1. C

    Advice needed for Starting up

    Hello all, First of all I apologise if this is in the wrong forum, I figured the general forum may be the best bet :) Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I apologise this may be a bit detail heavy but I figure if I can explain my situation then someone who has been/or is in my...
  2. E

    Large grommets needed

    Hi does anyone know where I can source any larger round grommets ? I will be drilling a hole in 100 × 100 trunking so guess around 75mm hole. I've seen larger grommets before but they were a different material to rubber, they were like rubber but had fibre in them, a bit like bicycle tyre...
  3. naylorpd

    EICR needed in Reading

    I need an EICR done on a house I rent out in Reading, England - 4-bed detached built in early 1980s. Would ideally like someone from this forum. Last EICR was in March 2019 following which esteemed forum member Wilko put in a new DB, did various fault finding, earth upgrades and everything else...
  4. M

    Economy 7 advice needed

    I am asking on behalf of a friend who has an outbuilding that he uses as an art studio, the building is fully insulated and is currently heated by 3x 2kw convector heaters. The problem is that his heating electric costs are very high using standard daytime tariff, so I suggested to him, why not...
  5. S

    what resistors needed for 24 volt switches

    Im trying to make a Star Wars Prop for a course project where the dealine is comming up very fast in days and I need to do the report so really urgent On the prop whihc is a portable control box Dual control box (Left side control panel, a tower in the middle and a right side control panel On...
  6. G

    I Need Work Electricians needed for project work in Toronto, Canada. **Immediate start**

    We are a UK registered Electrical company with a large contract based in and around Toronto, Canada. Are you looking for work? We have a fantastic opportunity for anyone who has an Electrical License with a valid Visa/Work permit for Canada. If this sounds appealing to you or possibly someone...
  7. MikeM3

    Solar Power Expert Needed

    I am a retired Electrician and started looking at Solar Power, (Black Magic to me), after much reading of "How To", I decided to build myself a system, bat as I don't have a roof, I live in a ground flat, I decided to build a portable unit, I get the sun in the living room in the morning and in...
  8. helpneeded22

    Help needed with mini fridge ok so let me begin with i bought this mini fridge off walmart and now im in israel where the outlet is different andi wanted to use the mini fridge and a friend...
  9. D

    Advice on Isolator Switches needed please

    Hi, I have received conflicting advice about Main Isolator Switches and would appreciate forum member's help to plan a way ahead. Looking to the future I might need a 7.4kW/32A charging point and the garage isolator is only 60A. 1. Recently, during a kitchen refurb, double pole Mains...
  10. Jameskhan111

    Help needed with led light strip

    Hi there, Please can I have some help with the following: I want to have some perimeter lighting in the ceiling which will be using the aluminium profiles that are plastered in. I am going to be using the following: FCOB RGBCCT LED Light Strip 6 Pin 12mm DC24V 960 LEDs RGB CW WW FOB...
  11. W

    UK Storage heater help needed

    Hi all, I'm looking for a bit of assistance please from those that know more about this stuff than I do. Currently in a rented flat and there's an old style Breda (beige /grey) storage heater in the living room with an input and out put dial. When I used the heater in the winter last year I'd...
  12. CNCman

    LED Light Fixtures Needed

    I installed these round light fixtures in my office 23 years ago. After a few years the circular flourescent tubes went out and I replaced them. Those finally died and I bought these nifty LED replacements. They have 5 strong magnets on the back, I wired them in, stuck the magents to the back of...
  13. Blacky57

    Lighting advice needed

    Trying to replace light fitting that was previously removed before I saw it, works off 2 switches either side of room.. permanent live seems to be middle cable.. I know one links to upstairs circuit .. can only get permsnt live not switching.. can’t get my head around it Help
  14. J

    Help/advice needed please

    Hoping someone maybe able to help. We have a Horstmann electronic 7 that's connected to the water heater element(everything been great for years) until last year,we had no hot water,rang a plumber got a new water heater element got it fitted,been good until January this year,then it stopped...
  15. S

    Electrician Jobs Qualified Tester Needed in Herts/Beds area

    Hi, we are recruiting electrical subcontractors for a potentially substantial testing job in a couple of weeks. Our clients requirements are to have a DBS (basic is fine), and City and Guilds 2391 in Inspection and Testing (or equivalent). Day rates are negotiable depending on experience...
  16. Alex_Yak

    Help with LED lamp needed

    Hello, I bought this LED lamp with 3 light tones (white, semi-yellow and yellow), and the problem is, every time I switch it on, it automatically changes to the next tone. I just want to choose one tone and turn it on always, and not change it at every switch on. Insides of the lamp on picture
  17. DrewHamilton

    Smart Light Switch Wiring - Advice Needed

    Hey guys! New DIY 'new build' homeowner trying to not cause any damage to wiring! I'm looking to swap out the existing traditional light switch with a 3 gang smart switch in my kitchen. I've successfully managed to wire in two 2 gang smart switches in the bathrooms but this 3 gang switch has...
  18. P

    Advice needed on damaged cable

    Hi guys, some advice on the damaged cable on the picture posted would be greatly appreciated. I want to know the factors on how a wire can get exposed like this? How can one make it safe and other information like how old the wire looks? Thank you
  19. K

    Advice needed about Canada's countertop outlets

    I am about to install two electrical receptacle outlets above a kitchen countertop. 50+ years ago, the original house wiring had no outlets there. 1) Do both outlets need to be GFCI, and each with their own individual 15 amp/or 20 amp circuit breakers? Or can both GFCI's be connected together...
  20. S

    Timer needed, but not the standard one

    Hi, I'm trying to get a timer that runs off mains, but where the clock trips a separate independent circuit. Everything online seems to be based on the timer letting the mains through rather than tripping an independent circuit. I've tried googling it, but can't come up with the right phrase to...


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