1. K

    For Sale Fluke 345 PQ Clamp Meter

    Selling my Fluke 345 PQ Clamp Meter New Entire Kit With Case, making it the perfect addition to any industrial or testing environment. Price: $2,000
  2. S

    Bonding within 600mm of gas meter.

    Have seen several threads on here regarding battles with gas engineers and sparks re the above.The regs state the the earth clamp shall be fitted within 600mm where "practicable",but then goes on to state before any branches in the pipework.Should the word practicable also apply to any branches...
  3. A

    Can you buy electric Meters

    Hi everyone I wondered if you can use a meter in the garage to monitor how much electricity is being used? (The garage has SWA and a CU with RCBO’s and SPD fitted) If so would you place it before the CU or after? Any recommendations on what/which to buy please? Cheers (I’m converting my...
  4. peter le grand

    Leakage Clamp Meter Kyoritsu 2432 or Uni-T UT251

    I am considering a leakage clamp meter for use at my house. I am connected to the grid and have a separate solar setup. I live in Thailand where electrical installations aren't perfect. I have the feeling that one of the issues is leakage. So to further analyse I am considering a leakage clamp...
  5. B

    Installing an energy meter on a ring main

    Hi guys, I have a client who wants to install meters on every power circuit in order to monitor energy consumption etc. Just wondering if there is a specific method to wire up such a configuration on ring mains? As far as I can tell, I'd need to come out of the RCBO to the meter, and then have...
  6. timhoward

    £0 Pre-pay meter and EICR

    I have an new set of circs here... Landlord in Cyprus EICR needed in empty flat. No credit on meter. Need power for Ze (TNCS) and RCD test at minimum. New pre-pay smart meter was installed after last tenant left. This one needs a code entering, not the much simpler pre-pay token thing. No sign...
  7. M

    Can I use 16mm t+e Instead of meter tails as the board is miles away from the meter

    Client has had a meter installed for a new consumer unit in their shop they are looking to rent out the spare space for a barber shop so they want it to have its own meter the meter was installed miles away from the consumer unit would I just use a Henley block or a main switch and use 16mm T&E...
  8. M

    Meter Swap over - CT Question

    Morning all, Really hoping to get some advice / confirm what a few of us are thinking about a job in the future. Back ground - We have to swap over existing 3 phase meters on DBs throughout a building, however due to the nature of the clients work we are unable to kill the supply to each board...
  9. D

    spd in meter box?

    Client needs an SPD fitting but no room in c/u or adjacent. Best bet looks like a parallel connection into the tail blocks in the meter cabinet with an adjacent 'standalone unit' ie with overcurrent protection. Anybody done this? Any reason I shouldn't? Is it ok to use board PEN connection...
  10. T

    Help re new 3ph 200KVA supply CT meter provision

    Hi all, So my factory needs more power, currently 100A/3p (70KVA) => 400A/3p (200KVA) UKPN wont upgrade existing supply and are insisting on new supply, not a problem as such and is ordered. They are specifying a CT Meter will be required, again not a particular surprise. What I cannot fathom...
  11. M

    Long extension between meter and consumer unit

    I am planning to go semi off grid with a victron and battery system. The system will be installed in an out building about 20 meters away from where my consumer unit and meter currently is. I need to run the grid power from my meter to the out building to the victron inverter, but then also...
  12. J

    UK Meter tail extension…

    Hi all, Customer has an extension and this compromises existing meter position, DNO is extending incomer and putting meter box on a different wall further away. The back side of the new position is the existing house which they don’t want to disturb, so I can’t run the tails inside the existing...
  13. S

    What is this box to the left of my electrical meter?

    Hi all, Very much a novice when it comes to electrics. Anyway, we're getting an EV chargepoint installed, but before we do, I was wondering what exactly is the small box to the left of the electric meter in this picture? It is connected to the meter and then is also connected to the consumer box.
  14. G

    test meter choice

    Hi, I currently have a Megger 1730 v1 which is fine for all functions except the 2 wire (L-E) no trip loop test, (no 3 wire loop test on my 1730). It is absolutely useless as the site where I work has a noisy electrical supply (probably due to harmonic distortion, numerous large inverter...
  15. D

    EV chargers installed direct to meter box - is it really wrong?

    On another forum for general EV chat this question comes up all the time. It's very common to install a charger taking the supply direct from the meter box via a secondary box and suitable protection installed within the meter box. Reasons to do this appear quite sensible: 1) Often far easier...
  16. K

    1 Meter and 2 flats

    Hi everyone, a landlord is converting a house into two flats and wants a separate consumer unit for both flats upstairs and downstairs. He also does not want a private meter but a separate meter so they both get separate Bills. Its not a simple job of henley block and split supplies as...
  17. W

    UK 3 Phase Smart Meter EDMI ES -30 B Install

    3 Phase Smart Meter EDMI ES -30 B Install I have a question regarding the potential replacement of my existing EON supplied ELSTER A1140 3 phase meter which is currently providing E10 switching times for our all electric home. The house has an old electric storage boiler and the system is...
  18. sythai

    Gas meter 'vs' SWA cable proximity

    Hi Guys Would I be correct in thinking an electric cable can be as close as 25mm to a gas meter ? (not that I'd ever be that close out of choice) Or is it the 150mm reg as with proximity to consumer units, sockets, accessories... Had a quick scan in my on-site guide but not so clear - been a...
  19. J

    3 phase meter problem

    Hi there, I built a house with ground source heating 5 years ago and it's a fairly large house so I have 3 phase supply 80 amps per phase. I had a regular meter it was a Elster A1140. I read this every month on the 1st and logged the readings so I have a good idea of my usage patterns. Ground...
  20. sanasanasana

    Could my meter be wired up wrong?

    Hello everyone In September 2023 I rented a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment, with all electric supply, no gas powered appliances. I noted down the initial meter reading which was 81677. This was on the 23rd of September. On the EPC rating certificate I was given by the lettings agency, the...


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