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  1. F

    UK Best route to get part p

    Hi people noobie here. OK Im a fully qualified JIB approved 2391 and 18th Edition. Fed up with the big sites, so going it alone. Seems I need part P, which whislt I grimmace at the thought of possibly more training that I dont need. It seems I must have it, and all these checkatrade type of...
  2. R

    Route to Approved Electrician From Elec bias Maintenance Engineer

    Hi All, I hope this ok/right place to post. I’m currently a maintenance engineer in the food and beverage industry. I do help out a few qualified electrician mates every now and then when they are mad busy. We have spoke about the prospect of going into business together. So I have completed...
  3. PEG

    Halle-flippin-luyah...the AVO835 is on route...

    At last,after a period of one year's worth of excuses,from Megger,the long awaited AVO835 is actually available:D After being allowed a play with one,a long while back,they did not release it for sale,and had run out of viable reasons for evading my money. I have allowed a short period of...
  4. B

    Wiring In a Shed, advice needed on SWA route

    Hi All, I have a couple of questions regarding running SWA cable between the Internal House CU and The Shed New CU. The shed is basically being used as a home office and as such has a 6A lighting circuit and 16A Circuit for Socket outlets. Will be running a couple of computers and Monitors...
  5. J

    Route to becoming certified electrification.

    HI All, I am planning a career change and wanted some advice. I want to work my way to become a fully certified domestic and commercial installer. My practical experience is minimal as in I have helped electricians on jobs, this was ad hoc and not regular. I am confident at general DIY and...
  6. W

    Trainee Route into being a sparky

    Hi All, I'm considering a career change into being an electrician and wanted to gather peoples thoughts on what is the best route into the trade that delivers most bang for the buck. I've been offered an eight week course for £7000 in South London which will give me my part P and 18th...
  7. W

    Trainee Researching route into being an Electrician

    Hi all, just joined and wanted to say hi.
  8. A

    Lighting circuit junction box

    Hi guys I’m looking on carrying out a rewire in my property in the next coming weeks and I am currently sussing out the existing cable routes etc. I noticed both the upstairs and downstairs lighting circuits are fed from the consumer unit to a junction box. from this junction box there’s is a...
  9. D

    2 questions - Existing ring main mapping, and rules on spurs

    Hi Just getting started with a view to DIY electrics on my house extension in a few months time, and ideally would like to map out the current circuits so I can plan the best way to join up, or where new circuits may be required etc. 2 Questions I reckon I can do some DIY non-live testing of...
  10. J

    Career change, Commercial & Domestic Electrician Training Route advice??

    Hi there, I am actively seeking a career change as an Electrician. Other than wiring up sockets and light switches that I taught myself using a book (old school) ! I have no experience or formal training. I have enquired with several training companies now for a complete start from the bottom...
  11. Iain Kay

    Which route would you take here for trunking at CU?

    I've been looking at a route to run mini trunking (16x25) from CU to a cupboard and from there on to another room. Got most of the route planned in terms of getting from the room to the cupboard and from the cupboard to hall ceiling. Now I'm looking at options to get from the ceiling down to...
  12. T

    Advise on c&g 2365 Electrician route please.

    Hi everyone. I am new here. I completed my L3 c&g 2365 in 2014. I have not practised since then and have decided to finish off what I started. I hope I have taken the right route... I just registered for ECS H&S and intend following up with 17th edition. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  13. littlespark

    Using chimney as cable route?

    I'm going to look at a job on Monday and I'm not sure if there's any regulations that I need to think about. The job is to install a wall mounted TV on a chimney breast, with the sky box and bluray player installed in the fireplace. Now obviously the fire isn't in use, and the homeowners are...
  14. D

    Escape route in dwellings fire clips and best methods

    So have been trying to find the best method for containment of multiple cables above escape routes in dwellings (hidden in the ceilng) the little red pre fixed fold over clips look like a pain in the ass. Was wondering if there is a better method (similar to the conventional clips) and If...
  15. P

    Route to become electrical installer

    Hi all, Quick back ground info. I did a BTEC electronic and electrical at college then went into the airforce to gain my apprenticeship in electrical and avionics engineering. So by trade I'm an aircraft electrician. I left and am now on electrical maintenance in the automotive industry. My dad...
  16. J

    Recommended way to route DC to outdoor cameras?

    Hi all, I'm having a think about how to neatly route 12v DC inside two rooms to two outdoor cameras. Camera one is mounted up high, approximately level with the ground of the first floor so it's just a case of drilling a hole straight through from the outside to the inside. I have two ideas...
  17. N

    NVQ 3 or JTL? What route would suit my skill set better?

    I finished my Level 3 diploma at college last year and am wondering what would be the best path for me to take for the next step. Its taken from last June for my college to get back to me re: the NVQ so i dont have much confidence in their organisation of the next part for me but as far as i...
  18. mwigham85

    Fireproof Supports in escape routes.

    Hi Guys, Does a hallway in a dwelling class as an escape route for this Reg or is it just shared access escape routes that this Reg covers? thanks
  19. mwigham85

    Supporting cables in an escape routes

    Hi Guys, Quick question can you add cables to existing PVC trunking in escape routes without fire proof support if your coming off an existing circuit within the PVC trunking? Regards Mike
  20. T

    Hello and advice please

    Hello, my name is Tim, I am looking to become an domestic installer doing a fast track course mainly for doing bits in my own home and helping out family and friends. I do eventually want to become a REAL electrician studing level 2&3 then nvq. All the best to everyone out there and thanks for...
  21. J

    Looking for advice

    Hi Forum, At the ripe old age of 42 I have decided that I would like to re-train as an electrician. Yawn, another one they say. Based on the understanding that I've got at least another 25 years work in me, it doesn't feel too late to make a change. Obviously, considering my age, I am looking...
  22. F

    1st year training coming to an end what next?!!? Please help...

