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  1. Matthewd29

    It has always worked fine.. what's the problem?

    Was asked to an EICR a building today, old church converted into workshop. This was 1 of 6 boards, this is how i found it. Was told it hasn't had a cover in 20 years and the last electrician passed it so what's the issue? Some people are unbelievable. To make matters worse it's at head height...
  2. I

    Domestic Bypass PDS PRM motion sensor light to Stay ON always

    How do I bypass from the interface to manually make these turned ON always? At the moment, the maximum I can do is for 30 minutes at one time. I could find one manual for similar switch but it doesnt have any mention of what I am looking for...
  3. PJElectricalSW

    I always wondered what the little holes are for!

    Found this on my travels today visiting my favourite customers. I hadn't noticed this previously and I can only assume this is the result of a recent 'solar PV service' the customer had last month. My customer asked for my opinion as she had also not noticed the wire previously, the words 'I...
  4. M

    Recently joined, always keen to learn or to help out

    Hi this is Mark in Manchester, self-employed spark for 15 years, ELECSA registered since they were nobbut a lad. Always keen to learn from wiser folk than I, or to share what I can. Cheers.
  5. SWD

    Always the f!!cking same this time of year

    the PCB on the boiler has to fail, grrrrrrrrr had to go old school.......
  6. Pete999

    I was always taught to keep my site clean and tidy

    Nice tool bag (wgereca I get one? nice to see PPE being used properly
  7. M

    New Member! Always looking to speak with Electricians.

    Hi, My name is Molly Truby and I work for TXM Recruit, we specialise in providing engineers within the construction industries to various clients that operate within the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. My team is always looking to speak to Electricians that are looking for...
  8. Andy-1960

    The Yanks always have to go one better - A 3 way switch.

    Why is this guy doing demos at mains voltage???? I will test you all later on terminology and terminations!!
  9. Clodbuster

    Howzit Guys

    I am not an electrician but deal in electricity of sorts. I have been supplying and installing Electric Fencing for 40 years. Firstly in Central Africa then here in the UK after being booted out by Mugabe. I have had occasional conversations with electricians and am always willing to supply...
  10. G

    Hello all

    Hi Joined the forum for advice and to learn a few things. I was doing an apprenticeship having completed my c&G 2365 L2 and 3. Unfortunately the company went under and I couldn't complete it. Worse thing was i only had a few months to go and was about to prepare for the AM2 exams. Spent last...
  11. Lou

    RCP Electrical Engineers

    Why choose RCP Electrics? We have over 10 years’ experience in all kinds of electrical installation. Check out our 100% 5* reviews on Which? Trusted Traders. You said you want punctual - we arrive on time. You said you want tidy - we will always leave the job clean and tidy. You said you want...
  12. M

    Be Gentle

    Hiya lads i am new to this forum so be gentle i am a 45y/o timserved spark i had my own buisness for 15 years and was also a registered gas engineer and plumber so busy. when the trade took a downturn i decided to work for a company and now i am an electrical technician at a local hospital with...
  13. Dan

    Hello one and all, always on the lookout for advice and tips!

    Hello one and all, always on the lookout for advice and tips! advice reviews and feedback 2017 Hi, been a bit of a lurker for a bit on here, originally a heating engineer that enjoyed doing bathrooms too much so more bathrooms than heating now. Prefer to look at a nice bathroom rather than...
  14. Meg464

    Transformer in LED light fitting not working

    Someone is asked me to have a look at a transformer in an LED fitting they have checked that it is not the fitting itself but they think it's definitely the Transformer inside it, does anyone have any thoughts or ideas about the best thing to do or how to fix the transformer or would it be best...
  15. Ib≤In≤Iz

    Does anyone use Jarsoft Cable-mate

    I have and normally use Castline, but I found this online for £19.99 and while it's got it's bugs, it's not bad. Has anyone else used it?
  16. H

    Wish me luck

    After 2.5 years since starting in this game, I'm now on my way down to the office to hand my notice in at the school to go full time for my uncle's firm. I've been two days with him for a few months now, and the time seems right for us both to make the change to full time. That all said though...
  17. L

    Stud Walls...fast fix or noggin and metal box?

    Which do you prefer on new walls? Pros and cons? I've always put a noggin in but am finding more and more that plasterers seem to measure the height of the socket then decide to cut the board half an inch higher. I don't like how plaster can chip too easy with a pad saw or that the box is...
  18. C


    i know I'm a old git,but here's one for you,been quite cold lately,got some youngsters working with us,nice & warm in the offices,when it's brekkie time,I always sit in my van,especially if it's cold outside.The lads also sit in their van,but switches the engine on,to get warm. Me,I put on...
  19. Pete999

    Pete's Videos For all us tool tarts

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