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  1. T

    3way light switch, 1 light works 2 don’t help

    Have a 3 way light switch (three separate lights) one light works (middle switch) 2 don’t. Think that the 2 that don’t work shorted out when a multi socket plug was inserted in adjacent room. That plug still works. Anyone got any ideas?
  2. S

    Fuse Spur

    Hi Guys, I have recently moved and want to wire my Nest in to a Y plan system. I have a fused spur next to my old programmer that is in the kitchen downstairs but would want to put my Nest (Heatlink) in the airing cupboard which is upstairs. So my question is how far can you have a fused spur...
  3. G

    Extract Fan 1 Amp fuse - but UK only

    Hi All, Been asked to fit a bathroom extract fan that a customer has already purchased. When checking the manufacturers instructions they are stipulating a double/ triple isolating switch - nothing unusual there - but they are then stipulating a 1 Amp fuse and then in brackets 'UK Only'. This...
  4. S

    fuse fail class 2

    Hi all. First of all, I'm not an electrician, although I am confident in doing small jobs (socket changes, light changes etc.) however I am about to start a course (being sent on one, city & guilds). My friend (spark, currently on holiday so I can't ask him) has given me his HPAT600 and after...
  5. littlespark

    Old old old supply fuse

    Another one of those old ex council houses. Customer wants a new CU, old fuseboard with a nasty blown out fuseholder.... I’ve asked her to contact her supplier and have an isolator fitted first. Out of interest, how would one go about pulling the fuse on this? Supply cable comes from...
  6. saucyjack

    Obsolete Fuse Carrier

    Hi all; could anybody please advise me where I might obtain a "Bill" 100 amp fuse carrier? (basically a 100A version of the carrier below). Any help would be very much appreciated!
  7. G

    UK Pulling 100A fuse

    I need to pull the 100A fuse to change the consumer unit for my Part P assessment. The DNO is UKPowerNetworks and the electricity supplier is SSE. Both companies tell me that it is the others responsibility to pull the fuse. I am going around in circles. Any hep would be appreciated.
  8. T

    3 phase swa sub

    Just a quick one does a three phase 25mm sub main in swa 4 meters long have to be fused even thou it comes from a bs1361 100amp services fuse then from a standard three phase isolation switch fitted from electricity company? Being swa and 25mm in size would this be acceptable?
  9. R

    how much is the energy meter fuse in a household?

    Energy meters for households has a fuse that is only accessible for the energy supplier. I dont mean the fuse that is in the electrical board inside the house. So how much is the current limit of the fuse in an average household?s it related to the power a household has contracts with the...
  10. D

    Fuse blows randomly

    Hello, thank you. I am DYI. Our daughter has home built in the 60s with fused service panel. One fuse has started blowing ; when a new fuse is put in, it will not blow right away, it can go for hours sometimes without blowing. It is a 20- amp fuse/circuit. On the circuit is a microwave and...
  11. B

    Advice needed With Oven tripping Fuse

    Hi, its a bit of a long one, but i really can't figure out whats up? I had a ex-display built in double oven for a while and though the fan oven part worked perfectly, as soon as you tried to use the upper oven/grill the fuse would trip out every time. I finally decided to replace the double...
  12. S

    UK Changing and economy 8 fuse board

    I have a customer that wants to upgrade their fuse board (it currently has no rcd protection). It has an economy 8 supply that the customer no longer wants. My question is do I get the DNO to change it to a 24/7 meter or can I just put the tails from the 24/7 and economy 8 into a Henley block...
  13. M

    UK 63A dno fuse

    years ago the dno fitted a 63A fuse but over time my needs have grown. is it a case of just getting the dno to fit a bigher fuse or are there other bits involved. meter tails are 25mm and about 0.5m long. kind regards
  14. Davehaywire

    what type of fuse/ka/max zs is this to input in cert?

