1. happyhippydad

    Using an front S type RCD on a TT installation

    I usually install dual RCD consumer units rather than RCBO boards due to cost, however with the cost of RCBO's coming down I have started fitting consumer units with RCBO's. On an installation with TT as it's means of earthing I would always replace the main switch of the dual RCD consumer unit...
  2. M

    Using IEC cable under concrete floor

    Hello I've been asked to supply power to the middle of an office floor to supply the table with power, only a small office but they don't want trip hazards but the don't want floor boxes so to keep there costs down for them instead of it being permanent in case they move I thought of chasing...
  3. A

    UK MFT1711 for Pat testing

    Hi mall I have an extension socket that I have soldered 3 plugs to. I can test insulation and leakage with this and an Megger MFT1711. I can null the lead. Will only use for class 1 Can any see a problem?
  4. Dan

    OFTEC Self-Certification The benefits of using an OFTEC registered 'competent person'

    The benefits of using an OFTEC registered 'competent person' One way to avoid these problems is to have your heating equipment installed by an OFTEC registered heating technician. Before joining OFTEC, all technicians must complete an approved training course and are inspected regularly by...
  5. B

    Electric shower using trunking

    Hi, not done many showers 9.5kw shower, clipped direct, 10mm cable, 40amp MCB no issues the thing I wanted to ask was, there was existing feed too small so new cable all newish tiles so going to run some 25x16mm trunking now do many shower have any knockouts on top? Or will I have to make my own...
  6. S

    Using a Chinese product on Uk power supply

    Hi, I've just purchased a new projector. It's a Chinese product (Xiaomi MJJGTYDS01FM Mijia Laser Projector TV 4K). It comes with a Chinese plug so I had to buy an adapter, on the adapter packaging it says to ensure the device is duel voltage. I'm not sure that the projector is, all it says on...
  7. static zap

    Using Search - Please help

    I know short searches ,yield to many results , but have often "forgotten" 1 key phrase ,and end up using an alternate .... That often seems to "Break" the search of something that I know exists , (amplifying frustration) Are there any NOT options like ebay . (they use the - ( -ve sign) )...
  8. A

    Combing two lamps using 1 Plug

    Hi all, My wife has purchased two vanity mirror lights from Ikea (Musik) which are both fitted with a 3a plug. Each of the lights has an on/off toggle switch like most lamps. Is it possible to have both light comes on using the one switch/plug? I had thought it would be straight forward...
  9. S

    Adding PV diverter to battery system - using delay switch??

    I am trying to add an Apollo Gem diverter to my battery grid tied system (Victron ESS). It is not going to work because both systems are fighting for the surplus solar power to either charge the battery or divert to immersion. If I add a delay timer switch in the immersion circuit so the load to...
  10. T

    Memshield 2 RCBO's tripping when using two way radio's

    We are going through a building (now unoccupied) to identify from old drawings and what circuit charts there are to prove what does what before safe isolation to do alterations and remove. We are doing this for the ground floor however the boards are in the roof area. To do this we are using 2...
  11. A

    suggestion on using contactor with phase failure

    hi need suggestion on using contactor with phase failure relay to ON a machine which is a cnc router. the cnc router has it self ON and OFF Buttons so thinking to install a contactor with phase faller relay as a power source to machine in case of phase loss the machine power off. currently its...
  12. F

    Industrial Measuring current using a Shunt Resistor & an Oscilloscope

    Hi people, I'm new using forums for this kind of purposes, so please forgive me if I can't explain myself well, also if this is the wrong sub-forum please tell me ¡. I have to measure the output current & voltage of a High Frecuency, High Voltage transformer, I can measure the Output Voltage...
  13. Marti

    Using an impact driver - rattler - to tighten MCBs!

    Noticed one of the old hands doing this recently; using an impact driver (rattler) to to tighten the slotted PZ2 screws in a newly installed board. Never occurred to me that you could but when I (very discreetly) checked them with a conventional screw driver they were all spot on. Does / has...
  14. X

    Domestic Using an old 32A shower circuit for new sockets.

