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  1. M

    What should be the minimum resistance required between 3 phase and grounding (connecting wire to earth)

    Hi I am new to electrical engineering. I want to measure the 3 phase voltage near the water pumpset motors. I have connected phase lines to earth through a diode and six 1 mega ohm resistors (measuring the voltage across resistor). The same earthing wire is connected to ground in my dc circuit...
  2. R

    Help required please re PRT-E thermostat wiring symbol (difference between models and compatibility)

    Hi all, firstly I’m not in anyway qualified to do any electrical work but was just hoping for a quick piece of help In regard to trying to find a replacement for my non-functioning Uponor PRT-E digital thermostat which controls our underfloor heating. The model in question, the PRT-E is generic...
  3. A

    Wylex NN CU Breakers NB Type required

    Got a Wylex NN board installed in April 1990, at some point a bigger shower (Bristan Cheer 8.5kW) has been installed leaving the original NB30 Type 2 as a spare with an NB40 breaker being installed to run the larger shower. The NB40 breaker keeps tripping, have established the breaker is the...
  4. V

    Electricians Mate Required, Uckfield, East Sussex

    voltEV LTD are looking for an electricians mate to join the team in East Sussex for varied projects including- EV charge point installations, new build full installs and general jobbing electrical work. Must have own transport and tools, pay will depend on experience and attitude to work. EV...
  5. EricMark

    Domestic inspection and testing what is required? England-Wales

    When I bought my house we had it inspected before buying to highlight faults, so the inspection and testing done by RICS Chartered Surveyor and the report made. This clearly covered more than the electrics, but it did refer to the electrical installation so included a type of electrical...
  6. L

    Electrical Apprenticeship required

    Hi, currently undertaking level 2 Electrical Installations at chichester college, looking for an apprenticeship for my level 3 and further. If any companies have an opportunity for me to progress in my chosen career, please contact. Thank you Luke
  7. R

    Heating Electrican required London Kent

    We are looking for self employed electrician from a heating background looking for a long term contract excellent earning oppportunity We are looking for an electrician with experience on heating systems to join our team . Work will be around the kent and South East London areas. You must have...
  8. C

    Electrician Electrician required for domestic installation near Honiton

    I own a small cottage near Honiton, Devon. I'm looking for an electrician who can bring wiring up to date. Please contact me. Thank you.
  9. Pete999

    My Sister in Law is having her kitchen extractor remodeled, what certi ss required

    My Sister in Law is having a new extract fan installed due to an obnoxious Neighbour complaining about cooking smells, She is having a builder to install a new fan and ducting, What Electrical certification would be required? me I would say a MNEW cert and an ISITEE as well what say you lot? I...
  10. C

    Electrical Mate/Improver required Kent Immediate Start

    Immediate start, looking for electricians mate or trainee and also qualified electrician. Ideally full time but part time possible, must have own transport, CSCS/ECS and tools. Large commercial site in Kent.
  11. A

    Electrical improver/ mate jobs required

    I am looking for an electrical improver role / mate role in Birmingham or anywhere in the west midlands . I have 1 year site experience and l am certified to level 3 diploma Electrical installation 2365 . I also obtained the 2391 inspection and testing and will be completing my AM2 this year...
  12. C

    Electrical subcontractors, electrician mates or improvers required - Kent

    Looking for qualified electricians, mates/improvers. Immediate start, large commercial site in Kent. Must have own transport and tools. ECS/CSCS.
  13. I

    Electrical sub contractors required London and surrounding areas

    Hi We are looking for electrical sub contractors to join our rapidly growing team carrying out commercial and industrial projects around the London area. fully qualified or improvers welcome. applicants must have the following: basic hand and power tools be available to make own way to site...
  14. T

    Advice required

    I recently asked an electrician to move 3 sockets from the skirting to the wall above. He has fitted wago terminals to the existing plug on the skirting and extended the wire to the socket above as the wire was not long enough to reach the new plug. Am I able to put the wago blocks into a wago...
  15. H

    Retraining to become a self employed Electrician - HELP REQUIRED PLEASE

    Hi Everyone, New to the forum so please excuse any stupid questions which may come below. Sorry if this is long winded but I want to give a good overview of my situation to ensure I get the best advice. I have very basic electrical knowledge and experience but I enjoy and get satisfaction from...
  16. A

    Will soon be starting my NVQ advice required

    Evening all, I will be starting my NVQ in the new year through my new employer. I was hoping someone might be able to suggest any advance reading/swatting, That I could get started with over the Christmas period to get a little better prepared. Also what are peoples experiences with time to...
  17. Vortigern

    SWA supply cables between buildings will not disconnect in required time

    Doing calcs on swa supply to building as sub main from main three phase squard D board for single phase supply off of TN-S supply. I used cable mate from jarsoft and looked up various tables for disconnection times. In all case scenarios it tells me it will not disconnect within the required...
  18. N

    Electricians in NY, no experience required

    We are hiring electricians of all levels from beginner to experienced Candidates are encouraged to submit their application as soon as possible. Located in: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island City, Far rockaway, etc ... Please PM for phone number. Ask for Abigail
  19. Michael J

    Identification Required

    Hi all, hope you can help. What is the black unit under the meter. Is it a sort of earth Leakage device
  20. B

    New MFT Required....but which one?

