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  1. J

    British standards

    Which British standards are worth getting if one manages to get access through the library?
  2. Lister1987

    The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020

    What's everyone's take on this? Mandates inspect every 5 years by a QUALIFIED person, whereas EAWR and BS7671 state COMPETENT person. Obviously it won't stop cowboys but does raise the Competent v Qualified debate...
  3. P

    The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020

    Good Evening All, I hope this is the correct forum, please do move if I have my neutral in the live / wires crossed. Thank you for your help with my HMO query. In return, you may be interested in the draft of The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations...
  4. ElectroChem

    Machine wiring standards

    Hoping some of you industrial gentlemen can help me with an enquiry. My company (based in Sydney, Australia) has been asked to design and build the electrical controls for a CNC machine destined for European customers. The programming is being handled by our client, we're just building it. If...
  5. Moley

    General rant about the standards of driving these days!

    Is it just me or is the general standard of driving going down hill? I had a 'little' commute home yesterday, from Irvine in Scotland to just north of Cardiff. I get really fed up of the number of 'CLODs' (Center Lane Only Drivers) that travel on motorways. I'm tootling along on the inside lane...
  6. W

    European Electrical standards?

    Right, Ive had a request from a customer about inspecting/testing a site in Netherlands. They own 7 sites across the UK and the Netherlands site seems to be on their block insurance which specifies PAT testing and fixed wiring testing. I've looked online but have been unsuccessful in finding...
  7. dmxtothemax

    Voltage standards ???.

    I see various voltages popping up in forum here and elsewhere they seem to quote voltages like 100v, 110v,120v,220v,230v,240. I was under the impression that most area's of the world are now either 120v or 240v. many area's of Europe and even Australia now say 230v but is it really ? Australia...
  8. KennyKen

    British Standards not highly regarded

    Thought this would be the best place to vent. As most of you know I work abroad. Australia. So during my long arduous Nightshift I got talking to some international sparkies. Three Aussie and One Canadian. The old conversation of Standards got brought up. To which I said that I thought very...
  9. J

    EN standards of neon scredrivers

    Hello people, Not an electrician, but more of a quality controller. I've got to check for the compliance one those horrible neon screwdrivers for a company but I'm pretty stumped. Some people say they should conform to EN 61010-031 and some say EN 61423-3. RAPEX has many of these listed with...
  10. T

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Napit course on emergency lighting and fire alarm systems

    I want to get competent within BS5266 (I think!) i.e. fire alarms and emergency lighting. I am thinking of doing the Napit course. Any opinions on the best way forward on this, or Napit course?
  11. Lou

    Nigel Swanson Electrical Services

    From small new sockets in your home to commercial electrical installations, no job is too small or too large for us to undertake. Registered with Select and the Construction Licensing Executive, our electricians are Building Standards Approved Certifiers. This gives you peace of mind that their...
  12. Dan

    British Standards for Free BS5839-1 and BS5839-6 (British Electrical Standards)

    Dan submitted a new resource: British Standards for Free BS5839-1 and BS5839-6 - Get British Standards Online Free of Charge! Read more about this resource...
  13. L

    Bs5839-6 British Standards Free Of Charge Online

    Bit of a long shot, but has anyone got a PDF copy of the BS 5839-1 & BS 5839-6 they would be happy to pass on? Thanks in advance
  14. S

    Operating Voltages?

    Hi there My enquiry is to do with lamp flex and voltage parameters. I want to buy flex from China, vintage look, multi coloured casing etc, and it states.. 1..Certified SAA, VDE, UL 2..operating voltage 100-300v If I am going to sell table lamp products in the UK, where I live, will I need...
  15. O

    Installed to meet European standards my foot!

