1. timhoward

    Help please, new device to me

    This MCCB is in a distribution board in the consumer half of a substation at a school We've now tested everything downstream of this (and another 2 similar devices). My current understanding is that the maximum PSSC to operate this device a maximum of 3 times is 50% of the Icu, so 12.5kA ...
  2. newfutile

    Test the (RCD) Residual Current Device or die

    Just seen this label on a consumer unit im testing. As far am im aware no one ever pressed the test button.
  3. K

    UK Is there a device or a way which will alarm us if a water pump has stopped working?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question. We have a waste water pump in our first floor flat. The water pump failed and stopped draining water from the shower. We noticed too late and the water draining through the ceiling in to the property below. Is there a device or something we can do to know...
  4. C

    Derating a BS3871 following an EICR C2

    Hi, I’m interested to hear other views on BS3871 MCBs being changed following a C2 non compliance on an EICR for over rated protective device. Eg. A 2.5mm radial circuit protected by a 32A device and then swapping the BS3871 for another BS 3871 but a 20A device.
  5. therealnwc

    Issue with pairing MainsSwitch RF device

    Hi, Bought a MainsSwitch device to run the RF pairing link to switch some low voltage LED strip lighting under my Breakfast bar. No direct switch link option where I need it and I’ve installed the transmitter & receiver kit. It starts off for the first 30-60 mins working then it loses the...
  6. OnlQQker

    Arc Fault Detection Device!

    These are going to become the norm aren't they? I've been reading this I was fixing the 21v motor on the Dyson this morning, and as usual my mind decides to wander. For years...
  7. T

    Device randomly trips ARC Fault Breaker

    if my brand new fridge is connected to a circuit with an ARC Fault breaker, and if the circuit has ONLY ONE OUTLET on it (the one to which the fridge is connected), then what are the most likely causes of RANDOM arc fault trips. It'll stay on for a week...then all of a'll trip (even...
  8. D

    BG Surge Protective Device

    Is there a reason why these surge protective devices come with 2 neutral links?
  9. Z

    UK Load Limiting Device

    I'm having a heat pump installed (SwimSpa) and a Sauna, already have an electric car charger. My current supply amp is 60, Western Power has said I can go to 80Amp BUT must fit a load limiting device, need one where we can set what goes off and in what order should the Amps get close to the 80...
  10. E

    Wiring a device with contains N, L1, and L2 inputs.

    This is a motion sensor Lamp which I want to install. It is a B.E.G. LUXOMAT PD3N - 1C. I enclose images of the location where wires from the mains connect and also the wiring diagram. However I am unsure as to what goes where. The instructions are badly printed and unclear. I do my own...
  11. Daniel DD

    Surge Arrester Installation and External Short Circuit Protection Device

    BACKGROUND I live in a small town where it is difficult to find ceritified electricians. In fact, electrician certification is not common for residential installations. I did find some experienced electricians but I don't think they are certified and know best practices in the installation. I...
  12. LEOlson

    Identify this device.

    Hello. I am new here. I am trying to figure out something in my attic. This mysterious black box appears to be connected to my attic fan, but it doesn't seem to actually affect anything when I twist the knob. Can anyone help identify it? Thanks in advance!
  13. T

    Name of Device being used?

    Anyone know what kind of device this is and brand name used? Its connected to a pressure switch.
  14. VsUK..

    Device Power Supply question

    I have 2 external HDD's I use often. Both Power cables are 12V 2A supplies & input 100-240v 50/60Hz 0.80A. However, 1 of the plugs has broken, I stood on it. The other plug powers either of the HDDs. My question is, if I buy a splitter, will the power supply power both HDDs at the same time if...
  15. T

    Snake oil device advertised on Electricians forum

    Hi, This ad popped up on this forum <admin edit: link removed to dodgy site> ...this is nonsense, is it possible you could remove it?......i know its not your fault, but how does stuff like this get through....i appreciate its like virus's though, and hard for the website to regulate such things
  16. donb21

    Why is this OK, because it's a hard-wired device?

    I have a ceiling fan connected to a 12 gauge wire, which comes from a 20 amp breaker. The ceiling fan has 18 gauge (or smaller) wire. In effect, 18 gauge wire is connected to a 20 amp breaker. Why is this OK, because it's hard wired?
  17. T

    Cheap device for checking internet connection?

    Hi, Supposing you have a device in the field that is connected to the household router via an ethernet cable (may also be TP links in the path back to the router) . The devices were all sucessfully connecting to the internet at installation time. Some of the units then suffer disconnection from...
  18. kirian

    Keep Bluetti battery device always connected to 12v

    Hi, TL;DR Will I short the car battery life by having a external battery always connected to the 12v port? I'm planning to buy a Bluetti battery (500wh) for my camper and connect to it a mini fridge, so to keep battery level as high as possible, I assume the best option should have it always...
  19. T

    Does exist on the market a differentiator device?

    Does exist on the market a differentiator device? Basically connected to a multiway switching to output a pulse of defined length everytime the deviator changes position on/off?
  20. johnwicklover

    Does a three-pin socket used for Electrical Vehicle charging need a earth electrode or open PEN fault detection device?

    As the title says, does a three-pin socket (external) used as charging point need an earth electrode or open PEN fault? Are mode 1 and mode 2 exempt from this ? I was under the impression that anything used as EV charging point and if located externally, the installation would need to have...


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