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  1. S

    Solar Project - awaiting permit (sorry - long post..)

    New to the forum. Retired Navy Aviation Electrician with 25 additional years in automotive electrical systems - enough knowledge to be dangerous.. I've had a basic (very basic) understanding of solar for a few years having a simple 100 watt panel maintaining 6 old Trojan T105 batteries. Fast...
  2. Vortigern

    Garage broken into having a moan sorry!

    Had my garage broken into a couple of nights ago. Took a lot of cable maybe £500 worth. Drum of SWA and offcuts, T&E reels and singles in all sizes and colours. Strange thing is nothing else taken! Tools were left and mower, jet wash and so on so I suppose that is good. Door wrecked with jemmy...
  3. J

    what electrical grade am i? (did not know where to post sorry)

    So i am currently employed by a JIB company. On my contract they offered me a position as a stage 2 electrical trainee. I have been working in the industry for 5 years now with varied experience. 2 years at a Testing and inspection company, 2 years with a company that predominantly done Housing...
  4. Baddegg

    Sorry can’t give ya a new socket...😩

    Thread the other day discussed adding new sockets to old install under new called to elderly lady who wanted some pendants changing and a new socket added....took one look at consumer unit and my heart sunk, nothing wrong with it just old and no rcd protection, explained to her how...
  5. S

    sorry .... i have a multitester fluke 87 true rms multimeter ..... now order leads and a buzzer ... and very annoying

    sorry .... i have a multitester fluke 87 true rms multimeter ..... now order leads and a buzzer ... and very annoying
  6. Lou

    Sorry to bring it up, but have you thought about Christmas presents yet?

    It is coming up to that time of year again when it is time to start thinking about Christmas presents for your partner. You probably have not got time to start searching what gift to get them so we have done it for you. 1. Tablets are a good option for any member of your family, and they...
  7. A

    More On Job Help Sorry. Wiring Center/Wolsely RoomStat EHE0200364

    Morning guys. Can anyone clarify this for me? From this schematic, is it asking me to: 1. put in a link between L and L at the incoming side, and 2. put in a link between L and A (to feed the SL out) on the outgoing side? Or is it just showing me the internal volt-free switching between...
  8. Pete999

    Sorry Russian Driving, and the lack of road sense

    Sorry folks lived in The USSR 4 years, never had a road traffic accident, more luck than judgment you may say/ Just been watching Russian driving accidents on youtube, horrendous stuff, take a look when you have 5 or 10 minutes and see for yourself, if you do look what do you think the problem...
  9. P

    Sorry to mention stables again but...

    Some of you may remember a discussion I had on this forum some time ago regarding my wiring of a stable. The general opinion was that they would burn down, soon after the horses and anyone within a 10 mile radius was electrocuted. Now so far none of this has happened. Now my point was that as...
  10. Baddegg

    No pics sorry............

    Went to view a kitchen refit this week, new kitchen and new rfc circuit dedicated to the kitchen, have a look at the CU and whilst inspecting I see that the 2 lighting circuits, up & down, are both wired with the same 1mm 3&E cable (pre 2005 cable) Red as line to down mcb, yellow to up mcb...
  11. B

    I'm sorry but desperation brought me here!

    Hi to all. My first time on this forum. Background in Telecommunications and now 'happily' retired. As per the title, desperation with a particular issue with an alarm (will post detail seperately) of which I have not been able to solve, has brought me into the forum but, who knows, what a long...
  12. A

    Stupid question, sorry

    Hi guys I hate to ask but I've removed a shaver socket from my bathroom to pvc the walls and for obvious reasons need to reconnect it but I can't remember where it was, will a stud finder show me?
  13. Dan

    Ooops sorry about that!

    That's me again screwing with things. Should be sorted now. :)
  14. buzzlightyear

    16mm twin &earth sub mains separate earth

    been to look at a job , customer needs sub mains and meter moving to the under stairs from main cut out from hallway a new 100 amp cu . 16mm twin earth do I need separate cpc for that according to table 54.7 16 mm cpc any thoughts on this .
  15. C

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC 1st visit

    I have a few jobs put together for my first visit. I just want to see how you guys have played this in the past because 2 of my sample jobs are new circuits and DBs for friends which are notifiable . I will be notifying building control through what will hopefully be my new NICEIC approved...
  16. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Hot

    Not electrical but???
  17. A

    Newly retired - Architect / Plans Reviewer / Electrical inspector

    Retired to finalize the repairs to the tornado damaged house here in Rowlett Texas USA. It was hit December 26th (Merry Christmas) 2015. It is nearly complete 98.9%. I am trying to stay involved and continue the Practice of Architecture and my plan review and electrical inspections. I am always...
  18. S

    How much capacity of a labelling machine is good?

    How can we decide that the capacity is good of labelling machine? what should it be?
  19. W

    9.5 kW shower on 2.5!!!

