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  1. W

    Is connector block allowed inside a fuse board?

    Hi all, wondering if someone can clarify this or refer me to a regulation regarding using connector block inside a Consumer Unit, I have some cables that are being moved the the RCD section of the CU but are too short and there is no practical way to get more length without making a mess. I’ve...
  2. mattg4321

    Sockets in a public place inside locked steel cabinet

    Been asked to supply 13a sockets to 2 positions round a sports facility. The expected load is small, but the length of cable run is fairly long. I’ll probably be using 10mm2 2core with the swa as cpc. They have had problems with kids etc gaining access after hours and fiddling with things etc...
  3. R

    Hi. I have an outside light which has a switch just inside the hallway. I am adding 2 more outside lights to be switched on using that same switch.

    Hi. I have an outside porch light which has a switch just inside the hallway. I am adding 2 more outside lights to be switched on using that same switch. I have ran 1mm cable from the switch line and neutral & earth to the new light and continued that to the 2nd new light. When I switch the...
  4. Dan

    Get Your Directory Listing Optimised by Dan via Forum Subscription Service (Examples Inside)

    Hi peeps, I've been working on listings on for a month or so now and we have a lot of listings, and a lot of them are ranking well in Google for their main search terms. I've just done this listing on here as an example, and we'll monitor it. But we...
  5. S

    Installing fibre from external man hole to inside building

    I currently have a large project coming up in which my company has asked me to install fibre into several buildings from external man holes, which will be dug out and installed by contractors. My intention on most is to come up the external wall using a security grade channelling from ground...
  6. H

    Can I charge this li ion battery in led lamp with 7.4V new charger? pics inside

    I really wanted to keep using my led lamp for my plants. So I bought a new charger. Altough I couldnt find a 8.4V charger, so I bought a universal charger. I tryed the setting on 7.5 Volt and I tested it for 5 min. But now I read on the internet that li ion batteries can explode and catch flames...
  7. C

    Kopex inside metal trunking

    Hi all, New to the forum, question regarding Band 1 and Band 2 segregation... So on a site I'm working on, installing access control system. Now the access control panels have designated metal trunking for all relevant cables being low voltage. The trunking is directly above the panels. The...
  8. D

    Industrial Permanent Diesel Generators Installed Inside a Building

    Do somone know requirements for Permanent Diesel Generators Installed Inside a Building ?
  9. J

    Backlight for inside of mirror

    Hi all, I'm fixing an old mirror, which has an old, broken, small strip light inside. The light shines through an opaque flower-shaped window on the front of the mirror. What could I put back in? We have an electric 230v cable in place for it. Any recommendations/website links much...
  10. peeko

    CPCs in wrong holes inside consumer unit...x8!

    Hi everyone, I've recently done some testing on some welfare trailers used on building sites on behalf of the rental company at their base. Mixture of fixed wire/PAT/FAT to make sure they're going out to the customer OK. I've done 8 so far and they were brought brand new 12 months ago and I've...
  11. Gavin John Hyde

    Inside a smart meter courtesy of Big Clive

    We have often discussed the innards of a smart meter on here and what they can and can't do. this video by bigclive might be of interest to a few on here. Its not exactly the done thing to go and poke about your own. The bit at the start showing the contacts that detect if the covers removed...
  12. A

    Clap on/off light switch that can be used inside a regular switch

    Has anyone done this before? Its a gimmick I know but I always wanted to do it. I can see some sound activated switches but nothing that specific to claps, unless its a DIY one. I dont see how a DIY clap switch can go into a wall.
  13. Gavin John Hyde

    Recommended bathroom extractor vents for fitting from inside

    Been asked to price up for a bathroom fan installation, nothing to out of the ordinary there, except the bathroom is on the 4th floor of a townhouse! add the basement area below and its a tad high. So clearly not going to use a ladder or hire a tower just for this job. There are quite a few fans...
  14. D

    Electrician External mains power inside house?

    Hi, Just looking for a bit of advice, we live in a semi, and the mains power runs along our neighbours wall (about half way up the house) and then goes into our consumer unit which is in the kitchen. We have just begun building a lean to extension, which effectively means that the mains power...
  15. S

    Photos of you van inside and out

    Hi all, Sorry of theres already a thread for this. Interested in how everyone has there van looking for storage, tools etc, looking for ideas Whitey
  16. Jack McKenna

    Warning Labels inside consumer unit lid

    I've just replaced a CU and about to sticker it up with the relevant notices but wondering if I can put them on the inside of the cover so that the unit looks neat and clean from the outside (it's above a TV in a living room). BS7671 states phrases like "in a prominent position at or near the...
  17. O

    Anyone know who made (makes) this?

