1. C

    Is my neighbour using my electricity?

    Hi everyone! Im not an electrician but just a guy looking for a possible answer before I call my electricity supplier. Every month without fail I use on average around 100 units of electricity and less in the summer. 1 month ago I noticed I had used 220 units of electricity and this month it...
  2. _q12x_

    Electronic Lock using 74LS74 DTFF

    Im making this cct for fun. Ive seen it in a video on youtube, with different IC's. So I decided to adapt the cct to what IC's I already have. And it is working perfectly, both in simulator and in reality (on breadboard). But while building it, testing it, and playing with it, I noticed a...
  3. I

    someone using my qualifications without consent

    Hi Guys I was looking for a bit of advice really. I have been told that someone has been using my qualifications to allow themselves and others to carry out work . I was wondering if there is anyway of finding out if this is true, as i don't want to throw someone under the bus to find out it's...
  4. W

    UK Rewire using old conduits

    Rewiring a house in a few weeks, the lighting circuit is wired in old conduits. Interested to know if you would re use the conduits or just do new chases for the cables
  5. T

    Using solar panels to power swimspa on a separate fuse box

    Hi, Hoping for some help. We have existing solar panels on our roof and recently had batteries installed to charge from the panels. They are both connected to an indoor fuse box. The main purpose of the batteries was to store solar energy captured and then use it for heating our outdoor...
  6. g3nt73m4n

    Using disconnect switch over its operating current Ie

    Hello, What happens if we use disconnect switch over its operating curent Ie? For ex. If our circuit is motor circuit and current range is 140A. We need to use 160A. But we used a disconnect switch with operating current Ie as 125A not 160A. Making and breaking capacity of a disconnect...
  7. R

    Using one cable for multiple Earth bonding

    HI all, I've had 3 x additional gas supplies installed in a building. Can i use one 10mm bonding cable and link these new supplies (keeping the cable continuous by stripping the sheath and clamping into earth straps) or do i have to run 3 new earth cables? Also can i use a staple gun (metal...
  8. W

    Strange voltage when using dimmer switch

    Wondering if anyone else has had this, getting 24v between live and neutral at pendant when dimmer is off, which means the light isn’t fully going off it’s still sort of glowing. When I replaced this for a regular switch it sorted the issue, just wondering if anyone else has had this and if just...
  9. C

    "smart" meters for my structures reading 2-3x more power usage than im actually using.. why ?

    I have a question for you all, We recently moved, and the old house had the analog meter on it, the new place has 3 structures on the property.. a barn, a defunct kennel which im going to turn into a workshop and the house itself. All 3 buildings have these smart meters on them.. Our first...
  10. R

    Rewire using covings and skirtings?

    Morning everyone Is it possible to do a domestic rewire by running cables inside skirting voids or behind covings and then chasing up/down? 😬. I have a furnished flat with floors that I could do with protecting as much as possible. I could do without them being cut/lifted as much as normal...
  11. P

    #Share: 7 full wave rectifier circuit using two diode or SCR

    Working principle of 7 center tapped full wave rectifier circuits ?????? What is center tapped full wave rectifier? 7 full wave rectifier circuit using two diode or SCR 1. Rectifier circuit with resistive load using two Diode 2. Rectifier circuit with RL load 3. The center tapped full wave...
  12. O

    Multi-fuel boiler stove connected to existing heating system using a relay

    Hi all, first of all I'm not a sparks so forgive my ignorance. We are currently getting a boiler stove installed. This involves connecting the plumbing and some electrical to our existing heating system. The Plumber has requested that our electrician installs a spur at the location of the...
  13. J

    Question about using a 230v appliance here in the USA

    Hi everyone, I have what I'm sure is a very basic question that I would really appreciate some help on. I am a cider maker and recently purchased a new apple grinder that is manufactured in Germany and runs on 230v/50hz. I am wondering how I can use it here in the US? It came with a power...
  14. Mramin

    Installing wired floodlight using existing spotlight wiring.

    I currently have 3 spotlights that are controlled by a switch and I'd like to replace these with wired floodlights. Would it be possible to reuse the existing wiring + switch?
  15. A

    Cabling a remote RCD and using it as an isolator switch

    I am drawing up a contract for a job in a domestic property which has a 3-phase Distribution Board and need to supply 3ph to a heat pump that's in the same room. An MCB in the DB will feed an RCD in its own enclosure, mounted next to the heat pump 3 metres away. I know that an RCD is desirable...
  16. A

    Why are cctv installers not using the LSHF cat 6 cable when wiring domestic in Ireland. When wiring lights/sockets etc

    Why are cctv installers in ireland not using LSHF cable in a domestic situation as when wiring Sockets/ LIGHTS rtc Irish regs state thst LSHF CABLE must be used. If i am certing the rewire of house and cctv installer installs standard cat 6 ( not LSHF)Cable i surely cannot cert that house.
  17. G

    Connecting a low voltage transformer using a external switch?

    Currently I have 4 small low voltage transformers connected to 4 circuits of low voltage yard lights. They are under my deck, and I turn then on and off using switches above the deck. I want to consolidate those transformers into one transformer...
  18. N

    When working on circuits do you isolate whole board or just the final circuits using MCBs ?

    When working on circuits do you isolate whole board or just the final circuits using MCBs ? Or is there any instances when the whole board has to be isolated even if you are working on few final circuits? Thanks.
  19. G

    Hot IP66 Socket when using EV 10A Charger

    I use external weatherproof socket (IP66 20A 2gang ) for charging EV car, but noticed plug/socket gets hot. The charger is rated 10Amps. I checked cable connections on socket (& tightened) + checked EV charger 13Amp plug (and fuse) which look good. This is on a dedicated circuit with...
  20. Rockingit

    Has anyone tried using these solder crimps? I've seen these style crimps for a while and none of them seem to have any proper spec's to suggest voltage and current rating - has anyone on here investigated?
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