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main fuse

  1. D

    Boiler tripping main fuse

    I have a grant vortex combi boiler and it has started tripping the main fuse when the programmer calls for heat. Any ideas. Regards
  2. Adie moore

    no main fuse

    doing a eicr today and the apartment im at, along with all the others, has no main fuse. there is a big service head, possibly containing individual phase fuses, but I've not opened it up. from there you have single 25mm tails going in to each meter for each apartment, then in to an isolator...
  3. J

    What the hell is this main fuse?

    Hi All On a job this morning doing an EICR. As you will see from photos main live conductor showing signs of burning out at termination. Checked tightness of termination and main switch all seemed fine. I thought I would check main fuse rating to see rating of this. Supply is tncs with 16mm...
  4. Baddegg

    Limitation on main fuse type??

    As per title, changed CU today in a flat and main fuse was just a red link type thing.....have no access to any other meters or incoming supply for the building (4 flats) and the tenant has no idea where to even point me to find out, will ring scheme for advice on Monday but interested in others...
  5. T

    3 phase swa sub

    Just a quick one does a three phase 25mm sub main in swa 4 meters long have to be fused even thou it comes from a bs1361 100amp services fuse then from a standard three phase isolation switch fitted from electricity company? Being swa and 25mm in size would this be acceptable?
  6. G

    Main fuse query

    Hi I’m planning on getting my house re-wired soon, the installation at the minute is an ancient old fuse board with all sorts going on in there! My main fuse is rated at 60 amp and my question is should I get the dno in to upgrade if needed to 80 or 100 amp! Am I best doing this before or after...
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