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  1. RutlandFox

    3ph to domestic property, 80A or 100A?

    Customer has asked for DB and new CUs for large dwelling house, WPD are putting in 3 phase to replace 100A single phase and are saying fit 80A main fuses.... Main load on all phases is Tesla wall charger 32A and a ground source heat pump 32A. Given they are both loads that will run potentially...
  2. E

    Testing of domestic property.

    Had a chap around yesterday evening to give me a quote for some plasterboard work. Seems he also has recently qualified in his testing capacity. Without naming names here is his profile " i have been in the electrical trade for 9 years, I qualified 5 years ago and passed my testing and...
  3. B

    Tools used when rewiring domestic property.

    Good Morning. Can anyone tell me what tools would be used when cutting channels into plaster when rewiring an occupied home? House has solid walls, not plaster board and electricians used jackhammers to channel out, without extraction. I know rewiring is messy but the house was like a building...
  4. R

    Wiring sky tv in domeatic property

    Good afternoon I was looking for some advice on wiring sky tv in a domestic rewire job. Im inexperienced when it comes to aerial work as it was never covered in my apprenticeship but the client has specified tv points throughtout the home. Ive seen some wiring diagrams online but was hoping...
  5. T

    Combing two incoming municipal electricity supplies

    I've an interesting problem. I've got an potential client. It is a commercial property that used to be two separate businesses each with a separate 60 Amp single phase electricity municipal electricity supplies to the same building. The one company has gone bust while the other one has grown...
  6. M

    EIC commercial property

    Hi, I’m researching a small building project. The building is an artist studio block, tenant requires cladding one wall and moving two fluorescent fittings to a higher position on the wall. Landlord is requesting EIC for the electrical work. I understand Part P would consider this minor and...
  7. N

    Steel conduits acceptable for earthing in domestic property ?

    Evening Just been to quote for a consumer unit upgrade. Found that the board was from circa 1960 and wiring looked original also. No alterations have been made with exception of a few faceplates renewed in the kitchen. Red and black single cores going into an adaptable box at the back and...
  8. C

    Overhead property supply clearance requirements

    Hi, we have a single phase overhead supply to our property, and are constructing a garage with a corner near the center of the ~15m span. What is the minimum separation to the structure? Is it possible to secure the cable at the midway point on the new structure? Thanks!
  9. J

    Dual supply in property

    Hi all, first time post on here so hope you can help. We are wiring a small bar/bistro which has a self contained flat above owned by the same bloke. However the flat is off a totally separate supply to the bistro (separate cabinet around the back) what is the score with running different...
  10. S

    Grounding advice on older property

    Hi, I’ve just been to look at a job to add a socket in a ex-mod (1960ish) domestic property. The cables are singles pulled through metal conduit in between the ground and first floor. The problem is that the sockets have no CPC conductor in the back box so I ‘assumed’ that the CPC was fed...
  11. L

    Domestic Advice on sorting out alarm on new property

    Hi, I have moved into a new flat - back in August. There is an installed (and powered up) ADT PowerMaster 10 alarm installed. I have checked with ADT and it used to be on contract but it is not any more. I have no idea on any PINs - previous owners not so good on leaving paperwork etc. Not...
  12. C

    Sup bonding code for property with no rcd

    What code would you give when doing EICR for a property that has no supplementary bonding in a bathroom, there is no RCD on any circuit but zs and insulation tests are good, Is it acceptable to measure the resistance between the shower and pipework, if it's under 0.05 ohm's take it as bonded...

    £500 for a full rewire in 3 bed property

    Was asked to check the quality of work on full rewire. Attached are the pictures I took of yet another shocking installation by a cowboy pretending to be an electrician. The home owner paid £500 and thought he got a good deal what he’s got instead is a death trap.
  14. driverman

    Shed supply from new build property

    Hi guys, as the title suggest. Friend of mine buying a brand new house from a reputable and well established builder. however it has already been 1st fixed. He\asked the builder if he could have an U/G supply taken out to the detached shed. Yes they could, no problem. Method. To tap off the...
  15. A2HGO

    Stange Aerial Routing in new property

    Recently moved into a new house (its an old barn conversion not new build). Most rooms have an aerial socket but none have any signal. It appears the aerial coax comes directly from the aerial, down the roof, wall and into the main living room. Plugging this cable directly into a TV I get...
  16. B

    Our first property - seller says CU is older than 2005 - no cert required

    Hi all We're moving in to our first property - it's a 1950's build. The house has been bought buy a property developer who bought it from the previous owner so that they could purchase a new build (part ex). We had a survey done recently and one of the things that has come up is the lack of...
  17. S

    Testing a flood damaged property, usual process?

    Good evening all, I hope everyone has been enjoying the long weekend! I have been asked by a surveyor client of mine to inspect, test and provide a detailed recommendation report on a property that has just been converted into two high spec apartments and while on the market suffered a leak to...
  18. Adil

    Electrician New build property, need a few things doing by an electrician

    I've purchased a new build property in Manchester (M29 - Tyldesley). I need a sparky to sort out the following for me: 1) installation of 3 external lights with seperate switches (front, rear and side of property). 1st fix wiring is already done. 2) installation of a hard wired alarm system...
  19. happyhippydad

    Removing an electrical cable on customers property... that doesn't belong to the customer!

