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  1. GBDamo

    8v, 500mA ac/dc adaptor replacement with batteries

    I have a relatively cheep LCD clock in the kids room (Grow Egg Clock) that is supplied with a ac/dc adaptor, 8V 500mA. As the little moster keeps playing with it I'd like to put it on a shelf but there's no sockets near by. Was considering one of those 9V battery enclosures with the correct...
  2. S

    Aquion batteries (Salt water)

    Can anyone point me in the direction of some Aquion battery stacks? I think there are some sitting in a warehouse somewhere after the company went bust two years ago but it is hard to find out where they might be. Thanks all.....
  3. P

    Solar Panels Do solar charge controllers regulate voltage to batteries?

    This is probably the most stupid question ever..... I have ''inherited'' some PV panels from the previous owner of a property... There are 7 PV panels wired in parallel, actually 8 but one is broken... Wired through a rather basic charge controller, to charge a 12 volt car battery. The systems...
  4. B

    Adding batteries to existing solar panel installation

    I am working with an licensed electrician but might need to find one with more experience. I understand electronics extremely well but again, am using a licensed electrician. Our house has 10 solar panels. A small inverter is mounted beneath each panel. All ten inverters are wired together...
  5. hey-hey-my-my

    About Victron chargers and AGM batteries

    Hi all, I've just purchased a Victron 7 stage 30A charger : Victron Blue Smart IP22 Bluetooth Battery Charger - 12V 30A, 3 outputs - This coupled with a 400W solar array should...
  6. S

    House has PV & batteries - how much to add extra battery?

    Hello. Sis has just looked at a house with a possible view to purchase. It has just had 30 PV panels fitted along with one battery, and this is used to run the fully electric CH 'wet' system. (This has only been installed for 1 month, so owners have little idea of how effective it is going to...
  7. S

    Mobile Barista at wits end!

    All I want to do is sell coffee!!! ... yet I have found myself stressing about power supply! I have a mobile coffee van. I'm done with using generators and so are many event/festival organisers who are now banning petrol/diesel from their sites. In an ideal world I would like a battery fed...
  8. Charlie_

    AA Lithium Batteries 3.6v

    Do any of the main national wholesalers sell 3.6v batteries over the counter? I need 2 for a job asap, can order them online tonight but hoping I can pick some up in the morning.
  9. Pete999

    For Sale ACT Battery tester 12Volt SLA and Car Batteries from 1.2 AH -200AH

    As title complete with soft case and instructions PM me if interested £150:00. Pete
  10. S

    Batteries: Where do you get yours?

    This looks like a good deal, unless anyone knows better :) Duracell Industrial Alkaline AA 1.5v Battery - Pack of 50 -
  11. S

    Best place for batteries?!

    Hi everyone, With the security industry becoming more and more wireless, can anyone recommend the best place to get CR123A batteries from? Think I’m overpaying at the minute, would happily buy a shed load in bulk! Thanks
  12. O

    VW Transporters (mainly 2017) and mainly MOLL batteries

    Mine is in dock waiting for VW to conjure up a new battery - they say this is an isolated event ............ but various sources on the internet suggest otherwise. If you have one of these vans - make sure you are carrying your jump leads Not having the van for 3 days has cause me havoc with...
  13. Gavin John Hyde

    Thoughts on compatible power tool batteries?

    Just been looking at some cordless SDS drills, need one for a job with no power on site.opted for the DCH253 SDS+, only £128 for the drill on its own. so get to the batteries. The Dewalt branded 18v 4.0Ah battery is around £48.00, the 5.0Ah Dewalt battery is £68.00 Looking online(amazon) you can...
  14. M

    Recharegeable batteries with iBoost

    According to the manufacturer Marlec, recharegable batteries are not recommended with an iBoost sender. Can anyone explain why please? My non rechargeables are now flat and the only spares I have currently are rechargeable batteries. Are they ok to use temporarily?
  15. N

