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  1. telectrix

    my reply to samsung

    been bombarded with emails to buy a new samsung phone. here's my reply: too frigging expensive, and even if it were free. i'd not have one as long as you eat dogs.
  2. Dan

    Reply to (and quote) only one paragraph of a post, like this

    Highlight one section of a post, and it should pop up with an option to just quote that one bit. Not sure this will work on all devices. But it certainly does on Google Chrome on a desktop or laptop. :) You then click reply, and it'll add it to a new post for you
  3. happyhippydad

    How to put a photo on the thread?

    Evening all.. I have just written out my thread and was about to post thinking that it would be easy to put a photo on (as it was in the old days), but I cannot. There used to be a very simple and easy button to press called 'browse' that let you go into your computer and choose an image that...
  4. happyhippydad

    REcommendations for a 'quality' 150w or 200w LED floodlight?

    Hello all. I have been in discussions with my client with regards lighting for her horse manege for some time as the client has been changing their mind quite a bit about how many poles to have down each side, whether to have 2 x 150w per post or 1 x 240w p/post etc etc. I have given lighting...
  5. N

    Out side light not working.

    Hi I was wondering if someone could please help. I have an external light which is not working even when a new bulb is but in the unit. Any suggestions please?
  6. O

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Are The Jib Real?

    I was just wondering if the JIB are real or not? I have been trying for the last week to contact them but I just get put from recorded message, to ring tone, to "there is nobody here, please try again later". Have they gone out of business or are they a wind up that I have fallen for? I have...
  7. Pat H

    Domestic Upgrading supplier fuse

    Got a job with a 60amp supplier head fuse. Contacted Eon re upgrading to 80amp or 100amp. Their reply is they don't do that I need a qualified electrician!
  8. C

    TT System RCD protection

    Hello electrical mafia, Just a quick one for you on this fine evening…..been asked to do the electrics for a hot tub install, house is a TT system and has no upfront RCD the ZE reading is 12 ohms. Would I be ok to split tails in a henley block and feed hot tub from a garage unit that has a 30ma...
  9. K

    Any Advice for job hunting

    Hi Guys, It might be a little awkward post as I would like to know some tips for getting job as an electrician improver like me finished Level 3 in 2365,17th edition and CSCS and experiences in college. Eventhough I have registered with so many agencies, they just called me and aske some a few...
  10. M

    Commercial Megger MFT 1730 - Error code 76

    Just recently bought a Megger MFT1730. It comes up with a "EER 76" message when switched on. It eventually clears after switching on & off several times an allows testing to proceed. The batteries are fully charged. Any ideas?
  11. B

    Commercial digital timer instructions for mem at1p

    Hi All, Can anyone help me find a link to .....MEM at1p timer Instructions (how to program same) Many Thanks BFK
  12. A

    Tv socket extension

    Hello, Can anyone please help us on our matter below: I've had a bit of a discussion with my work colleagues (all electricians more experienced than myself) about a job we were asked to do for one of our tenants in commercial office premises. Basically they want to install a new TV hanging...
  13. A

    Domestic Advice for booking

    Hi, I'm looking to book a C&G BS 7671 17th Edition electric exam, if any one knows the best/cheapest way to book, please reply to my thread. Also if anyone has any suggestions for the exam and how to pass, please reply too. :seeya:
  14. C

    Retraining Advice needed.

    Hi guys, I need advice on the best and quickest way i can qualify for my ECS card. I completed my JIB apprenticeship many years ago (236/1 236/2) but fell ill with kidney failure 12 yrs ago, I fortunately received a transplant and so wish to return to work,I've had a job offer from a friend who...
  15. S

    Want some fun with a scammer

    Background son looking for new motor ie range rover. I know running costs etc but he is an electrician and therefore by default very wealthy lolol anyway upshot is found a beauty but 10 below the norm . Email sent etc reply in English /Nigerian car in Spain u pay me we ship etc etc etc...
  16. T

    Wanted Seward 100 or similar

    Hi. I have just passed my Pat testing exam, and I am after a pat tester, I will be doing things like Kettles, PC Leads, Printers, Photocopiers, etc. I have been advised to get a Seward 100 so I am on the look out for a second hand one, if anybody has one, or something similar, doesn't matter if...
  17. S

    Breaking capacity for 1361 fuses...

    Hi, Anyone know the breaking capacities / KA for 1361 cartridge fuses - namely 5 & 15A?? Cheers
  18. V

    Deborah Meaden Campaigns For Investment In Renewable energy

    BBC News - Deborah Meaden campaigns for investment in renewable energy
  19. T

    Help with Honeywell CM720 Wireless Programable Room Stat

    Hi Guys Please bear with me dont often get involved with heating wiring, got a customer who wants there current heating controls upgradded to wirless as the wall where the wired room stat is on is comming down and they want to be able to operate it in different rooms. Currently got all...
  20. R

    Panel prices

    Hi guys, Where are you buying your pv panels and what price are you paying for them?? Reply in PM if you like, no need to let anyone else from the general public seeing the information. Many thanks.
  21. I

    Domestic 9.5Kw Shower on-site guisde? 16mm Twin & cpc?

    Hi every one, I should know better but can’t get my head round this one and lost my notes from College. On site guide is saying up to a 9.7Kw shower the cable CSA should be 16mm this seems rather high to me and impossible to work with. I am fitting a 9.5Kw shower and looking at smaller CSA than...
  22. T

    Data installation

    I'm currently in the process of setting up on my own, but would like to do data installtion as well as I have worked with cat-5 etc in the past. I would be really greatful if anyone knew exactly what qualification I need to be able to do data installation and any courses available. Thankyou.
  23. E

    Voltage drop calculation format

    VOLTAGE DROP CALCULATION FORMAT hi my friends, is anybody have voltage drop calculation format? AND THERE BEEN SOME CHANGING OF OPINIONS AND ADVICES AS FOLLOW 1ST REPLY Shabu there's a few ways of calculating volt drop, the vast majority provide you with an "average" assuming the load is...
  24. D

    Jobs in North east

    i've recently finished college and picked up a NVQ Level 2 in electrical and mechanical engineering, and a National award in electrical, im 18 years old and have had no experience in jobs as to date yet i'm very capable, i'm located in hartlepool town. If there is any apprenticeship/ job...
  25. P

    Info wanted about Securahomes

    A company called Securahomes(they supply security systems and are based in Bradford) is looking for electricians to expand their installation team nationwide. Has anyone had any dealings with them or know if they are a good company to be involved with?
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