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  1. EricMark

    Why do I have a wall thermostat? is there nothing better?

    In a way I know the answer, wall thermostat turns heating off when we have warm weather, but I look at the PC and it shows me the target and current in each room from the electronic TRV heads, and I thing if it can tell me when room is cold why can't it be connected to boiler and switch it on...
  2. J

    UK I was wondering what other Sparks offer standing out from other local competitors? Be good to hear and share to better ourselves 🤗

    I h e been installing emergency lights with Fuseboards that’s are in cupboards, under stairs or just anywhere awkward, on the same lighting circuit as the floor the boards located. many years now on kitchens I’ve been installing all fused spurs into the back of one kitchen cupboard leaving...
  3. W

    I want to join an 8mm flat twin cable to a 6mm round twin.

    I am looking to join 2 cables for an outside security light. The mains cable on the existing light is 8mm flat twin. But the new light is a 6mm round twin. I can't rewire as it goes into the wall to the socket. So was looking at an ip66 connection. But can't find one that does both sizes. Any...
  4. S

    Another new toy it just gets better and better......

    well, after all the fun I had at Gatwick and with the ransom money paid I have invested in a new toy, anyone have telectrix's post code?
  5. L

    Better speed control required for 24v dc mobility motor

    Hello all, hope this is posted in the right place. You'll probably guess after reading this post for help that i'm not an electrician! I've built a 4-wheel buggy utilising a mobility scooter motor and wish to slow down the acceleration rate. I am utilising the twist grip throttle from a...
  6. oracle

    Female electricians, for better or for worse?

    Having worked on site with women, they seem to come in two forms, one a really good worker or Barbie with "Eeew, I broke a nail". Probably if there were a lot more ladies in the trade there would be more of a cross section
  7. Pete999

    Homeserve, don't laugh are they getting better?

    Over the last couple of weeks I have had some bother with a leaking Kitchen tap, not a cheap one, quite expensive to be honest. Any way the Guy who installed it for me is very elusive, annoying to be honest, promised to replace it under guarantee etc, just ignored all my calls and texts, so much...
  8. willy fixit

    Should M&S know better?

    Spot the mistake!
  9. C

    My grandkids could have done better

    Found this little beauty,.
  10. Andy-1960

    So.. Can you get better than a Kwik Fit Fitter? I think so!

    My wife rang me on Saturday with a message .. help I have a puncture - flagged up by the cars on board computer. She has a 18 month old Audi, so as the tyre had not gone completely down and looked normal she managed to make it home. As it was after 6pm and all garages are closed, I called Audi...
  11. G

    New Electrican don't like working away, good company, is the agency any better.

    My dad keeps saying that the grass is not always greener on the other side, was considering quitting the good company & moving back home & go on the agency, & have a life where I can attend night school and be around family. What is the agency like? is it worth it. & how would I get the best...
  12. littlespark

    Are some telly's better at recieving digital signals than others?

    After several years with a sky dish, my parents asked me to do something with their old aerial setup. The aerial, high up on the gable was a perfect perch for the local pigeons to sit and make a mess on their doorstep. They have a Panasonic tv in the living room, connected with a sky+ box, and...
  13. Andy-1960

    The Yanks always have to go one better - A 3 way switch.

    Why is this guy doing demos at mains voltage???? I will test you all later on terminology and terminations!!
  14. N

    NVQ 3 or JTL? What route would suit my skill set better?

    I finished my Level 3 diploma at college last year and am wondering what would be the best path for me to take for the next step. Its taken from last June for my college to get back to me re: the NVQ so i dont have much confidence in their organisation of the next part for me but as far as i...
  15. S


    what is maximum amount of spur sockets taken from a main , the main amperage can be changed easily the wiring is 2.5 and a ring main is not possible without a lot of work as this is a large old house which has been wired this way , there will only be one large consumer a water heater .
  16. Pete999

    Pete's Videos working at height has been ignored then

    Better now??
  17. N

    What Power of Electric Shower Can I Have with 15mm Wide Cable?

    Hello, My last builder's electrician installed wiring ready for the installation of an electric shower. It is a flatish cable about 15mm wide for the widest dimension and has "2x6+2.5mm 2" (2=squared) marked on it. When looking for an electrician to wire in a shower to it one told me that it...
  18. G

    Floodlights and SWA cable.

