1. D

    Help with noises please

    Hi erm any ideas noises from the meter only when the electric shower is running
  2. B

    G9 LED strange behaviour

    I have a ceiling light that uses G9 LED lamps. The lamps does not light when switched on. However, when I put my meter across the power supply to test if voltage is present the LED lights immediately. Once alight and the meter removed it stays alight until switched off. Switch it on again and...
  3. diyhomeowner

    Cover understairs meter

    Hello, i would like to cover the meter under the stairs, but i am worried about H&S and regulations, etc... Is there something to prevent me from closing it ? i will make it easily accesible of ofcourse for access, so i can remove the cover when needed. EON said they are looking to replace it...
  4. P

    Separate meter install for EV charger?

    I am looking to install an EV home charger for one vehicle, but possibly two in the future. I have a second unused (but still active) mains supply cable from a time when we had electric heaters. Unfortunately the separate meter on this supply was removed a few years back. It would seem to be...
  5. charlesrr

    UK DIY - Reading meter query (see video). Do I have 3 rates?

    Hi. Is there a better forum for this? Anyway I've moved into a new place and the meter is weird. (I just had one physical reading at my old house, but this has loads of "pages" on an LCD). The new place has electric storage radiators (which are currently all turned off at the wall), some of...
  6. R

    Water pipe/ meter ground

    This is my first post and I hope I explain it correctly/ Simply. 1100sq foot single family home, 100 amp service. I am having an electrician replace the front part of my service entrance from the weather head to the meter socket. The main panel was updated about 10 years ago and is not in need...
  7. J

    Logging Meter Recommendations

    Hello All, first time posting to the site. I am electrical engineering for a design firm that specializes in moveable bridge inspections and design. During our site inspections, we perform voltage and current recordings (typically single phase) of 3-phase induction motors, ranging from .25 to...
  8. fgerin

    Raw RS485/Modbus logs from SofarSolar and Growatt meters?

    Hello everyone, thanks for this nice forum! I'm looking for some raw logs of RS485/Modbus communications between an inverter and its smart meter for both Sofar and Growatt hardware. (The most important for me is Sofar's hardware, since I'll have access to a Growatt one in August, thus will be...
  9. P

    Add an isolation switch on-top of the Meter isolation switch?

    In my property I currently have one of these meters that has an isolator switch (use a flathead screwdriver to turn on/off) I would like to add a Lewden enclosure with 100A isolator switch between this and the CU. Is this overkill and/or would cause confusion? The reason I thought is that the...
  10. S

    Electrical meter tool enquiry

    Hello. Is there an electrical tool out there that can detect 12 volt and 24 volt voltage non contact style. That is well made and reliable please
  11. M

    Help with Battery meter (golf cart)

    So I got my battery meter for my golf cart through Amazon today. I see two flat tabs where I think will need to connect directly to the battery. My question is, is there a purpose for the two round nuts above them? It looks like they would serve a purpose but not sure what to make if it. TIA
  12. T

    Isolators in meter boxes

    So the niceic guy tells me the DNOs have complained to them about equipment that isn't theirs being installed in meter boxes; I know you technically shouldn't but it's often a case of what else do you do. Waterproof enclosure on exterior will look naff and be a risk, I can't find anyone who...
  13. Z

    UK Can you use expanding foam or silicone sealant in meter box ?

    Holes in meter box near cables. Can you seal them using expanding foam or silicone sealant? Do they damage cables?
  14. M

    Sparks when trying to test golf cart batteries with a volt meter

    I bought a used golf cart a few days ago which had their batteries replaced last year. They hooked up an am/fm radio to it and it worked fine when you flip a separate switch. There is a “Tow” switch by the batteries that I was told to switch it to when not using the cart so there wouldn’t be any...
  15. bigspark17

    Pay as you go meter change

    A customer has a pay as you go ec7 meter, the need for ec7 is no longer but they want to keep the pay as you go (wont be talked onto a DD) am i right in thinking they dont need to change the meter just inform there energy supplier that they want to go on standard tariff? Thanks :)
  16. Xma123

    Ampy 5235a Meter Terminal Cover

    Hi folks, I need to upgrade the tails in and out of an existing Ampy 5235a Meter from 16mm to 25mm. Do these give out silly alarm codes if the terminal cover is removed?
  17. R

    L & T Energy meter question

    Hello everyone I am programming L&T make WL4000 energy meter. When I change the CT Primary to 400 the LED K is on meaning the meter reads in kWh. When I change the CT primary setting to 630 the LED changes to M meaning the meter reads in MWh. CT sec in both cases is 5. How can we set the meter...
  18. brixtonia

    Power meter for domestic immersion heater

    I'd like to track the power usage on my 4kw electric immersion over time. Can anyone recommend a relatively inexpensive 20A min meter which I can fit in line?
  19. C

    Neighbor says they need access to my mains box to install their smart meter?

    Hi Everyone, Hope you’re all well! I’m wondering if anyone is able to shed some light on a situation I’m having with my neighbour. I received a text last night saying the below: “ Hi , hope you’re both well. My flat came with old key meters for gas and electric. When I first moved in, I...
  20. T

    Run cable through meter box?

    I have been asked to install an external socket below the meter box. The consumer unit is directly behind the meter box and I plan to put the socket on its own circuit. The easiest route for the cable would be out of the CU, through the meter box and out of the bottom into the socket. My...
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