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  1. T

    Advice needed please: Upgrade factory supply from 100A/3ph to 400A/3ph

    Have a quote from UKPN - £10K (with us doing the trench and duct work on our property). Actually could be worse I know, but as the substation is literally across the road it is still quite pricey. UKPN refers to ICPs who can also do the work. Is it worth worth trying any of these, in which case...
  2. Baddegg

    Advice needed please..

    Got a smoke alarm in a flat I’m working in wired in a white round rigid solid 3 core cable,definitely not flex and fairly sure it’s not micc as the cores are insulated in red black and cpc sleeved green yellow, (although I’ve never used it) suspect hi tuff (nyy-j) but it’s white? Didnt take a...
  3. C

    Trainee Help & Advice needed - qualifications

    Hi everyone, New to the forum so just want to introduce myself and hopefully get some guidence from you guys. TIA for any advice given. My situation, i'm a HND qualified electrical and electronics engineer which i have never done anything with in 8 years. I'll explain more later. I'm...
  4. M

    Solar Panels Bought a house with panels but no information.Help needed how to get contracts

    Hello, I have bought a house with panels with NO contract and the previous owner died leaving little or no information. My electricity supplier is Green star Energy. I have panels on both sides of the roof and according to paperwork I have they generate 2.884kw and I am been fobbed of by some...
  5. R

    UK Adding another DB

    Hi Just a quick one, I am a qualified electrician but i haven't been on the tools for a while and won't be doing the work but just trying to help a friend out. Basically they are having a new kitchen diner and they currently have gas hob and small single oven which are fed off the ring main...
  6. diyterry

    Lighting cable no longer needed

    I have a cable which was used to supply power to an illuminated niche fitted into a cavity wall. The niche has been removed, would it be okay to terminate the cable with a maintenance free junction box and slide it back into the cavity?
  7. Vortigern

    Portsmouth spark needed to check electric boiler out

    Ex has flat in portsmouth with electric boiler. Packed in quoted 3k for replacement. Need someone to check element to see if it needs replacement rather than replace whole boiler. Anyone up for that?
  8. G

    UK Advice needed on a course to get a foothold on a new career

    Hi, I'm 25 years old and I'm looking for a change to this field, with a hope of becoming an electrician. I currently working as a yardman in a building merchants, wouldn't say I'm adept but I'm fairly comfortable with non-technical DIY stuff. I've seen Tradeskills4u mentioned frequently in...
  9. F

    18th Edition Contractor Needed

    We are looking for some reliable sub contractors in the Gerrards Cross area to help out our busy company. Own van and tools necessary. Good day rate. Contact David - 07526 705075
  10. S

    MCS registered electrician needed.

    Hello everybody! I have just bought a new house in Kignsley, Stoke-on-trent and as the rear aspect of the roof is facing south almost perfectly- I would like to install a PV system. I am qualified electrician and I have done around 150 installs myself working for big PV companies so I would...
  11. S

    UK Advice needed! Ive been to see a job for garage power, the previous electrician has taken a 4mm on a 32amp B MCB protected by a 30mA RCD. But hasnt do

    Advice needed! Ive been to see a job for garage power, the previous electrician has taken a 4mm on a 32amp B MCB protected by a 30mA RCD. But hasnt done anything with, apart from the fact there is no protection and its T&E all straight forward. My ownly question is do i gland straight into a...
  12. L

    Help needed for new 2 gang dimmer light switch

    hi all, I've tried googling this but cant seem to find all the info I need. Im trying to replace an existing 2 gang dimmer switch with a new one I bought. The room has 2 wall lights (operated by one switch) and a ceiling light operated by the other (which does not work). I've installed a...
  13. T

    UK Advice needed please: Electrical set-up in 1950s/60s Maisonette - Potential Purchase

    Hi, I'd be very grateful for any advice/views available please on the electrical set-up in a ground-floor maisonette that we are in the early stages of purchasing, our offer having been accepted. We went to the property today to inspect a few things, and noticed a lot of electrical wires/boxes...
  14. M

    Lift motor problem - help needed

    I have a problem with the power of the motor for my DIY residential lift.
  15. J

    Advice needed re: burnt 60A breaker

    Hi, I'm really sorry if I've joined and asked the wrong forum for this question, but really need advice... I live in a developing country (Myanmar) and have issues understanding the electrics here... might be a situation of knowing a little, but but not understanding... I live in an...
  16. J

    What size dc isolator needed

    Just a quick question. We have a yard with no electric up there so using a 12v car battery connected to an invertor to power 230v lights. I'm wanting to connect a dc isolator from the battery to inverter so we don't have to keep connecting the clips to the battery and can use turn the isolator...
  17. Staceyturley

    Renovating a double decker help needed

    Evening all, bit of a strange one I'm renovating a double decker bus and tonight went to check on the elections work and noticed there all bends in the cables and twisted for the lights and sockets am I right in thinking their shouldnt be as it can short and be dangerous I have rang him and he's...
  18. W

    Courses needed to become a industrial maintenance engineer

    Hey guys, I am a wind turbine maintenance technician and commissioner, with a level 3 nvq in electrotechnical Installation and maintenance. I am finally done with the industry and want to work at home in one of the local manufacturing companies, I have come across a course which I think may help...
  19. L

    Electrical Trainer?Assessor?IQA needed

    Hi, We are a training organisation looking to start a new course and require people to cover these roles. It would be on a part time/evenings/weekend schedule soit could work alongside existing work. If you are interested or know anyone who might be, please give us a Private Message via the...
  20. J

    Looking for electricians mate work in Derbyshire

    I am currently studying one night a week C&G Level 2 Installations. Got my CSCS card, currently going down the route of ECS as well, I work one day a week at a lighting company with a maintenance electrician and, from the one day a week, I am learning a little bit from them and I enjoy iy. I...
  21. B