    hi can anyone tell me from this picture what type of fuse this is? bs88/1361 etc? it says on it bussman 200A 200MJ30-7 im trying to find the max zs for this type of fuse and the ka if anyone could come up with the right info, i would be very grateful thanks
  15. T

    Schneider 63a single phase switch fuse

    Has anyone used a Scheider 63a single phase switch fuse before? Im just wondering whether they need crimped connections or whether its a terminal?
  16. E

    Mainswitch fuse overheating

    Hi guys. I have an ongoing problem with a compressor 166kw variable speed permanent magnet motor. I came across a main Sw fuse upstream from the motor which was extremely how over 100 degrees Celsius and on L 3 which blew fuse. I changed fusecarrier and female recepable whichfuse carrier pins...
  17. C

    EDF meter change fault

    Hello guys EDF came out to a flat and attempted to replace the meter. I have been called out to investigate there comments which are “unsafe to remove meter, possible borrowed neutral, voltage at meter even with fuse removed (dropped neutral test)” First off i am currently on site, I removed...
  18. S

    Which fuse rating to between starter and leisure battery?

    What fuse rating do I need to put in between the starter and leisure battery? I have a 12V 75AH Starter battery and 110Ah leisure battery. Cable size 16mm or 8mm. (this is for my off the grid van :) )
  19. H

    2009 Tahoe electrical issue!! Help please!

    I have a 2009 Tahoe with a 2.5amp parasitic electrical draw. So I pulled all the fuses and relays and put them back (but still didn’t find the parasitic draw source!). BUT when I restarted the Tahoe after replacing all fuses and relays... my dashboard lit up!!!... the ABS and Traction control...
  20. gazdkw82

    high beam fuse problems

    I have a recently new to me 2008 Volvo xc70. After a day or so I noticed the main (high) beam wasn't working. At first I suspected blown lamps so I inspected and they seemed fine. Replaced fuse and all was good for a day, fuse blew again. Replaced lamps as a next step and replaced fuse. Lasted a...
  21. grahammiranda1

    Domestic Need help with fuse

    I'll make this as short as possible. This is what I have: 1) Inverter: Aukey 1000 W 2) Solar Controller: 40A 3) Battery: Solar battery 100 Ah C100 4) Solar Panels: One 100W PET Panel I want to follow this: My Question: What Amp fuse do I need to/from everywhere? (Yes, I'm a noob, this is...
  22. R

    Fuse box question

    Can someone tell me what the middle white fuse would be used for? We have an issue where we lose power to everything to the left of it (downstairs lights, upstairs sockets, heating, downstairs sockets) and we think everything to the right works, I know oven and upstairs lights do. Nothing...
  23. J

    Multi way switch fuse isolator

    Anyone know of a MSDB type panel to install after don and supplier equipment similar to a MSDB that will take 18 individual cut out/ meter feeds for distribution of the new sub mains to a block of flats. 9 off peak and 9 peak to 9 flats. To be switched and fused @ 60 a. So tight for space don’t...
  24. B

    Replace Fuse in Fiat Ducato

    We have a Motorhome There is a starter battery in the Fiat Ducato (prime mover) There are 2 deep cycle House Batteries. The Starter battery is connected to the House batteries via a VSR (Voltage sensitive Relay) which enables the alternator to charge the house batteries when the starter battery...
  25. J

    Old Wyler rewire able board with extra 45a fuse

    Hi all , someone was on the lookout for one of these the other day but I can’t find the thread. I’m removing a mint condition one next week so they are welcome to it if u can find them ?? Help
  26. Monoboy

    Domestic 100A Series 7 Henley cut-off fuse

    Hello. Before I bother a professional with a call out, could I ask for some advice on here. Our cat managed to dislodge the cut-off fuse on our board, shutting the power off. I pushed it back in and everything's back to normal. But in doing so, it made some rather nasty noises and it doesn't...
  27. J

    Max Permitted Zs for 3036 semi enclosed rewirable fuse...

