1. Pete999

    Fusing SPDs in a Domestic Insrallation

    Question Can anyone, direct me to the correct sizing and fusing of SPDs used on a Domestic installation? I asked the question at ELEX earlier today, but all I got was nonsensical techno babble from the Chap on the stand, to be honest I don't really think he knew what I was on about. I ask...
  2. W

    Cooker circuits fusing down ???

    Hello I’ve pulled out a electric oven and the connection plate at the back for the cooker circuit has 2.5mm hardwired to the 6mm circuit for a 1.76kw load and also a 6mm connecting a induction hob,unknown load. Does the 2.5mm need to be fused down or is it okay being spurred off the cooker...
  3. garaoke

    Fusing of fans to comply with manufacturers recommended instructions

    Manufacturers want there fans fused to 3a on the permanent feed but the switch wire is still on the 6a MCB doing an eicr is a c2 if there is no RCD protection
  4. haptism

    Anyone recently fitted a ceiling fan/light

    Hi all, been looking for some instructions for one of those rotary ceiling fans/lights (the ones with the 3 big blades) but cannot find any. Anyone know if these ceiling fans need fusing down to 3A (like the bathroom extractor fans do). I would assume not as they likely have larger motors and...
  5. haptism

    BS 1361 50A ZS

    Anyone know the ZS for an 1361 or BS 88-3 50A fuse. All the tables I find have n/a. I phoned the maker and was told there are no listed ZS' for a 50A and to take the difference between the next closest sizes (45A & 60), surley thats not proportional ?

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  7. P

    Commercial 24 volt DC Negative fusing

    Hi all 1st post I need advice on 24volt dc fusing. Are there any regulations on fusing the negative out puts on a 24v lighting system.We Have fused the positive out puts. any help and would be appreciated.
  8. G

    Grid switch

    Hi all, I am looking to fit a grid switch to the ring main in a kitchen. It will not be pulling much load (extractor, gas hob igniter, dishwasher, and the drivers for led lighting). I plan to wire it just by linking between the supply terminals from the ring. I appreciate it is putting a few...
  9. J

    Fuse Downgrading

    Is it acceptable to leave a 2 core 10mm2 MICC cable supplying an upstairs flat on a 100A suppliers fuse? (Maxing demand is acceptable and disconnection times are within tolerance.)
  10. P

    Fan Fuse

    I have just been given a periodic test report with a code 4 fault: Bathroom fan not fused at 3A. The fan is fed from the lighting circuit which is supplied via a 6a MCB. Does anyone fuse down fans fed from lighting circuits? Does anyone make a triple pole fan isolator with double pole fusing for...
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