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  1. A

    Domestic Questions about choosing RCBOs

    Hello, I have been reading the topics on this forum which have been very helpful. I am looking to change my consumer unit to a full RCBO unit - I am not going to fit it myself, I am just trying to gather knowledge as to what is available so that I am informed as to choice. I have gathered that...
  2. Darren Evans

    Domestic Help with choice of fittings

    Morning chaps! Having now assisted several local electricians on domestic 1st and 2nd fix, I have some questions for the forum :) What manufacturer/range of fittings would you guys recommend that provide a good balance between size of range, quality, price and ease of installation? The guys...
  3. K

    Led Batten choice - help needed with voltage input

    I'm looking at putting in new lighting in my garage but some of the led battens i've looked at have a fixed power voltage supply such as this 240v ( and some have variable ones such as this 220-265v (LED Batten Linear Tube Light Ceiling...
  4. W

    Trainee FICA multiple choice help

    Hi, I am resitting my FICA Underpinning Knowledge test next week and I stuck on a few questions in the mock tests they have on their website. I have been doing a lot of revision but my brain has gone to mush. Can anyone help with the following question? Question - The maximum earth fault loop...
  5. T

    Compex ex03 & ex04 multi choice exam help

    hi, recently sat my compex in Aberdeen and since found out that i had failed the multi choice exam, getting this email. Unfortunately you were unsuccessful in the Ex03 & Ex04 units of the Multi-choice exam– see attached fail sheet. It was much harder than I anticipated and am now worried about...
  6. pirate

    Stuck in a lift? Who would be your choice of companion?

    OK, I'm at a bit of a loose end today, and so here is a new thread for you all to chip in with your suggestions... I imagine the lift is stuck between floors, and it will be at least an hour before you are "rescued". You may choose companions for (almost) any reason, but bear in mind the forum...
  7. Lucien Nunes

    Which CU? Quick answer needed!

    I don't often install single-phase CUs, but I need a couple of metalclad 10-way units for a light commercial situation, which will be populated with all RCBOs. They simply need to be reasonable quality, with not-too-expensive RCBOs, as roomy as possible. If they can be got from Screwfix, so...
  8. C

    Elwctrical/building services HNC choice

    Hi I am a qualified approved spark now working in estimating for the past few years. I have the option of completing a HNC paid by the company I work for on day release. But, what do I go for Building services or Electrical/electronics? The company is commercial/industrial and completes...
  9. D

    Domestic Power to outbuilding- Consequences of extraneous-conductive-parts on choice of SWA size

    I realise this is a much-discussed topic, I have certainly read a lot on the forums already! However I wish to ask about the subtitles of earthling the outbuilding and the cost/practicality consequences. The outbuilding (a DIY’s workshop) will have one socket ring and two lighting radials. I...
  10. diyterry

    Toolbox choice Festool

    Something as basic as a toolbox can save time and money during your working day. Because I'am a diyer I cover a variety of trades so I need a toolbox to accommodate this. A few years ago I came across the Festool Systainer fitted with a hand tool insert not cheap I grant you but a great bit of...
  11. Sparky_marky2

    Cable preference for corridors and public access areas

    Hi all Friday at last! Just like to get your thoughts and opinions on this, just been on site today for a new 16 x studio flats over 4 floors in the center there is a donut shaped stairwell and in the center of the donut is a lift access for each floor (check photo) According to the client (an...
  12. MerlinGremlin

    New Inspection and Testing Courses??

    Good Evening All Has anyone heard or know of the current 2394 and 2395 Inspection and Testing Courses being changed for new ones? The only reason I ask is that someone mentioned it today, but I've not heard nothing and can't find anything on the internet. Can anyone shed any light on this...
  13. H

    Latest on USB Sockets

    Hi, After doing a search on the forum I can across a few threads about USB plug sockets and the verdict was that they should be avoided, but these threads were all quite old. So I was wondering what's he current verdict on the USB plugs sockets. Is it worth replacing standard double socket to a...
  14. G

    C&G 2394/95 or EAL 600/4337/38

    Hi All, I have recently passed my Level 2 C&G 2365 and 17th Edition and was meant to start my Level 3 C&G 2357 in January but it looks like due to numbers this is now not going to happen until September. I have been informed that I could go on and do the Inspection and Test 2394/5 but have...
  15. L

    Multi function testing...................

    Hi guys .... and girls, I am returning to the industry after working in other areas for the last 30 years........ I am time served with MANWEB and have just done my 17th edition regs to re qualify, and I start the 2395 / 2395 this week. I have been gone so long I don't have contacts in the...
  16. P

    AMEC trade test

    Hi Lads, Anyone here sat a trade test for AMEC? I've got one this month and was after a heads up on the questions they ask. Im COMPEX trained and work on a gas site at the moment so I'm not worried but I hate doing anything blind. Thanks in advance. Paul
  17. S

    which sockets..

    I know I am probably going to regret this but I simply don't know... Buying 13a double sockets for the new house and I'm met with the choice of normal or double pole... Which and why?!
  18. D

    8.5, 9.5 or 10.5kW Shower?

    Hi all, I'm sure this has been asked before but.... I'm just about to buy an electric shower for the annexe, water pressure is just over 1 bar, the question is, is there much difference between the 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 kW showers in terms of temperature if your water flow is average. Thanks for...
  19. G

    Inverter for 16 x LG250S1C panels

    I've had a quote for a 4kWp system to include 16 x LG2501C 250W panels but the quoted inverter is a Fronious IG35 Plus. Would this be a good choice of inverter or would the Fronious IG TL 3.6 be a better choice?
  20. P

    Is it worth joining a scheme?

    Hi, Is it me or do you only have to notify if you add extra lighting/sockets into kitchen bathroom or outside or board change. See attached link Do any of you make a living doing domestic and if so how much do you notify...
  21. A

    Best all in one 2391 inspection meter

    What is the best all in one meter or do you go for individual meters?
  22. D

    Part P Assessment Visit

    I understand this is usually 1 "major" job and 1 "minor" job. I presume the assessor inspects BOTH jobs on the same day rather than go and come back again? In such case, both jobs would need to be close together. Do the assessors specify any type of time limit for their visit?
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