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  1. P

    Neutral to a switch for future use?

    So I've seen some posts in the past about smart switches needing a neutral at the switch. I have a rewire coming up and was planning to use 3 core and earth as the switch line for some switches (2 gang switch will need just 1 neutral from a 3 core earth and the other SL can be T+E) as the switch...
  2. C

    Advice for using Future Skills International when applying for Australian Electrical Licence

    Hi Can anyone who is currently going through the process of getting their electrical licence with future skills international or anyone has already done it please advise me. I am currently at the stage of writing out the description of what work i have done for each employer and i have...
  3. C

    Advice for using Future Skills International when applying for Australian Electrical Licence

    Hi Can anyone who is currently going through the process of getting their electrical licence with future skills international or anyone has already done it please advise me. I am currently at the stage of writing out the description of what work i have done for each employer and i have...
  4. L

    UK Cabling for future EV charge point

    Hi all, I am currently tidying up our front garden and want to bury some underground conduit to provide a cable route for an ev charge point sometime in the future (don't fancy digging up the lawn and path again). My electrician has suggested 6mm swa cable should allow for a decent powered...
  5. OnlQQker

    Predicting The Future Of Consumer Units Etc...

    I think they will become computerised to a degree, either like a mechanic connects his laptop to the cars computer or a digital read out giving all the information you need regarding diagnostics etc! Everything is changing at a great rate of knots! Happy new year to everybody by the way. 🍺
  6. justcurioustwo

    Could electrolysis be an energy storage medium for our next energy future?

    Could electrolysis be an energy storage medium for our next energy future If we can decipher what causes a water molecule in saltwater to break apart, we can then re-unite the H2 and O releasing the heat in the reaction. How does DC current passing through saltwater cause this molecule to...
  7. R

    Thinking about my future

    Hi All, Anyone in or been in this situation. Im 44 and been doing mostly domestic (running my own company which is now a one man band). My body is starting to struggle with arthritis, I know that 5 years from now I wont be able to be doing this working up your own arse domestic stuff. I dont...
  8. C

    Future of euro 6Vans

    Having spent some 17k on a new euro 6 due to having no choice as there were very few used euro 6 on the market then. Having made the large outlay for the van I would like to at least get another 5-7 years minimum. Is there any evidence they will ban vans soon rendering my van useless? As I...
  9. T

    Hi from future tool tart! :D

    Antonio from Croatia, 27, bachlors in industrial automation, currently on masters. After last week which included proper flustercluck in finding faults in our 50 year old house and seeing that I need some new tools for kit, found this forum and a lot of useful info ;) See you around! Cheers!
  10. Andy B.

    Domestic Moron completes a useless domestic installer course, then goes travelling, now fears for future...

    Hello all! I've always been interested in electrics and really fancied getting into solar/renewables. So at the age of 30, I blindly went for a Trade Skills 4U 5-week domestic and EV charging point installer course, got my quals, quickly realised that no-one would take me on as a mate/trainee...
  11. A

    Cables coiled for future CU change

    Hi guys Carrying out a rewire on my property and I am hoping to use my old board as it is an RCBO board 8way. However in the future I may add circuits and may have to update the board to a larger one. In order to do this however the consumer unit would have to be moved to an adjacent wall as...
  12. S

    Planning For A Future Extension.......

    = what can I get the National Grid to upgrade for free before I get the plans drawn up and they won't charge me the earth......... The mains cable at the moment comes in through the coal bunker under the stairs an is used as a hand rail for when I go "underground" and to me it seems pre war...
  13. Ian1981

    Open pen conductors and future 18th edition considerations

    Electrical Safety First’s recent electrical installation safety roundtable focused on open-circuit PEN conductors, which serve as both a protective earthing and neutral conductor. Although PEN conductors within installations have been prohibited for some time now, older ones still remain in, for...
  14. R

    Saying Hello.......

    Hi everyone, My name is Richard, I am 35 years old and seriously looking into re-training to be an electrician. I have just achieved my ECS card and am planning to work as an electricians mate in order to get some basic skills and at least earn a bit of cash to fund my training. I am currently...
  15. Dan

    City Electrical Factors Ltd

    City Electrical Factors Ltd is a private limited company established in 1951. We are the United Kingdom’s leading Electrical Wholesale Network with almost twice as many distribution outlets as our nearest competitor. Our group of electrical companies not only extends throughout the United...
  16. G

    running swa in building footings

    Current project is a single story extension for a client involving DNO moving supply, relocating and new CU, first fix, second fix. Client also wants to run some SWA to the garage. The most logical route, as they are already dug, is to lay the cable in the (very deep) footings of the extension...
  17. C

    Domestic Sub mains

    6 apartments on 3 floors being fed from switch room in cellar, maximum rating 80amp. Can I use 16mm twin and earth as oppossed to armoured to save on costs?
  18. B

    Domestic surge protection

    Hi all what is the requirement for surge protection in a dwelling if rewiring or upgrading nowadays have not touched domestic for a long time and wondered what is required to comply with bs 7671 on his now?
  19. S

    3 Phase map - any bright sparks?

    I am undertaking some research on the optimal potential of wind turbines in the UK. I am trying to find out where there is 3 Phase power. I am a wildlife scientist based in South Africa and have dangerously little knowledge of electricity so I would appreciate ANY guidance. Thanks Shan
  20. J

    Future use cable coiled in CU?

