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  1. sanasanasana

    Could my meter be wired up wrong?

    Hello everyone In September 2023 I rented a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment, with all electric supply, no gas powered appliances. I noted down the initial meter reading which was 81677. This was on the 23rd of September. On the EPC rating certificate I was given by the lettings agency, the...
  2. pirate

    Can anyone help me with identifying this meter?

    This is a pic of my electricity meter for my Spanish apartment. I can cycle through the screens using the orange button, however I am trying to find an identifying "Meter Number" so I can go to the electricity supplier to arrange a change of payment method. Any clues gratefully received!
  3. L

    DNO fitted New Incomer etc . How long can we expect for supplier to fit new meter etc . ?

    DNO ripped out antique main incomer/breaker .The guy hated us and himself and everyone else by the end of the job ! . Client going to contact supplier and ask for new meter .Old consumer is beyond dangerous .So whole flat will be rewired etc .I just want to strap in a DP isolator and "garage...
  4. C

    Professional reverse polarity installer

    Hey guys I want to be an electrician but am currently only allowed to pull a main fuse and fit meters and ancillary devices/switchgear. I am looking to the future to a day when I can legally remove the cover of a CU.
  5. OnlQQker

    First I've Heard About These Screw In Meter Tail Connectors...

    Bit like those things you see clamped onto a water mains when people add an outside tap. Just a lot more dangerous by the looks of it on the electrical front...
  6. Rahi99

    UK Hi am just really curious and want to know why meter installers get more then Ev installers ?

    Their salary in London is around 44,000 salary and they do 4 meter installs. The EV installers in london they do 2 a day and they get salary of 34,000 but they do whole cable run , drill whole and db and testing. It’s seems like the EV installers do way more work the meter installers. I just...
  7. L

    About meter room in new building

    Im in the proces of installing a meter room with 25 meters and riser. Allways i use communal area for cable route from each flats to meter room. On this building im forced to run throught one flats ceiling to reach dedicated place for meter room because i dont have no other choice.. Just to know...
  8. S

    Why do people get away with meter tails longer than 3 meters

    On a new build site how/ why are people getting away with installing meter tails over 3metres in length and behind dot and dabbed walls with no other fused iso's/ or protection on the cables. Personally I use 25mm² swa and a fused isolator. Just want people thoughts??
  9. O

    Strange box attached to 3 phase meter

    I didn't get a picture so will have to wait until I go back again but I've done a crude drawing of what was there. Its in a commercial set up with a poly-phase meter, the distribution board and switchgear were all quite old but the meter looked fairly new, it was the usualll 3 phase in and 3...
  10. banny07

    Fitting Isolator in Meter Cupboad

    Consumer unit is being moved 10 meters away from outside meter cupboard which is mostly occupied by economy seven timer thing which customer don't need anymore. My question is can it be removed and install fused isolator in that space?
  11. J

    Meter type matching Re: certification years

    I have an electric meter manufactured by GEC which is type C11B2-H I would like to establish how long it can remain in service. The Office for Product Safety & Standards gives the years of service for different meters in their Schedule 4 list but it does not list mine: Schedule 4: UK...
  12. yogesh

    Measurement Accuracy of energy meter A44 ABB

    Please help resolve this techincal queistons: The customers industrial plant is supplied with electricity from the utility company via 2 transfer sta-tions. The sum of the 2 meters A44 from the transfer station deviates by more than 3% from the val-ues of the utility meter. The customeris...
  13. Ericsson

    New connection issues with meter installation

    We had a new supply installed this week. DNO installed new cut out and fuse externally. Meter operator sent his engineer to move the meter in the new position and he refused to after making a big fuss about how my electrician decided to do internally the new installation. He said that the...
  14. yogesh

    VSD effect to energy meter?

    We have 10 energy meter in that 4x of them are giving the negative reading. The events shown are two 1is Negative Power Element 2 Warnings & 2. Negative Total Power Warning. The plant is not generating power & we are not sure where this export power coming from on site We have verified the...
  15. El Kid

    Trainee Installing RCBO-Surge Protector inside Meter Cupboard

    Hi, need your advise please as need to take supply for Electric car charger from the meter cupboard. This meter cupboard has an isolator and already has Henley blocks from which supply can be drawn to feed the RCBO-SPD device. I have made a mock up of the intention in the image below (RCBO-SPD...
  16. timhoward

    Is this meter redundant?

    I've just been sent this, not been there yet. At least 2 new circuits needed and things are a little.....tight...! Hager board is 10 modules and full. RCD main switch. They reckon they have an earth rod outside, deciphering connections to left of the head will need better photo. So earthing...
  17. S

    Scottish Power metering

    Just been called by a customer who has had their meter changed by Scottish Power, the operative would not switch the supply back on saying that the consumer unit needed to be checked by a qualified electrician and then sealed off the isolator with wire and crimp. This is a two year old house...
  18. S

    L+G 3ph Meter Error Codes

    Hi, L+G ZMD120A53 is displaying FO40000. I have searched the net and contacted L+G who refused to assist. Been waiting 6 months for supplier to repond. What does FO40000 indicate? Help please.
  19. V

    Where could I get Id'd crimping tool?

    Im looking for certified electrician in West Lothian area
  20. J

    How would you meter (kwh) a ring final

    I have a customer that requested kwh meters on the socket circuits of an office lock he rents out,(rooms are rented separately). There are two 16amp radials which obviously are not an issue, But the ring mains 4 of are causing me a headache for obvious reasons! The question is how would you guys...
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