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  1. spud1

    Why are the two poles of the Hager SPD rated differently

    So I was installing a new split load Hager DB (with the integral SPD) and noticed that the SPD cartridges connected across the neutral and line poles of the SPD were rated differently. Is there a reason for these different ratings? Spud
  2. J

    rotary switch wiring

    Hi guys Got a swa run to do tomorrow- just the supply for a AC unit its a single phase 3 core 4mm supply going to a rotary isolator (this is what I am installing) then another company will be connecting a AC unit from the isolator at a later date I haven't actually had to install a rotary...
  3. W

    Conduit support in marquee

    Have a job to fit 9 fluorescent fittings in a very large marquee made up with large aluminium poles . I want to run the circuit in conduit , can anybody tell me if there is anything out there I can use to secure the conduit to the aluminium poles making up the roof of the marquee . I have found...
  4. N

    Is a main double pole switch a linked switch?

    Hi I am trying to fill in the Condition Report Inspection Schedule For Domestic and Similar Premises With Up To 100 A Supply. For a single phase installation. The part that I am enquiring is in Section 4.0 Consumer Unit/ Distribution Board, part 4.7 that states " Presence of main linked switch"...
  5. D

    High Level PIR floods

    Got a security install to do and they want the flood lights mounted high level on poles. Can anyone tell me where I can source poles and the appropriate fixings from? Or am I just looking at getting down the scaffold yard.... Advice would be great, ta.
  6. G

    Use of Pyro in a boat yard. Existing installation

    In a small boat yard, two lighting poles are fed with two core pyro the outer sheath being pvc covered and buried in concrete. Both poles are connected in parallel with each other. A single metal clad waterproof switch controls both poles. The feed to the 1st pole has gone down but the pyro to...
  7. C

    Em Lighting key switches!

    OK, Settle this once and for all please chaps. When keying off emergency lights, should you switch; 1) just one pole (e.g. the permanent live) 2) two poles ( e.g. both switched and permanent lives) or 3) three poles ( both lives and neutral also (as some key switches...
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