1. timhoward

    Kitchen fitters.....

    No photo's as customer is already in dispute with kitchen fitter and was very strict about it! I went to look at what would be involved to add a missing dishwasher point in a brand new kitchen. House is TT. Kitchen is on a B16 radial. Hob and Cooker are on their own circuit. It's only sockets...
  2. E

    Satisfying over current characteristics of RCBO's

    I work in the events industry which works under 7909. This assumes that someone qualified 7671 etc has tested the distor's and designed a system before it is sent to an event where people like me with 7909 then plug in and do some basic testing. I've completed 7671 and other domestic install...
  3. Rockingit

    Anyone used one of these current clamps?

    In the market for a flexi-coil high rated current meter, wondering if anyone has used one of these before? Or has an alternative recommendation.
  4. OhhhMy

    Residual Circuit Current Breaker triggering. Why?

    Hi! I'm new here, so, please, be gentle... Decided to add some extra features to my old and simple barn's electric system to make it safer and measure the consumption. It's a three phase 230/400 volt line. The neutral, as far as I know, is grounded at the step-down transformer. I don't have a...
  5. Izak568

    How to investigate a circuit if some devices pull too much current?

    Hello, If one device is pulling too much current, what should I do? Thank you
  6. J

    Tri rated cable current carrying capacity

    I have a 37KW motor and need to replace some burnt out 35mm2 tri rated cable(loose connection). I’ve looked at 25mm2 Tri rated cable the data sheet says it’s current carrying capacity is 136amps. The lengths will be 0.5m.Is there any other consideration I should take into consideration? It will...
  7. S

    Solar How do I limit or feed inrush current for higher constant current use?

    How do I limit or feed inrush current for higher constant current use? If I could find solution, then the chosen battery cell type can have much lower Discharge/Charge rate. My product research found that lower Discharge/Charge rate cells are much lower price. So you can purchase more storage...
  8. J

    Soft start and high current draw

    Had one today I can’t get my head around. 4Kw motor connected to an Allen Bradley soft start. The panel runs 2 motors Both 4kw. I was called originally due to one motor not running. This turned out to be a tripped the motor circuit breaker (one with adjustable current dial). I tested the rest of...
  9. harvirsingh

    question 6 in current design

    calculate the desgin current of the radial circuit suppling the air compressor ( circuit BR4) i need help with this ASAP please
  10. E

    Current 18th Edition Compliance

    Hi guys, I expect this topic has been covered before, In rented accommodation including business premises, should the electrical installation be up to current BS 7671 Regulations.
  11. newfutile

    Strange Residual Current Device tripping on lamp post

    During a recent EICR the RCBO keeps tripping , i measure leakage of 2.6 ma when clamped around line and neutral, when i clamp the cpc i get over 10 ma ,its a PME supply 0.09 ZE. These RCBOs have a functional earth , the RCBO ramp tested at 21 ma . does anyone have any idea why this is...
  12. Kartune

    3S4P BMS Balance Charging Board lower charge current than expected?

    Items i'm using for this battery pack: 1x ~ HX-3S-FL25A-A BMS Balance Charging Board 9x ~ 18650 (3000mAh, 15A Continuous Discharge) 12.6v 2A AC/DC Adapter Renogy 24V 50Watt Solar Panel Li-on 12-24V 50A Solar Charge Controller ISDT 1S-8S Battery Monitor So when my battery is about 12V, i can see...
  13. G

    low current draw on strip lighting

  14. D

    Prospective fault current testing

    hi, new to this forum and still training. During testing for prospective fault current at the point I get a bad reading, what ever that may be????, what possible situations would be causing and why? still trying to get my head round it... thanks Adam
  15. E

    Australia Equipotential Bond Current showing on Clamp meter earthing

    Hi has anybody come across current up to 3 amps showing on water bond? 0 volts, no amps on main earth just water bond? I put a clamp Meyer to check...
  16. Pastory

    (basic question) why is current the same in series connection.

    (basic question) why is current the same in series connection. An explanation in 3d video would be very helpful
  17. sjhall

    Led driver help required

    Hi Looking for a bit of advice on a led driver The Aurora in the picture below is the one that needs replacing today / tmrw And the only 700ma constant current driver I can find local has slightly different specs DC 16.5v max on the original 33 - 40v dc out on the new one Will this work...
  18. Daniel DD

    Relays, Contactor Rating AC-7a & AC-7b, Relay - Contactor compatibility, RCCB rated current

    Background I live in Indonesia, the voltage for residential buildings ranges from 220 V to 230 V, I need help with the installation of the Schneider products. Here is another link to the thread about the installation of Surge Arrester in Picture 1, which is related to the installation discussed...
  19. g3nt73m4n

    Using disconnect switch over its operating current Ie

    Hello, What happens if we use disconnect switch over its operating curent Ie? For ex. If our circuit is motor circuit and current range is 140A. We need to use 160A. But we used a disconnect switch with operating current Ie as 125A not 160A. Making and breaking capacity of a disconnect...
  20. E

    Why does design current affect vd

    Hi, apologies if im having a bald moment but anyone know why Ib effects vd ? is it related to ohms law ? 😵‍💫