1. J

    in service inspection and testing 5th edition

    Does anyone know off hand when the 5th edition is supposed to come out, with the lockdown I can't get an official response. The draft "in service inspection and testing 5th edition" was out late last year for comments, and as I haven't got a copy of that, I don't have the timescales that were...
  2. C

    Do you have to have a service supplier?

    As above, This is a vacant premises where the supplier is charging monthly even though no electricity is needed. They are refusing to cancel the supply. Is there a requirement to maintain a supplier on a connection, even if it's not in use? Many Thanks all
  3. IKETBeD

    Can't setup generator in close proximity to service panel.

    How many feet can 10-gauge Romex run (inlet box to service panel) and still properly support 30-amp inverter generator? Do I also take into account the 25-ft of 30-amp wire (3-pronged locking) that connects the generator to the inlet box?
  4. O

    Bigger panel or upgrade service?

    Hey guys, I just purchased a home that was built in 1960. It has a 100 amp service coming Into the house with only 12 breakers in the panel. A buddy of mine who is familiar with electrical keeps hounding me to upgrade the service to 200 amps. I don’t think I really need 200 amps. I was...
  5. J

    Needing to add 2 separate 50 amp double pole breakers to my service panel???

    Want to know if I can add two 50 amp breakers to my 100 amp service panel that already has 2 x 15, 8 x 20 amp, 1 x 30dp amp, and 1 x 60dp amp breakers Source URL: Electrical Forum -
  6. S

    Maximum Service voltage of ACBs(air circuit breakers) .

    Can we use a ACB rated for insulation level of 1000v, and 690 volt serivce voltage at, 800volt. For example ABB sace E1.2N , Can it be used at 800volt AC?
  7. A

    What is the panelboard capacity (V & A) for 7-eleven type convenience stores, w and w/o gas station?

    Would like to know typical voltage and amps for the main service of 7-eleven style stores, with and without accompanying gas station?
  8. P

    2 service heads supplying in same room ?!

    Hi, So I Carried out an EICR at a business park. which was originally 2 buildings with 2 separate metered supplies, now the buildings are joined together. It’s gets interesting as some of the rooms are now fed from 2 different DBS from different service heads! I’m aware this is very wrong, it...
  9. D

    Parts for vintage service station lights..

    I have some vintage service station lights similar to the attached photo. However, they don't have any sockets, nor anyway to connect them to the conduit. I've been unable to locate these parts.
  10. P

    Opinions please - leaking service head

    I went to a customers house to give a quote for a new consumer unit, and noticed the leak from incoming supplier. I advised the customer to contact her electricity provider who would resolve it, and hopefully upgrade the earth. Lady emailed me today to say UK power netwroks came and gave it...
  11. D

    Fuse blows randomly

    Hello, thank you. I am DYI. Our daughter has home built in the 60s with fused service panel. One fuse has started blowing ; when a new fuse is put in, it will not blow right away, it can go for hours sometimes without blowing. It is a 20- amp fuse/circuit. On the circuit is a microwave and...
  12. Y

    Electrician Recruiting BMS Service Engineers!

    If you're looking for a career working for one of the strongest, most innovative businesses providing BEMS services across London and the South East then AIS BMS is the company that can help guide and inspire you to achieve your full potential. We pride ourselves on delivering first class...
  13. G

    Under ground service to weather head or service head.

    What is common practice when hooking Armoured cable to a weather head. Do I need a aluminum weather head or is a threaded PVC one ok? Do I use a weather head with threads so my teck connector can screw straight I need ground bushings at both ends? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks,
  14. J

    Moving meter - Service Entry (SE) cable into panel

    Forum, I am converting from overhead too underground service to my house. This involved moving the meter about 11 feet down a wall from its current location. The old meter base sits directly outside of the electric panel. So, at the new meter base, I plan to penetrate the exterior wall...
  15. Dan

    Get Your Directory Listing Optimised by Dan via Forum Subscription Service (Examples Inside)

    Hi peeps, I've been working on listings on for a month or so now and we have a lot of listings, and a lot of them are ranking well in Google for their main search terms. I've just done this listing on here as an example, and we'll monitor it. But we...
  16. P

    Introduction - MacLaren Electrical - Estimating Service

    Hello everyone, My name is Paul and I am a qualified electrician and electrical engineer based in Inverness, Scottish Highlands. My company, MacLaren Electrical, provide a third party electrical estimating service to contractors in Australia and the UK I will be using the forum to learn and...
  17. J

    Electrical supply cable.

    Hello. Im in the process of making a cupboard for my consumer unit etc, and was wondering what the mains cable was wrapped in, and why. It looks like some sort of fabric. 1568748245
  18. E

    Danfoss tp9000 service interval timer reset

    So I've read some similar older threads that have posted some images on how to reset this damn thing (only had my boiler serviced 4 months ago). Can anyone help with the sequence as the other thread help doesn't seem to work with mine...
  19. S

    Need to upgrade main panel?

    I have been meeting with solar system installers to install a grid-tied system at my house. Before I commit I want to verify whether I need to upgrade my main service panel. I have been reading about the 120% rule and am not sure if my current main service panel is sufficient. Any assistance...
  20. B

    Is this a 100amp or 200 amp service?

    I am not an Electrican but I am buying a new home here in Michigan, and the outside pole to the house I’m wondering if is a 100 or 200 amp service coming from outside, I talked to to electricians in person without them coming out to the house just from the pictures to see if they know the...
  21. HansJones

    Is an annual boiler service important?

