1. sythai

    Hager 1361 Cartridge fuse

    Hi Chaps Bit of advice please as not seen one of these for a few years ! Question is..... is it possible to replace one of these with hager 60898, hoping will fit ? Cheers Sy
  2. timhoward

    £0 Pre-pay meter and EICR

    I have an new set of circs here... Landlord in Cyprus EICR needed in empty flat. No credit on meter. Need power for Ze (TNCS) and RCD test at minimum. New pre-pay smart meter was installed after last tenant left. This one needs a code entering, not the much simpler pre-pay token thing. No sign...
  3. D

    Which is better BS1361 or BS88?

    Was wondering why was BS1361 replaced by BS88 even though BS1361 tends to have a larger breaking capacity according to the on-site guide if I'm reading it right, however, I maybe wrong. For example BS1361 breaking capacity can be 16.5kA to 33kA depending on what type you get, where BS88 is 16kA...
  4. B

    Sub main 125m in16mm with 80A 1361 over current device

    Just been to a new build with a 125m sub main as per tittle, owner says the sparky workout the cable size, I wonder how!
  5. H

    1361 Board, RCBO needed (25 chars.)

    Dad has an old 1361 cartridge fuse CU, 16th edition so lights etc aren't RCD protected. It's Wylex, but I couldn't tell you the model. Gonna be changing some lights in the bathroom from batten to downlights, 701.411.3.3 says I need RCD protection. I've told my Dad it's probably easier and...
  6. haptism

    BS 1361 50A ZS

    Anyone know the ZS for an 1361 or BS 88-3 50A fuse. All the tables I find have n/a. I phoned the maker and was told there are no listed ZS' for a 50A and to take the difference between the next closest sizes (45A & 60), surley thats not proportional ?
  7. N

    Hager 1361 to rcbo

    Hi guys Does anyone know if the old Hager boards with the 1361 fuses will take a RCBO and if so what type ? I have found Hager RCBOs but not sure if they are compatible. Thanks to any replies in advance.
  8. C

    Holiday Chalet Advice 30Amp 1361 Type Main fuse.

    Hi There, First post so be gentle. I've been asked to install a trip switch on a 2 bed holiday chalet, where each of the chalets is supplied from the holiday park's mains on a 30Amp 1361 main fuse cutout. However the owner of the chalet has already blown this fuse twice (at £50 a pop to...
  9. J

    BS 1361 main fuse short circuit capacity/overload at ka ratings explained.

    Hi. I am an apprentice electrician, and was wondering if anyone could help me as I'm getting confused with something that's probably quite simple. If I am correct to work out the amps running though an appliance you do w/voltage. So 10kw/240v = approx 42amps. Of I'm correct in this? My boss...
  10. D

    main fuse not a bs 1361

    hi can someone tell me what fuse this is please. is it a bs88? thanks
  11. G

    Eicr 1361 fuses 3phase circuits from db

    Come across a DB in a workshop single 1361 fuse carriers three phase circuit. Does this go down as a c3 or c2? Potential if a fuse goes unit would stop but you would still have 2 phases at it??
  12. R

    bs 1361 fuses service head

    o.k. bs 1361 fuses have earth fault loop impedance times as follows 80A-0.40ohms 100A-0.29ohms (yes based on 80% values, 5 secs distribution) In a TNS you can goto a max 0.8ohms Ze so even if you use the smallest rated fuse in your service head, 60A still max only 0.56ohms and your Ze was...
  13. E

    EICR - 1361 Fuses

    Hi, Im a bit new to EICR'S and wondering if anyone could help me out and tell me what code to put for storage heater D/B that has 1361 fuses? Im guessing C3 as the only problem I can think of is that the cables are buried in the wall at a depth less than 50mm and not protected by an 30ma RCD...
  14. S

    Breaking capacity for 1361 fuses...

    Hi, Anyone know the breaking capacities / KA for 1361 cartridge fuses - namely 5 & 15A?? Cheers
  15. i=p/u

    Wylex 1361 fuse carrier

    Fuse blew in a shower circuit last night, the guy said the fuse was roasting and stuck to the fuse carrier . It's an 8.5 kw shower on 30A fuse. i poped new fuse in and stuck clamp meter on and was pulling 28A isit normal for the fuse to get roasting in 5 mins
  16. rich.250

    Bs 1361

    Hi guys, Just testing a small campsite. It is fed via a swa tns. OCPD is a 60a 1361 in a sw fuse. Does anyone know why 1361's are not in bs 7671?? Or am I being thick? Lol. Thanks
  17. J

    1361 type 1 & 2. How to tell the difference?

    Hi all, quick question, how to tell the difference between type 1 and type 2 1361 cartridge fuses in the company cutout. Often there are years on there ie. 1361 :1947 instead of type. Is there a year where they swapped to type II? Thanks!
  18. C

    BS 1361 Time Current Characteristics

    Hi Chaps I am about to install an 8.5 Kw electric shower and a 2Kw water heater in a small flat that has a 60A 1361 main suppliers fuse. The flat has 1*32A ring with 3 sockets, 1*20A radial with 5 sockets and 1*6A lighting circuit with 7 points. If I allow 2amps for the lighting (at 66%)...
  19. i=p/u

    bs 1361 fuse

    hi ho, i just replaced replaced 8 gu10 50W bulbs in room as were blown. there is 18 on the one circuit plus 3 mini strip lights under benches very likely 18W each, they were all working when i left and when she left room she switched all 3 switches on 1 go and she said the fuse had blown...
  20. R

    1361 fuse type 1 or 2

    Just a quick one In a 60amp switchfuse is the bs 1361 fuse type 1 or type 2.


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