1. D

    Main fuse box problem

    Hi Everyone, I have a faulty smart meter, its broken since I moved in and I am putting all my effort to fix this, I am a tenant though. A technician from the supplier visited the property, inspected the meter and he said that he needs to access to main fuse box to replace the meter. We have...
  2. L

    Replace old fuse wires with circuit breaker?

    This appears in our Building & Pest report: "Safety switch installed, old fuse wire fuses still in use, recommend replace with circuit breakers." The home was built in the 1980s. Are old fuse wires dangerous? How dangerous are they? What are the risks of replacing with circuit breakers? Are...
  3. J

    What is the incoming Voltage Before and After the Service Fuse?

    I know that after the Henley Block which houses the Service Mains fuse, the Voltage is 230v If we was to remove the fuse and Measure the incoming Live wire, would the Voltage still be 230v?
  4. D

    Extra spur advice - fuse needed?

    Hi, I need to run a spur from a main ring socket, however, it already is supplying a spur ( double unused socket ). Is the only way to disconnect the unused spur? Or can I incorporate a fuse? What's the safe way to do this please? Thanks
  5. Skiplndn

    What is the age of fuse box.

    What is the age of General Fuse box No,723607 Class-CTL???
  6. A

    Sourcing BS88 Fuse Blocks

    I'm looking for fuse blocks/holders for some BS88 (actually BS88-4 I think) fuses from Eaton - models 50FE and 20CT. I just need a way to mount these in an electrical panel I'm building. I can find a few scant results for fuse blocks for other types of BS88 fuses, but never ones that fit these...
  7. M

    Help! Asbestos Fuse Panel Found

    I have old home that still has a fuse panel in the basement. However, last week I was trying to find the fuses for the lights and outlets upstairs but couldn't find anything . So I started poking around in the attic and found this...
  8. D

    Power Supply Fuse Help ?

    Hello everyone, I want to ask a question that I am sure will be easy for you, because I am not sure of the answer, but I am sure it is very easy for someone who is knowledgeable enough. Input 100-240V. 2.5 A - Output 24V. I have a 5A power supply, Should the fuse I need to connect before the...
  9. K

    Induction job fuse help

    My CDA induction hob model HN6111FR went pop anyone advise if there a fuse in the hob itself ?
  10. E

    How are auto piggy back fuses connected to the fuse block.

    I am getting conflicting information on piggy back fuses that I am using in my Honda CRV and Ram Promaster 3500. I assumed that the piggy back fuse connector was a bridge between the hot and the ground bus in the fuse block and hence was independent from the fused circuit that was using that...
  11. D

    The Future of Fuse boards...?

    Looks nice
  12. K

    UK Old 8.5K shower wired to 30 amp fuse with no RCD. Is it still safe & ok to use?

    8.5K shower unit is wired to plastic box consumer unit to 30 amp cartridge fuse with no RCD It’s the original shower installed when the house was built around 1995 The shower is still fully working after all these years, never blowing the cartridge fuse before Am I right to presume RCD wasn’t...
  13. M

    Max zs for a 60269-2 16A fuse?

    Says it all in the title really. Thank you in advance!
  14. E

    Isolate circuit but trips fuse board

    Hi Weird problem. I’m replacing plug sockets. I isolate the circuit for the particular sockets at the fuse board so it is safe to swap out. All good. Suddenly the RCCB for all sockets - not just the circuit of the sockets I have isolated - trips. Why is this happening? The RCCB doesn’t trip...
  15. sythai

    Where do i get one of these please ?

    Hi Guys Got an Emmeti UFH manifold box we wired up a while ago, fuse inside has gone 'pop' for some reason. Not brought this type of fuse before - clear casing, got 4a marking on PCB above. What do I search for is it a special type ? Thanks Sy
  16. T

    Federal Electric TB63SNT fuse switch

    Hi, I have just retrieved a Federal Electric TB63SNT Switch/Fuse unit from a skip, it looks to be in very clean condition no rust or damage to the cabinet. The cabinet door was open and the handle/selector was not correctly positioned in relation to the acual switch activating lever to enable...
  17. Rockingit

    Mains adaptor - to fuse or not?

    Here's a Sunday puzzler for you all..... I've a large rental stock of properly made up mains adaptors for use in Europe and elsewhere - so typically something like a Schuko >1m 3c H05 / H07 1.5mm flex > twin 13A duraplug trailing socket, variants for other countries, USA and so on. The other...
  18. G

    Bussman NON-35 fuse fire?

    Tenant reported that his fuse box caught fire. I found this stove circuit pullout. This unit was built in the 60s wired in aluminum but I found no corrosion and no indication of foil or other foreign material in the box.. The fuses are Bussman NON-35 Amp. Probably the original fuse from the...
  19. J

    Difference between FSU and 3 pin plug, both with 5 amp fuse for LED downlights?

    Is there an obvious reason why I can't just fit a plug onto my LED soffit downlights, fitted with a 5amp fuse and plug it into a socket rather than install a 5amp fsu? I'm fine with the plug being permanently plugged in as the socket gets no use anyhow. TIA
  20. S

    Mcb to fit MEM fuse carrier

    Anyone point me in the direction of what MCBs will fit this board ? Thanks in advance
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