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  1. S

    RCD types and DC current

    So, this article...
  2. R

    Advice on current path

    Morning gentlemen I am looking for some solid advice from fellow sparks on best route to go. I have been an electrician for 13 years. I started off in the domestic and commercial installations side of the industry. Completed my apprenticeship etc etc. 2009 hit and I was made redundant so I...
  3. R

    what do the current values mean in this meter?

    In the picture can be read 10(40)A. What is the capacity of the meter 10 A or 40 A, why are there two values?
  4. Basiluk

    Current monitoring display

    I am after a LCD/LED display that can be wired into a circuit (240v < 15a) and display the wattage/amperage being drawn on that current. I am not after a meter, but a continual real time display of the load on that circuit - This is for permanent installation. I cannot find anything that meets...
  5. dave_JL

    Which Oven To Buy With Current Wiring Set Up?

    Hi guys, Looking for some advice. We have this induction hob from IKEA SMAKLIG Induction hob - black - IKEA - and a hotpoint single oven which has given up the ghost and needs replacing. I'd like to buy a replacement oven I can...
  6. R

    Ordered new breaker and want to make sure it matches the current breaker in the breaker box that needs replacing.

    I ordered the exact breaker that is in the breaker box and they sent me this one. I want to verify that it is compatible with one in the breaker box. I took a picture of each. Thanks in advanced the company won't answer their phone so I'm kind of stuck until I find out!
  7. G

    Regulation 434.5.2 - Time a conductor can withstand fault current

    Can anyone help me clarify the formula in regulation 434.5.2, the time a conductor can withstand a fault current without sustaining damage. t=k2 x S2 / I2 The regulation states I is the effective fault current. Does effective fault current mean the prospective short circuit current/...
  8. Video Explaining Kirchhoffs Current Law | Electrical Theory Videos

    Video Explaining Kirchhoffs Current Law | Electrical Theory Videos

    This electrical theory video introduces and explains Kirchhoffs Current Law to electricians and electrical students and trainees.
  9. A Basic Understanding of Voltage, Current and Resistance.

    A Basic Understanding of Voltage, Current and Resistance.

    An easy to understand lesson in Voltage, Current and Resistance for electricians. Learn about the basics of voltage, current and resistance in this video tutorial.
  10. O

    Current limited charge relay

    Hi there, I am looking to charge an auxiliary windlass battery (130Ah lithium) that is located 35 feet away from my main bank (1030Ah lithium). My charging input will range from to 40 to 100 Amps, but I need to keep the wire size to a maximum of 6AWG. Do you know of any current limited charging...
  11. Megawatt

    Will isolation transformer absorb in rush current and not the generator

    I have a 10,000 watt surge and 7000 watt running capacity on a 240/120 vac generator. Now this is a theory I have electric heat with 10,000 watt heating elements. When the heating elements kick on it bogs down the generator to the point I have to kill the heat. The question is if I bought a 15...
  12. D

    Megger 1552 (Hi current test not tripping 30ma rcd)

    Hi guys, I own 2 megger mft 1552 testers. I recently found that loop readings on both testers give me high Zs readings on final circuits protected by 30ma rcds on low current. If I select the hi current setting I get a reading I expect to achieve, but the hi current test never trips the rcd...
  13. M

    Do I need over current protection?

    Hi guys, i'm working on some project, do i still need over current protection if i'm using a soft starter and do I still need circuit breaker for that motor???
  14. D

    High Earth current flowing

    I have measured high currents in the CPCs of four circuits as shown in the table below. This is the case both with the circuits energised and isolated. Removing the CPCs for these four circuits brings the current in the MET to DNO cut-out, back to genuine L+N measured leakage levels. However...
  15. K

    Current Transducer Wiring

    Hi All, i'm new to the forum and looking for a solution to measure the operating current across the point machine. Hence selected the current transducer(to read in 4-20mA) as per attached schemtic. The required wiring terminal nos of the transducer is shown in the model diagram. i want to wire...
  16. S

    Low current device on lighting circuit

    I've had a new smart door lock fitted to the front door. In order to get best usage I need to run a small electronic device called a bridge which will link this lock to the internet via bluetooth and wifi. The bridge requires AC power and is deigned to be plugged in to a socket. It needs to be...
  17. D

    Current Clamp Question

    I have a Megger MFT1741 with current clamp, also a Fluke 117. As the MFT can't record min/max, I'm using the current clamp with the Fluke multimeter, following Megger's instructions and understanding the 1000:1 step down ratio. Just taking some basic readings on known values, the results are...
  18. T

    USA Flow of current in a neutral wire

    I am taking this HVAC class and have been studying up on the basics of electricity, magnetic induction, AC/DC, Ohms Law etc. I have a basic question concerning the flow of current in the neutral wire of a single phase 120v circuit. I ran a few questions by my instructor (Mr. Samuels). He was...
  19. happyhippydad

    A question about how current travels through the real earth?

