1. L

    UK Cabling for future EV charge point

    Hi all, I am currently tidying up our front garden and want to bury some underground conduit to provide a cable route for an ev charge point sometime in the future (don't fancy digging up the lawn and path again). My electrician has suggested 6mm swa cable should allow for a decent powered...
  2. D

    Band 1 cabling covered by BS7671

    Hi All Just wondering if the installion method of band 1 cabling is covered by BS7671? I'm pretty sure it isn't but just been told that alarm conduits have to be secured with metal fixings. Just need to find some evidence in the regs to support this. Cheers
  3. N

    Swa cabling above ground

    I am volunteering at a disabled riding school charity and have been been donated a hay steamer that we want to get running. However, the quote we have been given to upgrade the wiring to support it exceeds our funds. I'm trying to find a cheaper way to do it by avoiding changing existing wiring...
  4. G

    UK PVC LSF cabling against LSZH Cabling

    I'm looking to confirm guigance / preferneces Any thoughts please?
  5. H

    EV Charger Installation - Cabling Query?

    Hi, We had a EV charger installed recently over the past day ie 32amp 7.2kw. In the fuse cupboard I’ve attached before and after photos. I have a 100amp fuse for the house. For the new EV board setup, should the 2 grey cables entering the EV board (10mm) be the same 25mm thickness as the...
  6. C

    Extension cabling oh dear oh dear

    Kitchen extension ,usual works,adding a section on. Thing is with the building works,it shows how poor the existing electrics are. Ring main nailed,just taped up in middle of wall where a cupboard was,still working,lights taped at recess lights. Would you advise the client,other areas in the...
  7. C

    Cabling where practicality goes a miss

    Would any of your guys actually run t&e,between the clips of the guttering,around the front of a house, porch like extension. Seems the only way to do it,the cable would be hidden ...but...what’s your take on this. It’s gonna be a shite job anyway.
  8. D

    TV/Network Cabling(First Fix)

    Hi All, Electrician, not TV/Sat Engineer. Currently in process of first fixing new build and client has asked us to install cables (first fix) for TV positions. Have previously installed 2No coax and 2No network cables (more recently Cat6) to each point for the 'now' and some degree of...
  9. A

    Cooker cabling advice

    Existing 10Amp cooker is fed by 6mm from main consumer unit (32A MCB) to cooker switch then 6mm fed to a 13Amp double socket, off that is one plug for supply to cooker and one plug for igniter for gas hob. I have a 16Amp rated oven coming and would like to install a 45Amp rated cooker plate...
  10. E

    Advice needed regarding insurance work

    Hi. We’ve recently suffered a house fire that has written off our kitchen and damaged most of our house and we’re in the process of having it repaired. The electrician has been and inspected and found that the wiring is not in line with current regulations. They have proposed that they install a...
  11. M

    Cabling and pir help

    Hi. Am looking to install some garden lights in parallel. I am looking to do some of the work to keep costs down. And employ the services of an electrician to make connections. Am hoping to have a switch and pir for the lights. So that I can switch off all the lights when I don't want them...
  12. M

    What cabling system do you prefer in commercial/industrial environment?

    Trying to make my mind up as to the best/easiest wiring system for going behind a large partition wall (around 1 ft partition depth) for a large spray booth. For around 50 light fittings wall mounted. Thinking of conduit and singles, with flex coming out of Clik connectors for each light...
  13. L

    Fire alarm cabling student accommodation

    hi all! I’m working on a new build student accommodation block wiring for fire alarm. I have been instructed to use perforated banding as containment across the stud walls above the ceilings as they won’t allow us to put any containment up. Now this to me feels a bit dog rough. Can anybody...
  14. fishkake

    Electrician Subcontractor for data cabling (Midlands)

    Hi everyone. I'll try to keep this short as I don't really want to open up to a big discussion, but I'm looking for advice on obtaining a subcontractor for mostly data cabling work. One question is regarding the certification required, if any, for low voltage or data cabling (and also the...
  15. G

    Found cabling under floorboards, is it safe?

    Been living in our current house for a couple of years and finally turning our spare bedroom (junk room at the moment) into a useable bedroom. I want to move a double socket a couple of feet to the left so we can fit some wardrobes in so I lifted a floorboard up today to see if it would be easy...
  16. J

    Correct cabling for flat consumer unit supplies

    I'm after some advice please guys.. I've got a job where the builder is converting a shop and flat above into 3 separate flats. There is currently just a 100a single phase supply into the shop on the ground floor. I have requested a new three phase supply to be installed, which will be located...
  17. H

    Can you extend ring cabling with terminal strip inside socket back box?

