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  1. K

    Shower digital mixer valve compatibility with regular fittings

    I have a pretty basic question on suitability of a shower digital mixer valve. Checked with the the manufacturer Mira, who insisted that it should only be used with their shower heads, etc. Asked why, looked around, etc but can't seem to find a clear answer why. Basically I have read the manual...
  2. Lwols

    a Fused Digital Timer Spur switch

    Hi all, (Just reposting, there was some confusion, I was mistaken for a domestic electrician, I'd like to think I have basic understanding, but I'll stick to carpentry!) There were some great replied on the original thread, but I thought id post again, with the info I posted, you never know...
  3. Lwols

    Fused Digital Timer Spur Switch

    Hi all, Would somebody draw a diagram of how they believe a Fused Digital Timer Spur switch should be installed. A bit of information; There are 6 floor standing outdoor LEDs. 1.5mm SWA feeding each and routed back to the consumer unit. Shall be protected by a 6amp Wylex RCBO. Thanks in...
  4. M

    Stroma Digital EIC & Notification of Works certificates

    Had an electrician completed re-wire on my property but sent me a scanned copy of EIC. I was hoping I would receive a digital one via E-Cert with his details, etc. Can that be not done – he completes on e-Cert and I receive a copy as well to my email? Also, I was on the impression that...
  5. I

    Industrial Digital control of contactors

    We are trying to control a bunch of 3 phase contactors using an HMI. The contactors' coils are activated by two lines of the 240V 3 phase source (L1 and L2). We are trying to figure out if the relays needed for activating the coils should be rated at 120V or 240V, or if we need another type of...
  6. naylorpd

    Digital tape measure

    I'm toying with a digital distance measure for my Christmas pressie for me...had one a few years ago but I never trusted it and always ended up checking with a steel tape. So...do you use a digital tape measure, and to what extent do you trust it? Over how long (or short) a distance do you...
  7. Murdoch

    Making Tax Digital (MTD) ..............

    The latest update which is easy to understand ...... BBC Radio 4 - Money Box, Money Box Live: Making Tax Digital - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0000sx2 So if you are VAT registered - this affects YOU
  8. TheGronk

    Time clock recommendations

    can anyone recommend a digital time clock, either din rail or surface mounted with count down the on-off with some kind of start button function instead of having time frames in which it’s on or off Many thanks
  9. P

    FCUs - Electricity needed for 2 Digital showers

    i have recently had one bathroom redone. A spur was taken from a plug in the airing cupboard and put into a switched FCU with a 3 amp fuse as per Mira digital installation. The second bathroom is now being done with another same digital shower next door to the other one. I am assuming I cannot...
  10. A

    Hamilton Litestat Digital Mercury

    Doing a job today where they have low voltage halogen down lighters. Most transformers have blown so wanted Led Down lighters. Swapped first set out in kitchen changed old dimmer for led driver version all is good works a treat. Lady says can you change the others out in the dinning room and...
  11. E

    Wiring Regs - Digital Package?

    Hi! I'm needing new copies of BYB / OSG / GN3. Was thinking of trying the digital package. Has anyone tried or using either of the digital versions? How do they compare to the real thing? Electrical Standards Plus or Vitalsource Bookshelf Any info / advice greatly appreciated!
  12. littlespark

    Are some telly's better at recieving digital signals than others?

    After several years with a sky dish, my parents asked me to do something with their old aerial setup. The aerial, high up on the gable was a perfect perch for the local pigeons to sit and make a mess on their doorstep. They have a Panasonic tv in the living room, connected with a sky+ box, and...
  13. C

    Advice , changing immersion hearted switch to digital timer

    Hi guys me and my partner have recently moved into a new property that us an immersion heater switch for warm water , problem is one of us always forgets to turn it off and it just burns through the electricity so therefore I bought a digital timer so it can be set when to come on and go off so...
  14. Jamchiv01

    Are Digital Laser Measures as good as the internet makes them out to me?

    Hello all, recently I was installing some new downlights in a large kitchen, and trying to measure the room width/length alone was a nightmare with a tape measure so I did some research on laser distance measures and they seem to be a good way to go. Has anyone ever owned one and are they as...
  15. Murdoch

    Making Tax Digital - impact on the self employed....

    I was listening to BBC's Money Box yesterday and it sounds as if this will catch the self employed in FY2018 Tax simplification. It's complicated, Money Box - BBC Radio 4 - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08byfhs its the first 10 minutes you need to listen to.. So we are going to have to...
  16. J

    wireless cctv

    customers after wireless cctv but with record and remote access a kit like this decent???.... 4 Camera Digital Wireless Security System with 1TB CCTV DVR - https://www.spycameracctv.com/spycamera/4-camera-digital-wireless-security-system-1tb-cctv-dvr only need the 3 cameras not the 4th.....can...
  17. Dan

    ElectriciansForums.co.uk Partner with Professional Electrician :)

    I'm pleased to announce that ElectriciansForums.co.uk have partnered with Professional Electrician, the industry magazine for any serious electrician.You'll see some news posted to the forum via the @Professional Electrician account, and a banner on the forum linking to their website. Please...
  18. L

    Home CCTV with RJ45 inputs

    Hi All I am trying to find a suitably priced 4ch CCTV DVR with RJ45 inputs. I usually use BNC inputs but the customer already has RJ45 plugs on the end of the cameras. Thanks in advance
  19. D

    Testing of DALI Systems

    Could anyone give me some pointers on testing of DALI system,
  20. S

    night time timer switches

    I want a timer switch that automatically turns the lights on at a specific time i set and turn off at a specific time, but all I can find is lag switches? anybody know of these programmable switches with common+l1?
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