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    AEG ceramic hob wiring.

    Hi I have an AEG ceramic hob and it is 6.4kw nominal power can I use H05v2v2 ff heat resistant cable.
  2. K

    UK Fitting new ceramic hob

    Hi, I’m after a bit of advice please, my ceramic hob has cracked so I’ve bought a new one with the intention of fitting it myself. The new hob has now arrived but it’s got a cable already fitted which has 4 wires, L1, L2, N and E. The cable fitted to my old hob has only three wires, is it...
  3. N

    Advise on a new 4 wire ceramic cooker hob

    I have just bought a new cooker hob which has 4 wires however my connection points only has 3 connectors do I connect 2 of these wires together in order for it to function properly or would I need to buy a new connection point with 4 pins on. I will more than likely have to get an electrician in...
  4. D

    infrared ceramic heaters with PID controller

    I'm looking for confirmation or otherwise, that the following bits of kit will go together to create a temperature controlled heat source for a curing application via a standard 13a plug fitting. - 2 x 400W ceramic elements in reflectors (1 fitted with Thermocouple) - PID temp controller, 1...
  5. U

    Domestic Heat resistant backing for ceramic bulb holder

    I have recently installed a ceramic bulb holder onto the ceiling of a virarium (a tank for a reptile). The bulb holder holds an infra red heat bulb to provide a basking area for the lizard. The bulb holder is screwed directly onto the ceiling of the vivarium which is made of chipboard. The...
  6. J

    Wiring Ceramic heater element or bulb to IEC plug. Help needed!

    Hi all, My name is Josh & I'm just starting to get into electronics and working on some projects to further develop my skills however have reached and impasse so seeking your assistance. Nice to meet you all :) I have some basic electronics skills from messing around with breadboards etc to...
  7. A

    Osily ceramic core heaters

    I recently got these installed and dumped the instructions by accident for setting up etc. I seem to use alot of electric as I have them set to 18 degrees so they maintain that temp all the time. Does anyone know where I can get a user manual to re asses the set up? My sparky is a nightmare at...
  8. L

    Storage heater / Oil filled radiator / Ceramic radiator?????

    I’ve just bought a 1 bed apartment with storage heaters from the early 1980’s with no thermostat. The apartment is electric only and I’m trying to work out what is the best replacement for the old storage heaters. I have economy 7 What I can’t work out is am I best to go for: 1. Storage...
  9. J

    Dry ceramic wall heaters

    Are dry ceramic wall heaters a modern version of storage heaters, i've just got an old cottage that i'm going to renovate, it has old storage heaters in each room aswell as an open fire (coal type). There's no gas supply to the area as it's in the country and i didn't want to go down the route...
  10. S

    Induction or Ceramic hob

    Hi peeps. I am just about to do up my kitchen and currently have a gas hob but want to change it to either induction or ceramic but have found that most of these are around the 32amp mark. I have a dedicated 32a fuse running to my cooker via a cooker switch (about half a meter from where the...
  11. H

    Halogen gy6.35 Light Source

    For a project at university I need a fairly intense light source for a fluid dynamics experiment, as the previous one broke. I've been advised a halogen source of around 50W should be sufficient, though as I am a mechanical engineer, my electronics understanding is very basic. Through basic...
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    Glass v Ceramic Fuse

    I have a travel adapter that has blown a fuse due to using a hairdryer in Cuba. I need to replace it. The original has a 2.5amp ceramic fuse in it. Can I put a glass type in or does it have to be ceramic? What are the differences between the two? Tom
  13. J

    Asbestos in switch gear

    I am aware that a lot of old switch gear contains asbestos where the old fuse wire carriers are inserted. I am curious as to what is the correct and safe method remove this. Is it necessary to call in an external contractor as i know they can be pretty pricey.
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