    So the screen on my trusty MFT1552 has died....probably time to replace it anyway...Looking at the new Megger MFT17xx series, but interested to hear any thoughts on alternatives! Or even better.....someone telling me that their 1552 did this, and it was a cheap fix! Unlikely though I guess! Cheers
  21. A

    UK Advice required on behalf of elderley mother

    My elderley dad recently passed away leaving my elderley mother to update the house theyve shared for decades in the Birmingham area. She thought she was doing the right thing by speaking to a long retired electrician if he knew of anyone who could install a few new plugs she needed for a new...
  22. Monty101

    DIY help required for newby - pull cord LED light fitting to old wiring 🙏

    Hi there 👋, Apols in advance if this has been done to death😳!!! (I know it has but I can't seem to fathom out a similar set-up having searched through this forum and others). I have an old wiring system in my house and wanted to fit a new LED light in the downstairs loo. I have attached pics...
  23. happyhippydad

    Is an extractor fan required in a NEW utility room?

    The customer is having an extension. This will include a utility room which will have the usual in it, i.e. sink, washing machine, fridge. There will be a window. Approved document F is pretty big and I was hoping that someone could assist in pointing me to the right bits on whether an...
  24. M

    what's required (mains or battery)

    Normally I would install mains supplied and interconnected smoke and heat alarms in a rented property or in any alteration but I have a customer convinced that battery ones with radio link is acceptable. Any installs I do normally state wired, interconnected to be installed but an other spark...
  25. RutlandFox

    Junior spark required part time derby stoke

    Pm me if interested for Saturday 5 and 12 Oct £110 per day, east midlands
  26. D

    Advice required regarding finding a suitable "certifier" when not personally registered

    I am an old "spark" who is looking to re-enter the industry working self-employed in domestic premises. Can any of you kind folk help with the following. I am City and Guilds qualified (A and B ) and also have the 17th edition certificate. However due to working in other fields / abroad for...
  27. S

    Technical advice required - metal socket or plastic? / Trunking?

    Hi all Recently my company (I'm just an employee) moved into a new unit and have installed some shelving, the BigDug kind. We've had plug sockets located above (2) each unit to provide power. This was done by the electrician so that's all good. I need a plug socket on each shelf (5 in total)...
  28. driverman

    UK Dummy Bell Box required

    Hi Guys, I'm after a realistic outside dummy alarm bell box to cover Sky cable. It's a new house that's wired for Sky, but not used. I'm thinking of an empty bell box to house the Sky cable in case required for later use. Thanks
  29. C

    Alarm code lost, reset required

    Hi, I have been asked by a landlord to reset an alarm system as the occupant has moved out and does not know the code. Ive never had to do this before so any help appreciated? Unsure what the alarm brand is yet wont know until I visit
  30. P

    Domestic New electric supply - ADMDs in kVA - kVA load required

    Hi I'm applying for a new electric supply. UK Power Networks have requested an accurate breakdown of the "required kVA load". ALL ELECTRIC 2 BED FLAT. I have worked out my requirements as below in watts, but am struggling to convert to the "ADMDs in kVA" they require. Lights: 280w Sockets...
  31. G

    Domestic New control panel required or not?

    Hello folks I'm after some advice with my domestic property control box. I'm not an electrician, I'd kill myself wiring a plug, so I called in the professionals who on entry to my house stated my control panel was obsolete and wouldn't be safe to keep, (it's 12 years old). Normal looking panel...
  32. J

    Domestic Yorkshire Housing - Electrician required

    We're currently recruiting for an Electrician to join our Homeworks team on a full time, permanent contract. For more information and to apply, please send your CV to: Electrician Locations: Working across Yorkshire Salary...
  33. stuarth

    Commercial Sub contacting help required

    I have been introduced to a new client who has a flat that needs some work which I can deal with but he also has a restaurant that needs a couple things doing, replace a fan controller, a new circuit to split some appliances up which are currently tripping out when under heavy load, also replace...
  34. S

    Carbon Monoxide detector required?

    Working at a house this week & they’ve just installed a log burner in the living room, the metal flue goes up the inside of the existing chimney breast. I know there is a Carbon Monoxide detector required in the living room, but the breast & flue also runs through a bedroom in the room above the...
  35. P

    Electrical testers required urgently to carry out Eicr testing in stevenage and essex long contract

    Looking for electrical testers to carry out EICR testing in stevenage and Essex areas, high volume of works, price work, Applicants must be fully qualified, 2391 , must have own tools and transport
  36. G

    Pir help required

    Hi, I have limited electrical knowledge but do have some qualifications through being a refrigeration engineer. In my hall/passage I have a light switch at either end. I have replaced one of them with a danlers wapir occupancy switch. It's working but won't go out completely on the timer, it...
  37. M

    Electrical improver required - London/Essex

    We are looking to recruit 2 x electrical improvers to add to our existing teams. As a company we specialise in small and medium sized projects, and due to recent wins require additional full time labour. We are based in Essex and mainly work within london, although sometimes we have work...
  38. Martyn Campbell

    Domestic Wiring to Garage under floorboards SWA Required?

    Hi, My Garage is attached to my house and currently there is a standard 3 core cable running from my consumer in there. I have just had my consumer upgraded/replaced and starting renovations on the bedroom directly next to the garage so would like to replace the cable as well. As the cable...
  39. mattg4321

    Rewiring a 2 bed house to be rented out - SPD required?

    As per the title, if you were rewiring a small house to be rented out would you, or should you fit an SPD? Doing one soon and been screwed down on price a bit further than we would like ideally. However we have a quiet few weeks until a couple of bigger jobs start and it's local and empty...
  40. B

    advice required On beam strength loss

    Hey guys I’m currently re wiring a dormer bungalow and decided to check the bathroom fitters electrical work To my horror the dope decided to drill out notches in the beams instead of moving these four lights to a clear location Can anyone help on how much strength has been lost due to this...
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