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  1. t01474

    Token Operated EV Charger

    Evening everybody. A Landlord who's pub I do a bit of work in called me today to discuss putting an EV Charger in for customer use. His idea was to charge £x for 60mins. I vaguely remember that Rolec had a token operated EV Charger but I'm not sure if they still make it. A fair bit of Google...
  2. R

    Upgrade Consumer Unit in Garage with EV Charger Capability.

    I’m looking to get my consumer unit upgraded in my Garage as it’s an old Chint board that is not very good.. My Dad is looking at EV Chargers too and I was wondering if it’s possible to get a consumer unit that would handle that. The current board has MCBs for 6A - Lighting 16A Electric Fire...
  3. Peter55

    Earthing question - three phase into main building, then single phase to EV charger

    Hi there, new to the forum and in final stages of completing C&G level 3; need to complete design project to complete. Am struggling to get my head around how to draw up correct circuit diagram showing EF Loop path for EV charger where initial supply is described as 'three phase TNCS' feeding to...
  4. P

    Bought 32A EV Charger, need to Change CEE plug to a USA Range plug.

    Hi, I Bought a 32A EV Charger, it comes with a CEE wall plug. I need to use it with a 60A range recepticle which I use to plug in my welder. So obviously I need to change the CEE plug into a Range plug. There is no paperwork, no schematic. As the CEE has 3 wires Red, Black and Yellow/green...
  5. P

    EV charger hacked for fun

    Just saw this on BBC news: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-hampshire-61006816 Now re-directing to a pr0n site looks like a prank rather than a serious attempt to cause michief, but it got me wondering if chargers with internet access are being abused in more cunning ways?
  6. Spinball

    UK Do I need three phase or not? Your advice appreciated.

    Hello folks. I am about to complete on a (detached) house purchase and I want to ask your advice whether to have three phase connected to the house and possibly whether I can have it connected for free. I plan to have two Zappy EV chargers installed with them both charging at the same time...
  7. W

    Outdoor 230 EV charger with 115 V outlet: supply through conduit . Does this plan make sense?

    Hi! I’d like to install a pedestal-mounted (230 V, 30 A max - programmable) EV charger close to my driveway, which ends about 12 feet away from the house, on the other side of a landscaped rock wall of sorts. While I am at it, I would like to oversize the circuit to allow a second EV charger to...
  8. bigspark17

    Rolec ev charger tester and ics ev charger

    I have a rolec ev chargpoint tester. Been asked for an ics ev chargpoint to be installed. Anybody know if the tester is compatible for the ics model please :)
  9. K

    Are further qualifications required to install an EV charger?

    I am a fully qualified electrician with level 3 nvq / 18th edition. Are further qualifications required to install an EV charger?
  10. UKMeterman

    EV Charger Looped Supply removal free with Northern Power Grid

    Hi, Early 1980's housing estate 60A large detached house supply looped through next door. What is the experiance in with Northern Power grid, re the un looping and who pays?
  11. T

    Anyone with experience of EV charger courses?

    Hello again! Has anybody got any experience of EV charger installation courses? there are plenty about if I google it, of course, but would like to hear from anybody who has been on a course and found it helpful or otherwise! Many thanks
  12. P

    Do I need to install an RCD for a Hypervolt EV charger

    Hi, Am I correct in saying I can install a single pole Type A 30ma RCBO to feed an Hypervolt EV charger? the supply cable is SWA and the Hypervolt has in built 6ma DC RCD protection. The consumer unit is a Lewden board so would ideally like to install a SP RCBO type A, any issues with this? its...
  13. S

    Car Charger 6mm SWA cable Query - Loft Insulation

    Hi We recently had an 7kW EV charger installed. Due to the consumer unit being situation within the kitchen of our bungalow, the cable needed to be routed across the loft in order to end up next to the drive, The contract was with a well known brand, who has sub-contracted out the...
  14. D

    One for the EV charger fitters , EV busbar

  15. C

    Tesla EV charger on new distribution board

    Hi all, Will have to apologise for asking basic questions but would rather be sure. I have got an EV charger circuit to be fit in an upgrade consumer unit. The wall connector features built-in RCD Type A + DC 6mA so it is not required to install RCD type B. The board will be 100A main...
  16. D

    EV charger considerations on TT supply

    Hi all. Will have to forgive me for enquiring about basic question but would rather be sure of all considerations than not. Went to view property for potential EV install yesterday. On viewing intake of property I realised supply had been converted from PME to a TT supply. I'm unsure why they...
  17. R

    Wallbox EV Charger and Power Meter

    Has anyone installed a Walbox EV Charger with a Power Meter to enable the Power Boost option? It's installed but there doesn't seem to be any way of confirming that the Wallbox is talking to the Power Meter. I spoke to Wallbox and they couldn't help.
  18. HappyHippyDad

    7kW EV charger charging at 2.5kW?

    I have just installed the ohme 7.4kW home pro EV charger. I plug the car in and it starts charging at 7.4kW, then slowly the charge drops. Perhaps over the space of 45 minutes it has gradually decreased down to around 2.5kW. There is no CT clamp attached so no load balancing. It is also not...
  19. V

    EV Charger Installer Required - Electric Van, Home Charger & Tools All Supplied

    We are looking for someone to join the team here at voltEV. We are based in Uckfield, East Sussex and Rochester, Kent so living near or between those locations would be best. You will be provided with an Electric Van, Home Charger, Tools and a Uniform. Salary will be based upon experience...
  20. V

    Other EV Charger Installer Required

    We require an EV charger installer to join our team installing domestic and commercial chargers. We are based in Uckfield, East Sussex and Rochester, Kent. The suitable candidate would ideally be located near to one of the offices or mid way between the two offices (Tonbridge/Paddock Wood) and...