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  1. S

    Connections to HV Pylons

    I'm looking at converting an old agricultural building into a dwelling. I should say first I'm not some kind of property magnet, I'm in the civils game, so I've got plenty of graft, my problem is I can't help channelling my inner Frank Spencer when it comes to electrics! So the agricultural...
  2. G

    UK Lighting connections help please

    I am somewhat confused as to why an upstairs landing light does not work unless the switch in the hall downstairs is switched to the off position. it defeats the object of turning it on downstairs and switching it off upstairs. I did not put this wiring in someone else replaced the switches and...
  3. 1

    Electrician messed up ground connections ?

    I had an electrician wire a hot tub . And from what I see the did not ground it properly. Or will this work how they did it with the ground? And they didn't use 6 gauge copper wire they twisted a couple together ?
  4. James

    Crimp Connections

    How do people make of insulated crimp connections? Just wondering because I have come across many different methods in the field. some good, some not so good.
  5. S

    New Outside Light - connections different

    hi all I have just bought two new spotlights and the existing has live, live 1, earth and neutral, but the new lights have live, earth and neutral. Can the 4 connections go into 3? Two spotlights, sensor triggered and switch in kitchen (mains connected.)
  6. G

    Earth connections into new controller board

    Hi All, I have 3 separate Earth wires connected into an existing controller board. These 3 wires all have ring terminals and were hooked to a single brass earth bolt connector on the board. Now, As I'm replacing this board, I realised the new replacement board only has one Earth screw terminal...
  7. rolyberkin

    Joint between 16mm &1.5mm!

    A donut of a builder has helpfully run a piece of swa two core 16mm to a small feature fountain fitted with 1.5mm flex, suggestions on best way to join, couldn’t get the 16mm in a wago!
  8. Barnaby Stedman

    SWA connections................

    What would be a recommended way of creating a 3-way connection in 4mm SWA? I have had a look at Hylec Tee connectors and other such things but what would people recommend? I am a bit limited for space as I am running the swa in a trunking which is shared with an MDPE pipe.
  9. J

    Domestic 559.5.1 18th Ed. p219 Luminaire fixed connections

    Hi 559.5.1. My question is that for any luminare in the UK must be complaint to one of the methods (BS standards) listed in the list, or else we would not be compliment fitting and connecting to? Is that correct? So if the fitting is not supplied with any details in relation to the points...
  10. G

    Wago advice needed about type and maintenance free connections

    Hi guys, Currently have some 221 wago connectors and looking at the 222 connectors around the same price. Am I right in saying that the 222 connectors would be classed as maintenance free in a wago box but not the 221's? Thanks
  11. P

    Confusing light switch connections

    I am replacing an old 2 gang switch with a new one (photo attached). I know this is going to be a very simple question to answer, but; There are no screw terminals that I can see and I am trying to work out how I connect wiring. I have never come across a switch like this before. Anybody help?
  12. alasdairp

    A Russian way of making multiple connections!

    Watch from about 1m50 Gas-tight effectively melted (solid) connections What do people think about this?
  13. C

    Cat 6 connections by a sparky

    Had to cable some cat 6 cabling,while putting in ours,usual thing. Just use what you have,which was external cat 6. Can you 2nd fix them too. Bit of a nightmare really,with my glasses on it was hard to see connections,also in awkward places to connect. Also the quality of these data points can...
  14. M

    Hive single channel connections

    I have an existing Siemens wireless thermostat and receiver. I wish to replace with a Hive without hopefully having to replace, add or alter any wiring. The receiver has a live, neutral and a switch wire, the common would appear to be linked from the live. I am thinking that this would be a...
  15. Gavin John Hyde

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC connections magazine

    For people who are not members of NICEIC or Elecsa's various schemes, the current issue of connections magazine has some useful info in it about the changes in the 18th edition. Some useful bits on how the certificates are changing and other useful sections. The bit on chasing up non payers...
  16. J

    Light fitting connections

    Hi all, just moved into a new house have zero experience in replacing light fittings so any advise world be great thanks. All pictures attached. 1. The first part is that I have bought this light fitting, as it was too long I cut the wire length it was copper on the top and as you can now see...
  17. A

    Testing connections from lcm

    When carrying out maintenance work on luminaries i.e replacing, upgrading existing fittings to the end of the supplied flex coming from an lcm port. How would we classify the test procedure for all purposes as it can plugged in and unplugged by anyone and contains a fuse should it really be...
  18. L

    Gas Safe- Electrical Connections

    I follow a few plumbers on youtube throughout their daily job tasks etc etc, just watched a video and the bloke claimed you had to be gas safe to remove a boiler cover. I never knew this and i have connected and carried out PCB fault finding on a fair few, i must be a rule breaker.
  19. bigspark17

    Water pump connections

    hi any pointers on which terminals to connect to this water pump motor, delivered with no wiring diagrams, its 230v, ok with the earth terminal just scratching head about L & N. Thanks
  20. N

    Hive receiver connections to Vaillant boiler

    I have a Vaillant EcoTec Pro 28 boiler and a Vaillant mechanical thermostat (unsure of the precise model) and I’m thinking about installing hive to be able to access the remote switching feature and also to able to place the thermostat where I want it rather than where the installer thought it...
  21. M

    Help with light connections

    Hi i have some ceiling lights with strange connections would anyone know what these are called or where i might find some. They are two different types i think Thx
  22. kevyn

    Heatmiser UH8 Heat Enable/Boiler Enable Connections

    Hi This may have already been answered previously but here goes..... I am currently working on a heating system which has 3 loops of underfloor heating controlled by thermostats and through a Heatmiser UH8 panel. It also has a separate zone for radiators although this is not through the panel...
  23. O

    CAT 5 cable and connections tester suggestions...