    Nearly fifteen years ago I moved a bathroom in our house, and repurposed the 32A electrical shower circuit to power a pair of double sockets - which then had multiway adaptors powering all my office hardware (i.e. low overall power). Not exactly complex or risky at the time, and the MCB has...
  15. D

    Using an Induction Hob and Fan over at Same Time

    Hi, I have a 1800 watt induction hob and 2300 watt fan oven. Both use 13 amp plugs. Are they using too much power to use at same time? Thanks for reading
  16. M

    Using one phase of three phase supply, will rcd work properly?

    I have a property abroad that has just been given a new supply by my local electrician . It has gone from six mm2 single phase supply to 10 mm2 three-phase supply it has a three-phase RCD unit and currently is only using one of three phases The other phases will come into use when the...
  17. Marti

    Using our MFT on 500v IR as a damp test probe?

    OK, Stop laughing at the back! SO, I'm house hunting and, ignoring the number of beautifully decorated houses with shite electrics - I also want to be aware of any damp issues. This led me to try using the trusty Megger with sharp probes to test for damp. This appears to work, or at-least is...
  18. Gavin John Hyde

    Using old cable that has been sleeved

    I have 3 rolls of 1omm twin and earth in old colours, 3 50m rolls to be exact unopened still shrink wrapped. Been lurking in the garage for some time now and having sorted out am unsure what to do. Is there a regulation actually saying the cable can not be used if it has been adequately sleeved...
  19. Gavin John Hyde

    Dodgy builder and 'electrician' fined for dodgy work and using the scheme logo

    I expect this bunch of blokes would not have got into as much bother if they hadnt bothered pretending to be NICEIC members and used the logo. either way its good to see cowboys fined for shoddy work. Copied from NICEIC website:- TRADESMEN FINED FOR DANGEROUS ELECTRICAL WORK THAT PUT LIVES AT...
  20. J

    Using an alternator to run a motor

    Hello there.- I have a 550W 3ph electric motor / pump and a VFD which is a 220VAC input to 220VDC which is connected to my motor, so my motor can start at a lower speed until reach 1,390 rpm, also I have a 12VDC to 230VAC pure sine 1000W inverter, my question is: If I use a car alternator that...
  21. T

    Multi way switching using only 1 way switches?

    Hi My bungalow hall lights can be turned on and off from 4 different switches. I was expecting these switches to be a mix of 3 way and intermediate switches, but all 4 of them are just 1 way switches. I now have a problem that my hall lights are permanently turned on, and none of the switches...
  22. D

    Re using Bakelite switches

    Evening All Just quoting for a re-wire and the customer has asked if he can keep his original bakelite switches, not sure about this but guessing he can't as they don't conform to current BSEN. Can anyone point me the right direction?? Cheers in advance
  23. S

    Using earth as neutral

    We’ve pulled in a 185 cable just and realised that we need a neutral. It has 4 cores, brown, black, grey and earth. Can we use the earth as a neutral if we shrink wrap it with neutral sleeve and then run an earth separate? It’s a tri-rated cable, so no armoured to use as earth.
  24. Jiya90

    New kitchen rewire using a new board

    We are having our kitchen moved to a different part of the house. I have asked that the wiring for the new kitchen be using a new consumer board. The old kitchen will be changed into a bedroom. What changes need to happen to sockets and wiring of old kitchen. Also in the new room where...
  25. M

    Using low voltage lamps and Selv power supplies in domestic livghting

    Hi, I have a ceiling rose which doesn't have an earth wire and I want to connect a light fitting which requires an earth connection. It's not possible to rewire the ceiling rose at the moment so I am considering the possibility of using a low voltage (12 - 85 volt DC) E27 led lamp connected to a...
  26. S

    What to do with two additional red wires when using newer light fitting?

