1. R

    Eaton 63A Fuse Carrier and Base Bolt Type D.

    These are discontinued. Any ideas where I can source ?
  2. VeeKay22

    UK Meter box too congested!

    Hi, I’m just looking for some advice on what can be done. I wouldn’t be touching any of it myself! We are trying to be unlooped and have a fuse upgrade as we have two electric car chargers but northern power grid is now unwilling to do the work due to our meter box being congested! Would we just...
  3. sythai

    Hager 1361 Cartridge fuse

    Hi Chaps Bit of advice please as not seen one of these for a few years ! Question is..... is it possible to replace one of these with hager 60898, hoping will fit ? Cheers Sy
  4. C

    Cooker tripping fuse

    Cooker heating element became misshaped. Tried to bend into shape and broke. Removed element and replaced. On switching the cooker off on occasion it trips the fuse. There was no issue prior. Could anybody advise why this is happening. Thank you
  5. D

    3A fuse instead of 13A?

    Hello. I live in a new build house with a separate garage. The garage is connected to RCD in the house to a 16A circuit breaker. The cable from RCD leads to a 13A FCU and from there separately to a double socket and light switch. As it's radial circuit I was planning to add another socket off...
  6. P

    Black Bulb/ Fuse Box

    Two questions: 1. I’ve had a bulb in the hall turn black with some white powdery deposits (see photo), whats caused this, guessing i should get it checked professionally 2. I have an old fuse board c. 1978, (see photo) also guess this is due a change. Thanks in advance.
  7. R

    DiY: Where can i get hold of a 13a 20mm ceramic fuse

    For Vax pressure washer. Internal fuse is blown but can only fine 10a and 15a online. Any recommendations appreciated
  8. C

    EICR, no 3A fuse for a fan

    Just wanted to get some thoughts from other electricians who regularly do EICRS, does anyone else code a fan isolater with no 3A fuse protection?
  9. TheArcMan

    UK Selectivity, mcb vs fuse...

    Hi all, Been browsing these forums for a while, always great to learn a new way to skin the same cat. Anyway, cut a long story short, was an apprentice for a top spark, he packed it in for a new 7 figure income career. I then took a break thinking I should do the same, then I realised not...
  10. Riddirah961

    UK Switched Fuse Spur

    Wiring cooker hood into a switched fuse spur with a 13amp fuse in the spur. The cooker hood is 3amp. Should I swap out the 13amp fuse in the spur with a 3 amp fuse?
  11. I

    Is the main fuse big enough?

    Hello Shop with a 100A main fuse LED lights few amps max, cash tills, cash machine, roller shutter, auto door, nothing pulling much power but there are 5 motors totalling 80.5A FLA Realistically what sort of power would this site be pulling constantly? Slightly conecerned that it may be...
  12. 1974_Saab_Sonett_Project

    Wiring Accessory Relay Panel into Classic Car - Questions..

    Hi Everyone, New to the forum but hoping I can find a little help with my restoration project... I am adding a secondary wiring "system" to my project car (username) to control add-on systems to include an electric fuel pump, electric radiator fan, fog lights and also to replace/upgrade the...
  13. E

    60 Amp fuse Disconnect for a 50amp outlet

    Hi, can a 60a AC disconnect fuse box with 2 class K busman 50amp fuse work as a disconnect near the outlet ? Or would it need to be an actual breaker box, like an outdoor SPA GFCI breaker box? The AC box says compatible with class H fuses. Class k and h are the same size.
  14. D

    Electric charger - lack of access to fuse box

    Hello all, I need to have an electric car charger installed but at the moment I'm puzzled about what my options are. My garage is at the back of my house (access through a back road) which begs the question, with the electric car charger installed there,do we need to run a cable to the...
  15. newfutile

    Click UK switch fuse

    How would others code the switch fuse not meeting IP4X on the top surface? The live terminals are very close to the top edge
  16. F


    Merry Xmas!!! My Nobo electric heater has stopped working. Everything seems fine but there is no continuity in a part that I believe is a safety fuse. See attached picture. As you can see there is black from I suppose a flame and the part has on the underside a small metal piece that does not...
  17. sumith

    Can a bulb trip the fuse

    I have a bulb that causes the fuse to trip. Had it for a couple of years, make is Diall. Maybe it's dead now, but I don't understand why it trips the fuse. I did a continuity test and it fails.

    UK Blown 13amp fuse on extension lead

    I am using a 160watt-200watt multi uv tube stand alone sunbed,When the 2 power leads (plugs protected by 2x13amp fuses) plugged into a double wall socket (protected 32amp circuit breaker)the sunbed works as it should,When an extension cable with one plug top (protected by 1x13amp fuse)and...
  19. P

    Short circuiting dough mixer

    Hi, I’ve got a brand new dough mixer which won’t work. Out of the box it just popped when switched on and tripped the power in my shop. Using a voltage pen I’ve detected that there’s power getting into the circuit board but not out. Noticed the fuse in the board was gone so replaced it and when...
  20. k281rrn

    Adexa commercial dishwasher blowing internal fuse when put onto the wash cycle.

    I have an Adexa dishwaser (7kg EMP.500 under counter style) that fills, heats and empties ok but has stopped working on the wash cycle. I replaced the internal 500ma fuse and it worked for a few minutes on the wash cycle but blew the fuse again. Ive chcked the capacitor is working using a...


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