1. D

    UK BS88 fuse board on a new installations

    I was wondering, are BS88 fuse boards still used on some new installations especially industrial and even commercial. And if so would that be ok with the regulations or not because its not retrospective. I know they are quite outdated and its hard to find a electrical wholesaler selling BS88...
  2. ETradesmen

    New build - DNO fuse size

    Good morning one and all, I have a new build coming up (Hertfordshire) and was wondering what size fuse the supplier install now? The reason why I’m asking is because a sub main is required due to the client not wanting the CU near the meter. thanks,
  3. A

    Trailer Electrics Question - Rear Tail Light Blow Fuse

    Hi all, Got a horse trailer, which seems to blow the fuse in my car for the 'Right Hand Tail Light'. When using the trailer, it will blow the fuse (not right away), knocking out the rear tail light on my car, and the rear tail light cluster (not indicators) on the trailer. I've followed the...
  4. M

    Condition of service head/cut out fuse etc. report to DNO?

    Hello Came across something like this.Is that something what i should report to DNO?.its supply to 2 flats.New cable on the left goes to first floor flat where electricity meter is.Its not SWA.All seals has been cut off. If i report it do they come on short notice and put new service head etc.?
  5. D

    Boiler tripping main fuse

    I have a grant vortex combi boiler and it has started tripping the main fuse when the programmer calls for heat. Any ideas. Regards
  6. A

    How to change a fuse in an old fuse box where fuse is not a pull out one

    Please the pic of my fuse box and guide how can I change the first floor fuse in this old fuse box. Note the fuse is not the pull out one. Also if you see in the pic it seems it comes out by unscrewing all the adjacent fuse which does not seem right? Experts please guide.
  7. M

    UK Can I add an extra board or sub board to my old (1970's) fuse board?

    Hello everyone, This is my first post and I am looking for some good ,solid and honest advice. I'm a pretty confident all rounder (Carpenter by trade) but am reluctant to go in too deep on this one. I am hoping that your expertise and well earned knowledge could explain what for yourselves is...
  8. W

    Is connector block allowed inside a fuse board?

    Hi all, wondering if someone can clarify this or refer me to a regulation regarding using connector block inside a Consumer Unit, I have some cables that are being moved the the RCD section of the CU but are too short and there is no practical way to get more length without making a mess. I’ve...
  9. M

    Need help replacing fuse

    Hello my fuse has blown and iv looked at the fuse box but iv never seen a fuse like this would anyone know if i can buy replacements and fit them myself.
  10. pirate

    Bathroom fan fuse question

    This house was destroyed completely yesterday. My pal who is the next door neighbour told me the fire was caused by a bathroom fan...the same pal I fitted a new bathroom extractor fan for a few weeks ago. He seemed slightly concerned... Do all MI's require a 3A fuse these days? If not, would you...
  11. Adie moore

    no main fuse

    doing a eicr today and the apartment im at, along with all the others, has no main fuse. there is a big service head, possibly containing individual phase fuses, but I've not opened it up. from there you have single 25mm tails going in to each meter for each apartment, then in to an isolator...
  12. T

    Oven grill

    My zanussi free standing ovens grill trips the main fuse after use when switching off. It most likely an element issue?
  13. C

    UK IDNO who will move main supply, fuse

    I want to move my main supply, fuse, cutout etc from the partition wall under the stairs to the brick wall opposite. There’s enough slack on the cable, it’s not ancient and it would be in a better place than it currently is. UKPowerNetworks have been hard work about it. There’s plenty of places...
  14. C

    identify service fuse

    can anyone help me identify this service fuse please. should I replace it with something more suitable ?
  15. LewisM

    3A Fuse for fan

    Hello, I have to replace a fan with a timer for a client who has already purchased a fan, the new fan requires a 3A fuse as per manufactures instructions, currently only an isolator is in place, am I right in thinking that the switch live on a timed fan only acts a trigger so if I swap the 3...
  16. R

    Made in America- Serves me right?

    I brought this back to UK from USA : View: https://www.amazon.com/Ninja-Auto-iQ-Frother-Baskets-CP301/dp/B07FDFP6MY I plugged it into this converter: View: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000L99ZJ2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 As it powers up the element it sounded...
  17. D

    No load fuse trip but not RCD.

    I awoke to find half of the circuits had tripped on the RCD the other day. So I when I reset the RCD and then turned off each fused circuit and turned them back on in sequence to find which one was tripping the RCD. Turns out it was the first floor sockets ring circuit which has a B32 MCB which...
  18. J

    Extension sub fuse board were do tails go to ?

    Connecting up a fuse board in an new extension we’re will the tails go to connect to the supply and get power . thanks
  19. M

    Making a swithched fuse box.

    If i want to wire in a fuse box to my utv and make it switched when the ignition is on. Is it best to run a continuous cycle relay say 150amp then run from there to the fuse panel
  20. Devil7

    TNS fuse unknown, Help

    Hi guys, come across this today for the first time, no markings or stickers of any relevance and no former certs, anyone seen these before and know what it is, don't know if it makes any difference but it's in the Yorkshire area - any help would be appreciated
  21. J

    What the hell is this main fuse?

