1. D

    EMF dangers - advice needed

    My flat has high levels of EMF, Electromagnetic Field from floor wiring / Electric Field from ceiling wiring. It is often is above safe levels for continued exposure. Two years ago I had 2 incidents when EMF was so strong it made my entire body shake visibly - I had to run to get out of the...
  2. T

    UK MICC/Pyro wiring - new DB needed for EICR?

    Hi, Hope someone may be able to help with some advice. I have a 2 bed flat From 1960s with MICC/Pyro wiring (see photos of distribution board). The flat is now to be rented out as bought a house with wife so will need An EICR. I haven't had the EICR completed yet (and am aware this will...
  3. bigspark17

    Help needed with commercial kitchen food order printer

    problem is this printer has the plug on the end As seen in pic. Has anyone been able to extend this cable using cat5e or use an adaptor of some kind. I have aspare cat5e nearby i can use, otherwise running a wire will be a nightmare in a newly refurbished property. Ps the other end of the lead...
  4. Markyd

    Domestic Help needed finding low voltage led lamps

    Hi everyone..Help needed finding some low voltage led lamps that will run off of a 12 volt transformer not a driver,as the previous so called sparky has made all the transformers impossible to get at without tearing the ceiling apart. Any recommendations will be appreciated,
  5. I

    UK Some advice/help needed

    Hi there, I’ve been asked to do a homer by someone I know and just wondering best way! They have a shed no more than 10m away from house and want a feed to it. I was thinking spurring of the house ring with a 13a swfuse spur to a jb on the outside wall then a SWA to a 20A DP switch inside the shed?
  6. S

    The Dreaded Hot Tub.what is needed?

    Hi all, Asked to price up installing a hot tub supply, just wanted some guidance. Customer not sure on tube yet so doing a couple. 13A Hot tub usually are just plug and play ... BUT.. the tub is going roughly 15 meters away from house, i have no problem with fitting a socket to supply the tub...
  7. baldelectrician

    Poor PV install? Advice needed

    We carry out wiring checks for rental properties We have just carried out an ECIR on a bungalow which failed (no gas or water bonding) Now, someone has installed a solar PV system without any bonding in place (132.16 anyone?) My main question - do PV installs require a certain type of RCD? I...
  8. U

    Advice needed - reconnect power supply

    Hello, I am new here and looking for your advice for my poor friend. He owns a 3 bedroom apartment, which has been turned to a cannabis farm by his 'tenant'. It's a big mess to sort out but since police have asked SSE to cut the electricity supply of the property, how to reconnect the power...
  9. J

    Refurbishment. Help needed with spooky ancient meters.

    Hello. We are doing a refurb for an elderly lady and her family. Its a Victorian house. the local network has said it will upgrade fuse to 80A or 100A depending on capacity etc. she needs more power due to electric showers, stair lift, and our electrician will upgrade tails. But there is a...
  10. Paul92688

    Help identifying part needed. Box missing lid.

    I am getting my dads house ready for sale. I need to fix a few things before it is listed. This piece needs a cover and I am not sure where to turn. No one at the hardware store to be found for help. Possibly you can help Thanks!!! Paul
  11. dlt27

    Faulty external lights Help Needed

    Hi All, thanks for any advice. I fitted some spike lights about 12 months ago in a customers garden and also some in my own (14 in total). Last October customer phoned to say lights were tripping RCD and when I investigated it turned into a nightmare. It was my fault partly because I...
  12. F

    Double switch wiring help needed. NOOB!

    I need some wiring help. I have been putting new switches on throughout the house & have had no issues with the Y block backed ones. Just copied & swapped how they previously were. But this lastest switch doesn't have a Y block it has one big block with L1-1 & L1-2 on the left hand side of the...
  13. J

    RCD for boiler replacement? When is an RCD NEEDED?

