1. E

    Isolate circuit but trips fuse board

    Hi Weird problem. I’m replacing plug sockets. I isolate the circuit for the particular sockets at the fuse board so it is safe to swap out. All good. Suddenly the RCCB for all sockets - not just the circuit of the sockets I have isolated - trips. Why is this happening? The RCCB doesn’t trip...
  2. sythai

    Where do i get one of these please ?

    Hi Guys Got an Emmeti UFH manifold box we wired up a while ago, fuse inside has gone 'pop' for some reason. Not brought this type of fuse before - clear casing, got 4a marking on PCB above. What do I search for is it a special type ? Thanks Sy
  3. T

    Federal Electric TB63SNT fuse switch

    Hi, I have just retrieved a Federal Electric TB63SNT Switch/Fuse unit from a skip, it looks to be in very clean condition no rust or damage to the cabinet. The cabinet door was open and the handle/selector was not correctly positioned in relation to the acual switch activating lever to enable...
  4. Rockingit

    Mains adaptor - to fuse or not?

    Here's a Sunday puzzler for you all..... I've a large rental stock of properly made up mains adaptors for use in Europe and elsewhere - so typically something like a Schuko >1m 3c H05 / H07 1.5mm flex > twin 13A duraplug trailing socket, variants for other countries, USA and so on. The other...
  5. G

    Bussman NON-35 fuse fire?

    Tenant reported that his fuse box caught fire. I found this stove circuit pullout. This unit was built in the 60s wired in aluminum but I found no corrosion and no indication of foil or other foreign material in the box.. The fuses are Bussman NON-35 Amp. Probably the original fuse from the...
  6. J

    Difference between FSU and 3 pin plug, both with 5 amp fuse for LED downlights?

    Is there an obvious reason why I can't just fit a plug onto my LED soffit downlights, fitted with a 5amp fuse and plug it into a socket rather than install a 5amp fsu? I'm fine with the plug being permanently plugged in as the socket gets no use anyhow. TIA
  7. S

    Mcb to fit MEM fuse carrier

    Anyone point me in the direction of what MCBs will fit this board ? Thanks in advance
  8. Mickey81

    Mains fuse concealed in wall cavity

    Hi all. I have a question i'm hoping some of you can advise on. A long story short my main fuse has been hidden in the wall cavity(by the previous owners - which was not picked up on my survey before buying the house) and after pulling off the wall tiles recently to retile my kitchen I've...
  9. L

    Regular blowing of 13a fuse.

    Hello I’m a floor fitter looking for a bit of advice. I’ve recently bought a floor grinding machine that has a standard 13a plug. When the machine is up and running, it runs at around 2kw. My problem is when I first fire it up, the motor quickly draws a load more power and regularly blows the...
  10. HappyHippyDad

    New supply to garage. DNO have not fitted fuse.

    My customer has had a completely new supply installed to his garage. The DNO has not put a fuse in the cut out though. I'm guessing he needs to contact the DNO to discuss? I realise it would be very easy to pop a fuse in, but apart from this not being allowed, I also wouldn't know the size of...
  11. E

    Fuse missing from main disconnect panel

    Hi there, I run a recording studio out of an early 50's built warehouse. I've been having electrical noise and ground loops in my audio equipment since I've been here (almost a decade) and I've finally decided I can't deal with it anymore. I'm going to install a new main panel as well as new...
  12. S

    LG 42LG3000 fuse keep blowing issue

    Hi all. i have an issue with my LG 42LG3000 TV. Yesterday I was watching a movie and TV suddenly turned of and there was a strange sound. I have decided to change the fuse(3A) and it happend again after putting a plug into a power socker - again fuse blown. I know that TV was bought around 12...
  13. Aaron b

    20kA ipf on 15A 3036 fuse

    Hello, I changed a socket over earlier and tested the circuit after. The fault current was 20kA, Am I right in thinking I only need to consider the breaking capacity of the service fuse that's likely to be 80kA? I'm struggling to find any reference material.
  14. B

    am I certified to Sign off fuse board?

    Am I certified to sign off/do certs for a fuse board if I've completed my Level 2 and level 3 city and guilds (2365) electrical installation? (have not done the regs yet or testing & inspection or the NVQ)
  15. L

    Blown Fuse---is it ok to leave blown fuse in and leave electric on.

    We have an older mobile home. One of the fuses keeps blowing. We tried to trace the wire to see if a mouse chewed on the wire perhaps. We think the culprit may be a racoon got the wire...because when we looked under the mobile home to find the wire...there was a racoon....and you can see...
  16. S

    SWA Cable for run between switched fuse isolator and consumer unit

    Hi all, I am looking to replace an existing CU (ground floor) and put it in a new position (first floor). The existing CU is on the inside of a wall to the meter cabinet (which is on the other - external - side of the wall). The existing cabling between these two devices is not SWA/armoured...
  17. K

    Does 1 Amp make that big of a difference in glass fuses?

    Hello, I have a Chinese 90w laser engraver, and recently the power supply went out. While operating, I heard a pop, and when I disassembled, I found one of the transistors had shorted with a black mark. I have since replaced this power supply, and replaced the fuse that is located in the...
  18. lozarus

    BICC Fuse Carrier Wanted

    An obscure one I know. Currently doing private street light head upgrades. Poles & cutouts originally fitted 1964. Have been re-supplied with PVC SWA at some point (the old SWA is cut off at the bottom, think it must have been cut through at some point). There's only 2 groups of 3 posts, each...
  19. I

    Cellar cooling fuse rating

    A cellar cooling system with the main supply going to the indoor unit. Spec sheet gives the following figures... 12.1amps FLA 65amps LRA 32amp fuse recommended My question: Why a 32amp fuse? Have they based this on HRC fuses perhaps and not advised that? Wouldnt a C-curve 16amp 60898 be...
  20. Designmen90

    Backup fuse for SPD?

    Hi everyone , should there be a backup fuse for Q0.1-SPD and what size? Schematic is attached.
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