    My boiler is currently plugged into a double 13A socket in my utility room. I want to move this connection to an FCU and add an extra double socket. As a general rule, I try to incorporate additional sockets and FCUs into the ring rather than via spurs, but the cabling that feeds the existing...
  18. L

    Is surface mount cabling permitted?

    Forgive me if this is a dumb idiot question, but I'm not a sparky and I have a need to know. My wife and I are in a 15th Century cottage and most of the electrics is the original wiring from when electricity came to the village in the early '50s - lead covered stuff for the most part. We had a...
  19. S

    Network Cabling Installs

    Did a "quick" search (that means I was lazy) but are you guys moving forward with structured/network cabling in the work that you do or advising your customers of the benefits of having a central area where network cabling ends as well as the entry point for all feeds?
  20. C

    Fp cabling to fire alarm

    Just a quickie,would you put compression glands on FP cables entering flushed ko boxes,or even round fast fix recess boxes,in ceiling.
  21. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Sort that lot out then Boys

    A gallery of electrical cabling gone wild - Pingdom Royal -
  22. D

    Newbie or...

    The trade has so much sarcasms, literally and I love it! Ok I have been an eye-looker for a year or two just reading etc. About me? This feels like I'm putting my profile on dating sites lol but ok....Im David, lives in Birmingham but mostly in London. Been on the job for few years with local...
  23. L

    Correct Electrical Installation Instructions and Regulations

    Hi All, I am in a dispute with David Wilson Homes (aka Barratt's) and David Wilson Homes who have built my house to a incredibly low standard. We are in dispute over the electrical cabling as none of the cabling is clipped on vertical runs, cable is penetrating the roof insulation and cutting...
  24. M

    Hdmi switch

    Hi all, does anyone know of a good hdmi switch for 4 hdmi devices at full 1080 automatically switching, i'm putting an led on the wall and don't really want 4 hdmi cables going don the wall to where the devices will be
  25. M

    Advice needed on consolidating av and coax cabling alongside five 240 volt main lines

    Hi, I need to rewire our Sky Box and CCTV System and I wish to use the existing conduit which currently houses five 240 volt main lines running for about 30 feet. I'll be hoping to consolidate in this same conduit Ethernet cabling x 2, RJ-11 x 1, AV Cable x 2 and Sky Coax x 2. I am concerned...
  26. G

    Networking courses

    Hi, i was wondering if anybody could suggest any computer networking courses. i am a fully qualified electrician and would like to be able to offer networking as part of my service. Thanks for any help or advice
  27. P

    Suitable Wiring System For Light Circuits

    hi guys, just for my assignment for college could you point me in the right direction. Select a suitable wiring system for the lighting circuits within the electrical switch room and stores? now they like 50 twin floresent 1800 x 2x70w lighting on this circuit. thanks guys! dont know what i...
  28. M

    Commercial Looking for engs who can demonstrate experience working on live DC in datacentres

    Hi one and all - 1st post from me, and it's something of an appeal; Although our company background is in data cabling - we started off specilaising in fibre - we have one big customer who has been instrumental in our development across the board, to the point where after many years, we're...
  29. H

    How to quick connect pv panels to controller

    Hi all.I need some advice from the pros. I want to install two[2x 100W] semi-flexible monocrystalline pv-panels stitched into the bimini of my boat,using waterproof[IP68?] quick connect/disconnect couplings and do not want to have to buy expensive tools for a one of job. The panels come...
  30. T

    Part-P of Underfloor Heating in Portsmouth

    The admin of the Tiling forum recommended I post this request here. I'm looking for an Electrician to complete the wiring of a DeviReg 550 control unit for a DeviMat 2.5m sq. electrical underfloor heating system installed in a domestic bathroom under recently laid tiling. Mains feed is from an...
  31. W

    low voltage cables

    hi guys just a quick question for you. i know not to mix low voltage cables with mains voltage and to keep them seperate. but why exactly is this??.is it because there a magnetic field set up around the mains cables?? in my brothers house he wants an alarm cable brought down the same conduit...
  32. Griffin

    Phone cabling

    I have a custmer who wants some surface phone cabling removed. there are varios plastic connectors visible in the hall way. They want it all removed and a 1 new point run externally around the property to serve a sky+ box in their lounge. Is the easiest way to do this 1. Remove existing dogs...
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