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  1. K

    calculating csa of earthing conductor with BS1361 fuse

    Maybe I'm overlooking the obvious but how would you calculate the min. csa of an earthing conductor of say a tn-s system when there is no time/current graph for a 1361 fuse in the BGB? Do you just obtain If from Uo/Ze and then use this in the adiabetic equation. Ta
  2. O

    Main Fuse Recognition

    Is there anywhere, book on line etc where you can identify the different types of fuses. I have come across a few recently which have no identification numbers on them. The attached is a 100Amp main fuse but there are no other identification numbers on it. I assume it is a BS1361 but i dont know...
  3. S

    what fuse type cut out do i have?

    once again im in need of someone's knowledge. ive just been testing my house today. but when it comes to the cert i think the cut out fuse is a BSEN 1361 type 2 100A: if so is the sort circuit capacity 33 KA? also how do you identify what type main fuse is fitted? i know it usually says on the...
  4. S

    Main fuse help.

    on my installation the consumer unit is protected by a BS 88 fuse 100a, i was just looking in the on site guide and it says the rated short circuit capacity is 50 at 415 v.. when doing my PSC i got 1.6 ka and PEFC of 1.4ka does this mean my main fuse is to low to deal with possible prospective...
  5. J

    BS7671 Amendment 1 EICR Form

    In amendment 1 of BS 7671 the BS1361 cartridge fuse is being replaced with the new BS88-3 fuse as part of over 700 changes. Another change is the replacement of the PIR form with the EICR form. My question is that after 1st January 2012 on the new EICR what version of BS7671 would have to be...
  6. R

    Supply Fuse RH 60

    Hi Just need some clarification, looking at a supply fuse, and says on it BS 88 (1959) and also BS1361. (1971) and then in BOLD RH60 Its 60 amp but iam thinking its BS1361 as thats the latest date out of two stated on the fuse. any thoughts.....? Why it state two types on there
  7. M

    Prospective fault current

    Hi I'm looking for some advice and options. I have installed a new board a British general one the customer has bought. I also got the meter cut out upgraded with a main switch put in. At the main sw the pscc is 17.8, pefc is 6k Which seems funny to me cause tncs which I'm sure new cut outs...
  8. S

    Identifying BS88 fuse?

    Main fuse carrier says 100A 415V BS88 1967 on it. Looking in OSG page 57 for short-circuit capacity there is a BS88-2 and BS88-6. How do I know which I have? Thanks Rich
  9. T

    Fuse problem

    Hello, have a question. Yesterday in office I work fuse BS1361 45A was blow. How everything is connect: From box WYLEY cat nr. 108M (60A) BS 5419, someone take feed to another fuse board, that board is divided to two parts, one of them is strange (for me) protect by 63A RCD. My concern is -...
  10. M

    bs88 type 2 fuse

    can anyone tell us the short circuit capacity rating of a bs88 type 2 fuse. suppliers fuse was recorded on a old test form NAPIT but dont state the short circuit capcity in Ka. another quick question when calculating prospective fault current can the formular be used on all types of...
  11. Amp David

    What type is this fuse?

    As title says really. It has no markings other than 60Amp and the words English Electricity Thanks for your comments http://i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj31/steven_murphy/Astra%20Pics/FuseType.jpg
  12. B

    Cartridge fuse

    Cartridge fuses are they Bs 1361 and what type are they? 5a and 30 a cert asks for type as well as bs number. Thanks
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