    I had this LPG and gas boiler servicing Tavistock expert install a new boiler in my apartment. And since I just got it, I honestly don’t think that servicing it annually is that important like what my brother think so. Want to know your opinions about this. Anybody?
  22. M

    Service Cable to sub panel theory question.

    Going to be running a sub panel underground 100+- ft to new steel building will be running a 2-2-2-2 Aluminum SER Cable. (Planning n 100amp svc even thought I doubt I will EVER need it.) If the #2 SER Cable is 2 (+) 1 (-) 1(g) Why am I running a ground all the way back to the panel...
  23. O

    Metrel UK ........... 5 star service

    About 10 days ago, my trusty Metrel MFT stopped working. A few calls later established that Metrel UK in Epsom, could not only fix and calibrate my tester in 1 week, they would also loan me an MFT whilst they had mine free of charge. They also updated the firmware at the same time. Thanks...
  24. C

    Supply from a PME service head

    i have been asked to quote for a new supply to x4 new build flats and a commercial unit below, i am not to keen on supplying remote buildings from a PME and i am really conflicted about how i choose the earthing conductor and bonding conductor sizes so can anyone help. New service head located...
  25. spud1


    Hi chaps A Wholesaler told me me this week that the RCDs in the new '18th' split load boards have to be rated at 100a because the 100a service fuse is only means of upstream overcurrent protection. But I was once told that service fuses, although marked as 100A on the cutout label are actually...
  26. JD6400

    Stolen live 3ph service head !!!

    Well it is a first for me! Sent one of the lads out this morning to connect a couple of welfare cabins on a site in the centre of the village where our office is , and he phoned up saying that all we have is a live service cable just sitting in the box !? This is the photo I received
  27. S

    Steca service in UK?

    Until last year, servicing for Steca inverters in the UK was provided by CTDI, now it appears this has been discontinued. Is anyone offering an alternative for Steca warranty support now? I have a problem with an inverter which will not remember the time and date after a power cut, could this be...
  28. suffolkspark

    Oil service bond metal tank pme

    I have just done an EICR... Havnt finilised coding yet. Property is TN-C-S Incoming oil to boiler... Copper oil line with pvc sheath, buried to metal oil tank sat on slabs on ground (it is not raised up) technical said it should be bonded.... Imo by bonding im taking pme potential out to the...
  29. R

    Danfoss TP9000 Service Interval

    Hi All, For the last few days I am hearing audible warning from the device, I am assuming that it is due to Service Interval due but my boiler was services recently but the gas engineer not reset the the service interval. Can any one help how to check the service interval date in TP9000 and...
  30. gnuuser

    firefighter branch of military service

    I know that this is a pipe dream but i was thinking about the fires in california and i know they have problems like this in other countries! maybe its time we suggested to our governments to form new branches of military dedicated to just firefighting. if a fire is too big for local depts to...
  31. P

    Help with Danfoss Service Interval Timer

    I have the same problem as the OP in this old thread service interval timer help! - I tried the solution offered there but unfortunately the instructions must be for older models of the thermostat. My model is...
  32. C

    Consumer unit to be moved away from service head

    Hi everyone. I have been asked to relocate a consumer unit from a cupboard outside a house into the inside of the property. The main fuse and meter will be remaining outside however the run is about 6/7 metres long, i believe it states in BS7671 that the meter tails cannot exceed 3m in length...
  33. littlespark

    Old equipment still in service

    I'm sure this subject is on a sticky thread somewhere, so apologies. Got asked to look at a shower that was tripping the MCB as soon as isolator turned on. House is rented, so tenant just wanted advice for a pint. Took me 2 minutes to tell him to get landlord to have it replaced. I took the...
  34. M

    Hi new to group J E A K S SERVICE LTD based in South London

    Hi Newish to group, Electricial engineer for a few years on and off. My Background Computers Satellite installation engineer Air insulation engineer 17th edition engineer with testing and inspection I do subcontracting and private work J E A K S SERVICE LTD Hi Newish to group, Electricial...
  35. littlespark

    Public Service Announcement - Missing Tools

    Got this through on facebook this morning. Hope the link works. Editted. Removed link. Will keep trying
  36. Gavin John Hyde

    Wiska Glands excellent customer service

    I had some glands recently that were not the usual decent quality. The rubber inserts were stiff and wouldn't compress too well. Annoyed me as I bought them for a Cu change and had to use some horrid membrane glands instead to get the job done. I emailed the customer services asking why the...
  37. C

    208Y/120 3P 4 wire 200 amp service ground/ neutral help

    I'm installing my own 208Y/120 3P 4 wire 200 amp service for my shop in lake ariel, PA. I have a few questions regarding the Neutral and the ground. So let me get things up to speed. This is a Brand new service installation. My poco is installing a new pole and a transformer for me after I pass...
  38. S

    Can anyone recommend MFT calibration service centre in the north east

    Hi All - as per the title, any recommendations in the north east as I don't really want to send the tester via courier ! thanks
  39. S

    Old Incoming service cable/head. Does it need replacing?

    Hi all, My brother has just bought a new house, which is to be fully refurbished. The wiring is appaling and barely meets a single reg; current or historical. (no part of either RFC seems to actually be a ring, lighting on 15A 3036 fuse in 1mm, spurs under the carpet etc etc) All of this will...
  40. 1Justin

    No service head fuse?

    So I was at a 2 bed flat today, ground floor on 4 storey block. 3 years old flats. The supply head holds a red fuse holder reading " solid link, do not fuse". TN-S and the CU is just off the bottom of this shot below the 100A isolator. ~75 cm tails. "Fuse" is all crimp sealed, I didn't pull...
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