1. Xma123

    Ampy 5235a Meter Terminal Cover

    Hi folks, I need to upgrade the tails in and out of an existing Ampy 5235a Meter from 16mm to 25mm. Do these give out silly alarm codes if the terminal cover is removed?
  2. R

    L & T Energy meter question

    Hello everyone I am programming L&T make WL4000 energy meter. When I change the CT Primary to 400 the LED K is on meaning the meter reads in kWh. When I change the CT primary setting to 630 the LED changes to M meaning the meter reads in MWh. CT sec in both cases is 5. How can we set the meter...
  3. B

    Power meter for domestic immersion heater

    I'd like to track the power usage on my 4kw electric immersion over time. Can anyone recommend a relatively inexpensive 20A min meter which I can fit in line?
  4. C

    Neighbor says they need access to my mains box to install their smart meter?

    Hi Everyone, Hope you’re all well! I’m wondering if anyone is able to shed some light on a situation I’m having with my neighbour. I received a text last night saying the below: “ Hi , hope you’re both well. My flat came with old key meters for gas and electric. When I first moved in, I...
  5. T

    Run cable through meter box?

    I have been asked to install an external socket below the meter box. The consumer unit is directly behind the meter box and I plan to put the socket on its own circuit. The easiest route for the cable would be out of the CU, through the meter box and out of the bottom into the socket. My...
  6. J

    Concentric 2 core cable used after meter and main iso

    Completed EICR on flat within block building, Suppliers set up is as follows Within switch room Service head Meter Main iso 2 core concentric cable up to flat 10 meters away Secondary service head TN-CS Consumers DB Im not really sure where the suppliers/ consumers wiring starts/ends with...
  7. M

    Adding an additional inverter, generation meter & gas pipe

    Hi, New to the group. I am looking at expanding the number of panels on the roof with an additional inverter and currently have an application into the DNO but I have 2 questions as trying to workout the best layout within the garage. I don't want to engage an installer at this stage unless...
  8. E

    Meter Boxes not fit for purpose?

    I've noticed that a great deal of external meter boxes are missing doors or have their doors taped shut, it would seem that the majority of these are suffering from broken hinges, not on the door itself but on the chassis. The head and meter are fully exposed to the elements I find this is an...
  9. C

    Can anyone identify these meter tails?

    Evening, Carried out EV charger installation survey today & found this meter. Is that a 16mm concentric type cable adapter between cutout & meter? This is a TT installation, tails unprotected. Not sure about installation method of DNO supply. I'd like to upgrade tails to 25mm between cutout &...
  10. D

    CT metering help needed

    Hi guys, I am going to a job Sunday and trying to gather as much info as possible before attending. I believe I am looking at an elster a1140 export meter with an issue. Solar PV on a gym, generation meter all reading fine (metered board for the inverters)... The issue is with the export...
  11. T

    New meter tails running in 2 core 25mm swa and 16mm single earth

    Hi everyone, i might be having to run new meter tails from meter box to consumer unit which is just under 3m run, i have used 25mm 3 core before and its hard to work with especially through joists. I was thinking about 2 core 25mm swa and a seperate 16mm earth to make life easier but then came...
  12. J

    Earth leakage clamp meter

    I recently borrowed one of these to diagnose an earth leakage problem, and it was very useful: 560 60A Digital Earth Leakage Clamp Meter - Before I go out and buy one for us, I wondered if anybody can recommend...
  13. V

    SSC metering expanation , why cant a smart meter be fitted

    Hi all I have a customer who wants a smart meter .. they are with edf .. The existing meters ...1 day rate , 1 off peak mechanical time switch are placed in the customers porch behind a panel rather than in a meter box ,.. circa 1965 I guess. In order to upgrade the consumer unit we need...
  14. G

    Meter Isolator with SPD

    Hi We are looking to get an EV charger installed, and I asked for an SPD to be on the new CU that will be required for that. The electrician has suggested that instead of having an SPD in the new CU, could replace the incoming isolator in the meter cupboard with one that has an SPD incorporated...
  15. K

    Mix of 16mm and 25mm Meter Tails

    Hi, Just had a new Smart Meter fitted yesterday along with isolator. The chaps installing the SMART meter used 16mm tails from the main DNO fuse cut out (containing 80 amp fuse) to the meter, but then used 25mm tails from the meter to the newly installed isolator (which they also installed). I...
  16. B

    Need help finding a specific meter box

    New to the forum. Hopefully somebody can give me some advice on finding a very specific meter box for my house. A few weeks ago our house was vandalized and the vandals ripped our power meter out of the socket, breaking the meter box door in the process. The house was built in the 70s and as far...
  17. R

    Meter tail insulation

    I had an eicr done recently, the electrician gave a C2 for the meter tails having their outer insulation stripped back too far. Can I take a piece of the grey insulation off a spare tail and cut and glue it onto the missing piece to clear the C2? Much easier than having to strip back as it's...
  18. P

    Smart electric meter in Los Angeles recording very high reading/ LED lights possible issue?

    Hello, I created this account as I have ran into a huge issue with my electric bill. I have been living at my house for 1 year right now. Every 2 months I have been paying anywhere between $60-$80 for my bill. I opened my bill today and it has jumped for $650 for this cycle. After calling...
  19. H

    Consumer unit too close to gas meter

    Good evening Have to quote on a consumer unit replacement, problem is gas meter is next to existing consumer unit 25 mm between them, they are both in a wooden cupboard, What would you do
  20. L

    Economy 7 moved to single rate meter, should it be charged at the same rate?

    I recently switched from economy 7 to a single rate smart meter. I have two fuse boards and wondered should these now be on 24hours a day and should they be charged at the same rate? I got my bill through and it looks like they are charging us at different rates, both of which are higher than...