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  1. R

    Cost to replace the base pipe at the meter?

    I was just told by my electric company that I need to replace the base pipe at the meter. What kind of cost am I looking at to do this? My power is surging in and out. Unfortunately, I just had a massive basement emergency project that sucked up all my emergency funds so I will have to wait on...
  2. C

    Domestic Difference in amperage though household meter question

    Hi, I have just joined as I have a non urgent but nagging question...hope you guys can give me peace of mind! Thank in advance. I have just checked the amperage coming in on the meter tails prior to the meter (Between the main fuse and the old style dial meter) this is 0.85 amps. However the...
  3. L

    Domestic Gas & Electric Meter - Same Cupboard?

    So just been to view a new place as me and the brood are on need of a bigger place and noticed a few things that concerned me, unfortunately I didn't think to get piccies; As title, gas and electric meter share the same cupboard and are more or less on top each other - Regs regarding this are...
  4. Vortigern

    Pre payment meter for landlords product search???

    Hi all your favourite poster again. So asked to supply four/five pre-payment meters for landlord in revamp from bedsits to four flats. Large building. So far looked at JSG products which involve a card with various values charged up by the JSG for £5-10-20-50, sell them to the tenants and return...


    I am looking at buying an earth leakage clamp meter AMECaL ST-9810 (£59) or a Megger DCM305E (on offer at £194). The only use will be mainly domestic fault finding. Any opinions will be most welcome.
  6. Bobby34

    Good mid range earth leakage clamp meter

    Could anybody reccommend a good earth leakage clamp meter, specifically one that measures low mA's to find any small earth leakage current that may cause nuisance tripping? Megger is my usual go to but don't want to fork out more than around the £100 mark if I'm able to get something pretty...
  7. L

    Domestic Pre Payment meter at fault?

    Hi hope someone can give me some advice on what to do I think I'm being overcharged according to my supplier I'm using 6300 KWH a year costing me around £60 a month on electric I have no electric heaters on its all gas no electric shower all i have running is my pc 24/7 and tv on most hours...
  8. V

    consumption meter for 3 phase

    hi does anyone know if there is a product please that i can use to meter a 3 phase supply (not current drawn at the time, but one which will continue to add up the current used on each phase). I am after one which will just simply clamp onto the tails rather than hard wire one in. Even if i get...
  9. F

    Overtightening Meter Terminals

    Hello guys and girls I was wondering if you have any advice to give to a meter installer. I’m often worried about over-tightening terminals inside the meter. How easy is it to break the strands on 16mm copper or 25mm? I tighten the terminal until I can’t tighten them anymore. But I’d this right...
  10. D

    Domestic Gas meter earth bonding

    When running the 10mm Main Protective bonding to the Gas in a semi recessed gas meter box, how do you enter the box with the cable? The reason I am asking is: 1) The pipe sleeve for the gas pipe can not contain the earth as it is not 25mm separation. (yes I know it will attach to the pipe...
  11. D

    16mm meter tails, long run

    Hello all, I am working on a property & they need the consumer unit changed. The slight problem i have is the tails are on 16mm. But the meter is approx 10-12m (tail length) from consumer unit location. Is this length permissible. There is a KMF at the meter but the customer does not want the...
  12. N

    Testing Electricity Meters

    I have been asked by the owner of a caravan site to go round and check all the meters onsite to make sure they are working properly. Has anybody been asked to do this before? What is the best way to test them? I was thinking to plug something in which has a big load and watch the numbers going...
  13. C

    Meter tail upgrade what the hell

    UKPN came out for a client as I suggested they have their supply upgraded to 100a. My new tails are 25mm from the consumer side of the service double pole isolators. What I can’t understand is that UKPN won’t upgrade the head because the tails which I cannot touch (between the bottom service...
  14. N

    Voltage on gas meter

    Not been on for long while, so hello again, but just walked in and got a call, person had gas leak, whilst being repaired they tested gas meter and had. 230v from live to gas meter. Disconnected sup bonding and still had 230. It’s TT system, anyone came across before.
  15. M

    Meter Accuracy - leakage

    Hi Guys Yes, me again, heres the scenario, customer calls in and they say the property is empty and there has been some units recorded on the meter, we install a check meter and shows the meter to be accurate. I have heard of electrical leakage, not sure if thats the right way to describe it...
  16. G

    Earth leakage clamp meter

    Anyone got one they recommend. Looking to spend upto £120. Would like micro Amp resolution if possible single digit milli Amp a must. Ta muchly. Edit: only looking at testing appliances and 240V circuits. (did a search but no conclusive answers found)
  17. A

    Domestic Dual consumer unit and meter move

    Hello everyone, This is my first post. I live in a semi detached timber frame type house. I am taking down a non supporting wall/ cupboard in my sitting room which will give me an extra 1mt x 3 mt of space. Unfortunately in the cupboard there is the electrical meter, fuse box and storage heater...
  18. rolyberkin

    Meter Fitting Legal Position?

    My sister has bought a building plot and I have fitted a temp supply, Western Power have fitted the head but Scottish Power cocked up didn’t turn up. They are now saying they will be fitting the meter earliest on the 3rd May? They move into the caravan on site next Wednesday! Anyone know the...
  19. S

    Dodgy meter move, how to fix?

    Hi all I have just bought an old house. At some point in the past someone moved the meter and consumer unit from their original position next to the incoming head (?) to about 8m away, using pyro cable. There is also a 60A fuse next to the meter. I don't know what size the fuse in the head is...
  20. bigspark17

    British gas smart meter no power

    I have a customer with a bg smart meter. The meter has £16 credit but no power coming out of meter to consumer unit. Anyone had issues like this? Trying to get to speak to a bg advisor is a nightmare. Help please :)