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    UK Blown 13amp fuse on extension lead

    I am using a 160watt-200watt multi uv tube stand alone sunbed,When the 2 power leads (plugs protected by 2x13amp fuses) plugged into a double wall socket (protected 32amp circuit breaker)the sunbed works as it should,When an extension cable with one plug top (protected by 1x13amp fuse)and...
  2. P

    Short circuiting dough mixer

    Hi, I’ve got a brand new dough mixer which won’t work. Out of the box it just popped when switched on and tripped the power in my shop. Using a voltage pen I’ve detected that there’s power getting into the circuit board but not out. Noticed the fuse in the board was gone so replaced it and when...
  3. k281rrn

    Adexa commercial dishwasher blowing internal fuse when put onto the wash cycle.

    I have an Adexa dishwaser (7kg EMP.500 under counter style) that fills, heats and empties ok but has stopped working on the wash cycle. I replaced the internal 500ma fuse and it worked for a few minutes on the wash cycle but blew the fuse again. Ive chcked the capacitor is working using a...
  4. H

    AM2 fuse selection A2

    In your AM2 do you have to select the fuse for the fuse spur in A2 like you do in A5? Or is the fuse already in there for you? Have completed my A2 but forgot to open the fuse spur up and look
  5. rfinch23

    Replacement fuse DU/C GFE 10A 250V (PF) - 10A

    Hi I need to find a suitable replacement for a DU/C GFE 10A 250V (PF) - 10A fuse it needs to be glass fast blow Any advice would be appreciated as I am struggling to find a replacement or where I can get the same one. Thanks Roy
  6. rfinch23

    Replacement fuse U/C GFE 10A 250V (PF) - 10A fuse

    Looking for something to replace an old U/C GFE 10A 250V (PF) - 10A fuse thank you roy
  7. Waterhouse1989

    Switch fuse or rotary isolator?

    Hi we have been asked to run a 3 phase supply into a boiler house to feed a DB fed from next to the existing meter. Would we need to install Tails to a switch fuse or could we just install a rotary isolator? Just tight for space near the Meter and switch fuses are big. Thanks
  8. g3nt73m4n

    Using aR fuse instead of aM

    Hi, We used lately aR fuses instead of aM fuse. Can you please inform will there be any problem? The application is water boosting and originally aM fuse was used. The circuit has also thermal magnetic relays for motor and motors are 0.55kw. Fuses are 6amp. Thanks,
  9. J

    Zs Values for BUSSMANN - ED355 FUSE BS88 355A 415VAC

    Hi All, Can anyone help with calculating a Zs value for the fuse described in the title. The fuse sizes in Fig 3A3(c) of the 18th edition wiring regulations do not have a 355A fuse and jumps from 315A fuse to 400A fuse. I've searched and searched but struggling to find an answer. Any help is...
  10. Shafiq Azmi

    Why MCB and Fuse cant protect Voltage Surge?

    Hi Everyone, I got some Power Module damaged cause by Voltage Surge. My device protected by 25A MCB and Fuse. Why my device still damage although its already have the protection? Any other way to prevent this from happening again?
  11. V

    combi microwave 2900w on switch fuse or 16a supply?

    when installing circuits protected my mcb's , i have always used the 80% rule. eg a lighting circuits where the load won't exceed 80% of the mcb rating. i have a combi microwave. max 2900 watts . 2900/230 = 12.6 Amps. does 80% apply to cartridge fuses? i guess this could be classed as a...
  12. ThisWire?

    LED mirror won't turn back on

    Hi, I was having trouble connecting the bluetooth on my mirror so reset as per the manual by turning off at the fusebox. After turning it back on, there is no longer any power to the lights on the mirror, however, the charging socket still works. What could this be and how can this be...
  13. BenSparky8

    Tails and fuse sizing for flats

    I’ve got a job to quote for turning 1 big flat into 2 smaller flats. The DNO are looking at installing new meters in the communal area. I need to take an SWA from each meter to the individual flats which one is around 15m and other is around 30m away. Would a 25mm 3 core swa be the best for...
  14. L

    DPDT switch burnt while off

    Hello, I wired a DPDT switch to my sunroof 12v DC motor. It was working ok and I was able to reverse the polarity of the motor to open and close the sunroof. However days later it started to burn when off, even though I hooked up a 20A fuse before the switch. I don't know if it's a short circuit...
  15. D

    Machine Safety Circuit: Fuse Integration Query

    Hello Everyone, I have a technical question that I hope someone can help clarify. We're currently facing an odd issue with a machine equipped with a safety relay and interlocks. The interlocks have been failing, seemingly due to an unstable or 'dirty' power supply. While the ideal solution...
  16. T

    Fuse Spur connection to C7

    Can I connect a figure of 8 power lead to fuse spur rather than plugging it in?
  17. S

    Fuse to Circuit Breaker Equivalence

    Replace of 45amp Fuse with 50amp CB on 10mm2 cable? Is this okay because of the 0.9 derating of fuse to overloads and because 10mm2 can handle 50Amp current. Installation in air equivalent double brick unit?
  18. DyersEve726

    Poor contact on fuse box. Seeking replacement.

    Forgive me, for all my terminology is going to be wrong here. My home has an old fuse box that handles a small section of the house. They take the Bussmann T15 fuses. I've recently had a fuse blow in an unconventional way. The metal strip inside the fuse is still intact. Instead, it appears to...
  19. D

    Main fuse box problem

    Hi Everyone, I have a faulty smart meter, its broken since I moved in and I am putting all my effort to fix this, I am a tenant though. A technician from the supplier visited the property, inspected the meter and he said that he needs to access to main fuse box to replace the meter. We have...
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