    So I borrowed one of these recently when I was connecting up my hard wired CAT 5 connections in our place: Which worked OK, but I found I had to look at both "devices" when checking each connection... so I'm interested in buying one, but preferably one which you can connect at both ends of...
  24. M

    pool pump connections terminals help

    I accidently removed power supply cables from my pool pump Advise please on what terminals to connect to. Red, Black , Earth- Any help greatly appreciated
  25. W

    Light switch wiring help

    Hi, I hope someone may be able to assist. we've taken off a light switch that has 2 switches, one controls the outside porch light, the other controls the hallway light which also has another switch at the end of the hallway. I purchased a replacement switch -2 gang, 2way. However this doesn't...
  26. M

    Bathroom lighting and fan query...!!

    ok so any help would be greatly received..! just finished a rewire on a bungalow... the new owners of the property are planning to do the kitchen and bathroom in the summer, so i've reused the old shower and cooker supplies and kitchen ring and put them away in the new board for the time...
  27. D

    Which certificate

    I've got a small office which was connected to a B32 MCB, inside the office it had a 2kW heater, 58W luminaire and 2 x double sockets. The sockets and heater have been removed, just leaving the 58W luminaire. Replacing the supply MCB from B32 to B6, would this warrant a minor works or would...
  28. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Wagos, who needs Wagos

  29. C

    Inconsistent R1+Rn

    I'm getting some unexpected continuity results. r1+r2 = 0.11 rn+r2 = 0.11 r1+rn= 0.14?? I was expecting something in the region of 0.08?? I have left the job for now. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance
  30. 1Justin

    Passive TV splitter inside back box?

    OK, this should be easy for someone. Firstly, let's assume a strong enough signal to take passive TV splitter at the bottom end of the cable from conventional aerial. Is it reasonable then, to take an existing single TV outlet in a standard inset wall metal back box with front TV socket plate...
  31. G

    Help with bathroom extractor fan

    I rarely do any electrical work anymore and seem to have forgotten most of what I've learned. Must be my age. Anyway, I've been asked to add an extractor fan to a bathroom (with timer) I've done this and added a triple-pole isolator. What I'm asking is; how are the connections made at the...
  32. U

    Torque Screwdrivers

    Anyone use one? Had my NIC audit other day, told to get one, been told in the past too but this guy I think won't take it well if I don't bother. So, cheapest thing made and kept with the probe tips/H&S policy statement etc for annual inspections? Or something decent? Whats good and what...
  33. M

    client does not want to pay? but work is not complete complaining??

    currently took over someones job on a control 4 system "huge home automated system" due that being an extra they paid my boss separate for this. alot of lighting has Big transformers which had to be put local to the control 4. doing this i had to make connections "wagos and tape" due to many...
  34. Leesparkykent

    push fit connector downlights

    Does anyone know what brands make downlights wit push fit connections? looking for speed when it comes to fitting them 2 x 1.0mm cables. Fire rated down lights not integrated fittings. Cheers :thumbsup:
  35. S

    Ring Final Tests

    testing a ring final today end to end test L 0.24 N 0.24 CPC 0.37 figure of 8 L1 -CPC 2 L2 - CPC 1 0.25 L1 - N 2 L2 - N 1 no reading IR >999 cant figure out why open circuit on figure of 8 any answers?
  36. G

    Strange fluke 1653b question

    Hi all, Firstly hello and thanks for making this site so helpful, I'm trying to make a career change to be a domestic electrician and this site as been brilliant, so thanks. Now for my question, I have recently purchased a fluke 1653b off eBay and I got it calibrated straight away for...
  37. tigerpaul

    EICR for house

    Hello, After years of working for firms in commercial and industrial I have started picking up more and more of my own work now. Some of this is commercial and some domestic. I've not really done much domestic before, I always managed to stay clear of it. Now, I've just done an EICR for someone...
  38. P

    Commercial changing faulty arlen to new helvar ballast

    need to change faulty ballast to new helvar 58. not sure of connections as new unit has only four outlet connections don't want to be zapping anything? old unit (arlen 170) which btw was wrong unit has l.n.e. input and similar 4outlet terminals which feed each end of the fluro tube
  39. F

    3 phase heater problem

    Hi there, I have a number of 22kw heater sunning of 3 phase supply. There is a dial with 4 settings 1 being the lowest output 4 the highest. The problem I have is when ever it is set to maximum output it is knocking out the breakers not discriminating at the rcd but knocking out the main...
  40. F

    Alarm wiring

    please help!!!! Im wiring a accenta 8 alarm panel but using a texecom siren/strobe outside, but Im stuck on wiring them together. Anyone got a clue coz im clueless, only some of the time that is!
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