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  1. A

    Coronavirus self employed payment

    Anyone else not happy with 80% of profit payments to self employed, as this only covers sub contractors and not a one man band with overheads.
  2. E

    UK Contra charges after non payment

    Hi all. New here, just a question if any one has had a similar experience. Halfway through a small domestic rewire, builder wouldn’t pay so long story short, had to take to court, awarded my way, but builder refused to pay still. Got bailiff involved, builder paid and I haven’t been asked to go...
  3. James

    Can't Pay you Excuses

    I have just been reading and responding to a post all about how to accept payment. It got me thinking about all the reasons why people couldn't pay me as agreed. my standard terms are end of month plus 10 days and probably 60% of my invoices get paid within those terms. 30% under two months...
  4. P

    How do you accept payment?

    Hi there! My name is Pierre, I am new to this forum. I created an account as I am a starting my freelance career as electrician and I am struggling to get paid in time as my clients say bank transfer is a hurdle. They ask me if I could accept cash or take the card, but I don't want to pay any...
  5. T

    Pre payment meter for landlords product search???

    Hi all your favourite poster again. So asked to supply four/five pre-payment meters for landlord in revamp from bedsits to four flats. Large building. So far looked at JSG products which involve a card with various values charged up by the JSG for £5-10-20-50, sell them to the tenants and return...
  6. L

    Domestic Pre Payment meter at fault?

    Hi hope someone can give me some advice on what to do I think I'm being overcharged according to my supplier I'm using 6300 KWH a year costing me around £60 a month on electric I have no electric heaters on its all gas no electric shower all i have running is my pc 24/7 and tv on most hours...
  7. N

    Xero Late Payment Research

    On Sky News now Xero are suggesting that recent research they have carried out is stating that three quarters of small business are owed money outside of their payment terms. Well I definitely fall into that 100%. It would be nice for a government to bring in legislation of some kind to stop...
  8. D

    Getting payment out of companies for work done

    I do the books for an electrician. He has four or five lads that are subbies. However he struggles getting paid by companies... constantly, but he needs the work. How do you get them to pay on time ?
  9. S

    Agencies not paying please add

    Hi guys There's a page been setups on Facebook to share names of agencie that don't pay Se connecter à Facebook | Facebook - https://www.------------/groups/132250190680832/
  10. N

    Unpaid Invoices & Paying Suppliers

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a bit of advice from anyone who may have been in similar situation, at one time or another. I'm a one man band, I've been set up as a limited company since I started in 2015. I had been doing a lot of work for a big contractor at the tail end of last year, I have...
  11. W

    Invoice help!!

    Hey guys... I have just started my own company and I was wondering if anyone could help me on a invoice design. The type of invoice I was thinking of was a letter type... What's best?
  12. S

    Customer not paying advice please

    I have completed work for a letting agency for a few years now. One of my recent jobs I carried out an EICR on a rented property which then failed on a number of inspections also a number of code 3 inspects. I then emailed an estimate to the letting company to then forward on to the landlord...
  13. tosh1

    Domestic "mk switch exchange"

    MK SWITCH EXCHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :banghead: Is anyone else having this nightmare trying to get a payment out of the company. They were very quick in offering a call out fee to check switch but its like getting blood out of a...
  14. L

    Domestic safe holding accounts

    Thanks in advance. I have been asked to do a new build for a family but there is major problems with planning to a point the whole place may be forced to be pulled down. I have no problem doing the job but I need to secure the final payment. Is there any accounts out there where the customer...
  15. L

    EICR Payments

    We are currently in dispute with a customer who has not paid for any EICR certificate's we have provided. The first batch(12) were forwarded with the invoice for the cert and remedial works required to gain a satisfactory certificate. The second batch was invoice only and no certificate. Their...
  16. M

    customer not willing to pay

    Hi everybody, I need some advice. I've done some rewiring work to a cafeteria, where I finished 10 days ago. After completion I send them an invoice - no reply. So after a week I send them few messages and an email asking about a date when they will pay. No replay. I send them another email...
  17. sjhall

    Megger LT320

    Megger lt320 loop tester, very good condition, all leads and case etc £110 posted
  18. calpol91

    Customer is asking for hob to be fired up and put on the cert?

    ive just had a text from my customer which follows: Cal, you need to power up the hob mate, first thing in the morning, its part of your remit, should be on the cert, see you there. Weve just finished a full rewire there, all tested, all good and passed, hob working, (its electric FYI) certs...
  19. L

    mobile payment terminals?

    Morning fellas Anybody got a mobile payment terminal to take debit card details ? Any details on which is best and their costs? Thanks
  20. S

    Bits for Sale

    Seaward MFT with Cert of conformity - unused £250 50m Wander lead - unused £30 Super Rod Mega set - unused £50 The new Tech LC Veto Pro Pac unused - £90 Cheers
  21. T

    ELECSA Certification Scheme elecsa direct debit?

    just received my pack from elecsa and it states they will not issue certification unless i set up a direct debit, a bit peed off as this has cost me enough as it is. also how am i supposed to know if i want to trade next year or continue being with them. is this normal? it seems like not only...
  22. L

    Customer won't pay.

    Hello, Can anyone suggest the best possible way of getting the money back off a customer who won't pay? It's a conservatory company we worked for installing all the power for it. It's been ongoing since February and I have took a very down to earth approach about claiming the money back.I...
  23. N

    Customer payments

    Have been toying with the idea of getting and using a sim card payment machine and wanted to know if anyone else using yet and of any downsides of it. Poor cashflow is the main killer to a lot of small companies, more so in a slow time of year. I know banks keep saying cheques are going (can't...
  24. P

    Advice needed for non-paying customer

    Hi, This is my first post on the forum, and I was wondering if anyone could advise me of the best course of action to take against a customer who is unable to pay me. I am a self employed electrician working mainly on domestic and commercial. Back in June 2011 I was contacted by a local guy...
  25. C

    Customers paying up front

    Hi Just had a nice job accepted but the customer will not pay ballance of materials as per REAL terms until the goods are delivered on site. They will however pay 20 % deposit. Should I tell them to shove it where the PV doesnt work or change my contract accordingly so they pay ballance of...
  26. A

    Dodgy Customer

    I am writing to warn you about Easy Services 24hr. They run a service company supplying electricians, plumbers etc to commercial companies and they use local trades people to provide this service. I carried out a job with them on 9th April and I am still chasing them for payment. each time I...
  27. O

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa Annual Fee

    Through my letter box yesterday dropped my renewal letter from Elecsa - money is tight at the moment, so I called them to see if they have any "payment schemes" Yes the lady said, pay your annual fee now, then pay your following years payments monthly, so at the end of the year your next...
  28. G

    Domestic Non paying customer - what are my rights??

    Hello all, I'm in a bit of a complicated situation and can't believe in the current climate that there isn't anyone else out there who has experienced something similair. I recently completed a rewire for a small building contractor, whom I have worked for previously with no problem but...
  29. J

    best way to keep track od small jobs

    Whats the best way to keep track of small jobs? Alot of small jobs are hard to keep a track of to weather you've been paid or not. Especially if you are doing 4 or 5 jobs a day! Any ideas for making it easier? Thanks, Jason
  30. A

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC legal advice? Anyone Know?

    Does anyone know if I'm entitled to any legal advice/support from NICEIC? I finished a rewire+c/u change of 3-bed terraced house just before xmas. Because there was a 7 month pregnant lady in the house allthe time, I did it all while keeping the existing installation going, cleaned and tidied...
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