    Help needed assessing a light replacement quote for a lift

    Our building has a lift where one of the lights burned out and our building management got a £479 quote from a lift management company for fitting a led replacement.# I took a look at the light bulb and found it's a CFL Philips Master PL-C 18W/830/4P one, available for £3.80. I bought one...
  22. stuarth

    Max demand & diversity advice needed

    I have been asked to do some work on a large 25 room mini mansion spread over 3 old properties made in to 1 with 6 consumer units on a single phase 100amp supply. The total loading of the breakers is 452 amps if I apply diversity at 40% I arrive at 180.8amps demand but this dose not take in to...
  23. P

    Security Lights Information Needed

    I'm the Security Manager on a mine site in Sierra Leone. We have to fit LED floodlights to the perimeter to light up the site, so that you will be able to at least see any intruders moving around at night, and if possible, identify them as well. The mine is an underground mine/decline, but the...
  24. L

    Trainer/Assessor/IQA needed

    Hi there, We are looking for a couple of qualified electricians to work with us in delivering an electrical course we are planning on running. Need a fully qualified electrician with an IQA certificate (or be willing to be enrolled in and complete the course) another with an assessors A1...
  25. D

    Earth/Neutral fault..Help Needed!!

    Probably going to get slated for not knowing/doing something wrong but here goes!! So, been asked to do a board change for a customer, when I turned up they explained that had had a new PME done a few weeks ago, when I mentioned that their house wasn't earthed the customer said that the...
  26. P

    Upgraded supply needed?

    Good Afternoon All, I hope I have posted this in the right sub-forum. In short, what would be the best way to work out if we need an upgraded KvA supply if we are creating a 9-bedroom shared home in an existing five-storey residential dwelling? Each bedroom has a small snack station (with a...
  27. M

    Advice needed taking on helper

    Evening people I'm a sole trader & need help with some unskilled tasks (cleaning solar panels) which require working on a flat roof in a harness tethered to a fall restraint system to prevent getting too close to the edge. What is the best way to take on an unskilled worker (or perhaps self...
  28. D

    Help needed please

    Hi all, new here and seeking help. I am only a DIY dad so excuse me if I dont know technical terms. I'm in process of changing lights in kitchen, we have two. The first went fine just the live, neutral and earth, which is what I'm used to. The second however appears to be a loop for the double...
  29. J

    Advice needed on outside lighting please.

    Hi, I’m looking at doing some outside lighting around the garden. I will have SWA running 4m underground from the garage to a weatherproof box on my fencepost. Could I use hi tuff cable from that weatherproof box to the lights clipped direct along the back of the fence? How hard is it to...
  30. C

    Electrician Trainee/Qualified Electricians wanted

    Due to an increase in work we are looking for either trainees/improvers or qualified electricians for large scale commercial jobs in and around London. Pay negotiable on experience. Full or part time. Please message for more details.
  31. B

    Newbie advice needed

    Good morning folks. Newbie to the trade and got myself my first install. Just wanted to know if this is fine as per customer requirements. Customer wants a 2 gang socket in a summer house for table lights etc. Also wants a outdoor 2 gang socket for led net lights rated at 5 watts. Plan is...
  32. high voltage

    Help needed please

    I’ve just completed wiring this packing machine from single to three phase and all is good but can anyone tell me how to load the film to make the bags I’m stumped and need to go home now any pointers would be appreciated Thanks in advance for even giving it a thought
  33. dlt27

    Lighting help needed..

    Hi, I have been asked to install some lighting in a commercial cooker extract canopy as they can’t see while cooking. The existing ones there are glass and have cracked, also don’t give off much light. My concern is the heat as it’s very hot where they want them mounted. I was just wondering if...
  34. D

    Advice needed please for replacement inverter

    I have 16 245w (declared capacity 3.84kW) panels on a south facing unshaded roof on the south coast of England producing around 4200 kW-h a year for the last 7.5 years; I have had two inverters fail in that time, the first replaced under warranty (both Mastervolt SunMaster). I have no schematic...
  35. D


    Hi all My great uncle has given me these screw driver heads , but he has lost the handle Does anyone know what make these are? and what handle I will need to find? Thanks
  36. C

    Shortening Extension Cords / No Earth Wire On lamp? Advice Needed

    Hi there, I have been shortening some leads around my house so they look a bit nicer and tidier. I am about to to the same to my lamp cable but i notice it has no earth. Is it still OK for me to cut the cable and re wire the plug? Also why doesn't this one have an earth? Thank You.
  37. J

    help needed to bypass touch switch on led light

    I want to bypass the touch sensor on this aquarium light on the wrg side so i can connect it to a mechanical timer. Any help appreciated please see attached picture.
  38. stuarth

    Domestic MK 63amp RCD that fails Ix5 test everything else tests fine on the board

    I have a brand new MK 63amp RCD that fails Ix5 test everything else tests fine on the board, I tested with all circuits off everything unplugged so swapped it for another thinking must have a faulty one but the same result, it will trip at 50ms and ramp tested at 33ma, ze=0.18 what could be...
  39. M

    Advice needed

    Hi guys I'm in massive need of advice cause as I feel like I'm smashing my head against a brick wall at the moment. Its a bit long winded but bare with me cause without the background I cant get to the issue. Having spent 15years in accounts I got made redundant and 2014 I decided to retrain...
  40. A

    Help needed, is this correct?

    I have a two 32mcb in the c/u. I thought one would be for the upstairs sockets and one would be for the downstairs sockets but they are not. both require switching off to cut off power off to both upstairs and downstairs sockets!! is something wrong with this? each 32mcb has only one live...
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