    Hi all, Perhaps a very simple question with a very obvious answer but just to check... Full rewire scenario. Customer yet to renovate kitchen/dining room into a kitchen diner so wants all cables in trunking there only and chased through the rest of the house. Currently only a gas oven but...
  21. M

    Hdmi switch

    Hi all, does anyone know of a good hdmi switch for 4 hdmi devices at full 1080 automatically switching, i'm putting an led on the wall and don't really want 4 hdmi cables going don the wall to where the devices will be
  22. E

    Leaving renewables for the time being.

    Hi all, just to let you know, well those of you who are left on here that is, that I also have decided to give up on renewables for a while anyway. It is such a shame, with all the time, effort and money that you put into a business only to have it taken away from you. I am pleased that I...
  23. i=p/u

    shower on 6mm for future

    i was asked to pull in a shower cable and leave in wall for future as customer has been roked into other work, so makes sense now as they have the room. 9.5kw shower on 6mm is fine according to osg upto 43m on ref method c. i only have an 8m run and is in rafters with kingspan but kingspan wont...
  24. A

    Training in green energy - good idea for the future?

    Hello everyone, Im 24 and very intrested into getting into the electric industry, but have been slightly put off recently due to the lack of work and the hard times at the moment. Im from london and i think its a bit of a risk to get trained as an electrician at the moment and hope to go into...
  25. N

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Newbie from the NICEIC

    Hi Chaps,new to the forum,signed up after seeing alot of posts that puzzled me. i am a technical operations engineer for the NICEIC and deal with technical enquiries within the business. So if your approved with the NICEIC youll most probably had me respond to a phone enquiry or email of a...
  26. darkwood

    On the Solar horizon.... Solar tower with excellent returns.

    3-D Solar Towers, The future of Photovoltaics? | SciTechDaily -- not my field but came across this and thought id share for all you sun worshippers.:shades_smile:
  27. H

    RCD Discrimination, TT systems and Ze

    Just installed a 5 way consumer unit in a garage/workshop. It's fed from a garage unit in the house. I've started testing and on the garage 5 way the RCD test is OK but the RCD unit in the house trips at the same time (apart from one random event). I'm not happy about this and a bit puzzled as I...
  28. G

    Whats the next big thing in Renewables

    HI all, What do you guys think the next thing will be with renewables, or what other areas are there thats worth it now, Heat Pumps,Biomass?? looking at something else other than PV now that seems dead, i assume that if you have the quality management system in place its pretty much the same...
  29. R

    Becoming an aprroved contractor niceic or eca

    Hi all, Just after some pointers for the future really,ive been sole trader 6 months and with elecsa.Finding work been slow,but seem to be getting more enquiries now,quite new to the business side of things, having worked for niceic approved contractors doing all works/pirs etc on the...
  30. E

    Limited Circuits

    Guys I'm changing a fuseboard next week, it has 2 power circuits one cooker and one lighting circuit,it hardly seems worthwhile putting a split rcd board in will one rcd covering all the circuits satisfy the 17th?
  31. T

    Battery Powered Programmable Room Stats

    What cable do you guys run if you're newly installing a Battery Powered (no neutral reqd) Programmable Room Stat 6242 or 6243 (future proofing)? Cheers Martin
  32. C

    Shower interlock?

    About to do a consumer unit change and noticed that the 100a supply is feeding two electric showers. Clients say that the showers are not used simultaneously but may well be in the future. Does anyone know where to buy a 'non priority interlock' so that I can do this job properly and avoid any...
  33. G

    Fluke Mini Thermometer

    I got me (apologises for incorrect grammar) one of these today. After witnessing recent events I will be adding this feature to all future PIR's/EICR's etc. It really doesn't add much time to a report and can literally be a lifesaver if something is uncovered by it. Fluke 62 Mini Infrared...
  34. C

    TT systems and main rcd.

    went to house today to add a new shower circuit and as i looked at the board which was updated a year ago, i found that it is a normal spilt load board. with no 100mA rcd main switch just a normal 100A main switch with 2x 30mA rcds covering the circuit. Now me being under impression that a tt...
  35. A

    Elecsa registration

    Hi all, just to let you know, I passed my assessment today with Elecsa. Nice chap, asked sensible questions and did not try to catch me out with trick questions. Somewhat relieved, after 2 years of trying to get a job in the industry, I can now work for myself, just have to find the work...
  36. C

    sole traders!

    hey to all you sole traders, am in the middle of getting myself off the ground, im wanting to go as a sole trader, but am thinking of protecting the company name, either by trade mark or registering with companies house as ltd company and keep it dormant? are there any other options? what have...
  37. S

    Shower Supplies.

    Chaps, If a shower is rated, say at, 30A, cable installed through loft, about 10 meters to CU, no insulation near it, would you install 4mm T&E with a 32A MCB for ease? Came across an existing install today with a shower (albeit, fairly old), installed in this way and i just could not think of...
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