    Pretty much as the title says. No markings of any use inside .... or outside... Thanks
  18. N

    Extending C/U circuits

    I appreciate this is a common situation when replacing a C/U and providng the C/U is not on display as such I have usually just added a junction box in the past to extend the circuit. Where there is sufficent space to extend a circuit inside a C/U I can't see any problem with using a wago...
  19. B

    Domestic Adding socket to radial

    Hi as above i currently have a Radial from CU in cupboard that powers one socket (powers 13a heater) outside the cupboard can i (DIY) add a new socket inside the cupboard between CU and existing socket? The intention to have a socket in that cupboard to power a chest freezer Thanks for any...
  20. Pat H

    Hot Tub Isolator switch

    Hot tub in a garden next to a wooden summer house. I need to add an isolator. Ideally it would go on the side of the summer house as the CU is just inside but that puts it closer than 2M of hot tub (isolator is IP65) The next option is inside the summer house but I'm less keen on that as the...
  21. T

    Crabtree Starbreaker M6 MCB BS3871 RCBO replacement?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any idea if these mcb's can be replaced with RCBO's in the Crabtree board?? Any help would be much appreciated, Many thanks.
  22. Soulsurfer

    Floor sensor tube / conduit

    Although prob easy question, I am installing my first heat mat and am wishing to make sure that the floor sensor is fitted right ! I have got some small tube that I'm pretty sure the sensor goes inside and protects it when it sits in chase in floor before self levelling goes down. But do you...
  23. Dan Brown

    Domestic earthing metal shed

    hi all just wondering what is the best way to earth my shed. The shed is the full metal type which they sell at screwfix 8ft x 6ft I've put a single light inside and one outside from fused connection units inside the shed, they run from another fcu which is a RCD FCU from my decking. so...
  24. Soulsurfer

    Adding PIR sensor to existing outside light.

    Hi I am needing to adjust a 1 way switched outside light at a house in a couple of days to switch 2 way possibly with an ip rated switch on the way to the front door as it's only switched 1 way from inside the porch at present. I'm just thinking of instead of an exterior switch of using a...
  25. G

    NVC LED strip light burning

    Has any one had a problem with NVC LED strip lights, I've had a few go of but never been burning that could of caught fire. It's a bit worrying as I've fitted a few of these over the last year.
  26. R

    Plastic 3 phase Rotary Isolator Earthing

    Hi All What method do you use for earthing armoured to armoured on a platic 3 phase rotary isolator? Assuming I will have one armoured on top of the isolator and one on the bottom. At the moment I use the banjos and on the inside of the isolator using an m6 bolt I'll lug the earth cable and...
  27. M

    Windhager boiler

    Hi found your forum because im looking for some help :mad2: i live in france and renovating a barn i installed speedfit underfloor heating and all speedfit sundries including the wiring centres jgh1 no problem this is where im stuck,i bought second hand windhager pellet boiler mod number bwe260...
  28. R

    Shower light on when shower not on?

    Hi, I've noticed my shower power light is on when the shower isn't in use, it's no-where near as bright, quite dim but flickering. After this shower has been used it doesn't happen. I have a couple of ideas, but would appreciate thoughts. Thanks.
  29. Y

    Security light.

    Hi all, I've just fitted a basic security light on my house wall with a automatic sensor. The problem that I've got is fitting the wires. I have connected the live neutral & earth as in the diagram. The problem I've got is that there is one more wire left which is yellow but not sure where this...
  30. A

    No cut-out fuse

    Hey all, just been doing some testing and in a block of flats all the CU's are fed from the hydro splitter box in the picture. in each flat, and this landlords cupboard, where there is a bs1361 100a fuse there is a label saying "solid link - Do not remove" how would you note this on the test...
  31. Kamikaze

    Is this the best Volkswagen commercial ever?

    Is this the best Volkswagen commercial ever? Stolen and dismantled BMW X6 squeezed inside a Volkswagen LT van, thief gets caught at border
  32. B

    prismatic diffusers

    having a debate onsite....changing some tubes in a 600x600 recessed fitting with a prismatic diffuser. I put the diffuser back in with the dimpled side up ( inside the fitting) and the smooth side down. Been told this wrong and that the smooth side should be inside the fitting because it easier...
  33. O

    Domestic Advice Please on Chandelier wiring fault

    My electrician is currently working at my home doing some general rewiring in an extension room. I had asked to also rewire two brass wall lights and a brass chandelier. They are old pices of equipment from 1970 and they have been in store here for eight years. He found that one of the wall...
  34. D

    main fuse not a bs 1361

    hi can someone tell me what fuse this is please. is it a bs88? thanks
  35. G

    solar iboost ct

    Hi all does anyone know any reason why i cant put a ct clamp inside the CU as the only other option is between supliers cut out and meter
  36. J

    Cooker Hob Isolation switch location

    Hello there I need to move an existing combined cooker switch/ 13 A socket in a new kitchen, as the hob will be directly below the existing location. There is not enough 6mm cable to allow me to move it around 50cm to the left of existing position. To avoid replacing the whole 6mm cable, one...
  37. H

    Mobile Unit install - Cable

    Installing sockets in a mobile unit/vehicle. Was going to use T&E but just looked in regs and it says bs6004 "flexible cables should be used". In regards to flexible cables am I right in presuming it must actually be flex cable or should T&E be sufficient? Also installing a mains socket inlet...
  38. J

    Separating 2 gang light switch into 2x 1 gang

    Hello I currently have a 2 gang light switch, but due to the style of light switches we plan to replace it with, I need to separate it into 2 individual switches. My concern is that the wiring going into the current back box will not be long enough to connect to a second switch off to the...
  39. S

    bad workmanship??!

    Hi lads, just had a look at some wiring done in a friends bathroom. All looks good apart from elec rad..... Feed to flex output for rad in 1.5mm [email protected] but the feed to the rcd fuse spur (outside of bathroom next to skt)is 0.75 flex. Not seen this before, is it ok? Rad is 400w Cheers
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