    Hi Guys, Been a member for nearly a year now reading post but now i need some advise if possible. I started my full time electrician job last September and started a college course December so i am coming to the end of city & guilds level 2 diploma in electrical installations 2365. When i...
  23. S


    Hi Guys, 46 yrs old x joiner/IT looking to change jobs and move into Electrical work. Considering private training course for City & Guilds 2365 Course Level 2 & 3 Diploma Done quite a lot of wiring in the past amongst other things. Like most sadly I cant afford 3yrs collage and wondering if I...
  24. B

    Advice on becoming a Chartered Engineer

    Hi All Just seeing if anyone on here knew or has experienced becoming a chartered engineer from being a fully qualified spark. Not really sure which is best, degree or diploma route? Any advice is welcomed thanks
  25. R

    Testing and comissioning

    Hi all, so I have been working for an electrical company for several years now and every test we do Is covered by our employer under the nic eic. I have also acquired private work mainly family and friends, my question is how do I go about testing and certificating? being nvq level 3...
  26. S


    Hi guys.. Can an anybody advise to my best route to becoming fully qualified. I completed my 2330 level 2 a couple of years ago and have 4 years experience in the industry. Looking to get my gold card.. many thanks matt
  27. B

    City & Guilds 2365

    Hi first post on here i need some advice please.. i have been in the industry for 25 years plus working for various contractors, experienced in every type of installs inc commercial industrial etc. i went self employed 10 years ago and joined Niceic as a full scope domestic installer. i have...
  28. N

    HELP NEEDED! Suggestions for change of job due to injury

    Thanks to a head injury sustained a couple of years ago, I have developed vertigo and unable to get more than 10/15 ft off the ground without feeling sea sick and needed to ask advice about suitable jobs?! I've worked as an electrical improver for 10yrs on and off and have also done a bit of...
  29. P

    Leaving the trade

    I don't know if any of you are in the same boat. I'm seriously considering leaving the trade all together, everybody wants to cut costs and its killing me! I don't even work for myself, I really feel for those of you fighting to win work. After being made to carry out a 4hr unpaid round trip...
  30. C

    Domestic Cooker circuit

    Been asked to quote for new cooker supply. The only practical route is to run cable outside the house. SWA seems over kill for cooker circuit. Not got full watts of cooker yet. All I know they have told need 40A breaker. Was thinking of running 10.0mm cable in conduit. Because the run is 30m...
  31. G

    Parallel Supplies

    Is there amything wrong with having a parallel supply, that will consist of 2 different size cables? for examples say cable 1 = 25mm, cable 2 = 10mm. To give a 35mm
  32. B

    Confused which one? ATL OLCI which code for city & guilds?

    Have looked at ATL, but some seem quite negative towards them so have decided to go with OCLI Thing is I am reading lots of different codes from different dated post and just want to make sure I am about to head down the right route. Can not get this wrong as I am retraining as I am fed up with...
  33. R

    Hello and training help please

    Hello to all, my name is Rob. I'm currently working full time (4 long days, not as a trade person) and the future isn't looking bright for the company so looking to train in a complete different career path. I'm looking at the college route doing the new 2365 level 2 and 3 then jumping over...
  34. G

    pressure pad switching

    Hi guys ive been asked to provide small lights on a staircase that turn on via a pressure pad on the bottom step and top step, 2 wayed. ive looked about online and cant find anything suitable, anyone know what i can do? cheers guys.
  35. U

    Installation or Maintenance route?

    Hi, Colleagues! I need some help to make a decision. The thing is: I completed 2330 Lev2 (Electrical Maintenance) recently, but to carry on on level 3 I need to wait untill the group fill up, which is unacceptable option for me. So my college suggest me to go on 2330 lev3 (Installation:Building...
  36. D

    Domestic Concealed cable

    I've got to route some 4mm TnE cable out the middle of an internal wall and up to a safe zone. For the part of that route which is not in a safe zone I'm looking to provide mechanical protection (reg 522.6.6) through earthed armouring (something like...
  37. T

    Thoughts of 4g Outdoor Socket Outlets - are there any?

    Hi all, I've been looking to get hold of a 4g outdoor socket box with an appropriate IP rating (54 - 66) & 30mA RCD - I only seem to be able to find 2g options or weatherproof boxes that hold an extension lead, which I 'd prefer not to use. The requirements from the client are to supply 2...
  38. G

    Which training route to take?

    Hi all, I am after a bit of advice, to give a bit a of background i am currently in the army (logistics for 7 years) and am looking to come out and re-train as a spark, i am undecided which training route to take. There is a 20 week intensive course running in Dartford (Not A Chance) which...
  39. S

    Remote 2 way switching help needed.

    Hello all, Been asked to convert single way 4 gang lighting in a warehouse to 2 way. The set up at the moment is 4 single gang grid switches operating 1 relay each which turns on a bank of hi bay lights, there are 4 banks of hi bays. Customer wants me to fit 2 way switching to other...
  40. P

    Sole Trader-Taking On Extra Labour

    As the title reads, how do you employ someone to help at busy periods. Are there any forum members who can offer some guidance on how to hire temporary labour, I am a sole trader so seeking advice on insurances, payment and any other points that are required etc. Any advice would be grately...
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