1. P

    breaker size for electrical panel in a detached garage

    I want to verify if the breaker size is correct for the service going into my detached garage. I have 6 AWG cable going from my main panel in my house to a detached garage. The cable length is close to 100 feet from the main panel to the sub panel in the garage and a 60 amp 240V breaker from the...
  2. G

    Unused double 20 amps breaker in my old 1 bedroom appartment?

    Hi I have a 1 bedroom appartment from 1954. I opened my breaker box to find out what the extra double 20 amp was used for and I realized that it's disconnected. 15 amp goes for the lighting and the plug 120V outlets of the appartment. 20 amp the whole kitchen double 20 amp is the hot water 40...
  3. S

    monitor AORUS FI27Q - tripped breaker.

    Hello. I had a good monitor AORUS FI27Q. Two weeks ago when i was sleeping monitor was on. When i woke up all electricity went down. After switching 2 small breakers power back . Pc works fine. But monitor was not turned back. I sended to rma. Here is shop RMA message: Shop:"They changed some...
  4. spark22

    40 amp breaker for 32amp hob?

    Installing an electric hob that needs a 32 amp supply. Would it possible to use a 40amp breaker with a 32amp fuse switch?
  5. M

    Need to upsize subpanel supply breaker

    I would like to ask advice on a breaker size. Back in 2001 I turned my garage into a woodworking shop with several 240v machines. To power them I put in a 100 amp subpanel supplied by an 80 foot run of 4 gauge romex (two hots, neutral and ground) from the main panel under the house to the...
  6. J

    Can't install Pushmatic breaker

    I am having difficulty installing a Pushmatic twin 15 amp circuit breaker, part number P1515. The breaker has a tab on the back which bumps into the panel opening preventing insertion of the breaker. I wondering: 1) what is the purpose of the tab? 2) should I not try to use the breaker? and...
  7. J

    USA Adding 60amp breaker

    Hello, I’m going to be installing a wall charger soon in my garage that requires a 60amp breaker. I’m wondering if it is ok to add it to the garage sub panel (there are open spaces) or if I need to add it to the main panel. DIYer here. The plan is to run the breaker to a disconnect switch...
  8. A

    Can Wylex plug-in MCB be tripped by anything but overcurrent/short circuit?

    Hello, I have an old 16A Wylex SK type B plug-in breaker in the fuse box in my garage which keeps tripping, and every time (and only at that time) the 32A one of the same type supplying the whole garage in my home's main box also trips. It isn't happening fast, sometimes it takes days to happen...
  9. Y

    Work out breaker size?

    Hi, I'm a first year apprentice... just trying to get an edge on theory. Calculating breaker size: W ÷ V = A So say appliance needs 4000 watts 4000w ÷ 230v = 17.39amps Then, from research I seen a rule that the breaker shouldn't be running above 80% of it specific ampacity, so you multiply...
  10. B

    UK SMEG Opera A3 120cm after 15 mins trips circuit breaker

    Hi guys, 5 year old SMEG Opera A3 120cm Dual Oven. Small Oven RHS... Works perfectly OK... Large Oven LHS.... After 15 mins trips the RCD on Consumer Unit. Replaced circular element at rear. Replaced large element on top. Problem still exists. Any advice... Tank you in Advance....
  11. 2

    Replaced breaker tripping

    Hi All, I have a 1950s rental house with a 100 amp main panel with a main shut off breaker. Breakers are Eaton/Cutler Hammer type, so the panel is not super old. It was also checked by the previous tenant (a professional electrician) just a few months ago, who said that the panel and...
  12. A

    GFCI breaker question

    I have to replace the GFC I on the right w red button (keeps tripping) which is now discontinued by Eaton. I bought the one on the left used but tested good which is the same CH type as the other one but it’s a little longer but still fits in the box. Any issue using it? Both 120v 20a.
  13. Steve10001

    Circuit breaker weirdness.

    So yesterday one of tge circuit breakers tripped and wouldn't turn back on. Removed it completely and it still tripped even with no power. .bought a new one today and installed it, however, if I flip to switch all the way up ti the On position, it only gives out 3v. If I move the switch...
  14. S

    Manufacturer recommends 32amp breaker for 2kw appliance?

    Got to a customers house today after a brief discussion recently that they have brought a 2kw hob and it needs fittings. I went through the manufacturer’s instructions and they recommend it to be hard wired and that it is to be put on a 32amp breaker, obviously a 2kw appliance will pull around...
  15. C

    Replace Large Oven or Dryer Breaker

    Hello and Thank You!!! Reason: I am installing a Generator Hookup panel. I am installing a 30Amp breaker to hook up the generator. I want it at the top. I need to make some room. QUESTION: Can I replace these larger Oven and Dryer breakers with smaller same amperage new breakers? Why do...
  16. S

    Why my circuit breaker is tripping.

    Hi everyone, no sure this question should be in this forum, but im sure a lot of you will know the answer. I've set up a hot box to deliver food in my van. I've put a leisure battery 130ah and a inverter of 1000w continuous 2000w peak. between the battery and the inverter i've put a 100A circuit...
  17. C

    Why breaker didn't trip:

    I work in maintenance for a major chemical company. We had a water softener line break above a compressor. The disconnect for the compressor was filled up with water. (There is a window in the front of disconnect) We could see the water boiling inside the disconnect until we shut off the...
  18. M

    Can I safely replace a B-Curve breaker with a D-Curve breaker?

    Hello, I am an American living in Germany. I have some US appliances (120v) that I want to use, so I bought a 5000 Watt step down transformer. Unfortunately, plugging in the transformer usually trips the breaker. More than 1/2 of the time, but less than 3/4. When the breaker does not trip...
  19. L

    Lighting circuit still live after breaker turned off

    Lighting circuit. 3 rooms. I turned the breaker off and in the last room of the circuit I checked the light switch to make sure lights didn’t come on. They didn’t. Anyway….the circuit still live at the fitting. The wire from the previous room loop. I then turned the rcb off on the side of...
  20. B

    SD Q1TF bad hammer in breaker?

    40 year old square D QF1TF long span top fed. I turned off 30 amp double pole to water heater and still had a closed circuit, then turned off the main above. I then returned to reconnect service at main on service panel only to find that I now was experiencing voltage drop on outlets in home...
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