1. R

    Will 12vac replacing 120vac mitigate stray current situation?

    I have an inground pool with a 22 year old, 120vac light fixture in a niche connected to water-holding conduit running to a switch in an outbuilding. I removed the fixture to clean the niche. The fixture was just floating at the surface, still connected, with the wall switch off. A little extra...
  2. V

    Is this compliant with current safety standards?

    Hi first time on this forum and looking for some advice. I have a second home with incoming network connection as shown below. I don't like uninsulated wires attaching to the house like this and is dangerous when working with ladders etc. I have looked up the regs, 1988, and as far as I can...
  3. A

    Cable Current Capacity - Solar Inverter vs Normal Loads

    Hi,first off this does not relate to work I intend to DIY. I'm trying to sanity check information I've been asked to provide to the installers. I want the solar invertert to connect in the garage, where there's a DB fed from the house via SWA. This is what's asked .. As the proposed PV...
  4. A

    Split core current transformers

    What are smallest in physical size split core current transformers. Max load 100amp max cable core size 35mm. Power cannot be isolated and space at a premium. Thanks Andy
  5. S

    Help with Ring Tabulated Current Equation

    Hi there I am struggling with the following calculation. 4mm Ring Final Circuit, In = 32A Cg - group of 6 with a correction factor of 0.57 Ci - 50mm insulation of 0.78 It = In/CgCi It = 32/0.57x0.78 It = 71.97A Then I get stuck here: Ib < In < It < Iz 4mm Cable from Table 4E2A gives Iz of...
  6. B

    Single and three phase current capacity and voltage drop differences.

    Hi All, From what I understand, working out the design current - Ib for single phase is quite easy (max appliance power/voltage). For three phase, do I take the max power, divide by 3 then divide by 230 to get the Ib? (We definitely use 230V for everything right?) Now for voltage drop, We...
  7. D

    Current measure with multimeter (help)

    Hello everyone, friends. In cases where I do not have a clamp meter, I want to measure the current drawn by the phases of a 3-phase motor with my multimeter. I left a picture below as an example. I connected my red probe to 10A., my black probe to Com. After turning the multimeter to 10A; For...
  8. E

    Do illuminated switches pass current to the load side when off?

    I installed an illuminated switch (switch is lit when circuit is off) for my porch light. I noticed that even when off, my LED porch lite is dimmly lit. I measured the voltage at the socket and it was 25VAC. Is this expected or did I install a faulty switch?
  9. A

    Caravan Hook-Up RCBO Current Rating

    I have a small caravan park with 8 pitches. Each have a Rolec Electrical Hook-Up unit fitted with a Rolec 16A Single Pole and Neutral 2 Module C Curve 6kA 30mA RCBO. I've recently fitted meters to these units which display voltage, Current and kW. I was surprised to see that some of the...
  10. J

    What happens to the voltage/current on the neutral wire?

    If we had 4 appliances to power, one in every room of a house, Once the current passes through them all, the remaining voltage & current is said to "pass back to the source via the neutral wire" Is this an accurate mental model? From what I see, most Neutral wires are somewhere down the line...
  11. S

    Wago topjob current ratings

    Hello Can anyone confirm for me what the following spec for a Wago TopJob 2202-1201 din rail connector means? The connector can accept max 4mm solid core cable, so does this mean (see bottom row) the connector can cope with 32A? The row above says rated current is only 24A though? I’m easily...
  12. A

    Why is this happening? Electric current but no light.

    Im not sure why the light does not come on. Tried 3 different bulbs. Voltage is passing through the black and red wire. The bulb too. Tried 3 bulbs.
  13. B

    Current rating for tumble dryer?

    I have just bought a tumble dryer that has come supplied with A 13A fuse. The manual says it has come with a special plug, that must be plugged into a 16A rated socket. Surely if I plugged it into a 16A socket and it tried to draw more than 13A it would blow? Can I plug this into a normal 13A...
  14. S

    Advice on 3Phase Hob

    Hi there I have not done a huge amount of work on 3phase. I am installing a Induction Hob as part of a new Kitchen refurb- to be specific the hob is NEFF T59FSRX2. It is a 11,100W with the ability to power limit and support single or three phase connection. NEFF have not provided great...
  15. kuji55

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Current from 5A to 200mA

    Hi, can I ask you what is the easiest way to make from 5A 200mA, in my voltage source?? thx for your help
  16. Calebp43

    Neutral current in a single phase installation confusion

    In a 3 phase system the neutral carries current that is unbalanced. Okay. So in a single phase domestic household the neutral carries the same current as the live otherwise the RCD will trip. So does that mean if we have a perfectly balanced 3 phase system then if I go to one of the phases and...
  17. B

    electricity shuts down current to half of apt. also a pitch sound ?

    electricity cuts power to half of apt. and not trip the breaker . also a high pitch shrieking noise. ?
  18. melvinkoshy

    Fluke multimeter current

    When I use Fluke multimeter clamp-type [true RMS meter] to measure AC current in a 3.5C XLPE cable, does it give the value of leakage current or RMS value of current per phase through the cable?
  19. S

    Current leaking from sealed electrical in water?

    I’m designing a light fixture for underwater lights and everything was going great until I checked for any current leakage. All I have is a multimeter but my meter is reading 90 vac when lights are powered. The bulbs are being supplied with around 120 to 135v and the reading I get from the water...
  20. T

    What is maximum current of the mains?

    Hi, What is th emaximum current draw allowable from the mains for... UK domestic single phase Light industrial single phase Light industrial 3 phase If there are different levels, then please advise. Basically i suppose what i am asking is what current does the wiring have to be rated for...
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