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  1. J

    Career Change Advise

    I'm in the military with 2 years left of service and want to become an electrician when I leave. What's the ideal route I can take to become qualified and also have the relevant experience required to join the industry?
  2. L

    Track lighting Advise

    When a 20W LED spotlight of the same brand and design is added to a 5-meter single-wire track system, which already has four 30W LED spots connected to a Varilight 300W 2-Way LED Replacement Dimmer Module, the entire track system experiences dimming. Why does this happen?
  3. T

    EICR consumer unit advise

    Hi, I am due EICR test on my property which has 20 year old wiring. Last test on 2018 was fine with no issues. Just need to check if my consumer unit will need replacement for EICR pass or it will be ok. Attaching pictures.
  4. R

    Would you advise getting all the GN publications or is OSG + 7671 + GN3 enough??

    Just like the title really. I like the thought of getting all the guidance notes but is it worth it or would a copy of the aforementioned books suffice?
  5. caitlin00

    Please advise, Ampy Automation payment meter

    Hi all, not too sure if this is the right place to post, but at a bit of a loss here! i live in a block if flats, and about half an hour ago, heard a pop sound, and then all the electricity went off. I am on the prepayment meter that is shown below, which is handled by a live in caretaker. He...
  6. M

    PATesting a kettle: Please advise

    This kettle is a Breville model VKJ367. This is one of these fancy kettles for hot drinks. Instead of tipping it & pouring out, it dribbles through a spout & you must place your cup underneath. It looks very handsome & passes a formal inspection. But it has several pieces of metal trim and some...
  7. A

    URGENT - Please advise if this wiring is correct?

    I have a tenanted property which I bought about 7 years ago. I went into the loft because the pull switch when turned on was causing a short. I called an electrician but he turned out to be useless. In the bathroom we have a round bathroom light, pull cord switch, an extractor fan and an...
  8. Tommy10toes

    Pls advise on this lamp wiring

    Hello, I’m adding an in-line foot switch for this interesting italian floor lamp. It has 2 bulbs, max 60w each according to sticker on lamp. The footswitch I bought recommends max 2amp. But I notice the plug has been fitted with a 13amp fuse. (This seems too high to me?) I know how to...
  9. J

    EICR Nightmare and Advise

    All - Would appreciate some advise or professional help as I'm facing a £4.5K bill following an EICR which seems to highlight issues that passed just last year's EICR. First EICR done in March 2021 - Passed with only C3 observations. Second EICR done - just on advise online before change of...
  10. E

    Recent EICR unsatisfactory w/ C2 and FI... advise needed!

    Hi all, new to this forum and am completely clueless with all things electrical - hoping to get some advise! My parents received an unsatisfactory EICR on their home recently (it's quite old) and were quoted £3500 upgrading their distribution board to a new metal one with RCBOs. The electrician...
  11. littlespark

    Emergency advise please

    Pub kitchen I was doing PAT for, opening at 12 today. They have had to reconfigure where everything sits, so new location for double deep fat fryer is too far away from sockets. Double fryer is basically 2 x 3kW fryers in one unit… two leads, two plugs. I’ve told him not to plug both onto...
  12. R

    Can anybody please advise?

    Hi everyone. I’m not an electrician I am just hoping for some advice please. I have recently converted an old brick shed to a room in my house. Previous owners had a light in there so I kept out the wires so the fitting could be moved. I had an electrician come out to fit a new LED, it didn’t...
  13. K

    Advise on how to route Power supply for UFH on concrete slab

    We are replacing the flooring for the whole ground floor - it is a circa-2000-build house with concrete slab. We're taking the opportunity to put in UFH at the same time. As it is a retro-fit, we are going with electric to keep the floor raise to a minimum. Going with 150W/m2 heating - which...
  14. W

    Unsatisfactory EICR with C2 and FI, advise needed

    New to this forum. Just received the first EICR report which is unsatisfactory (C2 and FI issues below). The electrician quoted for another £300 for remedial work. Is this reasonable charge, or shall I get another quote? Thank you in advance for advice.
  15. Trevor48

    PIR override technical advise needed

    Hello I have purchased a new PIR to replace an old broken sensor. The old sensor had 3 terminals and the system was configured with an overridden switch. The new sensor has 4 terminals. LNAL I have two switched live wires and one neutral. Can I connect the override feed to the A terminal...
  16. A

    10mm² SWA to outhouse Advise needed Pls

    Hello Experts Need some advise please, due to getting conflicting information from electricians. Background info: 4 years ago done the whole house with an extention, new wiring and plumbing. The original builder left the job after 2 leaking roofs and a failed building inspection. Since then...
  17. E

    Can anyone advise how I can cut wire and put inside wall? What do I need to buy

    Had a kitchen unit with under light. Took down one unit and I have capped the electric and taped. How can I cut back the wire so that it can be pushed back into wall? What do I need to buy? Easy job to do?
  18. S

    Advise on electrical course

    Hi I am in Derby and want to do a part-time electrical course to train as electrician... currently I have a office job and I want to secure myself for future. Could you please advise any good places where I could do part time course like on evenings? Also what would be the best route to do...
  19. Richy_Reesr

    I am looking for advise.

    Hi, I am about to start a Domestic Electrical Installation course where I will sit the EAL Level 3 Qualification, “Building Regulations for Electrical Installations in Dwellings”, commonly referred to as Part ‘P’. Upon completion of the Part P, I will then go on to the course for The 18th...
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