    I was doing a eicr today. Came across a shower 9.5 kW Mira ,which had been installed for at least 8years. its was brutally spurred off the bathroom heater which was protected by a 15'amp rewireable fuse. All, done in 2.5 t&e . The client swore he knew nothing about it, and said he did have...
  20. driverman

    Volt drop calcs on ring main

    Hi Guys, I'm not into design etc and never have been really but how do you calculate volt drop on a distribution ring main circuit? Ring circuit say covering a large area supplying various loads/buildings. I was thinking split the ring and work it out as 2 x radial circuits, but 1 radial may...
  21. C

    elios4you doing my head in, data logging not working

    ive tried entering the current meter readings into the software, it then 0 the data, but about 15 mins later all hell has broken loose. it recons ive consumed 32000kwh and all sorts of nonsense. am i right in thinking if the page says current meter readings thats what i put in? also the...
  22. B

    just got home and found all my doors and windows open

    just got home and found all my doors and windows open they have taken the lot! :greedy::greedy::greedy: what good is an empty advent calendar :santa1::santa1::santa1: well it is december:tree:
  23. G

    Megger MFT 1552 Multifunction Tester (Package)

    Due to relocating and some unwanted tools I no longer require, I am offering the following items as a complete set. 1 x Megger MFT1552 multifunctional tester, c/w test leads and hard carry case (good condition). 1 x Brother PT7600 Label Maker c/w manual/cd, charger, and carry case (good...
  24. S

    Domestic Wiring garage supply, breaker size recommendations for welder.

    Hi guys, I'm planing on putting some power to my grandparents garage so I can work on my car. I'm going to put in one double socket which will be running a freezer, and my welder too, and then a couple 5ft fluorescents or x2 battenholders.. whatever gives the best spread of light? The thing...
  25. D

    main fuse not a bs 1361

    hi can someone tell me what fuse this is please. is it a bs88? thanks
  26. richy3333

    Deep 2G boxes for conduit

    Just a quickie. Does anyone make plastic 2G boxes - 45/47mm with conduit knock outs? My local CEF, EC and Eddies can't help :( I've done a rewire in conduit and the customer wanted a dimmer switch fitting. The MK dimmer is very chunky!
  27. G

    Any job????????

    Why i have been told that there are more electrical jobs? Where are they? I cant find any. Iam doing level 3 right now. Does anyone have a job for me? I can make a nice english tea too ;-)
  28. E

    Domestic Need to replace mk 100ma rcd (6160) with 30ma one

    Sorry, in a rush...,Will any mk 30ma one do? Thanks loads guys
  29. P

    I Don't Believe it! Customer

    I was booked into go to a customers house in London travelling from north of oxford, last Thursday she delayed saying the builder wasn't ready best make it Tuesday instead so I phoned this afternoon at 3:00 just to check everything was ok no answer then a text a minute later oh so sorry the...
  30. J

    I'm sorry for disturbing you on a saturday afternoon but ..... my showers on fire?!

    Just got in from a call out and was the best one yet. I'm sorry for disturbing you on a saturday afternoon but ..... my showers on fire?! Where do I turn the electric off in the fuse box as it's still melting? Lucky it's 30 Sec run down my road .... Went in and was met with a room full of...
  31. B

    Intermediate switching.

    I know I should be able to work this one out but my head is hurting ... Currently there's a two-way switch in operation at each end of a hall. Customer wants to be able to switch from upstairs as well, but cable run-wise it's much easier to run to upstairs from the switch which is currently...
  32. R

    radial ring hybrid circuit.

    I've read about these circuit sand came across one today on a periodic (eicr) in a kitchen the spark has taken a 6mm into a 45a isolator and run a ring out on the load side to all the appliances. 60898 b32 rcd protected. In good condition to. Suppose it's not illegal it's out there!! rang the...
  33. H

    TV Aerial Setup Advice?

    Hey, I'm looking for some help and advice on our aerial setup across the house as we've got some problems as of today. As far as I can tell our setup looks like this: htt p://i.Upload the image directly to the thread.c om/5ev7tzB.gif (remove the two spaces to see the image, sorry mods but it's the easiest way to explain.)...
  34. gazzamikes

    Alarm system

    Hi, Customer bought an alarm system from toolstation and asked me to fit while wiring their garage/workshop. All fitted up etc but getting odd faults: Low battery although tested and fine? Zone 7 although only two pir's? Bell box won't ring or sound? Am I missing something or wiring...
  35. F

    Domestic Melting plug socket

    So I hope this is in the right forum area for starters for a first post, sorry if otherwise. I am new here and do not have any electrician background but needed help from people who do. I live in the North West of England and currently have been having a problem with my plug socket and...
  36. T

    megger multifunction tester

    any one got cheap megger multifunction tester for sale as mine was stolen last night cheers
  37. S

    I have got to find these as an added extra for customers

    Sorry if it's been posted before. I'm not totally sure how to include these on the cert though.
  38. S

    bs88 fuses

    Is there any way to work out max zs for bs88 fuses like you can with the other breakers
  39. J

    Megger 1730

    Megger 1730 for sale. Used but In very good condition. the black crocodile clip and the red test probe end are missing, but the everything else is there and all tidy would like to see £700 for it. thanks
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