    When does an installation NEED an RCD? I thought that all new circuits need one but I now believe that I am mistaken. Regulation 411.3.3 for socket outlets up to 32amps and regulation 411.3.4 for lights. Then for special locations like bathrooms. If the cables are less than 50mm deep into the...
  14. C

    Boarding attic, wires over joists, advice needed.

    Hi there I’m boarding my attic and the wires are going over the joists, I know I can chisel a grove in the chipboard board or take the wires out of light fixture. I was just wondering would it be a bad idea just to made a grove in the top of the joist with a round rasp just big enough for the...
  15. J

    Supp bonding needed with RCD + testing supp bonding

    Hello there all, I'm a fairly newly qualified electrician and have been doing more and more EICRs lately, if someone could actually trawl through my long question and answer it then I shall be eternally grateful I have tested 3 electrical installations in the last week with no RCD devices, all...
  16. S

    Advice needed for best course of action

    Hi new to the forum... I am a electrical maintenance engineer... But recently I have been asked if I could rewire a 2 bed bungalow for a friend.. (mates rates)... My question is as an electrical maintenance engineer I am more than competent to do the physical work... But what legislation do I...
  17. P

    Advice needed | evaluate the correctness of wiring

    Advice needed | evaluate the correctness of wiring of the electrical distrbution board. Advice needed if the second grounding is done correctly.
  18. M

    Needed help to bypass touch switch on personal heater.

    I have a personal heater that has 2 touch switches. One controls power and the other controls rotation. Both don't work. How can I bypass these touch switches? Thanks
  19. Electrokids

    The Principle Work of Electrodynamometer ( Revision advice needed if some information are wrong)

    Electrodynamometer Electrodynamometer is a device that we can use for measuring volts, current, and power. But mostly this used for measuring power in the circuit. For the construction of electrodynamometer wattmeter we gonna need some important part for this stuff to work. Moving coil...
  20. C

    Conduit/pullout needed for indoor water heater?

    I have a water heater I installed 14 years ago, and its been working great. I just ran romex from the water heater to the leads coming out of the wall. I never installed a box, nor did i run the wiring in any kind of conduit. Now that Im selling the house I want to make sure it will pass...
  21. D

    How is this switch powered? I thought all circuits needed a neutral?

    Usual problem with smart switches - no neutral at the switch, been plenty of threads on it before. Fortunately managed to find some switches that don't need one. So the circuit's permanently 'complete' since the switch is permanently 'on', and actually power is going to the light, but not...
  22. E

    18th edition needed

    Hi, Has any fellow trainees recently applied for JIB regrading after completing their NVQ. Tried claiming my card yesterday, but the ecs website is moaning about me not having the 18th, yet some of our apprentices have claimed their card without the 18th. I knew that new gold card applicants...
  23. M

    236-1 and 3

    I achieved my 236-1 and 2 between the years 1992 and 1997. I have just received my AM2 certificate. I have been working as an electrician for over twenty years. Can I now apply for a jib card with what I’ve got or will I need to do an nvq3. thanks in advance.
  24. T

    Advice needed please: Upgrade factory supply from 100A/3ph to 400A/3ph

    Have a quote from UKPN - £10K (with us doing the trench and duct work on our property). Actually could be worse I know, but as the substation is literally across the road it is still quite pricey. UKPN refers to ICPs who can also do the work. Is it worth worth trying any of these, in which case...
  25. Baddegg

    Advice needed please..

    Got a smoke alarm in a flat I’m working in wired in a white round rigid solid 3 core cable,definitely not flex and fairly sure it’s not micc as the cores are insulated in red black and cpc sleeved green yellow, (although I’ve never used it) suspect hi tuff (nyy-j) but it’s white? Didnt take a...
  26. C

    Trainee Help & Advice needed - qualifications

    Hi everyone, New to the forum so just want to introduce myself and hopefully get some guidence from you guys. TIA for any advice given. My situation, i'm a HND qualified electrical and electronics engineer which i have never done anything with in 8 years. I'll explain more later. I'm...
  27. M

