 gang box I am installing. I am also installing 2 other 2 outlet boxes. This is in a finished garage. I know how...
  18. teneke

    UK Main breaker keeps tripping, any ideas welcomed

    Hi all, I really hope this is the correct place in the forum. tldr; Oven and boiler take turns to trip the breaker, but I don't think it's either of them so any help would be greatly appreciated. Basically the main breaker keeps tripping in the house I'm renting. We've been living here for...
  19. showme

    Need to know where to find this type of breaker

    I'm setting up a pv system with a Trace Xantrex SW5548 inverter power wall. I'm going over the peripheral units (DC disconnect, AC disconnect and bypass switches and a T240 step up transformer for 220v usage. I bought a pre-owned system 10 years ago that I've had in storage and also found (2)...
  20. M

    How to wire two 7.5KW electric heaters to one breaker box?

    In a large insulated garage on a farm I wish to wire two 7.5kw electic heaters. A...