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  1. C

    Confused DIY'er needs advice on Chandelier fitting

    I have recently been given a chandelier that I would like in my bedroom, to replace the existing ceiling rose. However, I do not have the bracket that fits to the ceiling & I'm not sure what type/size bracket I need. Can anyone advise me please? If anyone can send pic's of what I need, I'd be...
  2. richy3333

    Lewden chandelier

    Can anyone tell me what the fittings are for this. I assume Some sort of proprietary Lewden lighting system? Its a mini chandelier and a cover slides on to this. Spade connectors do not fit the lugs. A customer has asked me to wire it up for them (they had it removed from another house and dont...
  3. M

    Very Heavy chandelier fitting

    I've been asked to fit a massive chandelier, 3ft across and weighing 50kg. It comes with an metal eye fitting to go over a hook but i want to make sure i get something substantial. I was thinking of a hook on the end of a long threaded rod that i can bolt into a new brace that ill be fitting in...
  4. S

    Clear chandelier wires

    We have got a chandelier but the wires are clear it has 2 clear wires and a earth wire but one of the wires has a S on it what colour does this go to on the ceiling rose thank you for reading
  5. M

    Is this wiring in Denmark safe for a chandelier

    Hi, Appreciate any advice and help. I just moved from UK to an old house in Denmark and would like to install a large brass chandelier (1970s). There was no ceiling light when I moved here, but the wires are there. I attach here a photo. There is green/yellow wire that I presume is Earth, blue...
  6. K

    Can I join L1 and L2 together in a chandelier?

    Hi folks, I am replacing a ceiling rose with a 5-bulb chandelier. There are 3 wires coming out of the ceiling (red, black and earth) but the new chandelier has four terminals (L1, L2, earth and N). Three bulbs are linked to L1 and two to L2. Does this suggest it can be controlled with two...
  7. M

    Adapting Chandelier for Marquee

    Hi Folks Great forum btw. So I'm helping a friend out with his daughters wedding. Hes got a marquee and wants to hang a a chandelier. Now we went along to the local Range/ B & Q and established that the chandeliers come with a chain which is mounted to a ceiling rose (which contains...
  8. A

    Completely baffled by a 3 lamp chandelier blowing fuses

    Hello Right I cannot get my head around this one. I have a 3 lamp chandelier - I have done a drawing of the connections below. It has been placed on the 1st floor 5amp lighting main in the existing ceiling rosette (which previously had a 80 watt filament bulb.) I bought a LED dimmer switch...
  9. N

    Completing Zs box on schedule of test results

    When unable to carry out a Zs test on a lighting circuit (large/heavy chandelier type lighting), then the R1+R2 + Ze measurements are instead used and this is noted, but is it the norm to still write this value in the Zs box on the schedule of test results or just in the notes. I ask because...
  10. A

    Help wiring chandelier

    Hi all help would be really appreciated. I have bought a chandelier to replace my ceiling rose. I have noticed the terminals on the chandelier only have a live neutral and earth. Whereas my ceiling rose has a live looo and a neutral and a earth. I am a bit confused in how to wire my new...
  11. Pete999

    Pete's Videos cable management not

    Hope this works
  12. D

    Help with Wago instead of ceiling rose method

    Dear All, This is my first post in the forums - so a little background first. I have basically no practical electrical experience but I have almost completed the 'Domestic Electrical Installers' course through OLCI (I have my Part P). I know a lot of you fully qualified guys don't like this...
  13. D

    Commercial Need Help In Chandelier Installation.....

    Hello Friends...... I have a query for you guys...... I've got an assignment two days ago to install a crystal chandelier in a bungalow. the owner of the bungalow is also the owner of an NGO which works against the wastage of natural energy resources.... He wants me to install the chandelier...
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