    Solar Panels Bought a house with panels but no information.Help needed how to get contracts

    Hello, I have bought a house with panels with NO contract and the previous owner died leaving little or no information. My electricity supplier is Green star Energy. I have panels on both sides of the roof and according to paperwork I have they generate 2.884kw and I am been fobbed of by some...
  28. R

    UK Adding another DB

    Hi Just a quick one, I am a qualified electrician but i haven't been on the tools for a while and won't be doing the work but just trying to help a friend out. Basically they are having a new kitchen diner and they currently have gas hob and small single oven which are fed off the ring main...
  29. diyterry

    Lighting cable no longer needed

    I have a cable which was used to supply power to an illuminated niche fitted into a cavity wall. The niche has been removed, would it be okay to terminate the cable with a maintenance free junction box and slide it back into the cavity?
  30. Vortigern

    Portsmouth spark needed to check electric boiler out

    Ex has flat in portsmouth with electric boiler. Packed in quoted 3k for replacement. Need someone to check element to see if it needs replacement rather than replace whole boiler. Anyone up for that?
  31. G

    UK Advice needed on a course to get a foothold on a new career

    Hi, I'm 25 years old and I'm looking for a change to this field, with a hope of becoming an electrician. I currently working as a yardman in a building merchants, wouldn't say I'm adept but I'm fairly comfortable with non-technical DIY stuff. I've seen Tradeskills4u mentioned frequently in...
  32. F

    18th Edition Contractor Needed

    We are looking for some reliable sub contractors in the Gerrards Cross area to help out our busy company. Own van and tools necessary. Good day rate. Contact David - 07526 705075
  33. S

    MCS registered electrician needed.

    Hello everybody! I have just bought a new house in Kignsley, Stoke-on-trent and as the rear aspect of the roof is facing south almost perfectly- I would like to install a PV system. I am qualified electrician and I have done around 150 installs myself working for big PV companies so I would...
  34. S

    UK Advice needed! Ive been to see a job for garage power, the previous electrician has taken a 4mm on a 32amp B MCB protected by a 30mA RCD. But hasnt do

    Advice needed! Ive been to see a job for garage power, the previous electrician has taken a 4mm on a 32amp B MCB protected by a 30mA RCD. But hasnt done anything with, apart from the fact there is no protection and its T&E all straight forward. My ownly question is do i gland straight into a...
  35. L

    Help needed for new 2 gang dimmer light switch

    hi all, I've tried googling this but cant seem to find all the info I need. Im trying to replace an existing 2 gang dimmer switch with a new one I bought. The room has 2 wall lights (operated by one switch) and a ceiling light operated by the other (which does not work). I've installed a...
  36. T

    UK Advice needed please: Electrical set-up in 1950s/60s Maisonette - Potential Purchase

    Hi, I'd be very grateful for any advice/views available please on the electrical set-up in a ground-floor maisonette that we are in the early stages of purchasing, our offer having been accepted. We went to the property today to inspect a few things, and noticed a lot of electrical wires/boxes...
  37. M

    Lift motor problem - help needed

    I have a problem with the power of the motor for my DIY residential lift.
  38. J

    Advice needed re: burnt 60A breaker

    Hi, I'm really sorry if I've joined and asked the wrong forum for this question, but really need advice... I live in a developing country (Myanmar) and have issues understanding the electrics here... might be a situation of knowing a little, but but not understanding... I live in an...
  39. J

    What size dc isolator needed

    Just a quick question. We have a yard with no electric up there so using a 12v car battery connected to an invertor to power 230v lights. I'm wanting to connect a dc isolator from the battery to inverter so we don't have to keep connecting the clips to the battery and can use turn the isolator...
  40. Staceyturley

    Renovating a double decker help needed

    Evening all, bit of a strange one I'm renovating a double decker bus and tonight went to check on the elections work and noticed there all bends in the cables and twisted for the lights and sockets am I right in thinking their shouldnt be as it can short and be dangerous I have rang him and he's...
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