1. Mickey81

    Mains fuse concealed in wall cavity

    Hi all. I have a question i'm hoping some of you can advise on. A long story short my main fuse has been hidden in the wall cavity(by the previous owners - which was not picked up on my survey before buying the house) and after pulling off the wall tiles recently to retile my kitchen I've...
  2. L

    Regular blowing of 13a fuse.

    Hello I’m a floor fitter looking for a bit of advice. I’ve recently bought a floor grinding machine that has a standard 13a plug. When the machine is up and running, it runs at around 2kw. My problem is when I first fire it up, the motor quickly draws a load more power and regularly blows the...
  3. HappyHippyDad

    New supply to garage. DNO have not fitted fuse.

    My customer has had a completely new supply installed to his garage. The DNO has not put a fuse in the cut out though. I'm guessing he needs to contact the DNO to discuss? I realise it would be very easy to pop a fuse in, but apart from this not being allowed, I also wouldn't know the size of...
  4. E

    Fuse missing from main disconnect panel

    Hi there, I run a recording studio out of an early 50's built warehouse. I've been having electrical noise and ground loops in my audio equipment since I've been here (almost a decade) and I've finally decided I can't deal with it anymore. I'm going to install a new main panel as well as new...
  5. S

    LG 42LG3000 fuse keep blowing issue

    Hi all. i have an issue with my LG 42LG3000 TV. Yesterday I was watching a movie and TV suddenly turned of and there was a strange sound. I have decided to change the fuse(3A) and it happend again after putting a plug into a power socker - again fuse blown. I know that TV was bought around 12...
  6. Aaron b

    20kA ipf on 15A 3036 fuse

    Hello, I changed a socket over earlier and tested the circuit after. The fault current was 20kA, Am I right in thinking I only need to consider the breaking capacity of the service fuse that's likely to be 80kA? I'm struggling to find any reference material.
  7. B

    am I certified to Sign off fuse board?

    Am I certified to sign off/do certs for a fuse board if I've completed my Level 2 and level 3 city and guilds (2365) electrical installation? (have not done the regs yet or testing & inspection or the NVQ)
  8. L

    Blown Fuse---is it ok to leave blown fuse in and leave electric on.

    We have an older mobile home. One of the fuses keeps blowing. We tried to trace the wire to see if a mouse chewed on the wire perhaps. We think the culprit may be a racoon got the wire...because when we looked under the mobile home to find the wire...there was a racoon....and you can see...
  9. S

    SWA Cable for run between switched fuse isolator and consumer unit

    Hi all, I am looking to replace an existing CU (ground floor) and put it in a new position (first floor). The existing CU is on the inside of a wall to the meter cabinet (which is on the other - external - side of the wall). The existing cabling between these two devices is not SWA/armoured...
  10. K

    Does 1 Amp make that big of a difference in glass fuses?

    Hello, I have a Chinese 90w laser engraver, and recently the power supply went out. While operating, I heard a pop, and when I disassembled, I found one of the transistors had shorted with a black mark. I have since replaced this power supply, and replaced the fuse that is located in the...
  11. lozarus

    BICC Fuse Carrier Wanted

    An obscure one I know. Currently doing private street light head upgrades. Poles & cutouts originally fitted 1964. Have been re-supplied with PVC SWA at some point (the old SWA is cut off at the bottom, think it must have been cut through at some point). There's only 2 groups of 3 posts, each...
  12. T

    Cellar cooling fuse rating

    A cellar cooling system with the main supply going to the indoor unit. Spec sheet gives the following figures... 12.1amps FLA 65amps LRA 32amp fuse recommended My question: Why a 32amp fuse? Have they based this on HRC fuses perhaps and not advised that? Wouldnt a C-curve 16amp 60898 be...
  13. Designmen90

    Backup fuse for SPD?

    Hi everyone , should there be a backup fuse for Q0.1-SPD and what size? Schematic is attached.
  14. P

    Does Ring Transformer Need Fuse?

    Hi, I have recently installed a Ring Pro Doorbell. It has come with a transformer which is going to be connected to the lighting circuit as the CU is too far away. My question is, does it need a Fused Switch on the supply or can it be powered straight from the lighting circuit? Thanks
  15. M

    Does anyone know what type of fuse this is?

    Does anyone recognise this fuse. It comes from a punch machine , made in Spain, bought in the UK and exported to Canada. Thanks, Mike
  16. M

    where can I buy this kind of fuse

    This fuse link belongs to a Mercedes Benz. I have soldered the filament of the 40 amps fuse and I do not know if it works. The dealer does not have it and want to sell me the whole module. Are there ways I can go around it?
  17. M

    can I change a dimension of a fuse

    I could find the fuse on the top right of the image which measures less than 1.7 inches in length from end to end and has 150 amps. (grey color). The fuse is inside a SAM module in a Mercedes. None of the auto part stores have it and the dealer do not carry more than 100 amps. They want to sell...
  18. J

    What size is this supply?

    A relative in West Cheshire sent me this pic. He is contemplating having an EV charger and other electrical appliances fitted. He asked me if he has a 60A or 100A supply. From this pic, it looks like a 100A supply with 60A fuse fitted for some reason. He wants it to be 100A. Any ideas?
  19. S

    Switched fuse isolator

    I have got to install a switched fuse isolator with 25mm tails and a 3 core 25mm armoured. Any recommendations on an isolator? Always struggle with isolators twisting and generally just not enough room.
  20. T

    Using solar panels to power swimspa on a separate fuse box

    Hi, Hoping for some help. We have existing solar panels on our roof and recently had batteries installed to charge from the panels. They are both connected to an indoor fuse box. The main purpose of the batteries was to store solar energy captured and then use it for heating our outdoor...