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  1. Sparksaflyin

    Characteristics of protective device?

    Hello fellas. I’ve got a protective device that has sod all written on it apart from the following..... series 3 Henley, pat no: 451302 can someone please tell me what the hell it is? Thanks
  2. S

    Low current device on lighting circuit

    I've had a new smart door lock fitted to the front door. In order to get best usage I need to run a small electronic device called a bridge which will link this lock to the internet via bluetooth and wifi. The bridge requires AC power and is deigned to be plugged in to a socket. It needs to be...
  3. T

    Nearby motors damaging LED floodlights

    I do some electrical maintenance for a local church, the main hall is lit by around 12 LED floodlights, (they do look cheap) they seem to be constantly dying, they have asked if a wood work shop across the road could be causing this, with saws and other machinery constantly starting up, I’ve...
  4. T

    Correct Lock Off Device for 4 Pole Main Switch

    Hi all & thanks in advance for any feedback. Could anyone tell me the correct Lock off device used to safely isolate a 4 pole main switch? I'm not 100% sure if the isolation device with the prongs is the correct device to be used or if another lock off device is necessary. Pics attached...
  5. T

    Lock Off Device for Triple Pole Main switch & MCB

    Hi all. I am undertaking an assessment next week called SAFE ISOLATION OF SUPPLIES. It involves isolating and securely locking off a circuit to be worked on. The 4 items to be isolated is THE WHOLE INSTALLATION, A 3 PHASE CIRCUIT, SINGLE PHASE CIRCUIT & LOCAL ISOLATION (which is an isolator...
  6. T

    Commercial What is this Prysmian device on telegraph pole

    Hi I have come home and at the bottom of my drive way have noticed this thing bolted about 7ft up the telegraph pole with a laser/laser radiation warning sticker on it. Anyone know what this is and what it does or what all the numbers mean?
  7. R

    low power 110v~240v device on a construction site

    PoE details: Input: AC 100v~240v- 50/60Hz 0.3A max Output: DC 24v 0.5A PoE injector is used to convert mains AC into DC and power IP devices such as CCTV cameras and Wifi APs. These devices are designed for worldwide sale and are also widely used in the US and alike on 110v supplies. The only...
  8. D

    Isolation lock off device

    Can anyone recommend an lock off device that works well on an 60947-3 main switch. Most of them that I have seen come as a kit with lots of tatt thrown in that I do not need such as the padlocks, labels and cable ties etc, and are seriously overpriced?
  9. A

    12v car battery. How to lower amperage output for a device?

    How do I lower the amperage output best for a device that will suck my car battery dry without loosing too much energy? There are several methods but I would like to know a way to say get around 1 ampere max out to my device the most energy efficient way. Not loosing too much to heat. The...
  10. TonyJohnson

    Isolation transformer and insulation monitoring device in horse box/bar

    The regs state 717.413 a Isolation transformer and insulation monitoring device should be used. Are there any guidance notes on type or makes i should be looking for. I see you can get 230V primary 230V secondary boxes but i'm also not sure on which to get in terms of load.. I'm inspecting this...
  11. R

    Does anyone know the BS(EN) for this primary supply overcurrent protective device device

    Can anyone give me the BS no. for this please
  12. Zdb

    EV charger protective device

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble deciphering some manufacturer's specifications / installation instructions for a three phase dual 32A outlet EV charger. The model in question is the W22 wall mounted unit: I can see that there are 2x 30mA RCD's inside the unit mounted on DIN rail. I'm unsure...
  13. B

    Gaming device potentially live case - help diagnosing needed

    ive got a gaming device that has lots of switches, servos and backlighting in it. It’s powered by 5v for main power, 5v for servos and 12v for backlighting. It all sits in a metal case. Just recently I’ve had a strange problem when using it that when I touch certain switches or even if I touch...
  14. HVManiac

    What are the effects of using a 60Hz device on a 50Hz supply?

    I've two Vibro Graver V-74 electric engravers (120V 60Hz) with me. I gave one to a friend who recently moved to another country. He got a step down converter to 110V but then he noticed the frequency used there is 50Hz. What would the effects of using the device on a 110V 50Hz supply when the...
  15. E

    DIY electrical device-im going to use this device the same way as shown in the video

    Hello.How can i make this device as shown in this video?What DIY tools do i need?The device is shown in this youtube video:
  16. R

    Isolator versus protection device on main incomer

    Hi, i'm only a student so please forgive me for the basic question: Say you have a generator or power transformer serving a main mccb panel, why can't the main switch of the panel be just an isolator? I've only seen the main switching device as a mccb or acb. I know that in a house you'll have a...
  17. haptism

    Which Protective device on MWC

    Hi hope someone can help, i need to record the protective device on a MWC and not sure which to enter. I have removed an old bathroom heater on a 20A radial and rerouted cabling to feed an RCD FCU, the load side of which feeds into the bathroom serving towel rail with a local DP (20A) switch...
  18. D

    EMI/RFI Noise filter

    Noise filter will be in between wall 240V and device. If the device is rated at 10AMPS then what AMP noise filter is required? Is it 20% above device rating? regards.
  19. A

    Electrical OM software

    Has anyone else used this software? Seems pretty good tbf but seem to be unable to spec rcds amd rcbos... Am I going wrong somewhere?
  20. T

    Individual RCBO

    Hi I need to check what the electrical requirements (17th addition and Part P) are for RCBO's on a new kitchen extension. Using the existing house Consumer Unit with one 100Amp 30ma RCBO. Do all the different new kitchen circuits i.e Ring Main, Cookers (x2), Indiuction Hob, Lighting...
  21. S

    Kitchen ceiling light - maximum lumens?