    I'm just hoping I can cross reference my knowledge or be corrected by someone on a quick query. It's a test question I'm doing but I'm querying the answer I've been given. I want to find the Max permitted Zs on a 3036 45A fuse. I was under the impression that I should reference table 41.2 in...
  28. rolyberkin

    Double batten school type flourescent replacement

    Any suggestions as to a good looking (in a modern building) retrofit for a double flourescent light fitting, the current lights are similar to a Knightsbridge 2 as below. Have converted some of the below to LED which I think is the most cost effective solution but interested if anyone has...
  29. A

    Domestic Oven won’t work...unsure issue.

    Hello, My cooker (LOGIK LFTC60W16 oven with grill and 4 hobs had it maybe just over 2 years) stopped working about 2 weeks ago. I found out we have no cooker switch on the kitchen wall so checked the Circuit Breaker box. Everything was on. With no other option I left the cooker MCB switch in the...
  30. spud1

    What is the BS number of the DNOs cutout fuse?

    Hi, Is the DNOs cutout fuse still a BS1361 type II fuse or has this number now changed to BS88-3 ? (For the purposes of entering particulars onto certification) Thanks in advance
  31. S

    Three phase INDUSTRIAL fuse board recommendation

    Hello I have a small industrial unit with a messy distribution board. It has 100A breaker and around 10 circuits (lights, sockets, air compressor, three phase 16A fuse etc....) Can you recommend a quality new board from Schneider Havell or Hager?
  32. C

    Domestic Any one used CP Fuse Box????

    Hi just wounding has anyone fit anything by CP fuse box? They seem to be a cheap make of consumer units. I ended up fitting a CP fuse box SPD main switch unit as I was struggling to find a manufacturer that was reasonably priced. However I must it admit felt really well made and even had a...
  33. rolyberkin

    Metal Cut out - Fuse Type

    Hi can anyone advise what type fuse was commonly fitted in an old style metal cut out, the head is being changed imminently by the DNO but I would like to know what is in there? Thanks
  34. T

    Crumbling Wylex Fuse Board

    Hi all, hoping to get a couple of grounded (sorry) opinions. Removed a carrier from my old Wylex box. Under the carrier there’s a flash-guard and that’s screwed to a plastic ridge which divides the two contacts. God knows why or how but the plastic ridge sheared off so although you can wedge...
  35. J

    Need some advice ! can I spur off a kitchen single socket that is coming off a fuse spur ?

    A friend has added a socket off the back of a single socket that is coming off a fuse spur in the kitchen will this be ok ? Thanks for the help
  36. S

    Domestic Question about diversity calcs

    hi all, Looking for some advice on the main fuse for a property I’m developing. It’s going to have 6/7 studio rooms, all with microwaves and potentially a hob. Set over 3 floors if I were to have a separate light circuit for each of the 7 rooms at 3amps per room, that’s 21amps at full...
  37. M

    Domestic House supply questions

    Hi all, Got a bit of a query with my mains supply where it enters the house. Its in an empty room that i'd like to either fit a bathroom in (as in my picture) or a toilet and wash basin. Would I need to have this DNO fuse etc moved or can it be boxed in with a water sealed access hatch? All I've...
  38. G

    Looking for mft 500mA fuses

    Hi guys , does anyone know anywhere that stocks mft 500mA 600v fuses ? Cheers
  39. haptism

    16mm T&E tails on 100amp fuse

    Did a job earlier in a new build, part of a 5 year old new build estate in the darkest depths of kent. Anyhow opened up CU and saw 16mm tails so assumed would be on 80a fuse as there not huge demand. Then outside to check service head and main fuse is labelled 100a ?, the tails are 16mm t&e. I...
  40. M

    New Fuse Box Needed for 110v Electrics

    Hello Guys, I have a strange, yet accurate title: I am the Vintage Member for the WBCCI. That is the club for people who own Airstreams. (the aluminium bodied, curved caravan, or as we call them: A Travel Trailer) In my case, the Euro branch. This means that members who have problems come...
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