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  1. C

    Noise from fuse box

    Right I’ve woke this morning to notice the immersion isn’t working. It had tripped in the box when I put the trip switch back to the on position there is a noise coming from the box itself sounds like a buzzing noise wouldn’t say it’s a loud crackling noise though. It’s stressing me out.
  2. B

    Ten plug sockets broken on front slice of the house

    My house is Victorian and spread over three floors. The plug sockets through the front slice of the house across all floors don't work from this afternoon. The fuse box situation is pictured. None of the buttons has tripped - I switched each one off and on in turn to confirm they are still...
  3. J

    why won’t my plug socket switch stay on on my fuse box

    hi. today my power started switching off, but not my lights. only my plug sockets are going off. i’ve unplugged everything from all the sockets so there isn’t a faulty appliance. is there anything else i could try doing?
  4. L

    fuse box for generator

    Hi good afternoon, this is my first thread on the forum so Hi everyone ;) good to meet you, my question is I have a well which uses a water pump and I have a 9000kw generator which powers it could you advise me what kind of fuse box do I need to buy in order to be able to connect everything up...
  5. R

    Fuse box question

    Can someone tell me what the middle white fuse would be used for? We have an issue where we lose power to everything to the left of it (downstairs lights, upstairs sockets, heating, downstairs sockets) and we think everything to the right works, I know oven and upstairs lights do. Nothing...
  6. C

    Domestic Any one used CP Fuse Box????

    Hi just wounding has anyone fit anything by CP fuse box? They seem to be a cheap make of consumer units. I ended up fitting a CP fuse box SPD main switch unit as I was struggling to find a manufacturer that was reasonably priced. However I must it admit felt really well made and even had a...
  7. M

    New Fuse Box Needed for 110v Electrics

    Hello Guys, I have a strange, yet accurate title: I am the Vintage Member for the WBCCI. That is the club for people who own Airstreams. (the aluminium bodied, curved caravan, or as we call them: A Travel Trailer) In my case, the Euro branch. This means that members who have problems come...
  8. F

    Domestic Fuse box makes humming sound when off-peak water heating

    Video of issue: Hi I’ve noticed a humming from my fuse box when my nightly off-peak water comes on. When I first moved in I had a similar issue, albeit louder / more high pitched. An electrician replaced the contactor at the time. It might be worth noting that that little grey box (I think...
  9. M

    60A Fuse box - is (typical) over 60A max load OK?

    This relates to one of those old 60A Wylex Fuse boxes that has been upgraded with MCBs - I know it would be a very good idea to upgrade, but the question is, how does the "Max 60A" rating moulded on the box apply? The main fuse is 60A and the load after diversity calcs is 89A. I am aware that...
  10. R

    New extension - 2nd fuse box connection

    Hi, We are building a new extension which is the opposite side of the property to where the current mains in and fuse box is located ( which are on the opposite side of an external wall ). The extension will be a new kitchen with an electric oven and hob, utility room with washing machine /...
  11. J

    My main fuse box is right behind my front door

    Hi, I've just moved to a ground floor flat and my mains fuse box/circuit breaker box, which ever it's called, is right behind my front door at the top. I moved into the property as it is supposed to be adapted for disabled access as I have a medical condition but the wiring was done before I got...
  12. A

    Small fuse box - problem?

    Hi all A house I’m looking at buying (3 bed semi 1930s build) has a smaller fuse box than I’m used to seeing with just a master switch and three additional switches for sockets, lights and cooker. Is this a problem? What about if I want to run power to an outside building? Will this small fuse...
  13. J

    Commercial Fuse box covered with plywood casing

    At work we have a fuse box with a door that will not close due to a broken latch. The fuse box is located by a fire door in an office. To hide the issue a plain plywood box has been used to completely cover the fuse box. I have raised a safety issue with this but there is disagreement on it's...
  14. D

    Unsure of trip switches on fuse box?

    Hey folks I'm in a bit of a pickle right now, the new house we moved into has this: what is this switch with the FG on it? when I flip it up it just comes back down again, won't stay up.. all the plug sockets in the walls are dead at the moment so I'm guessing this is the key to getting them...
  15. V

    Wiring Advice - Multiple supply lines into fuse box

    All, Usually a bit more prudent with this stuff, however I find myself unable to wire up a fuse box controlling a light. I'm also fairly sure a motion sensor light on the landing outside my front door is contolled by this box. Photo attached. 3 supply cables from the wall and the wiring up to...
  16. J

    Electrician Domestic Fuse Box Replacement - RCD Per Circuit

    Hi all, I am in the Maidenhead area and want to understand as a customer how much it would cost to do the following work: Replace 15 way domestic split load mains box with one that has an RCBO breaker per circuit rather than the current RCBO managing several circuits. The box was installed in...
  17. J

    Turning on light trips at fuse box...?

    Hi there I'm having a bit of a difficulty re two sets of lights on the downstairs that keep tripping the fuse box when I go to turn them on. The story.... I was asked to take down 4 lights for a house move and replace them with basic ceiling roses, simple enough, yeah!!? Lights all down and...
  18. D

    Fuse Box/Fuse board - supply and fit

    Hello I need advice on how much approx a new fusebox will cost to supply and fit - I am advised my original one needs replacing - see attached image. Thank you for any advice..
  19. J

    Domestic Fuse box removal questions

    Hello, this is (hopefully) a very simple question. As a general background we have been living in an apartment for 3 days with an incredibly noisy ventilator that has been driving us up the wall. There is no off switch for it, just a switch to heat the incoming air. Today i noticed that it also...
  20. fishkake

    Domestic Old Consumer Unit / Fuse Box

    Hi there, Let me start by saying that the picture is not my work! I regard myself as a reasonably competent DIY'er - probably as competent as one can reasonably be without any form of training. Attached is a picture of my Consumer Unit, or fuse box. It looks... a bit... shall we say shabby? I...
  21. A

    New socket on ring main - replace consumer unit?

    I currently have a double socket in our spare bedroom and a 4 way extension block running a computer and peripherals. For neatness I would like to have an electrician add a second double socket right next to the existing one and do away with the extension block. The socket can be added to the...
  22. J

    Electric enclosure inner empty space (in the bottom)

    Hi! My name is James. I am starting a company which will build a device for your fuse box. I would like to know, how much empty space you have in your fuse box, to install additional device there, like 10cm x 10cm. Also, maybe someone has any statistics of this not in UK. Will appreciate your help!
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