1. E

    UK Single meter suppplying 2 properties?

    New to the forum and first-time poster! Currently trying to confirm what the top meter (circled) in the photos supplies? To me, it seems the meter tails enter the connector block and then there are two outputs coming from the block - one to the top isolation switch and one to the lower...
  2. E

    UK Is this electricity meter wired correctly?

    Hello, Last year we started getting really high readings over the colder months (we'd expected this but not 5x the amount of electricity being used) We contacted a family friend who was an engineer who said that our meter is incorrectly wired up. We then spoke to our energy provider with this...
  3. A

    Faulty meter ?

    Hi, I recently bought a house with only electricity and no gas. The provider is British Gas. The thing is that the 6th digit in the meter is going up every second regardless of any appliance on or off. It went from 153623 to 155054 in about 14 minutes. ( The details on the meter : Telemeter...
  4. E

    Will any suppliers still fit a standard meter?

    I'm a homeowner. My flat came with a prepayment meter. I was due to get it changed by Green Network Energy. I even specifically chose them because they would fit a standard meter and not a smart meter... Anyway, Covid and a company going bust later I still have a prepayment meter. I'm with...
  5. D

    How does variable electricity tariff work

    This might sound like a stupid question but if someone was on a variable electricity tariff and they didn't have a smart meter, and let's say the electricity was cheaper at night between 6pm to 11pm. How would the electricity provider know how much electricity you used at night so they could...
  6. B

    UK Earthing a mechanical coin prepayment meter on a TT

    I'm a rusty 16th edition retired spark. At home I'm aiming to send power to my outbuilding for a couple of lights and one 13A socket. I have a few people that come informally & use my outbuilding to keep & look after their animals. They could do with some light to see by, and maybe the facility...
  7. M

    Gas meter in cupboard and electric outlet proximity

    Hello, I just hired an electrician to check and move an electric outlet to go under the TV in a cupboard adjacent to a gas meter, they did do it (attached pic). I was assured it was legal and safe (now not entirely convinced because of what I read about 1.5m rule). So if anyone could advice...
  8. Weezy

    UK RCD protection to Meter Tails?

    About 20Meters of 25mm meter tails are routed though the floor boards feeding a sub main. To protect the tails under the floor i was going to fit a Mini Metal Unit with RCD protection Fused at 50A at the mains position, Just wanted to check to ensure it’s a 30ma ‘S Type’ RCD i need? As the c.u...
  9. P

    which is the possitive cable on a smet 2 meter

    Hi all im retired now so wouldnt mess about with anything to do with the dno, a few months ago octopus installed a smet 2 meter i have a 3.6kw solar array a lux and pylontech batteries been having problems with the lux since they fitted the meter and with the covid situation which i understand...
  10. xylophone

    Meter tail grommets

    Can the hive mind tell me where I can source the meter tail grommets that pack a 16mm insulated/sheathed tail up to 25mm? The Henley block knockouts are for 25mm cable and I want to maintain the IP rating for existing 16mm. I may use heatshrink as a solution but I know these things exist...
  11. D

    Domestic Meter Tails, recessed box

    Hi all, Waiting for a bashing here, but it's something I haven't had to do until now so looking for advice on the best way to approach this. I've been asked to replace a consumer unit for a customer but the existing meter box is recessed in the exterior wall - not uncommon I know, but not...
  12. J

    Any Smart meter fitters in the forum ?

    I’ve been looking at fitting smart meters as an option and I was wondering if anyone here had any input. thanks in advance
  13. S

    Protection of Meter Tails and Length

    Good Afternoon All, I have just completed a Periodic test on a house and have a question about the meter tails. The house is 14 years old so has 25mm meter tails. The CU is in the garage and the meter box is around 7m away on an external wall as you'd expect. Looking at it, I imagine that the...
  14. D

    Another lovely old test meter... love These old meters
  15. F

    A new smart meter is tripping RCD for 7 hours every night & I have a theory

    Hi guys I have this problem that I've been trying to figure out all week. On friday I had a 5 tail economy 7 smart meter installed and every night at 2 am the RCD trips and you cant reset it until 9 am so the problem is obviously to do with the off peak supply coming on. Theres only 1 rcd for...
  16. W

    Mechanical protection for meter tails

    Does anyone know if there is a product for protecting mains tails in walls apart from conduit? In sure ive seen stainless steel capping or something similiar that can be earthed and is drill bit resistant?
  17. C

    25mm Meter Tails

    Afternoon, Quick question. I’ve been to a job earlier to find a fault, but this connection was at the main switch. The first set of tails come from the meter and the second set are down to another duel RCD board. Looks doggers. Checked the Schneider manufacturing instructions and I was...
  18. B

    Meter tails over 3m

    Hi all, Just doing a newbuild where the DB will be about 8m from the cut out/meter box. 25mm tails run in conduit on the surface of the outside wall then direct through the wall to the DB inside the house. DNO have provided a (non-fused) isolator in the meter cupboard after their 100A cut out...
  19. Vortigern

    Who knew? You have to connect your own energy suppliers meter

    Extraordinary day. Five hours on the phone with SSE (is it me?) Trying to get new supply connected. Meter already there just need connecting/energising. Yesterday arranged 8:30 a.m. next day connection (today). Engineer attended and informed me; "you have to connect these meters yourself we...
  20. D

    Allen key screws on meter equipment

    Can anyone remind me what size Allen key is usually required for Hex meter screws ?