    Fuse between batteries

    Hi all I’m in the process of upgrading my solar set up to 2x 260w panels with a 40a mppt tracer I’ve just bought a 2000w(4000w peak) inverter which will be running off my 2 120ah leisure batteries connected in parallel using 70mm2 cable fused at 350a But my question should the fuse between the...
  16. Rom

    Replacing UPS batteries produce a spark

    I'm having some problems with my PC's uninterpretable power supply. It came with two 12v 9Ah batteries that aren't charging anymore so I've decided to replace them with higher capacity batteries that are 12v 12Ah. The old batteries were connected in serial (plus to minus) but if I try to connect...
  17. F

    Power for mobile catering - batteries versus generator?

    Hi all, I'm new here and have a pretty specific question. We've got a vintage ambulance we've converted to a coffee bar. There's a mains voltage hookup to a 3 way consumer unit which runs everything including a 12v charger which charges 2 x 110Ah batteries. Now, we're looking at a pitch where...
  18. ellie

    running a house from car batteries for the electrical idiot

    i live in the middle of nowhere and sometimes have no electricity. instead of being at the mercy of EDF i have decided to run a 12v lighting system alongside the 230v mains system. to test if a bulb would light from a battery i wired a 12v halogen car bulb to a battery with a switch. i kept...
  19. M

    Connect 25 AA batteries in parallel and series

    Hello, I have 25 batteries that are AA using 1.5 volts each, that is total = 37. 5 volts for 25 batteries. I want to know please the right way to wire all the batteries together to make a parallel and series battery pack. Please tell how to wire each battery together to connect all 25 AA...
  20. J

    How would you power this LED instead of using 8AA batteries?

    The LED light is for a moth trap (identifying not killing). At the moment I'm using 8 AA batteries. The batteries are 2000 mah so 1.6 amp hour in total (I think my maths is correct on that- 2000mah x 8 = 16000 divided by 1000 = 1.8 amp hour). The boost buck regulator has 9.6 volts going in...
  21. W

    split charge relay to charge two 6v 4.5ah batteries

    I have two maplin 6v 4.5ah batteries wired in series to power my dashcam while parked. The batteries are similar to this one : Will this split charge relay be ok to re-charge the batteries while driving? Maypole 292 20A Caravan Dual Charge Relay Kit: Car & Motorbike -...
  22. N

    WIFI Door Bell

    Hi guys Merry Christmas I have an E Prance WIFI door bell system but the batteries hardly last a week, the bell takes 3 x AAA batteries, Can I connect a mains to 4.5 volt DC transformer onto the bell without blowing the thing up. Many thanks Nick
  23. O

    12v LED lights/Lead acid battery help

    Hello all, this is my first post so please don't grill me too soon ;) So I've finally got mains in my shed after a few years of using 12v lighting and rolling the extension lead out when required. For a year or two, I have been running 6 x 4.5w LED clusters as main lights using a pair of 12v...
  24. happyhippydad

    3ah, 4ah or 5ah?

    Evening all. My friend has asked me if he should buy 3, 4 or 5 Ah makita batteries. All my batteries are 3Ah so I do not feel equipped to answer him as I have no experience of the others. I am completely happy with the 3Ah ones, however what do you guys think? Is it better to have the 5Ah as...
  25. A

    Using rechargeable batteries in fluke MFT

    Hi everyone Just a quick question is it ok to use rechargeable batteries in my fluke multifunction tester. Or can it give me off readings ?
  26. P

    Combi drill and prices!?

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a decent (not overly expensive) combi drill. Any recommendations and ideas of what sort of price I should expect? Thanks in advance
  27. R

    Megger 1552 easy repair or is it time to buy a new test kit ?

