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  1. L

    UK secondary gas meter

    Does secondary gas meter to be earthed .
  2. S

    SWA instead of meter tails

    Hi Gents, Hope everyone doing good at this hard time,i need your opinion guys I am installing new CU and Client ask me to install it somewhere roughly 6 meters away from meter box. i have decided run SWA as i can not use 3m meter tails in this case but my questions are; 1.Can i run SWA through...
  3. H

    UK Meter Exchange - What does my supplier want from an electrician?!

    I have been looking at replacing my current legacy meter to a more common Economy 7 one. I currently have a few storage heaters that are on the single CU with all other appliance in the house, and I have a single 5-port meter which controls the on/off for the heating circuit (alongside its duty...
  4. S

    UK CU in Meter Box & Henleys vs REC4

    Hi everyone, I'm still training so some advice would be appreciated :) We have a shed about 60m from the house where would like a supply. I've already ran some 2 core 4mm SWA and wired up a CU with a 30mA incomer, it will be protected upstream by a 16A MCB. I went for 2 core because I want the...
  5. saucyjack

    Landis and Gyr meter direction

    Hi there; can someone please advise me as to whether the Landis and Gyr E110 meter is "bi-directional" or not? I can't find a definitive answer anywhere else. Many thanks in advance guys
  6. saucyjack

    Landis and Gyr E110 meter direction

    Hi there; can someone please advise me as to whether the Landis and Gyr E110 meter is "bi-directional" or not? I can't find a definitive answer anywhere else. Many thanks in advance guys
  7. E

    Meter Tails in Cavity - Horizontal Run

    We've just recently bought a property which is around 25 years old and will be completing some alterations. The consumer unit is in the Utility high up on the wall. Isn't in the ideal place and we'd like to move it, due to a new kitchen layout. On further investigation the meter tails run up...
  8. stephanjs

    UK Where would I find the MPAN on a "Radio Telemeter Series K" meter? Unlike the older meters, this just has a serial number and tores code on it.

    Where can I find the MPAN on a "Radio Telemeter Series K" meter? Unlike the older meters, this just has a serial number and stores code on it. I have no way of getting past energy bills but doubt if that would help as the meter has been changed. ENA requires a 21 digit MPAN. The serial number...
  9. 0

    UK RED error code on electricity meter

    Hi all , We have moved in to a flat in which we have lived for 6 years now. We have had a representative coming in to read the meter. We have had some issues with the bills where charges were in range of 300 pounds a month. Service provider said that they will monitor situation. Last months...
  10. D

    UK Moving CU, meter and fuse

    Hello, I have a 1930,s house I am renovating and I would like to get the CU, meter and incoming 100A fuse all moved from their current position on an internal wall at bottom of stairway which is only used to support it, 90 degrees to a wall next to it. No wiring needs to be extended as plenty...
  11. F

    Domestic Have to move consumer unit when move meter?

    Looking for advice on what is probably a very basic question. We will NOT being doing any of the work mentioned ourselves! Our mains supply is via underground cable to the back of the house, with meter on back external wall. Then comes into the house through the wall to the consumer unit. We...
  12. T

    Flammable Filler In meter Box

    Hi, our new home builder has just repaired a hole in the our meter box using car body filler which I believe is flammable. The filler in cases the high voltage wires. I was wondering if this is dangerous and or a fire hazard?
  13. W

    Economy 7 multi rate meter advice.

    Hi guys, I have a 2 rate electric meter with Economy 7 tariff as the property had night storage heating. All of the old night storage heaters have been removed and replaced with Rointe Kryos electric radiators which are connected to a new consumer unit and nothing is now using the old Economy...
  14. C

    Do we have to instal another meter

    I live in a flat in a building which is divided into 4 flats. I own 25% of the freehold the other 3 flats are rented out by other owners. The communal electricity comes off a prepayment meter belonging to another flat and has been like this for 8 years or so. Their supplier is refusing to mend...
  15. M

    Electricity meter error code

    Hello, I have a Landys Gyr E110 electricity meter, it is currently displaying a mesage A 04.07 intermitently and also seems to be recording too high a usage, when I turn everything off in the house it is still recording usage. Anyone know what this mesage means or any other thoughts? Thanks for...
  16. G

    Splitting 25mm meter tails to SWA and 25mm tails

    Hi All, I need to split the meter tails to supply a second CU which will be at the rear of the house, however the supply to the second CU will need to be in SWA and I can only split the tails at the meter cupboard. Is there a suitable adaptable box or isolator I could use to be able to do...
  17. M

    Fitting a dual coin meter

    Hi I am new to this forum and just have a quick question. I have a domestic washing machine and a domestic separate tumble dryer both new in a new rewired house. The house has been converted into a hmo and now want to install a coin metered machine to the machines. There is a company that does...
  18. G

    3 phase sub meter running backwards

    Hi Have a client who has a 3 phase sub meter running backwards, Has anybody got any ideas how to resolve this please?
  19. Lister1987

    Best clamp meter to get started?

    As title, budget of 100 arm. Ideally want something I can use as an earth clamp meter (assuming it's not just a clamp meter with better range.
  20. D

    whats the most Funny/clever or dangerous meter you have experienced on the job?

    so I was just having a flick through here and saw some pretty dangerous bypasses here and there but I was wondering what is the most clever or dangerous bypass or unmetered connection you have came across im sure you must have some creative/funny or darwin award/how has your house not caught...
  21. R

    Meter tails over 3 metres???

