1. S

    Rated Current and Current in mini split AC

    Hello, I am seeing two mini split ACs with the same cooling capacity in two different company. Both 24000 BTU and Inverter. The first one said Rated Current is 9.56 A and didn't write Max current or current. The second one said the Current is 9.9 A and the Rated Current is 16 A. Does it mean...
  2. T

    UK Change in current capacity along run

    Hi, I have a book on domestic wiring which says that everywhere there is a change in current carrying capacity along a circuit there must be some kind of protection (fused spur etc). Suppose I need to run above an insulated ceiling (reference method 101) and then down a wall (reference method...
  3. C

    Best method to calculate 4 core SWA current rating for two pairs of 1PH line conductors

    Hi, I have a Victron Multiplus-II 5kVA inverter/charger with Pylontech US5000 batteries installed in my house along with a 6.8kWp PV array and associated charge controllers. This installation has full DNO G99 approval and was installed to BS7671 and has been running great for about 18 months...
  4. J

    AC vs DC, live vs neutral

    Hi. I've read much about ac vs dc but can't find a 'simple' answer. If current alternates 50 times per second in a uk mains circuit, why do live and neutral not swap 50 time per second? On these forums, I've read that it does, so that copper does not migrate as it would in a dc circuit. I've...
  5. D

    What do I search for on Amazon: WIFI continuity Switch No current, no load

    I have a bathroom fan with a moisture detector that turns it on and off. It also has a control circuit to turn it on/off when moisture is not connected. This is a no voltage/no current circuit. I want to add a parallel control circuit that would of course be no load no current that I can turn...
  6. D

    Eddy current clarification

    hi all, What are your thoughts on how the 6231 cables been terminated? Will aluminium cause eddy currents? Thanks
  7. S

    Why I get only one phase reading current while rest are zero

    Hi I have UPS 50KVA and the inverter output AC voltage is feeding a distribution panel 120/208 V 4 wires when I check UPS display it shows me that output current which is the distribution panel phases as followings phase one = 30A while Phase 2 = 0A and phase 3 = 0A is this a problem !? Shall...
  8. FS-Ivan

    UK What does the current landscape for mobile apps look like?

    Hi All I'm a professional mobile app developer. Around 12-13 years ago I created a couple of apps for the fire protection / safety industry that a few people found useful. I put those to one side as I found myself switching careers to be a full time developer and skilling up required the whole...
  9. D

    Eddy currents in metal trunking

    Hi all. I am installing some metal trunking vertically in a meter cupboard to contain all the meter tails for an apartment block. I have 5 sets of tails entering one “row” of meters, and about 300mm further down the trunking I have another 4 sets of tails entering the other row of meters. Due...
  10. R

    Current flow in neutral but no voltage ?

    Having a challenge understanding the concept behind why when you measure across line and neutral (live circuit) using voltage indicators we have voltage reading of 230V single phase. If there is current flow in the neutral why is it termed as 0V ? On that basis, second question - If I tested...
  11. S

    Inductor lead or lag current

    Hello Inductor lead or lag current
  12. J

    How to protect inrush current

    Hello How to protect in rush current by ntc in smps
  13. M

    How to calculate the current used by a BLDC motor under load?

    I'm working on a robotics project and currently we are designing a battery. This battery is dedicated to the motor driver and two BLDC motors. I want to know how much current the battery will draw if we drive the robot at a certain speed. More specifically, how to calculate the speed of a BLDC...
  14. R

    Will 12vac replacing 120vac mitigate stray current situation?

    I have an inground pool with a 22 year old, 120vac light fixture in a niche connected to water-holding conduit running to a switch in an outbuilding. I removed the fixture to clean the niche. The fixture was just floating at the surface, still connected, with the wall switch off. A little extra...
  15. B

    Potential house purchase - current electrics setup and future plans

    Hi, I'm interested in a house built around the 1980's in Northern Ireland. I took a few photos of the consumer unit etc. which is situated in the garage. The house has a a double electric oven, 2 electric showers, an immersion water heater as well as all our usual electrical sockets spread...
  16. E

    an overload current is classified as an overcurrent occuring in a circuit which

    an overload current is classified as an overcurrent occuring in a circuit which is electrically sound has a fault between phase conductors has a fault between Neutral and Earth has a fault between line and earth
  17. Plantman2000

    Is it ok to wire in wardrobe lights to a current switch?

    Hi all, after a bit of advise if ok please. We have a switch which currently only powers one single LED down light in our ceiling. From this switch I would like to add a feed (already installed) to provide power to three LED wardrobe lights. Max wattage is an extra 9w on top of the current 5...
  18. G

    Solutions for LED inrush current

    I am upgrading garage lighting. I have installed 12 40W batten lights (cheap Amazon variety - don’t have specs). 6A breaker in Garage consumer panel is tripping on inrush current. House consumer panel 32A breaker for garage is also tripping occasionally. Both are type B. No surprises so far...
  19. BitFrosty

    Constant current driver replacement

    Hey folks, i work for a relatively small company, but we are doing some big jobs. And right our headache is taking over outdoor lighting maintenance from other guys (you know that situation where the only way to know anything about light is to get up there on the pole and open it to read that...
  20. V

    Is this compliant with current safety standards?

    Hi first time on this forum and looking for some advice. I have a second home with incoming network connection as shown below. I don't like uninsulated wires attaching to the house like this and is dangerous when working with ladders etc. I have looked up the regs, 1988, and as far as I can...


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