    Hi all, just wondered if anyone has had a similar issue with their 1552 or 1553 Megger mft ? noticed the fault started just after I changed the batteries, fuse logo came up on screen so changed that, now it works, but when testing live circuits it completes the test, but then within a few...
  28. S

    Battery Storage

    Hi folks, what is the score now with HSE etc and storage batteries on a solar installation? I know banks of storage batteries were a big no-no a while back, I help out with a wildlife charity who have a completely off grid solar set up with approximately 1500ah of battery power @24volts, I'm...
  29. Davisonp

    Emergency Light testing and repairs

    I have a couple of questions about testing and maintenance of emergency lights. I have been told that if the LED on an emergency light does not work it must be considered “Failed” and the fitting replaced, but when reading up, I cannot find any regulations or guidance to suggest this is...
  30. R

    LED Head Torch

    Hi, I bought myself the LED Lenser H7.2 as I got a pretty good deal. I noticed they sell rechargeable power packs with charging cables, if i bought myself the pack and cable would this work the same as the H7r.2? I may be being stupid i know its not the same but i was wondering if it work the...
  31. ses

    For sale multiple items tools

    Brand new Wera Kraftform screwdriver set Brand new naked dewalt DCL510N led torch naked in box Unused Bosch 3.6v screwdriver with charger, case, 2 li-ion batteries and bit set Dewalt 110v angle grinder Green fibre glass insulated steps Little giant ladders silver version Dewalt work...
  32. Hellmooth

    Best combi drill

    Looking to get a new combi drill around the £300 range, so many options it's hard to decide what's the best, have a dewalt at the moment but it's a cheaper version and useless, I like the look of the xr range though. Had a Bosch which was decent and have heard good things about Milwaukee. Seen...
  33. uksparks

    Fluke Leads

    Hi, I have a Fluke MFT 1654B, I have had this one for about 3 1/2 years now, ever since new, when you zero the leads, regardless of if its the blue red or green leads, which ever combination, they always come out at around 0.20 Ohms. I have periodically had issues over the last 6 months or so...
  34. E

    Standard Duracell versus Duracell Industrial 9v PP3 MN1604

    10 Duracell Industrial batteries on eBay are about £2 cheaper than the standard Duracell batterie, has anyone experience of using the Duracell Industrial batteries (theses are said to replace the Dracell Procell batteries) or know what the difference between them is? I want to use them in smoke...
  35. uksparks

    Charging Leisure Batteries in Parallel

    Hi, This is a question for anyone who can help with DC etc and Leisure Batteries. I have a 500w load at 12v, made up of. 75w car stereo which includes 15w per Chanel, and 425w of LED lights. I have 5x 100Ah Leisure Batteries all connected in Parallel, total of approx 500Ah. My load is 500w...
  36. D

    Solar for my shed

    I have recently been given 2 150w panels 4 130Ah marine batteries and a controller which I will set up on a garden shed I have a few questions I would like to know if I could heat up and boil 6 galls of water for 90 mins using a 2 kw kettle element? (getting to boil takes 25/30 mins) so in all...
  37. E

    Residual current drain from a leisure battery

    Hi Guys. I have a problem that's driving me nuts. I have a '96 lwb transit camper and am in Spain at the moment. I bought a 50W solar panel and new leisure battery, 96aH I think, both brand new. I also bought a new 15W regulator to control it all. I'm no electrician but I know enough to wire...
  38. Leesparkykent

    Makita drill.

    Has anyone used one of these and know if it's any good? Was thinking of getting the bare drill as have lots of makita 18v gear and batteries. Makita 36v Cordless Lithium-Ion Tools - Exclusive from Toolstop
  39. S

    Makita BHP451 vs Dewalt DCD985

    Hi guys ! I have just registered here. I have a question about these two drills. I am getting them both second hand. The problem is, i don't know which one to choose. The makita is more powerful(65mm wood), but i heard they have serious problems with the batteries and the gearbox. On the other...
  40. S

    Commercial Emergency Lighting Central battery system design

    Hi All, I am new to this site so be gentle please.... My question is this... I have been to an existing job which has 55 slave EMLs throughout the building. We are experiencing volt drop on the longer routes with the LED fitting, approx 40 lights. The LED fittings start to strobe as they hit...
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