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  1. MikeM3

    Solar Power Expert Needed

    I am a retired Electrician and started looking at Solar Power, (Black Magic to me), after much reading of "How To", I decided to build myself a system, bat as I don't have a roof, I live in a ground flat, I decided to build a portable unit, I get the sun in the living room in the morning and in...
  2. helpneeded22

    Help needed with mini fridge

    https://www.walmart.com/ip/Minecraft-Green-Creeper-Body-12-Can-Mini-Fridge-8L-2-Door-Ambient-Lighting-25-2-H-9-5-W-9-1-D/2670909566 ok so let me begin with i bought this mini fridge off walmart and now im in israel where the outlet is different andi wanted to use the mini fridge and a friend...
  3. Blacky57

    Lighting advice needed

    Trying to replace light fitting that was previously removed before I saw it, works off 2 switches either side of room.. permanent live seems to be middle cable.. I know one links to upstairs circuit .. can only get permsnt live not switching.. can’t get my head around it Help
  4. P

    Advice needed on damaged cable

    Hi guys, some advice on the damaged cable on the picture posted would be greatly appreciated. I want to know the factors on how a wire can get exposed like this? How can one make it safe and other information like how old the wire looks? Thank you
  5. K

    Advice needed about Canada's countertop outlets

    I am about to install two electrical receptacle outlets above a kitchen countertop. 50+ years ago, the original house wiring had no outlets there. 1) Do both outlets need to be GFCI, and each with their own individual 15 amp/or 20 amp circuit breakers? Or can both GFCI's be connected together...
  6. S

    Timer needed, but not the standard one

    Hi, I'm trying to get a timer that runs off mains, but where the clock trips a separate independent circuit. Everything online seems to be based on the timer letting the mains through rather than tripping an independent circuit. I've tried googling it, but can't come up with the right phrase to...
  7. SofianM

    experience needed please give me shout if you need a helping hand

    Hi Electricians Looking to gain practical electrical experience in the London area preferably commercial but will consider domestic as well. I'm willing to travel and dont expect to be paid whilst learning. Please give me shout if you need a helping hand. I'm confident and competent person...
  8. S

    Advice needed on customer

    Priced to do kitchen electrics & mains board upgrade for someone a while back, they accepted my price. I explained that the mains needed changed as there was no RCD protection & prior to upgrade I’d carry out an EICR on the installation & if any C1 or C2 observations were made these would need...
  9. Tommy10toes

    Downlight ID -- advice needed !

    Hi all, I'm struggling to replace the bulb in this outdoor downlight, it doesn't twist out like i'm accustomed to. It's tiltable. I can pull down the unit a bit but not sure how hard to pull as i'm pulling pretty hard and feel like i'm gonna break something. I really can't seem to access the...
  10. N

    EICR advice needed!!

    Hi everyone, just learning a bit more about writing up EICRs. I have a situation where I have a 3 phase board with a sub main going to a small office which has a consumer unit in it. The sub main board is supplied by and MCb in the 3 phase board obviously making it into a single phase board in...
  11. T

    help needed with RCD identification/wiring

    Hi I'd like to install an RCD in a shed, I have 2 good units that were removed from a working installation long ago that I'd like to use instead of buying a new one. The problem is that they don't have the 1-2-3-4 indicators on how to wire them and can't find their datasheet online/google Would...
  12. N

    help needed pcb schematics

    I am looking for charger controller boards for 10 connections. not the usual 6. wind and solar. plus and minus terminals for 5 different. makes 10. in for solar, in for wind, out for battery, out for other usage, out for dumping excess electricity when battery full only. for around 3 kw system...
  13. N

    what is needed for certification ?

    Eicr's carried out by another firm,C1's reported (missing blanks in CU) and C2's reported top of CU not rated to IP2X . and a faulty socket. The reports say it is unsatisfactory. I have replaced the blanks and sealed the CU's with intumescent sealant and fitted a new socket can I juat attach a...
  14. T

    Career help and advice needed!

    Hi all, looking for some advice. I came to the electrical trade a bit later than most. I started my C&G 2357 (NVQ L3 & AM2) in my early thirties. 3 and a half years at college and passed no problem. The vast majority of my work experience during my time at college was domestic based, with little...
  15. Z

    Miele Fridge Freezer part needed

    Hi folks I have a Meile fridge freezer KD12813S and it did not turn on . I think Ihave found the problem , the starter next to ther compresser , I checked it out found out the crrent was not flowing to one of the connections , so >I bridged it and it runs .Of course this is not the anwer , as it...
  16. S

    Advice needed on wiring issue

    Hi all, let me start by saying in no way am I a qualified electrician but do have some basic knowledge from having worked as an apprentice in the past. I am not confident in carrying out any electrical work so I will not be doing any electrical work. I am here for advice. Now thats out of the...
  17. W

    Calculate the needed power rating and knowing compatible driver specifics?

    how to calculate the needed power rating to light up 6 cool white and 6 white HPL chip like this ? what is the compatible driver specific to light up 6 cool white and 6 white HPL chip like this ? the 2nd image is the circuit assembly the order is even row is 5 watts cool white HPL LED chip and...
  18. D

    Advice needed - half of house out just in time for Xmas

    Hi, I'm not an electrician, but a competent DIYer. The obvious answer to my situation is to get an electrician in, and believe me I have tried. But everyone seems to be unavailable to help until the New Year, even for emergencies, so it looks like DIY is going to happen, or no Christmas. We...
  19. FlashyFeeds

    Help needed with Light Fixture

    Recently moved to an Altbau building, which is a German term for an old house. And picked up this light fixture from someone on ebay (Picture 2) which has to be connected to the following electric box (picture 1) Written description of what is going on in those pictures 1) The building is...
  20. G

    Xmas lights not working - replacement adaptor needed?

    Hi there, Wondered if someone could advise as not good with electrics! I have an expensive Xmas tree which is pre lit. It decided not to light up a few days ago and not really sure what the problem is. I thought it may be the power/ transformer plug but can't seem to find a replacement...
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