1. R

    explanation of using 2.5mm2 T+E for a spur from a ring 32A (ring)

    Why can we use 2.5mm2 for a spur from either the CB or a point on the ring ? Why does this not have to be 4mm2 when using a 32A breaker ?
  2. R

    RV plug using existing power run, will this work?

    we just replaced our hot water tank with hot water on demand (natural gas) and still have the old power run for the tank which is 30a 240v. I would like to use that power run to put a plug in for my RV ( 30a 120v). currently the run has a ground and 2 hot wires so I wanted to know that if I...
  3. M

    Using 220v chandelier in the US

    Hello! I have a chandelier purchased in Asia where the voltage is 220 volts, alternating at 50 cycles (Hertz) per second. What do I need to do to be able to use this in the US? Will I need to rewire it? Thanks
  4. S

    What LED floodlights are people using?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a couple of PIR floodlights to replace old halogen ones, probably around the 50W mark would provide sufficient lighting, so just wondering if anyone is able to recommend some brands that will last and aren't too expensive either, so when they inevitably stop working...
  5. g3nt73m4n

    Using aR fuse instead of aM

    Hi, We used lately aR fuses instead of aM fuse. Can you please inform will there be any problem? The application is water boosting and originally aM fuse was used. The circuit has also thermal magnetic relays for motor and motors are 0.55kw. Fuses are 6amp. Thanks,
  6. C

    Is my neighbour using my electricity?

    Hi everyone! Im not an electrician but just a guy looking for a possible answer before I call my electricity supplier. Every month without fail I use on average around 100 units of electricity and less in the summer. 1 month ago I noticed I had used 220 units of electricity and this month it...
  7. W

    How do I synchronize 2 light bulbs using relays?

    Hey everyone, here's my imaginary problem, let's say I have 2 light bulbs, both of them take energy from the same source, however, 1 of them has a button to turn it off, the other one does not. How would I make it so when that button is pressed the other light bulb also turns off? The second...
  8. A

    90V DC motor connection using receptacle

    My boss asked me connect 90V DC motor by receptacle. What’s receptacle can I use?
  9. E

    Extending 12/2 and 14/2 using splices

    Hi all, I am investigating the options for extending 12/2 and 14/2 wiring leading to my main electrical panel. The two options I have been able to find are using several junction boxes or using the NSI NMS-2 splice. Is there a method to reduce the number of junction boxes by having some sort...
  10. H

    EV Charging - Using DC chargers to charge a fleet

    Assuming a large company needed a large EV charging infrastructure for its fleet to be electrified. Would it be best to just go straight for 150kW chargers? And if so, what would be the ideal setup (cable sizes for 150kW, connection to grid, load balancing, other equipment that might be needed)...
  11. _q12x_

    Electronic Lock using 74LS74 DTFF

    Im making this cct for fun. Ive seen it in a video on youtube, with different IC's. So I decided to adapt the cct to what IC's I already have. And it is working perfectly, both in simulator and in reality (on breadboard). But while building it, testing it, and playing with it, I noticed a...
  12. E

    13amp or 40amp socket for EV charger whilst using an extension cable.

    I am looking for advice on getting an upgraded 25 meter extension cable from my office into my car park to charge my EV from an IP66 rated socket, from a standard Tesla 3 pin plug - plug in charger. I know not to use normal off the shelf extension cables as they're naff, melt and are a fire...
  13. I

    someone using my qualifications without consent

    Hi Guys I was looking for a bit of advice really. I have been told that someone has been using my qualifications to allow themselves and others to carry out work . I was wondering if there is anyway of finding out if this is true, as i don't want to throw someone under the bus to find out it's...
  14. U

    Using Induced voltage

    don’t worry I’m not going to do this .. If I have a wire that is powering something like a house and lay or wrap another wire around it the wire laid beside it or wrapped around will show a voltage if connected to a test meter . If I did it to the positive wire prior to the meter in a house I...
  15. C

    Can you help me install a fixture using a screw terminal block?

    I have never installed a fixture that uses a screw terminal block before and could use some guidance. Since the earth wire is connected to I screw the grounding wire in the same terminal and then connect the blue wire to the white and the brown to the black?
  16. D

    Backup Generator using RV power outlet

    I currently have a 100 amp sub panel for a 50 amp RV hookup (on a 60 amp breaker). This is about 100ft from the main with 2/4 wiring. Would a 12000w generator plugged into RV hookup power the house? I think the issue would be limited amps so I could only run one of the following at a time: 1)...
  17. C

    Wi-Fi TV hookup using existing cable jack

    The room where we’re going to install a Smart TV has an existing cable jack but on the wrong side of the room. I want to convert the cable jack to an ethernet connection to where I’d attached a Wi-Fi range extender. Does my scheme make any sense? Is it at all doable? Thanks in advance for your...
  18. R

    Electrifying my tractor Shed and using proper gauge wire

    I thought that I posted this in the DIY part of the forum but I believe I did not. I am sorry about that. I put in a 10' x 20' metal shed about 9 years ago. It is about 200' ~ 70 meters from my house. It is on a 6" concrete pad. At the time of pouring the pad I put a conduit through the...
  19. leadbenny

    Am I using 12/3 cable from a switch to an outlet correctly?

    I'm installing a towel warmer and I thought I would include an outlet on the same cable because the towel warmer needs a junction box anyway. Can I run a 12/3 with both black/red hot, black attached to the switch, to the outlet connected to red, and continue the black to the towel warmer with...
  20. kreatiff63

    Flickering lights (am I using the correct thickness of wire?)

    Using a tuturial from a college lecturer, I've installed 2 way lights in our hallway. The cable I've used is 1mm lighting flex (2 core). The process I've used is taking the power to the switch. So I've used the permanent line from a neighbouring switch (4 gang) and connecting this to L2 where it...


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