    Good morning Looking for some advice on a domestic job. The consumer unit is being moved from kitchen to cupboard in hallway. The meter is staying in same place but the distance between meter and board is around 7 metres. I have been advised to fit a 100amp isolator at meter and run tails from...
  22. N

    Domestic Sub mains for extended distance from meter to CU

    As the user name states, I am not an electrician but I am trying to be an informed customer when dealing with a friendly local sparky and the DNO/supplier whilst undertaking some major electrical works on my property and some advise on the best solution would be welcome. The works to be...
  23. M

    Meter tails and capping

    Hi guys came across meter tails buried less than 50mm no rcd protection but did have some red capping over and they are in prescribed zone about a meter between main fuse and consumer unit. TNS system. C2 or no code??
  24. L

    Will replacing my solar meter fix things?

    I would be really grateful for some advice please. I have solar panels with an Elster A100C meter. It is flashing 00000 on the screen. The red light is also flashing. We have obviously turned off and on the main AC isolator and the fuses are ok. It is out of warranty and the installer has...
  25. Ruairi Hansen

    Gas bonding

    Hi guys just wondering what peoples thought is on this. I was out looking at a job today and noticed the main gas pipe is not bonded at the meter but has a 10mm earth at the boiler is this a code c2, c3 or nothing?
  26. T

    240V kWh meter

    Hello, I am renting a room to a friend and he will put an EV charger to charger his Tesla. Please advise for a good 240V meter that I can put the meter between breaker box and charger unit so I know how much kw he use each month and I will calculate how much he have to pay for electric. Thank...
  27. B

    Clamp meter and earth leakage tester

    How do you use clamp meter? Do you just clamp the line? Or line and neutral? Also been working with a couple of guys that have earth leakage meters and one clamps the line and neutral and the other clamps the earth? Can someone tell me the correct ways? Thanks
  28. T

    Can't install smart meter due to not enough space

    Hi recently moved into a house that has solar panels installed and Tesla power wall 2. It would appear some of the equipment is installed in the external meter box. E.on are not able to install smart meter due to not enough space. As the meter is alot bigger that old metet I would like to get...
  29. W

    solar edge inverter and feed in tariff meter dont match

    Recently had fitted Solar Edge and notice their monitor gives a reading but the meter used to obtain my feed in tariff gives a lower figure and this is the one I am paid on not the solar edge inverter.So why the difference? this could cost a lot of money over the years.
  30. M

    No power to CU or meter after resetting RCD

    I was working on a lighting circuit connected to a 3 phase board. The board has a single RCD effectively acting as the main switch. After tripping the RCD by cutting a wire (the old circuit isolated via MCB but Neutral still connected reason), I found that the power to the board didn't come back...
  31. bigspark17

    Ec7 meter install DNO

    Just had a customer been refused by dno to change to an ec7 meter/tariff they said they dont do it. Is this right? Cant see how this can be the case?
  32. A

    Meter tails issue

    Hi guys I'm installing a CU in a new build and have a couple of questions I need some guidance with regards to the meter tails. I need to drill a hole through the wall (for the meter tails) to access the main supplies which are located in the recessed box on the outside of the property. I am...
  33. SJD

    Gas meter query

    I realise the condition of the gas meter is not relevant to an EICR, but while testing at a consumer unit above the gas meter in the photo, I kept wondering about the inverted-U section of lead pipe between the meter and pipe going into the floor. The pipe is in a position where it is liable to...
  34. S

    Smart meter question

    Is this a smart meter? Just bought a house with it already in, and I don’t want a smart meter! We’ve changed suppliers and have to provide them with readings so not really sure? Any advice appreciated
  35. R

    what do the current values mean in this meter?

    In the picture can be read 10(40)A. What is the capacity of the meter 10 A or 40 A, why are there two values?
  36. R

    how much is the energy meter fuse in a household?

    Energy meters for households has a fuse that is only accessible for the energy supplier. I dont mean the fuse that is in the electrical board inside the house. So how much is the current limit of the fuse in an average household?s it related to the power a household has contracts with the...
  37. M

    Isolator before the meter

    I wish to find out what’s people’s thoughts on isolators before the meter? Typically they are installed after the meter and before the CU, but does anyone know if there is any reason why it cannot be placed before the meter? Aside from what revenue protection like or not, is there any legal or...
  38. K

    Protection against open/loose neutral?

    Hello friends, is there such a thing as a "smart meter" that I can install on my backwoods house that will trip if it detects a loose/open neutral? If so, where can I get one? Thanks very much
  39. J

    Smart meter install failed

    I had arranged for a Smart Meter to be installed today. It would not fit due to the size of the isolation switch currently fitted. See photo of the inside of the meter box located outside. Is it necessary to fit such a large fused isolation switch? The SWA cable at the bottom runs to a consumer...
  40. S

    Lux/light meter recommendations

    I am looking for a lux meter for occasional use. Will be measuring Fluo fitting replacement to LED. Does anyone have experience of any meters? Thanks in advance.
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