    My 88 year old mum needs new lighting in her very small open plan kitchen. They've just built a house next to hers and the daylight is much diminished in her kitchen and adjoining dining table area. Can anyone recommend a good bright diffuse light for her kitchen ceiling? Would this light be a...
  22. G

    Sockets with integrated USB connections

    Hi I am new to the forum and finishing of my training with a 3 month placement starting next week, as i am hesitant to go straight out and work alone, i figure to do a good job takes more than a bit of theory and a freshly printed City and Guilds! I am not sure if this is the correct forum to...
  23. A

    Question on mcbs to fit old board

    Hi, just a quick question, does anybody know if they manufacture an mcb that will fit this board ?? Thanks in advance.
  24. cprfenom

    socket on 6.0mm T&E

    A circuit wired in 6.0/2.5 with a 32amp MCB feeding a double socket for a gas hob and gas oven. Now I know that the protective device is for the cable, but I am concerned that the socket can only take 13+7. Should I down rate the protective device for the socket and not the cable in this...
  25. K

    USB ports within sockets

    HI all A client ask if i could look into the idea of having one of those USB + standard stock installed in her house. I know there are a couple of comments in this forum but just thought I would ask as they are older threads. So has any one has any experience with them (as i have not) if so...
  26. SolarCity

    Solar immersion device capable of running 6kW immersion

    I have a customer with a 6kW immersion heater and we are trying to find a device which will cope with this size. All the ones I've seen so far are rated at 13A maximum. Anyone know of a device which could do 6kW?
  27. S

    testing problems

    Just started subbing for a company and have provided me with a megga mft1552 tester where would I locate the serial number needed to complete aelectrical installation certificate report ?
  28. dnjr

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC conflicting advice

    Dear All Im quoting on changing a fuse board and the earth bonding to the gas is 6mm. TNCS system 100A main fuse at cutout (sealed so not confirmed) The flat has concrete ceilings and floors and the bonding cable is deep in the structure of the building. No obvious route to run in a 10mm. I rang...
  29. L

    SOLIC solar immersion controller

    Afternoon all, I've been looking at getting a solar immersion controller for my solar PV 3kWp array, and although the IMMERSUN and iBOOST look like the prime players, I'm keen to know whether any of you have had experience with the SOLIC unit? It appears to do the same job as the rest, looks...
  30. T

    proprietary earthing

    Hi can somebody explain the difference between a proprietary earthing device and non proprietary earthing device , wit examples of each?:confused:
  31. yellowvanman

    10KA or 6KA breakers?

    I know the difference between the 2 sorts but I'm thinking do I need to fit 10KA breakers in this scenario, when I've got 6KA MCBs in the van! 3 phase DB, Isc 4.9KA (phase to earth), all circuits from this DB are single phase. Will never be 3 phase in future (HMO). Worst case short circuit...
  32. J

    Hager RCD

    Went to quote for new electrical shower and they want to upgrade from 8.5 to 9.8kw. (I am a plumber boooh boooh) anyway, the cable is 10mm but the rcd is 40amp. I cant find a 45amp rcd its either a 40 amp, 50 amp or 63 amp!! can I use 50 amp? I will get an electrician in but just want to know if...
  33. R

    Bit confused

    I'm currently doing the 2357 City and Guilds coursework at this precise moment, but i cannot seem to get my head round what should be a simple process in the design area. Hopefully you guys will be willing to help me get round this first question so i can understand and complete the remaining...
  34. R

    fuse rating or setting

    Ive searched but cant find any info on the following- On the certs forms under main switch or circuit breaker it asks Fuse /device rating or setting??:santa_cheesy:
  35. M

    16A socket on a radial require 20A Overcurrent device, where's the reg?

    Hi all, I hope this is the right place to post this question. I'm revising for my 17th edition exam tonight, I qualified on the 15th edition too long ago to mention, and my on site guide says in section H3 that radial final circuits using 16A sockets complying with BS EN 60309-2 should be...
  36. Y

    Isolating of Fire Panel.

    Hi all, our NIC inspector came round recently, and one of the changes we had to make was to the way we 'control' fire panels. Previously we have just fed the panel from an unswitched fused spur. However according to the NICIEC man this is no longer acceptable, so what we have to do is fit a...
  37. F

    main switch versus OPD

    HI ALL whilst completing certificate on pirform having installed a shower consumer unit with a 40A 30ma rcd and mcb nominal current rating of main switch in relation to overcurrent protective device (ie) main switch is rated aty a lesser value than main over current protective device, supply...
  38. J

    MCB short circuit capacity

    6 amp BS EN 60898 .....6ka being the maximum fault current the device can handle, although the device may no longer work after that. The 3 underneath this being the fault current (ka) the device can handle without damaging it and then being able to be reset. I have been told 2 different...
  39. P

    code 2 advice to customer

    i have just had a customer ask me what length of time he has to make good is code 2,s following his EICR any suggestions for a norm thanks every body
  40. L

    Domestic Socket assistance

    Hello Can someone please help? I have a HomePlug LAN - which is a chunky device that plugs into power socket to provide internet throughout the house. The trouble is there is insufficient clearance from the plug socket to the floor. I could move the socket, but I wonder if there is any...
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