    Hi All On a job this morning doing an EICR. As you will see from photos main live conductor showing signs of burning out at termination. Checked tightness of termination and main switch all seemed fine. I thought I would check main fuse rating to see rating of this. Supply is tncs with 16mm...
  22. S

    UK Fuse link

    Hi folks, Can anyone tell me more about a fuse link (I came across several in a communal cupboard today) . Was not expecting this and immediate thought was Bodget and Scarper had been here. Best described as a brass link similar to a piece of galv pipe inserted in place of a BS88..hence my concern!
  23. C

    Noise from fuse box

    Right I’ve woke this morning to notice the immersion isn’t working. It had tripped in the box when I put the trip switch back to the on position there is a noise coming from the box itself sounds like a buzzing noise wouldn’t say it’s a loud crackling noise though. It’s stressing me out.
  24. D

    UK Substation LV Feeder Pillar Fuse Rating

    On a commercial 200A TP&N supply, what rating would the substation feeder pillar fuses be? Would they typically also be 200A or a higher rating? Source URL: Electrical Forum - https://www.electriciansforums.net/forums/electrical-forum.15/
  25. S

    Fuse details - Brush 60Amp 1947

    Could somebody please advise on the relevant fuse details on a single phase domestic supply. Brush 60amp 60KR certified 250v AC4 BS1361:1947 It also states 440v AC4 BS88:1952 Logic tells me its BS1361 due to the voltage rating? Is it treated as a BS88 on a 400v supply? There are no details...
  26. M

    Blew The Fuse Connecting NEST to Mains

    Hello. Hopefully someone can help. My underfloor heating died recently (due to the heating mesh rather than the wiring) and I can't fix it without lifting the floor in the bathroom. So I have a useless control panel on the wall that I no longer can use and wanted to mount my Nest there...
  27. N

    What kind of fuse I need for that slot and where I can get it?

    What kind of fuse I need for that slot and where I can get it? It's some old one and I cannot get it at shops. See pictures below. Thanks a lot!
  28. D

    E39 530i touring - Nav fuse stray voltage on earth side - battery drain

    I have recently traced what I think is probably causing my battery drain to fuse 56 in the boot of my touring which is one of the navigation fuses. I thought could just pull the fuse to stop the drain as I never use the sat nav anyway but its had some other consequences. When I pull the fuse...
  29. S

    Do I need an inline fuse between my alternator and battery isolator?

    I purchased a 95 amp battery isolator and my alternator pushes 95 amps but I'm assuming that it may spike above that occasionally. Should I put a fuse between the two? I am only aware of 100 amp maxi fuses would that save the isolator for damage or do I need to purchase a battery isolator rated...
  30. Gavin John Hyde

    Wd40 and fuse boards.... Anybody tried it?

    Had the WD40 out earlier cleaning my fiancees bike up. Saw on the side they suggest it can be sprayed into mcbs on a fuse board. Can't say I have ever thought of that. I know it can be used on contacts but it somehow seems wrong to be spraying a liquid into a fuse board as shown on the can!
  31. P

    TP&N Fuse switch disconnector advice

    Passing the time with plans for stuff that might never happen, but relevant to here is my interest in the selection of a 100A TP & N fuse switch disconnector taking BS88 style fuses. I don't need a switched neutral, but it has to be: The "double break" sort where both ends of the fuses are...
  32. R

    2780kw ovens

    My cooker was wired to a 13a socket in the space behind the oven in a Persimmon new build, wooden construction. Some idiot cut the insulation back and reduced the strands in order to connect it, The fuse heated up. The 15 amp cable arced away but the fuse is still intact. Surely this is not to...
  33. J

    Fuse blown and neutral wire sheathing melted.

    Hi guys, hope you can try to shed some light on what might be the problem. Basically nothing is new, all been the same for 3 years since we moved in but over the past few days when the dishwasher was on (or anything plugged into a socket in the kitchen) I noticed a burning plastic smell...
  34. D

    UK Moving CU, meter and fuse

    Hello, I have a 1930,s house I am renovating and I would like to get the CU, meter and incoming 100A fuse all moved from their current position on an internal wall at bottom of stairway which is only used to support it, 90 degrees to a wall next to it. No wiring needs to be extended as plenty...
  35. B

    Can I use this Time Delay Switch on a panel heater?

    Just a quick one! I believe this time delay switch should work for my old panel heater (1.25kwh) because it handles loads up to 16A. Can anyone confirm this for me? I had someone tell me I needed a fused spur switch but others tell me I don't. FYI: the aim is to ensure the panel heater turns...
  36. P

    Upgrades to fuse board supply

    Alright folks. Just wantin to run something by you all. Have been in a property to wire a bathroom and do a fuse board upgrade. The existing fuse board is in a cupboard upstairs, connected to the cut out outside by a 16mm twin and earth and seperate 10mm cpc, approximately 12 metres of cable...
  37. J

    UK Hi guys, just wanted to know if anyone knows of a single outdoor socket that has a removable fuse. I need to put 3amp fuse in it. Cheers

    Hi guys, just wanted to know if anyone knows of a single outdoor socket that has a removable fuse. I need to put 3amp fuse in it. Cheers
  38. B

    Cable size and fuse selection

    Hi, looking for some advice on this, 3 phase board 25 SWA incoming feed from 60A BS88 fuses, looks like someone’s replaced the 100A main switch with a 125A 4 pole RCD is there anything wrong with that? I know 25 SWA can’t take 125A and overcurrent is 60A fuses, I never understood why haha Thanks
  39. H

    B12 Sentra - strange accessory circuit failure

    Hi there, My problem is thus: I own an '88 Nissan Sentra in which all the electricals were working fine. I received some 12v LED strips in a delivery which I would like to install as daytime running lights. In order to test whether the running voltage of the car would be suitable, I attempted...
  40. Baddegg

    Limitation on main fuse type??

    As per title, changed CU today in a flat and main fuse was just a red link type thing.....have no access to any other meters or incoming supply for the building (4 flats) and the tenant has no idea where to even point me to find out, will ring scheme for advice on Monday but interested in others...
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