    Hi all. I have been asked to put two lights on two 30ft floodlight pylons. (one on each) They need to be at around 6-8ft high. It will be a new circuit and run in SWA. Is it 'correct' or acceptable to run the cable up the pylon to that height? (on the outside) Also, any ideas on cable fixings...
  19. gordy ere

    meeting with my mp on friday [EICRs]

    Hi , meeting mp because I want to highlight the unfairness of the Scottish Governments Guidance in favour of companies who are registered with Napit . select, Elecsa and Nickit. Also to highlight bias against self employed electricians,as laid out in annex A of this guidance any of you guys got...
  20. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Those boot were made for walking

    Well that tells you a lot doesn't it?
  21. Dan

    Sidebar banners

    I'm changing the sidebar banners, working my way up from the bottom for some reason, I've only just realised that lol Think they look better and more professional like that than the old smaller ones with text under them?
  22. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Butchery at it's best

  23. Soulsurfer

    Hager Cu Number ?

    Hey all has anyone got a code / part number for Hager Design 30 CU 14 way or close to ? I have VML 114 but that's for the Design 10 & can't find any Design 30 boards online for pricing etc... With the clamp for tails etc... Tried some Schneider easy 9's but they're a weird layout like loads...
  24. A

    EAL 4337/38 or C+G 2394/95

    Hi, I've got my JIB gold installation electrician card. After obtaining my 2357 NVQ, 2382-15 and my part p course. I want to go one better and get my approved electrician card. According to JIB they accept both EAL 4337/4338 and C+G 2394/2395. They are roughly the same price to do but the EAL...
  25. L

    City and Guild 2365 Smart Screen.

    I have been looking for C&G 2365 level 2 past papers online, and I found them on smart screen, but I have first to register as learner which cost £350 0r £800 it depends on which route I'm taking. I found the price is quite high for past paper exams, or Am I doing something wrong on the...
  26. Leesparkykent

    MK A3 board

    Has any one fitted one of these yet? Being 1 of the cheapest fully populated boards at £70-£80 I've seen I was wondering if they've improved? I stopped using the insulated MK boards many moons back as they are absolute rubbish IMO.
  27. M

    Temp site power boards

    Hi All I need to make up some temp power boards on some 3/4 ply. I remember a thread about these a while back that had some great pics on as looking for some ideas but can I find it lol. Thinking of putting 1 x switched EM light 4 x metal clad DS 1 x 16amp commando All via a dis board...
  28. F

    places youd rather be than work

    gets me through the day sometimes be there soon ha ha irish bar in lanzarote
  29. Z

    Continental Light Switches: Are they a better design than UK ones?

    I have moved from Britain to Poland (type E plugs) very near German border (type F plugs) Generally I am appalled by the standards of domestic electrical components and work on both sides of the border: very flexible back boxes, flimsy sockets without switches, most plugs difficult to wire...
  30. A

    Stupid stupid stupud customers.

  31. M

    110V System in a worshop

    Hi All I am designing a 110v system for a local workshop. They have speced 20 outlets not all to used at one time. Id think realistacally 40% would be the max. My question is i have been speked at 15KVA tran with 2 80amp outlets and they say to daisychain 10 sockets from each outlet. They cant...
  32. P

    Twin Shower extractor fan with light

    Hi all I am looking for something like this but with two extractor points/lights. And ideally a better price. Manrose Pro Showerlite Centrifugal Shower Fan Kit Chrome 100mm | Shower Fan Kits | Screwfix.com Basically building a bathroom and ensuite backing onto each other and so want...
  33. yellowvanman


    Is it worth it? Does it work?
  34. B

    Help 3phase dishwasher

    Hi guys fitted a commercial dishwasher today extended c/w supply made drainage alterations etc.Being a helpful stupid bloke connected up cables.Didnt know neutral changed from black to blue so have connected up incorrectly none of the breakers tripped am I in the brown stuff or not im a plumber...
  35. D

    Looking for drill and impact driver. This a good deal?

    As above, is this a good deal and if there's anything better about for the money I'd welcome your thoughts. Toolstation > Power Tools > 18v Drills > Milwaukee C18PP2B Twin Pack cheers
  36. G

    Data circuit advice

    Hi all I've been asked to install a number of data points In a new office conversion, 10 in all but have never done data before. Anyone care to give me some pointers please. Mark
  37. D

    Worki in Iraq

    I was in south east asia and met a fellow working in Iraq. I ended up losing my phone and his contact info. He was working 5 weeks on and 5 weeks off. Does anyone know the name of an electrical contractor working there. I want to apply. Dean
  38. G

    C&G 2394/95 or EAL 600/4337/38

    Hi All, I have recently passed my Level 2 C&G 2365 and 17th Edition and was meant to start my Level 3 C&G 2357 in January but it looks like due to numbers this is now not going to happen until September. I have been informed that I could go on and do the Inspection and Test 2394/5 but have...
  39. O

    Vintage Pyrotenax training video

    Thought it might be of interest to some Terminating a Pyrotenax Mineral Insulated (MI) Cable - YouTube Looks like early to mid 80s (or even 70s possibly, though the white jeans say 1980s dress sense...)...from the style of film and voiceover... Understood most of it, but reckon its something...
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