1. C

    RCD x1 on fuseboard

    I'm a homeowner with no electrical skills. BG electrician came to repair something & said my fuse board is not to standard as it only has one RCD. The property was built in 1874 and most of the current systems were put in place in the 1980s. Lived here 24 years & the tripping mechanism works...
  2. S

    UK Got a call today for a fuseboard that was arcing

    Came in to the property to hear a loud buzzing, dawned my face sheild and gloves and went straight for the main fuse (pulled), After taking to the customer he said , the dno was out 30 mins ago stuck a label on the board saying do not use , forgot to actually isolate the board, went away then...
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    Dangerous fuseboard!

    Customer i do work for on a regular basis just sent me a picture of the fuse board in his sisters house, says he thinks its danerous and needs looking at. She is a 1st time buyer and didnt think to get an eicr. Fuse board is in a cupboard where she is storing the families shoes and coats, nice...
  4. B

    Fuseboard change advice

    Don’t do many fuse board changes, but what’s everyone’s preferred method, as I see people without labelling the old cables swap boards connect up neutrals and earths then leave line conductors last but how do they make sure each correspond to each other so you can identify the circuit like the...
  5. KEV 1 N

    Vintage Fuseboard Schedule

    Found this today (circa 1958)....must have been tedious “clacking” these out on a type writer back in the day!
  6. KevinH

    Fuseboard relocation....re-test required?

    Hi all, I'm pricing a job which involves re locating a fuseboard from a utility room, to garage wall backing on to utility. The installation is brand new build (fully installed and tested by others) with ammendment 3 compliant board. Board is mounted at 1.2m at moment in utility and can go at a...
  7. E

    Metal Fuseboard Domestic Dwelling

    When Installing A New Circuit To A Fairly Recently Installed DB (Plastic). Do You Have To Change The Consumer Unit To A New Metal Board - On Installation Certificate It Asks To Tick About Combustible Materials But Currently Having A Debate With Colleague. What Do You Guys Think?
  8. B

    Red Spot/GEC Fuseboard, asbestos door seal/gaskets?

    Hi, I'm Ben and I work in various quarries around the Peak District where most of the gear is 70/80s. Asbestos reports on quarries are terrible and when you query things you just get told to not touch the gear. I have been doing testing and inspection of various small power items in the...
  9. M

    Fuseboard upgrade. Surveying / condition reports and testing.

    Hi guys. I wanted some advice. I've been trading for almost 12 months and I'm still relatively new (and slow) at testing. And testing is the bit of the job I dread and lose time on. I'm NIC EIC registered as a domestic installer. So I can't officially do condition reports yet. I've noticed...
  10. D

    Joke PIR

    Was looking at a job today to quote for a rewire following a PIR (done in December) for a 3 bedroom house. The PIR was conducted by one of Northern Ireland's biggest companies, but its nothing short of just being a bit of expensive loo roll. Some notes on the testing: Ze - N/A PFC - N/A...
  11. S

    Splitting 3 Phase Supply

    Hi, Got a quick question from a friend who's not a member of this forum, and has a job coming up. Basically, what is the best method to split a 3 phase supply, so that each phase is supplying an individual fuseboard. Rather than all 3 going to a 3 phase board??? e.g phase 1 will supply...
  12. S

    Domestic fueboard height

    hi i am a newly qualiied electrician doing an install at the moment where dno have brought there supply to the outside box. i was going to drill through the wall and put the fuseboard on the adjacent side. Is there a height regulation on the fuseboard i thought that it just had to be...
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