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  1. Miguel Esteban-Perez

    Straight connections for Medium Voltage.

    Good Afternoon everyone Do you know any UK based company which sells straight connections between Medium voltage transformers ( 3500 and 630 kvas) for 240 mm2 cable with a normal voltage of 24 KV (Um). If so , please PM me Many thanks in advantage. Regards
  2. S

    Putting connections in the wall

    Hi all. Just a quick one if I may. I am currently about to fit 3 gang smart touch switch at my front door but owing to powering two sets of lights and an external light there is something like 6 T+E's in feeding into it. The back of the new switch is quite deep and its very busy in the box...
  3. rfinch23

    Normal tv coax connections for thin coax

    Hi, I have some thin coax that came with a one for all outdoor tv antenna. I need to find normal male connectors that will give a good firm fit, the standard are to loose. Any suggestions please. Roy
  4. P

    French rocker switch for light has 5 connections 3 black 2 red

    I am swapping a light switch in France for a motion sensor with two simple connections. The switch I wish to remove has two black into one connector a single black connector and two red into the third connector. It is paired with a second switch but I am happy to blank this if required or leave...
  5. Mark Wright

    Socket with slimest back connections?

    Hi, The walls have been chased out and he fitted 25mm back boxes and to be fair you can't really go any deeper but one socket on a ring is feeding a spur so three cables and yes you can fit it in but really id like a bit more room. Are there any sockets that have very thin connections on the...
  6. S

    I need help with wiring this switch

    Hi guys I was wondering if someone could help me, I’ve got to wire a extra switch in from a grid switch which has an emergency side and normal, I know I’ve got to take 3 browns over 2 being strippers and an earth, I was just wondering if someone could tell me the connections. Thanks
  7. I

    Separate connections to a EV charger and garage supply

    Hi all, Newly qualified electrician here who is in the process of re-wiring my own property. I have recently converted my old CU (if I can call it that!) in my 1950's property to a full RCBO C.U. (No SPD). Main fuse is 100A. Double pole isolator fitted prior to C.U.. 100A double pole switch...
  8. W

    Contactor connections

    Does it matter what side you connect your supply and load on a 4 pole contactor?? Basically the only place I could fit the contactor was underneath the DB do my supply had to come in the bottom, and there wasn’t a lot of room within the enclosure for 16mm tails so I connected them into the...
  9. M

    TNCS - Earthing connections

    Hi all, I am doing work atm in a block of flat were they have added on extra flats and I doing all the isolators and meter tails. The dno have supplied a 3 phase PME cutout. I am wondering in regards to the earthing connections if the dno will supply an earth bar or if it is up to myself to...
  10. S

    Will ev chargers work without wi fi and blue tooth connections?

    Have been asked to install a car charger(Pulsar Plus)where the customer is not going thro the grant scheme.Wondered if I need a cat 5 in the supply cable for a basic install. Thanks for any advice...
  11. Seath

    Old valliant combi control connections

    Hi Ladies and Laddies, Could anyone help identify the terminals for this old combi? I arrived at the property which has been undergoing a renovation for the rental market, the client reported the boiler not working, when I began investigating the flex cables going into a mechanical time clock...
  12. Zdb

    Industrial 65+°C connections

    Looking for some advice regarding some connections on a heating contactor. I picked up some readings using a thermal camera which I thought were a tad high. I remade the crimps as these were the "hot spots" however this has had no effect on the temperature. The current draw is approximately 42...
  13. A

    Terminal attachments for ballast connections.

    I'm a newbie to electrical DIY. There are some connectors on a ballast that I'm not familiar with. The cable I have is an 18awg 300v with wire cores made up of multiple thread copper. I cannot get the copper into these ports so I need some sort of terminal connector. Does anyone have familiarity...
  14. P

    Hi I have a timed extract fan which I need to refit. There are three connections on the fan body, marked live, switch live and neutral, which is fine.

    Hi, I need to refit a timed extract fan, there are three connections on the fan body, clearly marked, fine with that, but the supply cable from the ceiling is one cable only, one brown and one blue, the bare earth wire was just bent out of the way. It was working fine before disconnection. There...
  15. E

    Looking for suggestions on how to fix these connections

    Unfortunately some soap spilled into the connector box of my 24v cabinet lighting and ruined the connections on the female power supply end and the male connection on each of the lights. I can replace the power supply female hub fairly cheaply- ANSLUTA LED driver with cord, white, 19 W - IKEA -...
  16. gazdkw82

    Blue pipe connections under build

    Builders broke ground today with the digger down the side of the house. They busted a lead water pipe which runs down the side of the house. Houses are fed in bunches of 5 from the street. That means me and 4 other houses share the same stop tap. Builders repaired the T joint and replaced...
  17. C

    Busbar connections

    Hello People Currently within a carpentry workshop the old main 200a 3 phase isolator needs replacing which currently supplies an equity as old main busbar chamber and in doing so i have to replace some old VIR main tails. (complete birds nest) I am not sure on the best way to connect my mains...
  18. T

    Can’t get these connections in to sit?

    Can’t seem to get the connections in ? They just keep coming loose, can’t seem to push them in either far enough ? Any ideas ? https://pasteboard.co/JwSCDiT.jpg https://pasteboard.co/JwSD4nmx.jpg
  19. Rockingit

    Lead times for new OpenReach connections in London?

    Anyone have any recent experience on how long it takes from first phone call to actual installation for new phone connections to new build complex's in central London? Trying to give a ballpark to a client.
  20. BanksyElectric

    Does flex cable need to have boot lace connections

    A mate I work with says flex cable has to have a boot lace crimp on
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