    When testing Ze on a TT the only connection between the line and the earth rod is the actual ground. When you do a Ze is it actually sending a small current through the actual ground from the earth rod at the house to the earth rod at the transformer? Also, related to the above, I have 2...
  20. Doomed

    current carrying capabilities

    So came across some old aluminium T&E yesterday, the smaller stuff with only 3 strands in the live, 3 in neutral and single strand for CPC. I cant remember its maximum current capability. Its been used for running an immersion tank on a B16 MCB, about 10m from the dis board, mostly under floor...
  21. F

    Industrial Measuring current using a Shunt Resistor & an Oscilloscope

    Hi people, I'm new using forums for this kind of purposes, so please forgive me if I can't explain myself well, also if this is the wrong sub-forum please tell me ¡. I have to measure the output current & voltage of a High Frecuency, High Voltage transformer, I can measure the Output Voltage...
  22. G

    Single phase circuit on 3 phase system calc

    Hi, I have a query about calculating current in a 3 phase system. So a 22kw load in 3 phase assuming a power factor of 0.8 would be 22000/(1.732x400x0.8) = 39.69A and say a 7.2kw load on a single phase supply would be 31.30A if you simply use ohms law. But what happens when you calculate the...
  23. Diver233

    - Prospective fault current test 2391

    Hello all, I’m now overthinking the - Prospective fault current test for the 2391 practical, the exam boards will be a 3 phase and a single phase board. Do I test the three phase board and double the highest and use that for both DB’s or do I do one for 3 phase db1 and sep one for single phase db2
  24. D

    Industrial ABB VSD Current Draw

    I have specced up a 18.5kw VSD to power a 15Kw pump. On the datasheet ABB ACS580 its current rating is 38A. Should i spec the MCB and circuit etc to 40A or just to the current draw of the motor (around 28A FLC).
  25. A

    Minimizing leakage current

    Hi everyone, I have a problem in a home. By night time his rcd is tripping for no reason. I made and insulation test between neutral and earth + live and earth and got 4 mega ohms. I made a leakage current test and found he have 20mA. Can somone tell me how i can minimize it please...
  26. HoverSPRX

    Commercial Max Demand/Diversity Query

    Hello All, Iv been asked to pick up the remedials on someone else's EICR that was done last year on a school for Deaf Children. One of the items listed on the report is the conductors leading to the sub mains from the main panel are undersized. I popped the cover off to have a look and sure...
  27. L

    RCD RCBO over current

    Hi, I know the basic differences between MCB, RCD and RCBO. I was wandering what happens to a RCD if the current reaches the RCD's limit? Why do RCDs have got ampere rating if they don't protect against over current? In case of RCBO, how do I know at how much ampere they shut down? Is it the...
  28. R

    Zs reading does not meet current regs

    Doing some prior tests befor installing a fused spur from a radial circuit, and have found the Zs reading higher then the current regs, obviously it complys with a past reg, but as I’ll be doing a minor works for the job, when filling out their cert would I just put it down as an observation in...
  29. C

    Current demand & load per phase Q

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum. I'm currently doing my C&G 2365 and I've found myself completely stumped on a problem that's probably quite simple, but which I've had a lot of conflicting answers for from various people, which has left me a little confused. I'm working on a design...
  30. rustynails

    Current generation under control

    You've all seen people on YouTube overloading twin and earth cables, JW etc... How are they generating current and how are they able to control that generation?
  31. l4urence

    Leakage current meter - recommendations?

    I'm looking at buying something for measuring leakage current - The Megger DCM305e (I think). Not specifically for nuisance tripping but more for DC leakage current - type A vs AC RCD (type AC flooding with DC and not tripping). Not a lot of info on the DC side - except DC units for PV, I...
  32. sam400

    Current Regs book for sale

    Blue one for sale in the celophane, purchased from Denmans so genuine book. £50
  33. T

    Installation is in fair condition and to comply to current Regs would require a rewire/upgrade.

    The above statement was made in an EICR which I was asked to look at. In my opinion they are on the wrong side of Trading Standards to suggest that an installation should be re-wired because it is not up to current regulations. If it is safe then I would not suggest to a client they must have a...
  34. A

    current 2391 course information

    hi, currently doing 2391 course and getting told on a periodic that the only tests you have to do as minimum are zs and rcd, anyone else been taught to do this. tutor shows guidance note 3 and in as way you can relate to it but jut doesn't sound right signing a house off after only being there...
  35. Ewi

    Current draw discrepancy

    Hey all. Im new to this forum. Seeing how limited d web is to rectifying any electrical queiries, i thought i might find this useful. I am a warranted electrical domestic licencee. (Based on IET) and possess a Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering. I live in Malta (EU) which uses a UK...
  36. happyhippydad

    What can be used to stop back flow of current?

    My friend has a garage door that when opens turns on a floodlight. He know wants it to turn on another light in the garage as well as the floodlight. The problem is this garage light is already on a plate switch, if the garage light was simply connected to the control panel then the plate...
  37. rolyberkin

    Chances of constant current LED's having been fried!?

    Picked up a job where the previous electricians had not connected some collingwood LED stair lights (they were exited from the job!), they had been wired in parallel and no doubt hooked up to an LED driver, anyone up on their electronics? Have they definitely been fried or is it worth taking a...
  38. B

    Commercial Defining what equipment has protective conductor current

    Hi all, I have an engineer who has failed a wall mounted data cabinet because the PDU is hard wired into a switched fused spur, the spur is spurred off a ring main in 2.5/1.5 twin and earth. He has failed it under regulation: 543.7.203 The wiring of every final circuit and distribution...
  39. R

    Measuring current draw by AC motor.

    Hello guys. This isn't a job, just so that you know. Just exploring. I have a couple of AC motors and I am playing with them. One of the things I want to do is measure the current draw. So I attach them to a power source and switch it on and off they go doing their thing. No problem there...
  40. A

    Jumping current on outdoor 12v lighting circuit

    Hello, I have two almost identical circuits of outdoor 12v lighting setup in my garden, each running off a separate 20W 240v-12v transformers (12v Waterproof Transformer (Various Wattages) | 240v - 12v | 10W - 150W -...
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