    I am changing a light fitting and have excess wires. I’ve matched up the three core wires for the feeds I have but have two additional red wires left (pic included). What do I do with these? Just tape them off separately? Or should they be inserted somewhere? Thanks in advance for any help! (I...
  27. J

    Domestic Under cupboard lights installation using socket mounted under cabinet

    Hi all. Some advice sought. I have 2 lights under my cabinets they plug into the wall sockets below them. I now want to hardwire the lights as i got a new cooker hood fitted and the spark pulled the power cable out so its now accessible to use. Previously it was hidden. So it looks like a...
  28. R

    using inline dimmer with pwm driver

    Hi everyone , i am trying to use inline dimmer to dim several 1w high power leds , connected in parallel .i purchased this dimmer (see below, the smaller one) , but it didn't work , the store support told me it's not for pwm, which is what i need.(i swear it worked fine when i did the same...
  29. happyhippydad

    Understanding and using a TV splitter.

    Evening all.. In the past I have used one of these for splitting the cable for terrestrial TV: This time when I fitted it the TV (at the new TV aerial socket that I had fitted) did not receive a signal whereas the existing TV still did. I removed the new coax cable from the splitter and...
  30. C

    Using an encoder to control a VFD.

    I need to use a rotary encoder to control the speed of a VFD, so if the line speed varies then the VFD also changes. I have no experience of this. Usually I use Rexroth drives (not Indramat). Can these use an encoder easily enough? Or can you recommend one and an encoder please! Thanks.
  31. S

    Relay controlled by power to an LED

    Hi, I have a 12V output from a control box that lights an LED. I want to use that output to switch power to a camera, but don’t want to lose the LED. The LED has a resistor in series. My first thought was to just put the camera in parallel with the LED, but then thought a relay with the coil in...
  32. G

    Using a USA furnace blower rated at 115v in the U.K.

    Good afternoon I have a furnace blower from USA that I’m using as part of a filter box, the blower is a 115v and 1.35amp DAYTON Rectangular Permanent Split Capacitor OEM Specialty Blower, Flange: Yes, Wheel Dia: 6-3/16", 115VAC - 1TDR7|1TDR7 - Grainger -...
  33. K

    Using 7 Core Armoured as Twin and Earth ?

    My daughter has some 7 core armoured cable running to her garage which looks to be 1m2 or possible 1.5m2. It carries a 2-way external light switch connection to switch on 2 external lights ( house and garage) from either the house or the garage, and there is also a single 13amp socket connected...
  34. F

    Off-Grid micro grid system using SMA hardware

    Hi Guys, We are working with a client who has for a number of years used a 10Kw Bergy wind turbine for household power...with lead-acid batteries( which did extremely well) plus a 10Kw generator as a auto backup service. The new power system will see a proper micro grid in place with a new...
  35. Paul Langham

    Wiring 2 lighting circuits using one 6 terminal junction box

    Hi there, my name is Paul and I'm currently studying towards a city and guilds level 2 electrical installation, we are currently on lighting circuits for our practical, we have been given a task to wire up 2 lighting circuits using a 6 terminal hager junction box, I'm ok with wiring one circuit...
  36. J

    Combined East and South facing panels impact using a bypass diode

    I am new to the forum so Hi to everyone out there! I am also a new DIY Solar PV user and I am looking for some technical advice on an unusual string configuration. So some prelude before the question: I have been looking at Solar on and off bust its always been too expensive and the FIT's keep...
  37. T


    Hi all & thanks in advance for the time. I'm due on Monday to complete my trade test. (FICA IN SCOTLAND) The part of my test i am to undertake is Fault Finding and rectification. For the test i will be put in a booth by the assessor and issued a job card that briefly describes the...
  38. oracle

    Using other measuring equipment for testing?

    The Regs allow the use of other "measuring" equipment. Are any of you using such equipment and if so, what? Reg 643.1 The tests of Regulations 643.2 to 643.11, where relevant, shall be carried out and the results compared with relevant criteria.Measuring instruments and monitoring equipment...
  39. O

    Paying in cheques using your smart phone ....

    Anyone tried this? What a great invention! My business account is with Lloyds FWIW
  40. M

    Using a MCB as a main switch

    My boss has just took over a new site and I went to look the layout. Some boards are damaged some cables need replacing and am sure some other stuff. The site has a old busbar with isolators feed various boards and of her isolators. It also has a board connected directly on to the busbar . The...
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