    "We have sent this off to Australia the Landlords will no doubt be in touch direct she says that the Company who did the lights were done by an NICEIC Electrician who had to meet European standards" Its worth noting that the burnt cable is so bad I now need to get authority to cut a hole...
  16. S

    Funry Smart Switch ST 2

    Hi Folks I've been asked to quote for installing a "Funry Smart Switch ST 2", which the customer bought from Amazon or Ebay (I forget which). Both he and I are a bit concerned about the product in terms of whether it is manufactured and tested to appropriate standards and is safe. It is CE...
  17. P

    MCS assesment

    Hello All, I'm in need of some sensible help / guidance. I've just been moved into a new section in work, in at the deep end, next week we have our MCS assessment. All the original details and paperwork are not available for use, the guy who is to become the duty holder is an electrician but has...
  18. mattyevz

    EICR 10% tested, rubber cables and passed?

    Hi Guys, Went to a customers house on Friday to fit some new light fittings ... Only to find rubber cables with no earths. when I informed the customer he explained that only recently it had an EICR and passed . On further investigation I discovered that a 16th edition consumer unit had been...
  19. Dan

    ECA responds to Government response to Select Committee report into Building Regulati

    ECA responds to Government response to Select Committee report into Building Regulations and calls for clarification and improved standards Read the full news article
  20. S

    MCS Consultations

    Email just popped into my inbox about MCS consultations across technologies. Microgeneration Certification Scheme - Consultations Deadline 31st October
  21. F

    `MCS assesment

    Hi, Just received feedback on the Non conformities corrective actions that arose on my initial mcs verification. One issue I am having trouble with is that I am being asked to produce an MCS certificate, yet in order to log in to the MCS website database to produce an mcs cert, you are...
  22. S

    New Guide Tables Help

    Just doing a quote from the new guide, wondering were you find the tables for beyond 45 degrees of South any help greatly appriciated. I have a job we are looking at slightly South of West ie 248 degrees or 68 degrees past South Any help greatly appriciated
  23. M

    European installation standards for US based installer

    I'm looking for some input on minimum installation standards for an installation that is a hybrid of US and EU equipment for an installation I am working on. The project is located in a Caribbean island that uses 230/400V 60Hz. My solar training is all US focused although I am originally a UK...
  24. Q

    Working abroad

    Hi all. My company is going to be doing work across Europe, I'm currentley the QS but don't have much experience about the standars abroad, Can some one tell me what I will need to do to meet eu standards and do they except niceic certificates, any help will do, just not to sure where to start...
  25. L

    BS fuses V's DIN and VDE

    Hi Lads, anyone know what the difference is between the standards of BS fuses and the europeon standards of DIN and VDE fuses? My supplier of switch gear is now telling us that there is now going to be a leading in time if I want to buy BS fuses, as they have to be imported, whereas DIN and VDE...
  26. UKMeterman

    Panel wiring standards

    Hi, Are there any published standards for panel wiring, in particular colour codeing and the seperation of LV, and SELV. Thanks
  27. R

    Can someone work this out for me

    Hi sorry to bother you guys. I am stuck on this question hope you can help Question A 3KW,230V storage heater is supplied by 15m of multi-core 70 degrees PVC cable clipped direct to the wall. Protection is BS EN 60898 type C circuit breaker. Ambient temp is 30 degrees. determine the 1 Load...
  28. silver surfer

    PIR in an ATEX area.

    Been asked to carry out PIR and subsequent remedials at a small factory that has a Zone 2 area (ATEX and DSEAR regs apply) but does that mean that the firm i work for would have to undergo Hazardous Training as a legal requirement ? or as long as we stick to the nescessary rules and regs are we...
  29. D

    what registered scheme

    RIGHT DECISION TIME! do i go TRUST MARK via ECA/ELECSA (government scheme) nominal fee of £40 quid i think stand to be corrected TrustMark : find reliable, trustworthy tradesmen : Government Endorsed Standards OR DURHAM COUNTY REGISTERED TRADER SCHEME (local trading standards...
  30. steamboatwilly

    RCD Fail, or Not?

    Folks, New shed CU, 16A & 6A MCBs with integral 30mA RCD main switch. RCD test at 1x is >400ms tho' 180 degree test ok at 18.6ms. That's a fail though yes? Max measured time being >400 ms. Just asking....don't get RCD fails often. :confused: Cheers!
  31. S

    Coaxial sockets

    what is the dirrerence between screened and un screened coaxial wall sockets, for what I can see is price is the only difference? thanks in advance
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