    Afternoon all, I have just been to do a quote for an elderly lady to remove a cable from under a stone driveway. Her neighbours jacked up her car and moved it off her driveway, then made a channel in her driveway, then laid their cable across her driveway to their garage. They gave her...
  20. C

    Rental Property Regs for CCU

    In the process of doing an EICR for a rental property (probably an HMO). Really old CCU that has exposed live parts once the lid is removed and so would need to be super careful testing as there is no other isolation except the 100A tagged fuse. Don’t feel comfortable doing any further tests...
  21. Midwest

    Supply cable to property, installation depth

    Been doing some work at a domestic property, that's had some building renovations done. Whilst the small frontage to the property was resurfaced, the electricity service cable was uncovered. It runs for approximately 2 metres from the road, at about 75mm below the surface, then into the...
  22. J

    2 supplies in 1 property

    I carried some work out today in a property in a block of flats, just installing a fan in a bathroom. whilst carrying out some tests I noticed an MCB in the DB marked coil. After some investigation and discussion with the owner it sounds like (I can't be certain) This MCB feeds a contactor in...
  23. J

    Cabling / wires at new build property for TV

    I've just moved into a new build property that has a number of exposed / incomplete looking wires near the TV areas (one photo attached from the living room and one, with the single cable from the kitchen). The person I got the property on says they've deliberately left them like that as they're...
  24. Gavin John Hyde

    Strangest thing you have found in a property?

    just reading another thread where somebody joked about using midgets to run cables and it got me thinking whats the strangest or most unusual thing you have found in a property? Mine would have to be a pile of WW2 stuff under a floor. Was working with a team rewiring a house in Swindon. When we...
  25. M

    Cert says rewire of property

    Hi All m8 just bought a new house (not brand new) electrical certificate & new consumer unit for the property, certificate actually says full rewire he asked me about adding extra sockets & doing some kitchen works by my company. asked him to send over a picture of the consumer unit & test...
  26. L

    Poor Workmanship In Rental Property

    Hi all, I rented a cottage for the weekend just gone, everything was generally ok except some wiring in the kitchen near the cooker was a little poor. (see attached photo) the outer sheath on the twin and earth was split plus poor IP rating on the JB, the cable to the fused spur flex outlet...
  27. A

    TNCS High ZE at origin

    Hi there Testing at origin of a domestic property, I have found: L-N: 0.44 Ohms L-E: 9.89 Ohms I had the DNO attend clients address, there response was that it was quite high and confirmed readings of 0.44 for ZE. (Pleasee attached document with their response) My concern is they don't seem...
  28. Amar

    8 bedroom 8 bathroom property

    Hi Everyone, Just joined the forum today, hoping to pick your brains now and again as I've been watching as a guest for a while and found it to be a friendly and knowledgeable place to be! I'm an Electrician myself and run a electrical and building contractors within the west midlands. As the...
  29. R

    Should I take the cable for Virgin into property or keep it external

    Hi, I am partially though job and the cable for virgin is coiled up outside the property (its the twin cable, i maybe mistaken but it looks like RG6 and 2 pair phone). I am at the position where i can bring this into the house and take directly to the living room. Am i best to do this or...
  30. T

    LED lights for stairs, skirting in domestic dwelling

    Just wonder if anyone has any ideas or used same for string/skirting mounted LED flush fitting lights?
  31. J

    phone and tv in new builds

    evening guys to the guys that do new builds blocks.... what do you usually do in regards to tv and phone points? got drawings for a 4 storey block that house 7 units (4 flats and 3 duplexes) with common areas on each floor
  32. E

    3 phase supply

    Hi Wondering if someone out there has any idea how much a new 3 phase 100amp supply is compared to the cost of a single phased supply on a new domestic property. Cheers
  33. L

    Consumer unit replacement

    Hi everyone I've got a job to change a consumer unit in a domestic property. The property has a security alarm. Can anyone tell me the correct procedure for shutting it down and effectively not allowing it to go off when I shut the power off. As I know some alarms just go off soon as the main...
  34. A

    Hello Forum .... in this cold time, i need your help

    Hello, i am in urgent need of assistance... i am not an electrician, or plumber, in fact i do not have a trade. i have currently moved into a property that has an ancient boiler system, and i dont have a clue as how this boiler system works. it is called 'Horstmann Economy 7 Quartz' yep, an...
  35. Dave301

    Main Bonding

    House has had gas installed. Meter is outside of property at front. The box is not attached to the building and the gas pipe enters the property under the floorboards. The pipework goes to the boiler at the rear of the property under the floor the whole way. Is it OK to put a bonding clamp...
  36. A

    Selling my Property

    Hi Sorry if this question is long winded and please tell me to leave the group if I am not supposed to be here. I am selling my property at the moment the property is 9 years old. The buyer has had an electrical survey done on the property of which as yet I have not seen the report. Every...
  37. D

    Is a mains interlinked fire alarm required when renovating property?

    Evening all..just wondering if it is a building control requirement to have a mains fire alarm installed throughout the property when an extension has been built or walls knocked through to make a kitchen/diner etc. I have worked on a loft conversion last year and the building control officer...
  38. L

    First time working on a TT Sytem

    Hi all, I have a few questions regarding a TT system. First time ive worked on one (Self employed now and throughout my apprenticeship and self employed career I haven't had one before) 16mm2 Tails coming in from the rec. There is 2x 2.5 (looks about right) Single earths going to the incoming...
  39. U

    Installation certificate of is it..........

    Recently I went to a property of six bedrooms with a shared bathroom and kitchen for all six rooms to do an EICR. Here are some of the issues I found when doing an EICR Ze of 259ohms, single insulated cables ran in walls no C.P.C in lighting circuits and metal fittings there was 25+ issues on my...
  40. C

    Split concentric sub mains

    Looking for a bit of advice here. Just started doing work at a large hotel recently and the wiring is a bit of a shambles but the owners realise it's been bodged for years and are willing to spend the money required to put it right as we find it. Got called today to say a resident got a shock...
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